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old thread - >>49171017

Post your simple/small/stupid questions here
DO NOT BUMP, You are NOT entitled to an answer.

take at least 10 seconds to google first
please make sure you've read the sticky before posting.

Redirect or ignore anybody asking stupid questions outside this thread.
Use >>>/g/sqt as a link to find the sqt thread

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Why is /g/ so pleb when it comes to technology?

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Anyone ever use a proxy server to secure a website externally? It looks like it just injects some sort of auth confirmation into the header after the redirect, and then lets you back to the desired site if you have it.

I'm worried about needing to use Active Directory to manage these logins.


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why are muricans so retarded that 99% of the people who owns a mac all they do is upload facebook photos and view videos on youtube?

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Best router on the market with dd-wrt capability?

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Is it possible to use Corsair PCIe power cables on a Chieftec PSU? I can't seem to find the appropriate PCIe cables for my PSU, Chieftec can't help me, the guy they told me to talk to isn't answering and literally NOBODY sells the correct cables. This is getting increasingly frustrating.

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In Linux is there a way to launch a program with specific option flags without using the terminal to navigate to the file I want to open? That shit is tedious.

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Do I really need Synaptics drivers if I want two finger scroll?

Now in Windows 10 the two finger scroll is kind off broken. It still works fine in Ubuntu. I do have the latest Synaptic UltraNav drivers

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-you can create a shortcut for it on your desktop/applications menu, and specify additional command line parameter, or even tell the system to open the program in a terminal.
-you can create a shell script where you specify these parameters and rather than starting the program directly, start the script.

Most likely yes. They probably fix it soon, as win10 release is in a few days.

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> PLZ stop blocking R ads for Jlist.

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Linux noob here

Started QT C++ development, when I try to use the multimedia library I get this error:

>QtMultimedia : defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer"

I have since installed gstreamer but I still get the error.

Ive read that I need to rebuild the program, does that mean just reinstalling it? Im kind of unsure whether I should reinstall it or not because I feel that it could fuck up my distro.

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I installed Windows, and then all the drivers and shit from my motherboard's disc. I updated a few from their website, the USB, the SATA, LAN, and a few others. Then I went about de-bloating absolutely everything. Some reboots later, I noticed my Network would hang for a long time upon login.

I tried rolling back the network drivers, didn't help.

I also undid all of the services I disabled. Didn't help.

What would cause the network to not connect for 30 seconds to a minute? It was instant when I first installed.

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How do I define a set in C++? For example

#define Vowel {a,e,i,o,u}

Which would give me:

if (a == Vowel) cout << "true" // Returns true
if (f == Vowel) cout << "true" // Returns false

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You haven't accidentally disabled some network-related services, DHCP or something?

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nvm, just noticed you reverted those.

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Never mind, got it

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Yeah, I was also very careful, following a pretty popular guide, so I probably just wasted a bunch of time undoing that.

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I got an SSD and plan to do a fresh win 10 install on it. In BIOS my SATA is configured as IDE with 2 more available options in RAID and AHCI.

How do I proceed?

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Use AHCI if you use a modern OS (you probably do and will).

if you already have Windows installed, you might have to do another steps before doing it so (for Xp you had, for Vista/7/8.1 you might not have to), check google before you do be sure.

You probably know what IDE is.
AHCI is a newer standard, for SATA devices for example. The option to disable the AHCI instructions is there because Windows XP didn't support AHCI out of box back in the days.

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I'm running Windows 7. I read that Intel recommends using RAID even if you just want AHCI cause it's more compatible or whatnot. But at the same time that these changes should only be made before you do a clean install cause it fucks with your drive otherwise? I don't know I'm lost.

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That's why I mentioned checking before setting it to another. Usually setting some stuff back to default values in the registry and installing ahci/raid enabled drivers.

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bumping thread

Don't start new threads for stupid shit, post them here.

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Okay so even though it says it's not working, Chrome opens fine and the Internet works right away.

However, some things won't open until it's done. I can't even click on the icon to figure out what it's doing, it's just frozen.

(Also, in Safe Mode with networking, it connects like usual for whatever reason.)

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Check the event viewer if it has any relevant information (hanging services, NIC problems etc).

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if I run ABP and ublock will they fuck with each other or block more ads as intended?

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Adblockers work from the same lists, using more has no benefit.

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oh, I assumed they worked differently


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A friend of mine is looking for a gaming laptop (I know, but it's not my decision) around £1000 and wants my advice. I know nothing about performance laptops because I just use Thinkpads.
What would you suggest in this price range?

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above comsumer grade laptop, from a trusted brand, i3 or i5 with a dedicated GPU (radeon or noVidya).

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uBlock will load ads in background as it just hides them.

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How much more powerful is 290x compared to 390 non-x when talking performance at 1080p?

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My firefox has been pretty slow lately, and I want to basically reset everything. What files do I remove for it to be completely out of the box?

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I thought uBlock used less resources.

How is that possible?

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is there a windows program to manage my MBR that is free?

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It uses less resources since it merely hides the ads after loading them.

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exFAT or NTFS for my 32gb 3.0 flash benis?

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Was this benchmark done when 3xx released because 3xx had superior drivers back then?

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You simply delete your firefox profile folder.

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As a matter of common sense, loading + hiding should need more resources than not doing anything at all.

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exFAT. If you want to use it with GAHNOO+Linux box, be sure to install fuse-exfat on it.

easyBCD can handle some mbr stuff. Also, check if ms-sys is available for windows.

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I used to use PVSTAR to listen to music from youtube on my phone but it doesn't seem to be on the player store anymore.
Any alternatives?

