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Virtual Reality gaming is the future. It will cure obesity by making fat people exercise, it will work better than clunky controllers(which button to I press to attack?), and there is a lot of money in it.

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"motion controls are the future!!"

fuck off

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Fat people won't use the treadmill version.
Nobody wants to be tired and out of breath while gaming.
It's clever but impractical.
Go away.

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I don't want this future. I like gaming on my computer in front of a monitor with a controller.

That fucking headset shit will make me paranoid since I won't be able to see anything around me and that treadmill will be such a fuck around if I just want to chill out and play a game casually.

Like fuck this gay earth if this becomes a real thing.

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>Not wanting more immersive games.

I weigh 310 pounds and I can't wait for this shit. I won't feel so bad about playing games if I have to work my ass off to do so.

Why wouldn't someone want this? What better way to completely take your mind off of your shitty life than to physically feel like you're living another?

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I couldn't agree more.

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VR is the future. That stupid treadmill toy in OPs pic is not.

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virtual reality will be the downfall of civilization

daily reminder that VR is literally one step away from being locked inside a matrix-tube

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>be me
>come home from my 9 hour day at the construction site to my virtual wife and virtual kid
>I can eat meals and shit and piss in VR, too

this is a future I can embrace

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go back to cripple chan >>>/vir/

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I just don't want it to become standard. I shouldn't be seeing ads for the Microsoft Xbox 1080 with VR headset and treadmill. That should never be a thing.

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No thanks I'm just a casual

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It won't. As you said, most people don't want to move around. Imagine playing a game like Skyrim with a fucking treadmill. It wouldn't fucking work.

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Obviously controller based gaming will always be a thing, but we're moving closer and closer to OP's pic.

I personally can't wait, and I feel that others should embrace it, especially if the lard ass that I am is willing to.

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if you're 310 now, this wont change anything. you'll use it for a week and then go back to sitting in your XL gaming chair with whatever you used before. if you want to go as far as get a workout and have fun play a sport. take the $1000 you'd spend on a gaming treadmill and invest it into paintball equipment or something.

how many people do you know that use the wii fit for fun

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kind of too early to tell if it is THE future of video games, but it will certainly define the future of games. i could see VR completely redirecting the whole fight for realism in games in a very short time. we'll almost certainly see less "traditional games" trying to be photorealistic and such. hopefully this'll leave room for gameplay innovation and more interesting art styles. i have nothing but optimism for this.

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The only way and I mean the ONLY way that "VR" can define the future of games is if the form factor is a contact lens with a microchip on it similar to what is used in the movie Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation.

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Just like motion control, this will be a semi-casual gaming thing. I'd play single player games with it, like minecraft or skyrim. Competitive gamers would never sacrifice doing well for physical fitness.

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"touch screens are the future of gayman"
"multiple devices are the future of gayman"

Gimmick shit like VR is never the future of games

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Haptics are a fad, VR will be a thing but treadmills won't be a part of it. Most games will probably incorporate a third person movement/first person detail method of gameplay that allows you to get around with a controller while still having an immersive experience. Tracking volumes are large enough these days that you still have room to move around if you need to, so I really don't see treadmills having any place in VR.

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I think it's acool voncept

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>Won't be clunky for the next three generations

You are allowing your expectations to be guided by hype; you are setting yourself up for disappointment, or worse - slavery to a confirmation bias.

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To be fair, the DS was a success with hardware inferior to the PSP partly due to the intuitiveness of the touchscreen controls.

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Misspelled. My dentist walked in.

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You are using that as an excuse and even think it will magically cure your fat ass when in reality it will only do that for a very very low amount of people. If you can't lose weight now or atleast hop on a treadmill then this won't do shit for you. Instead of waiting years for this to become a standard you can go out for a fucking walk right now and stepping it up a notch every day. You have probably never worked hard for anything in your life which means you have no dedication or will to do something you want and it is very obvious by your unrealistic "this treadmill will do wonders for me" goal. It's actually a win-win scenario, if you don't do shit you will die early like the fatass you are, benefiting the rest of humanity, or you will finally develop a sense of self-worth, dedication and actually set some fucking goals and do them. How you look on the outside shows what kind of a shitty personality and mentality you have on the inside.

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>dentist walks in
Are ya brushing son?

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the bigger hurdle for widespread adoption is controls. if VR stays only optimal for mainly seated experiences, most of the people who will want to do it will be willing to wear ski goggles for it. certainly one day it will be a soft lens but if you ask me that isn't really necessary for VR to steal away the ultrarealism market. even today wearing an HMD is an extremely viable way to play flight/driving games.

