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I don't know shit about NAS but I otherwise have solid network knowledge. My employer has been using a 2-bay NAS with 1TB of storage and it's as old as time. They asked me to figure out a good replacement for them that does all the typical reliability and security shit. They haven't really got a chance to sit down with me and tell me exactly what their needs are but here's what I know so far:
They will almost never have multiple users accessing it at exactly the same time.
They will rarely access it outside of the office, so paying an off-site service isn't really good for us.
Client confidentiality is actually important, so stuff needs to be locked up like a motherfucker.
I'm on Linux all the time but the other workers are all accessing the shared storage from Windows.
This is no start-up; They have money to burn.

tl;dr encryption and full backups are a must. Where do I even start with these? While I wasn't looking, NASs seem to have become smart as fuck. About 8TB plus any additional storage for the backups will keep us happy for a while.

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Didn't really read everything OP...

Go to Synology or QNAP website, look at options, get something that fits the bill, pick some drives like WD Reds, install on network, become hero of the office. These systems are very compatible with a mix of environments and you can implement all of the requirements it sounds like you have.


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FreeNAS rocks. Get them to buy a cheap FreeNAS Mini from ixsystems or build it yourself if you're feeling adventurous. Makes creating windows shares easy and can use AD with via LDAP. ZFS can be encrypted and really protect data if set up correctly.

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Get a Synology.

QNAP's Linux distro is shit. You can replace it with Debian, which is great, but if you're asking on here that's probably too much for you.

Make sure you get proper rated NAS drives, and blank the entire array to exercise the drives. The NAS software can do this for you. Expect about 6hrs/Tb. A 4Tb array takes a full 24 hours to initialize.

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>You can replace it with Debian, which is great, but if you're asking on here that's probably too much for you.

Actually, that's probably the only part I'm very experienced at. Thanks for the idea. Will look into it.

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Get some quotes from providers. Even if you never use them, they will give you an idea what options and services are out there, and your boss can know what other choices he had.

You don't want your boss coming to you and saying "Hey, I heard about this thing here, add it" a week after you finally installed it.

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whatever you do, use RAID-1. We ran some high end synology as 3rd backup as RAID-5 and while the array was restoring another drive failed (and yeah we got the drives from different vendors).

Dell is also advising to have at least 2 drives redundancy for drives of size 3 TB and larger.

TL:DR whatever you do, RAID-1 is your friend.

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