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~/.mozilla/firefox for linux

c:\users\your name\appdata\roaming\mozilla\firefox
c:\users\your name\appdata\local\mozilla\firefox
for win

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Not overly familiar with Qt, but did you install the package libqt5multimedia5-plugins?

And no, reinstalling won't do anything. Rebuilding would mean recompiling the packages in question from source, presumably with additional/different flags.

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Check an alternative store like aptoide.

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Dear /sqt/.

With incoming Windows 10 release, I plan to install my Windows 8.1 I got from uni on separate partition, keeping my already installed 7, since I would just feel better having one older OS, just in case.

Is there some way to transfer settings, IE history/passwords/cookies and such from 7 to 8.1 without upgrading?

Thank you for replies, like always.

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I know, the app isn't being developed anymore I think so it doesn't work.

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My profile folder is like 200mb. What the fuck is it saving?

>> No.49181442

settings, history, download history, internet cache

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I usually clear that with ccleaner and it's still slow. Would doing a full reset really speed it up, assuming I reinstall all my addons again.

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Maybe a bit. Addons, especially terribly written addons (like VideoDownloadManager) can slow down your FF a LOT.

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I just have these.

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I'm upgrading the computer of my parents with an SSD.
What I would like to do is use the SSD as primary drive and keep the current HDD's as backups (they're currently in RAID1).
Are there any tools that would create bootable backups/copies of the SSD.

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>Better destiny
Back to the bed I go. Enough internet for today.

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But muh ctrl+f experience. Also shitting on reddit is a meme at this point. Everyone uses it for something.

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Man that was a mess to go through, but this was very helpful, and you were spot on. Some Nvidia streaming service was hanging, there were several error report messages. I wish Shadowplay worked without GE. What a pile of shit.

Thanks again.

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>on /g/
Well I never.

>> No.49181596

Then go and ask for help there.

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is exfat that better?

>> No.49181634

It would be way slower.

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In a thread about cpu coolers yesterday somebody showed a noctua cooler that wasnt in the way of the ram on matx motherboards. It had this shape at the bottom:
_ _
|_| (i hope the formatting wont be fucked up on mobile)
What is the cooler anon was talking about?

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What's a good cheap display hardware calibrator? Is the Spyder series any good?

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DH 15?

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Should I erase a new SSD before using it?

>> No.49181752

Thanks! Sucks it too big for my case tho (bitfenix prodigy m) but thats the one i was looking for.

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I'm looking to buy a new router from newegg, but I'm paranoid that I'll end up buying something that'll die on me after a few months. I just want something that'll give me a stable wireless connection and can handle around 3-4 devices connected to it at once.

I'll mostly be using this router for playing online games and for downloading/streaming. My ISP's best connection offered 25MBps so I don't need it handling anything more than that. My budget's also under $100, but I'm flexible and will pay more if it'll significantly increase the quality or lifespan of the router.

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Copy 7 to somewhere else then upgrade to 8.1

>> No.49181776

It was designed for flash memories (sector size, no journaling, no extended file attributes/ACLs etc). NTFS wasn't.

No need to. SSDs and flash memories can only write to sectors that were already erased, if not they erase it before writing to them.

TP-link is a good choice, if you don't plan to install a custom firmware on it.

>> No.49181781

No, that would be silly. It would use up a full write cycle and mark every sector as used for no particular reason.

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Is the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 any good? Im going to use it for my 4690k, and im OC'ing. I want a cpu cooler thats as silent as possible (i heared that closed loop liquid was quite loud)

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Why the fuck does windows 8.1 enable defragging weekly as a default setting? It has been defragging my ssd for 2 years weekly, and i just found that out..

>> No.49181880

Defragmation is disabled for SSDs by default. It is only enabled for NTFS HDDs

>> No.49181884

>incoming Windows 10 release
RTM it's out already.

>> No.49181900

That could explain it, i added an ssd later

>> No.49181920


Wont there be a problem with two copies of the same OS working at the same time?

Plus, my 7 is running without reinstall for ~4,5 years and I would rather prefer fresh installation for new OS. Just wanted to skip part of work, like setting up all passwords all over again.

>> No.49181952


Still, I would rather wait for my student version or upgrade already owned 8.1

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Can confirm, TP-Link is nice.

Here are specific recommended ones:

TP-Link TL-WR743ND
- Up to 50-60 Mbit/s
- 1 antenna
- Can act as a client, i.e. the router itself can connect to the neighbor's wifi and you can then use the internet on your computers.

TP-Link TL-WR841ND v8
- Up to 80-90 Mbit/s
- 2 antennas

TP-Link TL-WR843ND v8
- Same as previous, can act as client.

TP-Link TL-WR941ND
- Only buy if cheaper than the 841N(D)

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does it matter what Sata cables I buy? I'd normally get stuff from monoprice but they have no locks. and ncix has a weird selection of cables for modders. they're exepensive too.

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144 hz TN vs 60hz IPS
on 1080p and <300€

or more specifically

Asus VG248QE vs Dell u2414h

How does the refresh rate weigh up to the image quality? Its mainly for gaming, anything from AAA titles, LoL, PoE to BF4 or csgo.

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>> No.49182050

>AAA titles, LoL, PoE to BF4 or csgo.

>> No.49182071

You know that you just upgrade your 8.1, right?
Your key it's upgraded.

>> No.49182072

on a more serious note:
IPS unless you're going for competitive or 60 hz motion blur is eye-straining for you

>> No.49182095

using mpv in Mint (default package from the software manager), can't get the OSC to show up

"man mpv" says to run --osc but when you do it returns "osc: option not found"

anyone using mpv in Mint?