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The people that I know exceed the weight limit for the Wii fit

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> wii fit for fun

That's the problem. It's not fun (at least for too long). If the game is fun and immersive it will totally be used

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Current gen VR is viable for both sitting and standing experiences, as long as you aren't doing any extensive traveling. Most people simply don't have the space to travel, so they'll spend most of their time sitting and games will probably be designed around that.

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>gt 610

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OP you say it as if VR shit was invented yesterday.

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Even before I begin reading this thread, I'm going to guess it's full of shitposting because of the title I saw while browsing the catalog. Posting about VR on 4chan is generally a bad idea even if you're not shitposting yourself.

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Alright so I read the thread. It wasn't so bad I guess. Never change /g/.

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You have to admit that VR, when it's brought up, gets constantly shat on by anons. Also, /vir/ explains OP.

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Nobody wants to walk and move their head around when they can use WASD and a mouse which are infinitely better.

And before you start spouting muh exercise bullshit at me, anyone that wants to already goes out and bikes/runs/swims/hikes.

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But biking/running/swimming/hiking is much more boring than, say, Minecraft or Fallout

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Not to mention being in the comfort of your own home.

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>Nobody wants to walk and move their head around when they can use WASD and a mouse which are infinitely better.

It's like we're talking about traditional monitor experiences!

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I doubt people will be using WASD and a mouse for VR, Oculus is shipping with a Xbox controller and all 3 major headsets have their own controllers either available or in the works.

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>But biking/running/swimming/hiking is much more boring than, say, Minecraft or Fallout
How's that?

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You. You have no idea what you're talking about either. Jesus Christ it's like no one understands what VR best practices are.

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Fucking console pleb

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What are these practices and why are they the best? VR is still in its infantile stages, I don't see why we can't be open to options.

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Using your head as an input device instead of a mouse is fucking retarded.

This will never be popular for video games, ever. Its cumbersome and tiring.

If you want 3d get some active glasses and a 3d capable monitor.

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eventually it will have hand tracking and then that will be the best way to go for things involving manipulating 3d objects. we don't know how things will change for 3d since all things now are made with 2d monitors i n mind. the only thing that is already set up for it is diving/flying sims

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>If you want 3d get some active glasses and a 3d capable monitor.
Nope. You want 3d glasses (custom) and a 3d 120hz projector

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3d is a gimmick too :P

Games have been 3d forever without needing to simulate real depth.

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he didnt say as an input device. if you use a mouse to move the camera you will get motion sick

>inb4 no i wont

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VR is a fork in entertainment. Both traditional content and VR content will exist side by side. If you believe VR/AR can take over then you are delusional.

-VR dev

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VR headsets are input devices you knob.

Your hand and wrist are more mobile than your fucking neck.

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Also people have no idea what they're talking ITT.

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Doubt it. It's far too expensive just to play a very limited amount games. You cant play any shooter or action game seriously with this type of hardware.

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in the sense that you move the camera with them yeah, but i wouldn't want to have a cross hair i control with my neck. it would have to be a system where the cross-hair moves on the screen because if you desynch inner ear and eyes you'll hurl

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So do you guys know what vection is? I'm guessing you don't. Do you guys know what presence is? I'm guessing that's a no as well. It doesn't mean immersion.

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Just let me know when i can plug in my brain to the botnet and play games in my sleep.

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I weigh 295 lbs and I would definitely use that.

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cyberith a shit get a vurtuix

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This would be interesting to have as a novelty item, but realistically it seems like you'd become disoriented or at least feel disconcerted in some way when the motion of your body doesn't match the visual information being sent to your eyes and ears.

For example, you probably can't jump on that treadmill, and even if it does register jumps, you probably won't be jumping as high as your character in the game. Similarly, if the game involves running, it would be disorienting if the in-game character moved more quickly than you. Even aside from that, stamina in games is much higher than that of a real human, so you wouldn't be able to run or do other strenuous activity as long as you could in standard games even if you were in peak physical condition.

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ODTs are meh but if you're going to do ODT at least do it right with Infinadeck or KAT WALK.

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you'll use it for 15 min and then the goggles will flood with sweat and you'll collapse form exertion.

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I love it when people make assumptions about a person based on their weight.

The truth is, I've worked hard to be the kind of person I am. Though I could be working harder to lose weight, it doesn't define me. Sure, I'm a fat ass, and I hate that fact, but it hasn't stopped me from setting goals for myself and working to achieve them.

This world is an unfair place for many reasons. It isn't my fault that my genetics fucked me over. I'll never be extremely physically fit, and I've come to accept that. I'll always be mocked, and I don't give a fuck.

I've actually worked for everything I have, because no one else is capable of doing it for me.