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Speaking of monitors.

I have a Dell U2412M and when watching a movie, when the brightness of the scene is just so, it starts to flicker. Like a broken neon light. What the fuck is that about? Dynamic contrast is definitely turned off like it should be.

It's not a real problem, I just wonder how normal this is.

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what amp should i get for a pair of proson event 41
im an amp scrub send help

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Yeah, I know. But as a student, I get sinlge key for all Windows versions, so I have 7, 8, 8.1 and in future, I will get 10 key. Just wanted to upgrade that 8.1 for 10.

But original question was about transfering settings from 7 to clean install of 8.1.

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>$100 speakers

smsl sa-60 or sa-50, depending on knob preference, or cheaper lepai 2020A

i got sa-60

>> No.49182205

Heyy I too own those speakers, they look fucking slick.

>> No.49182216

A comma is not a colon

>> No.49182220

would a 15/20/25/30 watt amp work or no
speakers are 30w RMS

>> No.49182246

whats the best way to clean keys on a mech KB without ruining the lettering? they are not laser etched in, but i am not sure exactly how they are painted on. most of the keys i use frequently are smudging off, and i'd like to clean them without making this a bigger issue

>> No.49182250

I keep the magnetic cover on them... I dont like glossy pointy thing in the middle of the driver

dunno, maybe?, to some extend before distortion on high volume...
also its important if the speakers are 6Ω or 8Ω

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>> No.49182277

bleach should work

>> No.49182284

Hose it down.

>> No.49182286

theyre 4Ω

>> No.49182290

water you dumb fuck

>> No.49182307

oh boy, thats bad for you, you will need something powerful to drive them effectively

higher the impedance, higher the requirement for amp wattage

>> No.49182309

>he doesn't touch type

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>higher the impedance, higher the requirement for amp wattage
my bad, other way arround
lower the impedance, higher the amp needs to be

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whoops, my bad again
the HIGHER the impedance, the LOWER the amp needs to be

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Why isn't anyone buying my shit? Did I put too much detail?


>> No.49182371

Unknown profile 'pseudo-gui'.
Error parsing option profile (option parameter could not be parsed)
Setting commandline option --profile=pseudo-gui failed.

I think part of the problem is that the package came with no configuration file whatsoever. I just have the program file sitting in /usr/bin/mpv
by itself, the only config file is encoding-profiles.conf in /etc/mpv which doesn't look like it can do what I want

>> No.49182390

What about those microsoft mice with blue light? are they shit?

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File: 353 KB, 1055x853, The 955 isn't that shit, is it....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why isn't anyone buying my shit? Did I put too much detail?

>> No.49182455

Worth maybe 40 pounds if you're lucky

>> No.49182472

Literally starting to learn python. Will I EVENTUALLY be able to make a simple game with or without a gui

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Why the fuck did I buy AMD? If it was a 4 year old intel chip, it'd still be worth something.

>> No.49182487

Out of curiosity: why are you using mpv?

Yes, use PyGame

>> No.49182492 [DELETED] 

Why does this systemd crash on boot?
Description=SOCKS5 client connection

ExecStart=/usr/bin/ssh -f -D 1337 [email protected]


it returns "ssh: connect to host [email protected] port 1337: Network is unreachable", but the same command works when I do it manually right after boot.

>> No.49182509

I have a Vizio 3D TV that won't complete a firmware update. It boots up with a message saying that it's going to do a firmware update and restarting then it shows a progress bar which gets to 39-46% and the TV goes off. When I turn it back on, it pops up the same message and goes through that whole cycle again. I've tried power cycling the TV, disconnecting from internet, unplugging it for hours, factory resetting. Nothing works, it tries to update firmware on each start and goes through the same cycle never completing the update. I can't even forgoe the update and use the TV normally because the update message prevents me from using the TV normally. It's infurating. Is there anything I can do?

>> No.49182524

>why are you using mpv
it's highly recommended in the g wiki

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like at the end of this weekend


>> No.49182531

955 / 965 is still a good chip, it performs well. If the reason people aren't buying it is because they believe they need an intel chip then that's their loss and caused by intel shills / deceptive marketing practices.

>> No.49182532

I've wrote in Python an online CLI battleship game in about a week in my first month of programming ever.

>> No.49182542

I have two ComfortMouse 4500s, their scrollwheels are terrible, but otherwise they are OK.

>> No.49182544

Fuck it, I'll take down the ad and use the 955 in my server or something.

>> No.49182555

>140W TDP
>home server

>> No.49182556

make up your mind
what the fuck do i get

>> No.49182562

Is the network properly set up (interfaces are up and configured with static IP or DHCP) before topkekd runs this script?

>> No.49182565

Thank you, this pleases me

>> No.49182574

I just asked because I got an arc touch for free, I quite like the pseudo scrollwheel.

>> No.49182577

It's 125W. But I'll bring it back to 3.2GHz and enable C&Q. It won't use too much. It's just a backup server.

>> No.49182606 [DELETED] 

Yeah, it's a simple server-client thing via "socket" module.
One player must have one open port that will be used during the game.

>> No.49182616

Yes, or by benchmarks or housefires

>> No.49182620 [DELETED] 

I fucked up, I thought you've replied to my post >>49182532 . I need more sleep.

Yes, everything is properly set up.

>> No.49182637

Lunchtime's coming up soon lads, what should I get?

>> No.49182642

At 4GHz, a 955BE beats a stock 8350 in single thread benchmarks.

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New i3 user here.

Sometimes (I assume every time for programms with GUI) when I start a programm, a terminal window is left behind with useless info in it. Is there a way to hide it completle? Currently I just run it in tabs with the program window.

Also, how do I change what's displayed in i3bar? The userguide only tells how to tweak looks of the said bar, nothing about what's displayed. I assume i3bar takes the info as input from some other software?

Arch user, by the way, so if you slam my nose against the page in wiki I would be really thankful.

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File: 319 KB, 606x1004, 29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49182698

something with less than 600 kcalories

>> No.49182699

8350 still terrible

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>> No.49182742

>it's highly recommended in the g wiki

Unless you're interested in using it because it's under active development and thus has regular changes and upgrades (making the experience fun and dynamic if you enjoy it), there's really no reason to force it on yourself.

Using VLC and forcing the video output (it's in the settings) to use OpenGL GLX (XCB) is almost if not identical to mpv with vo=opengl-vhq.

You arguably get finer control with MPV (it's more extensible, eg multiple multi tap Lanczos settings for up scaling, or alternative subtitle renderers), but unless you're really into that (imagine audiophiles for video playback / sub rendering on anime) there isn't really a point. (see: diminishing returns)

I'm not trying to discourage you, but you don't need to use something because it's "the best" (according to /g/), eg; fuck tiling window managers.

Good idea.

Look at the benchmarks, especially if it's OC's, but make sure to view the entire scale, not just the last 10% of the graph. Outside of extremely specific applications, that 955 will be within 20% of the latest and greatest intel chip with the same number of physical cores.

>> No.49182748

>when I start a programm, a terminal window is left behind with useless info in it. Is there a way to hide it completle? Currently I just run it in tabs with the program window.

you are suppose to start it with a launcher, I like kupfer from AUR but dmenu is also very popular

but i3 has scratchpad, something like a place where you minimize applications, google it, I have it set on one of the side mouse buttons to hide current application where the mouse points.. and gesture down is showing them...

>Also, how do I change what's displayed in i3bar? T
its conky basicly isnt it? I forgot, I set it like 5 months ago.. but then I set i3blocks google that as well

>> No.49182779


Is this build any good? I already have an hdd

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So my n5 has been out of commission for a month or so now. I swapped the screen once, but I fucked it up and got a new part and swapped it again.

All is good except I have a white spot on the screen right above the black navbar.

I had to order a new antenna wire too since I tore those so I'm wondering if I should just return the part and try again or just cut my losses AMD deal with it. (I'd have to disassemble it again)

Thoughts, /g/?

>> No.49182850

So that's what dmenu is for! Thanks for the tip.

And i3bar apparently uses i3status for input of stuff, guess will have to configure it.

>> No.49182858

switch amd for i3
no need heatsink, so its same price
cheaper mobo since no need OC
superior performance and lower power consumption
try up the 260x to 265 or 270

$55 for that power supply looks stupid, must be something cheaper or better

>> No.49182882


>> No.49182909

Can someone explain prolog for retards? I understand the basic ideas, but when it comes to implementation I utterly fail. Especially recursive functions/rules

>> No.49182912

>switch amd for i3


>> No.49182920

Much better performance.

>> No.49182930

>Much better performance.

At what? Show me the benchmarks. (note the s)

>> No.49182967

single core performance is far superior
so despite 2 cores vs "6" cores it beats or is close in games to fx6300 while being cheaper to maintain and newer architecture general

google name of a game + cpu scaling

>> No.49182972

Are there any good tablets coming out in the next 6 months?
Other than the Tab S2 that is

>> No.49182977

what's a good video player for windows besides mpc-hc and VLC.

best one that can be launched from commandline and into fullscreen with parameters

>> No.49182980

>unironically defending AMD processors

>> No.49182986

>google 6300 vs i3
>implying I'm going to spoonfeed you fucking links

>> No.49183005

bomi its mpv base
heres windows portable

>> No.49183035

alright, thank you

>> No.49183052
File: 75 KB, 516x568, dude watt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm downloading Qt to create GUIs for my C++ programs. What do I need from this list?

>> No.49183070

I assume Qt 5.5 only
but I do only pyqt

from PyQt5.QtCore import *
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import *
from PyQt5.QtGui import *

>> No.49183076

>91 gigs
Probably don't need Qt 5.0.2 - 5.4

>> No.49183091

Anyone got a good free anti-virus for windows 8? I need a good one fast

>> No.49183099

My work requires lots of traveling and I'm not home half the time.
I have a pretty decent PC at home but my Lenovo laptop which I used for work for the past 5 years is now ded.
I'm looking for a laptop around 200-300£ that can do the basics while also play football manager and games like that decently.
What do you recommend lads?

>> No.49183115
File: 30 KB, 610x433, eset_nod32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for yourself? nod32, for retarded family member - panda free

once again Public Service Announcment

- download Eset NOD32, its pure antivirus, no bundled shit
- enable 30 days free trial
- when it ends, google "eset trial keys"
- get another one, lasting 1-3 months

these keys can be used by multiple users so no, they are not taken... they just run out

do this few times a year and enjoy quality, very light AV where you are not bothered by advertisements or some deep entanglement in to the system bullshit

>> No.49183171
File: 405 KB, 532x262, 5DiNIYx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first answer which club you support

>> No.49183186

It's a Scottish one tbh

>> No.49183211


But seriously, even BMs say the 6300 has 50% better multithreaded performance. Most modern games are multithreaded.

Also, you know, real uses for your computer that involve multitasking.

>wanting to be an intel fuccboi

You made the claim; onus is on you.