You know, I feel bad for anyone who thinks like you all do, you entitled mother fuckers. The world isn't all that simple, so step off your fucking high horse.

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Upvoated :^)

No seriously though, I agree. Bunch of idiots here.

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>It isn't my fault that my genetics fucked me over
why dont you make your goal a healthy weight then if you always work to achieve them

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>I would definitely use that.
If you can first lose 100lbs on your own so you can fit into the device.

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>It isn't my fault that my genetics fucked me over

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>assuming that I'm an over eater

Bravo guys, keep up the stereotypical bullshit, I'm sure it'll prove useful one day.

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>Prove me wrong.

don't worry, the industry is already doing that for you

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>implying physics is wrong
have you ever heard of the show "The Biggest Loser"?

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What genetic condition has made you fat? Were you born without legs?

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>don't worry
>the proof is there, just don't expect me to tell you what that proof actually is
>just trust me guys lol

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The fat gene, obviously.

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I have no condition. I don't know the science behind it all and I'm sure you don't either. Maybe it's my metabolism, maybe it's just how I'm built, I don't know.

What makes someone slim? I know of people who eat WAY more than I and are less active and they look like they work out daily. Is it not possible that the opposite of what makes them naturally slim could make someone naturally large?

Everyone just assumes that it's so easy to completely alter your lifestyle to lose weight and that isn't how it works. The Biggest Loser is unrealistic. Those people work on NOTHING but losing weight for months on end. I don't have that luxury, as I can't just quit my job.

How about you be realistic, and show me an achievement of yours that would take as much dedication as drastic weight loss? I bet you can't, because it's one of the hardest personal goals to attain.

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>I don't know the science behind it all and I'm sure you don't either
Calories go in, calories go out. Never a miscommunication.
>I know of people who eat WAY more than I and are less active and they look like they work out daily
no you dont
> I don't have that luxury, as I can't just quit my job.
run as far as you can for an hour a day and eat no more than 1500 calories
>and show me an achievement of yours that would take as much dedication as drastic weight loss?
it doesn't have to be drastic. change your habits and and lose a few pounds a month.

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>>>/fit/ may be homo autists but they have a good sticky

>> No.49470562

250 lbs guy here
Yes you are an overeating sack of shit
Stop lying to yourself.

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Let this worthless thread die already.

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I know many people who eat and do whatever the fuck they want and never gain a pound. I have a friend that eats whatever the fuck he wants, lots of junk actually, and if he would just change his eating habits, within two months he would be completely physically fit.
Having eaten literally enough to sustain myself within the past 24 hours, I can safely say that I'm not over eating.

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I'm telling you right now, they are not eating more then you do. All that matters is caloric intake.
The first thing you really need to overcome is lying to yourself.
Start counting calories.

>> No.49470710

*Eaten enough to sustain yourself plus ~150 pounds of extra weight

Lying to yourself that you're being screwed by forces beyond your control will never help you lose weight and be healthy. The first step is accepting that it's something you can control.

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I'd be fine with getting back on topic.

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>run as far as you can for an hour a day
>310 lbs
fuck off retard

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>> No.49470741

I don't see the problem with that.
That 15 minutes will increase every day

>> No.49470766

my bad

do you think fat people cant exercise?

>> No.49470801

It's funny because I did go to the doctor which was surprised that I was far healthier then the average weight.
But then again I was lifting and doing shitload of cardio at the time despite being obese.

Go carry a 150 lbs backpack and run as hard as you can. Let's see how your knees hold up after a month of running.
tip: you'll permanently damage them

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>imblying having two lives is a bad thing

>> No.49470851

They're clearly eating more than I. I'm being completely genuine here. I understand my situation. My problem isn't over eating, it's what I eat I suppose. I agree that caloric intake is important, but I can't be bothered to count calories. What I can do is eat sensibly, which is what I'm trying to do here lately.
I'm controlling what I eat. I'm only eating when I need to, and when I do eat, it's just so that I don't feel hungry anymore. I'm trying to make eating less pleasurable for myself to be honest. Sustaining my energy is my goal, not filling my stomach.

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This. Can we talk about Infinadeck now or something at least? Fucking /g/.

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VR was the future in 1996 and it didn't pan out then either, people quickly forgot about it

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I'll spam technology just in case.

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Exactly, working out for someone that's over weight is something that has to be worked up to. Going hard is going to destroy your body if you're not careful.

>> No.49470913

It's true im not an expert on the best methods for the obese. Just replace "run" with whatever they do on the reality shows

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Shut the fuck up.
310 pound guy, do crossfit. The girls love it and everything else is for retarded beta pussies who are afraid of a little pain.