>> No.49183213

well no worries we here are in no bussiness to have some idea about notebooks in that price range, not when every manufacturer got like 5 lines with each having 24 models

>> No.49183216

Is there a way to enable userscripts on a website without letting umatrix enable the scripts the site wants to run?

>> No.49183268

>Implying anyone on /g/ does anything except game on their computers

>> No.49183271

I have a media box that runs debian 24/7

how do I lower it's noise/power consumption? buying parts is not an option.

build is an i3-4150, no video card, h97 board, running an 80+ bronze cpu

what's the biggest power hog here (besides the PSU ofc) and how can I mitigate that

>> No.49183289

I also have 2 3tb wd red hard drives, but I know about the intelliparking issue that the greens have, so I'm not gonna fuck around with hdparm or otherwise play with their settings, I want them spinning 24/7 anyway.

>> No.49183304

You can enable QuietFan in the BIOS, if your mobo supports that, to reduce the fan speed of the CPU.

>> No.49183309

Thanks! Second question...how do I remove all of Avast! (Different comp is using this, still windows 8)

>> No.49183319

check cpu and gpu clocks if they go down on idle? and hdd spin down park?

>> No.49183332

1. uninstall
2. if it fails use their uninstall utility from safe mode - https://www.avast.com/en-us/uninstall-utility

I actually went to nod32 from avast

>> No.49183333

Gentoo, /g/'s chosen, is a source based distribution. You're literally compiling every port, which massively benefits from multithreading (running multiple make jobs).

beyond that
>Implying everyone on /g/ doesn't do anything except game on their computers

>> No.49183334

use the uninstaller and delete any folders it left behind (it shouldn't, but you never know)

>> No.49183335

how do i rename my hdd i encrypted with veracrypt
windows 7 btw

>> No.49183379
File: 1.14 MB, 1366x768, speccy idle temps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are you guys dealing with this awful summer heat?
If I even consider opening up a game the temperatures spike up to high 70s.
My little netbook is also overheating.

I am suffering.
Picture related; Idle temperatures

>> No.49183424

Why isn't exiting my Chrome window closing my tabs? All of a sudden two days ago clicking the red "X" button on the top right corner of the window no longer closes the tabs, instead when I open Chrome, I continue with the same tabs where I left off. My settings is switched to "Open New Tab" whenever I launch Chrome. I don't know why this is all of a sudden happening.

>> No.49183449
File: 988 KB, 1000x1000, summer g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get a fan dude. a big one.
or AC, if you got the cash

>> No.49183458

Sounds like an "always restore last session" thing. Check your settings for anything similar.

>> No.49183473

Also anyone who comes looking for it probably knows what he's doing, I feel you don't really need that write-up at all.

>> No.49183481

What's a good alternative for daemon tools on Windows?

>> No.49183504

Don't use notebooks in this weather and buy a better fan. 70°C is not really a problem, besides.

>> No.49183506

Is there supposed to a comma in that sentence, or is mount an acceptable answer?

>> No.49183510

winCDemu is excelent and light
but if you mount a lot of iso then alcohol 52% cause you launch it and has library of your ISO opened right up at your dispossal, there 120% non free version

>> No.49183511

We've got AC and a fan.

I'm stacking AC and fan.
I'm perfectly fine, I'm not hot at all, but my baby is spinning up the fans ;_;

>> No.49183527

But I don't have a desktop

Too poor for that. This laptop needs to last for atleast 3 more years.

>> No.49183529

Thanks, I'll check out wincdemu

>> No.49183535

There must be some kind of other problem.

Are your fans clear? Thermal paste is good condition? No faulty process eating your CPU with ntdll.dll!RtlRegisterThreadWithCrss?

>> No.49183599

I had Ubuntu on for a short bit of time.
Temperatures there were practically identical. So I don't think it's a software issue.

I blew out the dust at the start of summer, dropped maybe 2-3°C on average.
Thermal paste could be the issue here, since I haven't touched it, ever.

A bit spooked by removing the cooling system.
On a desktop it's all easy access and even if you somehow manage fuck something up you can still just replace that component.
On a laptop it's scary..

>> No.49183603

so my current phone broke, and i have to use an iPhone 5c until i can get a new phone (most likely the oneplus two)
what are some things that i should put on this piece of shit? it has about 2GB of free space

>> No.49183615

Face your fears and replace the thermal paste. It will help a lot.

>> No.49183616

Should I get a 2nd hand i5 2500k for 75 euros?(paypal buyer protection)
Something in my current PC is dying and am planning to build a complete new one but want to cheap out on everything so I can replace HDDs with 1Tb SSDs

>> No.49183637

if you have mobo for it already... why not
but if you also need mobo.. meh nah
wait for skylake in few days and pay bit more

>> No.49183654

What are some decent speakers for around $50

>> No.49183659

Been trying to make my stupid pc work for a while now. It just powers on with lights and shit. But no display on the monitor. Sometimes it turns on. Mostly not. So what's the problem? Motherboard?

>> No.49183664

I already checked my settings and my "On Startup" is set to "Open New Tab" yet it's not working. Instead it opens whatever tabs I have open. Bullshit Chrome, I'm gonna switch to Firefox I swear.

>> No.49183692

When it doesn't turn on properly, does it beep?

Is it just one beep or something else? If something else, what's the patter?

>> No.49183738

I need a new Gpu as my Radeon is outdated and about to burn the fucking house down, as it constantly keeps shutting itself off from overheating. It's a 5000x series 1gb

Wtf should I get to replace it that's not going to break the bank? I'd prefer the best bang for my buck, but could possibly go as high as $200, but would prefer to stick around $100.

>> No.49183756

Tried turning it on again. Lights working, fan spinning. But no display. Waited 1 minute for a beep. There's no beep. Only thing i can hear is the fans spinning

>> No.49183799

I'm probably gonna kill myself if it doesn't turn on again but I guess it's necessary.

I'll try to get a tube of paste soon.

>> No.49183848

r9 265 or r9 270 are the best in your price range
if you aim for biggest FPS, then second hand r9 290

>> No.49183849

just came back to the states from japan. have my american bought ps3 and tv, but i think maybe the hdmi cable is from japan, maybe.

but HDMI cables arent regionalized or anything, but im getting a "Format not supported" message on my tv when booting it up.

googled this but its just people saying the resolution is too high or whatever, but i know its fine because ive used this ps3 on this tv before

whats wrong?

>> No.49183875

oh also nvidia is suppose to come with gtx950 pretty soon
which should come around $150

>> No.49183890

GTX 750 (ti)
R7 360/R7 260x/r7 265/ r7 370
Depending how much you want to spend, those are all cheap budget cards which will outperform every 5000 series.

GTX 750 is cheapest. (but won't be a very big performance increase besides the memory guessing you have the best card from the 5000 series)
750 ti is 30 dollars more but also clearly better. (130 dollars I think)

R7 360 is 110 dollars, r7 370 is 150. (260x and 265 are somewhere between)

Best 200 dollars card is r7 380 or gtx960. 380 being slightly better while the 960 is slightly less expensive.

or like >>49183848

>> No.49183924
File: 38 KB, 384x450, arles-merino-sheep-ram-5-years-old-13665740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question about RAM: will 16gb be enough in 4 years? Is there any advantage to 4x4gb as opposed to 2x8gb?

>> No.49183944

Tried changing the rams. It beeped once but still no display

>> No.49183990

Depends on your uses, if its for gaming 16GB will be just fine. Only advantage of 4x4 vs 2x8 is getting the dual channel boost, which is kinda negligible. I would go with 2x8 just in case you ever feel the need to upgrade

>> No.49183996
File: 80 KB, 816x433, 4GB RAM_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

enough for what you faggot, and ddr3 when ddr4 is coming out just next month as mainstream?

>> No.49183999

>Is there any advantage to 4x4gb
If you have quad channel ram support on your motherboard then yes.

>> No.49184007

Whats would be a good vpn?
Why would it be best to get one outside of the us?

>> No.49184049

Does anyone know how to remove hardcoded subtitles from an mp4 file?

>> No.49184059


This is the rig I'm looking at. This is my first gaming PC ever, so I'm not 100% on all my shit

Is this Motherboard and i5 too much? Literally the only reasons I'm going with this is because I've heard so many good things about intel, and I want a good starting point for when I upgrade down the line

>> No.49184062

>remove hardcoded subtitles
Video editing software.

>> No.49184073

Err wat?

>> No.49184095

DDR4 won't even make that much of a difference to most people. Plus the price difference is still gonna be pretty big, and you would need a CPU/Motherboard that supports it

>> No.49184144

Swap out the motherboard for something with an H97 chipset, unless you plan on overclocking, then switch out the CPU with the i5 4690k. You might as well get an R9 290, you can find one for a similar price to the 280X and its better. I would personally go with a cheaper case and use some of the money saved from that and the motherboard for an SSD

>> No.49184159

Is there a good media player for music libraries that scans my whole PC? I'm thinking of something like iTunes except not shit
I tried Winamp but it crashes every two songs maximum

>> No.49184186

Is there a mirror of the wiki? It's down.

>> No.49184202

Try it with only one RAM card in it.

>> No.49184217

Just wondering. Are all pc problems repairable? Except if you destroyed the shit out of it duh

>> No.49184223

Banshee lets you point it a folders and searches everything down, indexing etc.

>> No.49184254

In theory yes.

In reality, no. For example, if your southbridge dies, you probably cannot get a spare one and solder it on the mobo.

>> No.49184287

One beep still no display..

>> No.49184291

what the actual fuck

wait for skylake

>> No.49184301

1. get a $5 VPS in Sweden
2. create a VPN for yourself

>> No.49184302


Would this be a good SSD just to dick around with linux on my x220?

>> No.49184317


>tfw still running my 6990s from 2011; they're still keeping up

>> No.49184323

What are the chances of 2x4GB sets of ram not working on a dual channel 4 slot mobo?

botht he same sets. just cam in 2 and not one set of 4

>> No.49184344

It's be fine anon. My first SSD was a kingston 120. And it is still working fine today. had for about 2 years now. more than anothersize.

>> No.49184345

Need a laptop just for word processing and notes and stuff at college. I'm going to bring my desktop for my dorm. What direction should I go for a simple barebones laptop?

>> No.49184367

Also just go 960 if you need a card right away.
the 280's TDP isnt worth it

>> No.49184387


>> No.49184401

Well, shit. Do you have an integrated VGA or any spare VGA card you can try it with?

>> No.49184409

>the 280's TDP isnt worth it
A 960 will save you a few dollars every year.
Few as in 5 dollars max, maybe.

>> No.49184413

Is seagate bad?

>> No.49184432


>> No.49184470

Damn. I only have one vga.

>> No.49184541

oh my rich friend always argues to me that WD is shit and WD blacks suck. I never understood it. since everything i seen pointed to seagate being shit.