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>My problem isn't over eating, it's what I eat I suppose.
And what you're eating contains far more calories then what they are eating. This is a fact you can't get around. You didn't think size of the food mattered did you?
>I'm only eating when I need to, and when I do eat, it's just so that I don't feel hungry anymore
>it's just so that I don't feel hungry anymore
I know for a fact that hunger has nothing to do with maintaining weight. It's literally a response that your stomach gives when it's not full. Meaning that if you ate a lot(you did) you have a stretched stomach that kills this response.

There is no "working up to" with running for someone who is 310 lbs. That's the problem here. You instantly put shitload of stress on the knees if you run. Any cardio that doesn't involve stepping on your foot constantly would be good. Just not jogging/running. Fucking don't do it. I'm speaking from personal experience and I'd wish someone had told me.

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>VR Gaming is the future
it's been "the future" for over 30 years now.

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Maybe if you're retarded.

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still waiting for my seamless vr experience

>> No.49471088

You know those porn games you have seen people walk around and look at still models?

You'll be able to render full models one day that we can interact with an AI.

You could speak with a dead family member again.

>> No.49471168

I'm going to blatantly shill VR right now, but for certain limited (input wise) VR experiences that are near perfect, we'll have pretty seamless stuff when modern products start coming out. It should be as easy as just putting the goggles over your head like a baseball cap and you're suddenly booted into the program. That's what the proximity sensors are there for, if you look at the design of the upcoming headsets.

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vr it IS, indeed, the most plausible "future" not only for gaming but for humanity

only that nobody posting itt will live to see that future, we're talking like 200+ years.

>> No.49471193

I can't wait to speak to long dead ancestors.

>unga bunga

>> No.49471216

I hope life extension and related science gets advanced enough for us. Imagine if people found the cure for mortality just after your death.

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I didn't even know that was from a joke until I decided to Google it for the heck of it.

Who comes up with these jokes Jesus Christ.

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Until the headsets come off, VR is going to remain a niche technology.

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>just trust me I know everything guys

>> No.49471650


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I'm a 1337 haxxor yo!

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I just want my infinite virtual monitors

>> No.49471972

Soon. Or maybe the feature is already implemented in Virtual Desktop.

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If I wanted to run, I'd run outside. Games are to stimulate the mind.

>> No.49472245


Okay, kid. Go back to your fucking CoD: Extra Ultra Hardcore CASUAL KILLA Edgy Edition.

Games also include sports. Are those to stimulate the mind? Games are to have fun.

>> No.49472447

I don't play fps games jackass.

And yes, sports video games are all about plays. If people wanted to play sports for real, they would play it with their friends. But obviously you're too much of a loser for that.

>> No.49472472

walking looks autistic as fuck but man do i wish i had that.

for most people who buy VRware, it'd be a source of escape from the real world. Who wouldn't want to live in a virtual world full of happiness?

>> No.49472582

I paid money to hike 100 miles for 2 weeks through mountains and I wouldn't use that shit.

To each his own and all that shit but this isn't a good idea. DayZ is something like 20 square km, no one is going to have fun running around that shit. It may feel immersive for a whole 5 minutes but it will get old real fast.

You really think someone who just got off work is going to want to come home and jog in place for an hour or two playing WoW?

>> No.49472701

>there is a mod that turns all your dead ancestors into Hitler

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>> No.49475055

Three words:

chew and spit

>> No.49475189

No. :(

>> No.49475242

I work all day and play video games to sit and relax

And i already lift weights

I dont want vidya to be like more work.

Lmfao gtfo kid

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>Prove me wrong.
third person games

>> No.49475560

Video games is not about recreating real life. Its about having experiences you wont have in real life. motion controls limits you to what a human body can do.

>> No.49475583

Gamers are fat fucks who will not run around for more than few minutes. Prolonged use of the head piece will cause neck and eye problems.

>> No.49475768

Are you retarded?

>> No.49475781


Please keep complaining that will make you thin!

>muh job
Go run for an hour after your job. I'm sure if you want to lose weight you can spend an hour a day achieving that goal. Start by walking 5 mins, running 5 mins and take it from there. Rome wasn't built in a day

tl;dr: stop being a lazy cunt. I lost 50kg just by doing this and I still eat what I want I just run an hour a day.

>> No.49475790

Exactly. This and the uncomfortable hearwear and gimmicky nature of it means it will never be the next big thing. Trust me. At least not unitl we have a more Star Trek Holodeck type of experience.

>> No.49475819

Becasue video games already make you feel immeresed in another world. Putting on some stupid goggles and running on the spot isnt going to add to that no matter how real the graphics seem.

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