>> No.49184550

Wtf. Tried removing my video card then it worked. But the color on the display is so bad

>> No.49184559

WD Black has a record of being some of the most reliable drives. HGST ain't bad if you avoid the cheaper shit.

>> No.49184566

That means it's using the integrated graphics on your cpu, so I guess your GPU is fucked.

>> No.49184570

Its just what Logical increments suggests. why is it bad?

>> No.49184589

Le meme.

>> No.49184595

wait, why? what should I go with instead?

>> No.49184622

Shiet. So what do i do now? Get a new gpu? Or?

>> No.49184630

Are giveaways on gleam.io legit or just bullshit and I shouldnt waste my time. Just want to /r/giveaways and saw some of it's shiit. If you do them everyday maybe you can win or so Im thinking atm. Kinda looks like a scam.

>> No.49184644

How do I make Ubuntu be less shitty? It's slow as fuck.
If I wasn't so lazy I'd have gone back to Windows 7 already.

>> No.49184673

I'm looking for a server, I guess I'd be renting vps or something, I don't really know anything about hosting yet.

I need to be able to host a website for my fathers business which should be content only

I'd also like to be able to use the same server for some personal use and learning such as hosting git, code analysis tools like sonar, continuous integration like jenkins, a few web apps, mumble/teamspeak and maybe a few game servers to support like 5-10 people.

I'm assuming I won't be able to get everything on one server, particularly the game servers, but I think it'd be a good start. I'm UK based and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where I should start looking and what I'm looking for?

>> No.49184687
File: 21 KB, 671x633, dpos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you write an optimal route finder? I've got a basic backtracking function but it does dumb shit like pic related.

>> No.49184713

WD Blue or black.

>> No.49184715

Check in the BIOS if there is a setting for first VGA card. Set it to the other setting, and see if it boots. If not, your VGA is fucked, get a new one if your warranty has ended.

>> No.49184724


>> No.49184741

I need a really good balls-to-the-wall call blocker for Android. I want nothing to show up for these calls, except maybe in notifications area/logs. Any good ones?

>> No.49184742

Install the proprietary graphics driver for your GPU.

>> No.49184771

You should be able to do everything on the one server, expect maybe the games depending on what they are.

>> No.49184800

There are different ways, I've always used Dijkstra's algorithm or at least based it on that. The super lazy approach is to find every path and compare it to the smallest thus far at every completion.

>> No.49184839
File: 128 KB, 210x210, Dijkstras_progress_animation.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49184862

Excellent, I've read a bit about the Amazon web services, would looking into something like that perhaps be a better option than going for a fixed payment deal? I can't really imagine using that much bandwidth

>> No.49184882

A friend of mine uses OVH which is based in France; it might be worth checking them out.

>> No.49184909

I'll have a look, thanks

>> No.49184918

I have completed an introductory python course. Wich books should i keep learning with?

>> No.49184949

Learn Python the Hard Way; the canonical /g/ answer. It's a website and a book.

>> No.49184954

What do you want to do?

>> No.49184993

But i've already learnt the basics.

>> No.49185013

Programming apps with good looking GUIs.
I downloaded a course that teaches pyqt, but i think i want to learn how to make a GUI from 0.

>> No.49185056

>i think i want to learn how to make a GUI from 0.

No, no you don't.

>> No.49185084

Ditch Python and learn Java or C++. Don't get me wrong, I love Python and use it in my research, but it's not what you're looking for. I recommend Programming: Principles and Practice using C++ by the creator of C++ himself, Bjarne Stroutrup. It's an intro book but C++ is VERY hard to master, so starting from scratch is not a bad idea. I don't know any good Java books, but Android apps are mostly written in Java.

>> No.49185087

The info available is kinda obscure. I only could find books for the libraries that come with python, like pyqt and tkinter.

>> No.49185092

are there any downsides to using a dual cpu system for your main build? I have the chance to get a dual 771 xeon system for cheap

>> No.49185171
File: 3 KB, 197x159, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the distinction here?

>> No.49185295

IIRC i5 and i7 processors are made with two technologies, a newer and an older.

>> No.49185296

One is 4th gen i5 and i7 that fits in LGA1150

The other is everything that fits in LGA1150

>> No.49185379

building a new computer, wich mobo sockets should i tend to?

>> No.49185437

Wait for skylake to drop, even if you don't upgrade retailers will drop prices of existing parts.

>> No.49185458

So one of the recent windows updates decided to brick a bunch of windows drivers by corrupting the files. No I get BSODs every 5th minute. Unfortunately it bricked my CD/DVD drivers so every time I press the eject button it BSODs.

Anyway, how do I rip my Win7 DVD the easiest to burn to an USB drive?

>> No.49185622

So I'm this fag right here.

This is my new build with your suggestions

Brand new to pc gaming, and I'm just trying to build something good enough for VR. How is it?

>> No.49185641

Hi /g/

I booted my laptop and it doesn't detect the hard drive anymore.

I can boot from a USB and browse the data on the hard drive.

I've tried tinkering in the BIOS but not really gotten anywhere.

>> No.49185658

unless you have some specific reason for wanting the exact same image, just download a Win7 ISO and use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool to burn it to the flash drive

>> No.49185799

Turns out. The computer you make that USB on is the only computer that you can use that specific install on.

>> No.49185815

what? That isn't remotely true

>> No.49185861

I'm looking for a VPN with no data caps or time limits. I'm okay with semi slow speeds and ads (since I probably wont see them anyway).

Oh and I need an american IP too. Got any recommendations?

I tried VPNReactor but it dropped me every 5-10 minutes and I could'nt stand it.

>> No.49185902

Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B and Hyper 212 evo go for the same price here. I took a look at some benchmarks and found out that Macho does a better job at cooling the CPU. Are there any known long-term problems with the thing or is it a solid purchase?

>> No.49185910

Because even a baby can use technology. Actually understanding technology is much more difficult.

Because that's the demographic Apple panders to. If Apple went back to advertising their hardware as rock solid *nix machines, then the social-media addicts would all be posting from Chromebooks and Surfaces.

Create a script or shortcut. Certain DEs/WMs have this sort of thing built in.

Are you using a network adapter or just the one built in to the MoBo?

Asking simple/stupid questions outside this thread really needs to be a 5 minute ban+close thread.

I run NoScript, Ublock Origin, and RequestPolicy at the same time. The only site that gives me problems is Amazon.

Good brand + dedicated GPU + ports for external GPU + a few soldered components as possible.

Make a second user profile to see if it speeds up. If it doesn't, the userprofile is not your problem.

Plain old tap water is the mildest cleaning solution I know of but anything that can clean the dirt off the keycaps will take a bit of the paint with it too. You might want to invest in some double-shot or laser etched caps next time.

The G400 is (IMHO) the greatest mouse ever made, but this chart fails to mention the poor design choice that bends the cord at a 90 degree angle. Also, (IMHO) high DPI is more comfortable.



>> No.49185927

whoa look at Answer Wizard over here

will I get a gf

>> No.49186008

Don't rip your hair out and go with this m8:

$6 cheaper than your original and and better PSU/GPU. The original motherboard was overkill. You can opt for Seagate HDD but most people prefer WD.

>> No.49186040 [DELETED] 

nvm just saw it's like $40 over before rebates crap. I'd say the 970 and modular PSU is worth it though.

>> No.49186091

How far i am from OS programing level(C,C++) from ASP.NET C#?

>> No.49186110

Sorry, $6 more expensive

>> No.49186124

Please respond ;__;

>> No.49186137
File: 90 KB, 615x473, ded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I in big trouble?

>> No.49186154

get the one you think looks cooler. seriously, it won't matter.

>> No.49186171

I know this must be highly /v/, but...

Everytime I install Steam on Windows, the next boot will be broken. I do not know how to fix this other than reinstalling windows.

I download it from the official site, btw.

>> No.49186187

Get boots that don't break. I recommend steel-toed.

>> No.49186253

sounds like your drivers are fucked. I'd reinstall anyway just to keep it from happening with some other program in the future

>> No.49186274

The thing is, it's not the drivers.
And it only happens with Steam, so I'm guessing something on the games is killing Windows.

>> No.49186416

Use Intel and Nvidia instead of AMD and you'll be fine. Might want to wait for Skylake though.


Put a room fan right next to your computer.

NVIDIA 600/700/800 series.

There is no way to tell. I'd recommend 2x8GB or 2x4GB to make upgrading in the future cheaper.

Wait for Skylake.

Depends on the problem. For example an HDD that sat underwater for a couple hours can still have the data recovered from it. But if you heat the HDD past the Curie point, there will be absolutely no data recovery at all.

Most distros don't require anywhere near that much GB to install, so yes.

Used Thinkpad or used MBP/MBA.

HD quality is 99% opinion and the other half is hearsay. I've had multiple Seagate drives die early on me, while my HGST's have lasted well beyond their time. If you do go with Seagate, be sure to get an enterprise or professional grade drive and avoid the Barracuda line or whatever their calling the budget models these days.

Easymode: Use Debian instead.
Hardmode: Remove Unity, install XFCE, go through all your packages and remove all the bloat. Also turn off the Amazon botnet.

Code things. The programming general has a random "thing to program" generator. Give it a spin.

Certain processes may not take advantage of the second CPU.


Check your bootloader.

>> No.49186458

Why would a wizard know anything about GF's?

>> No.49186477

the games don't have access to Windows-breaking data. Neither does Steam technically, so if it's breaking your boot, something was broken anyway

>> No.49186509

>uncorrectable sector count > 0


>Use Intel and Nvidia instead of AMD and you'll be fine
>NVIDIA 600/700/800 series.

The shilling continues

>> No.49186519

Nothing was broken. All it takes is installing Steam + Games.

>> No.49186571

Or wait for the AMD equivalent. Either way, it's smart to wait a couple weeks.

>NVIDIA 600/700/800
NVIDIA has better drivers (both closed and open) for Linux.

>> No.49186572

ok anon. Obviously Gabe Newell really hates you and makes sure your IP can only download a special Windows-breaking version of Steam but everyone else on the planet can keep using their normal Steam and be fine.

>> No.49186646

b-but anon, it is the t-truth ;_;7

>> No.49186656
File: 228 KB, 1600x1200, @@@@.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought a surface pro 3. I need to get a keyboard.

I see listings on ebay for Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 keybards, are those compatible with the Surface Pro 3? Or do I have to buy the Surface Pro 3 keyboard?

>> No.49186710
File: 77 KB, 1000x767, 61EVpslHwdL._SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently earned this gamepad online. I like using it, until I realized how cheap it really is. The analog stick was sticky until I blew in it really hard, the insulation for the cable wore off at the stress reliever, not to mention the rumble won't work.

I think I can solve the stress relief problem along with the analog stick, but is their any way to get the rumble working? I checked the controller, and their are 2 motors in their. If their's no way to get rumble to work, I'll add one of the motors to my sex machine.

>> No.49186728

>my sex machine.

>> No.49186764

I'll elaborate on that later, but I just want the rumble to work.

>> No.49186837

new thread


>> No.49187057


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