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What is the best keyboard layout for a super hacker like me?

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He is a qt.

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any is fine i think, i havent tried anything besides qwerty

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hacker conventions are 90% macs, 10% idiots looking stupid on PCs

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>serious computing


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everyone uses macs now poorfags. windows is for games and linux is completely useless

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daily reminder that there is no proof its a he, and most people don't know where the fuck the image came from.

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Linux is the home of basically every notable coding resource you could need, and has far better customization. Also the home of FOSS.

Have fun with your locked down hardware, sucking corporate dick.

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can you customise it to have decent features and software support with GUIs that were created by people with eyes, or GUIs that even exist period? You fags can't even customise it to allow for mouse scroll wheel speed settings in the UI of all major distros. customisation is useless when nothing exists for it and the user base are a bunch of fat losers

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name one decent piece of software that's FOSS

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Damn you /g/. I don't want to have to question my sexuality like this.

Macs aren't even top of the line in their niche anymore. They get outperformed in every way by Asus Zenbooks.

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the zenbooks are indeed really good. it's like the CEO of Asus has an apple complex and he couldn't work out why they couldn't make a laptop cheaper than a mac so they just started selling them at a loss. Never mind apple. Why can no other company period get close to asus zenbook specs for zenbook prices? What am i missing? how do they review?

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ahah oh wow

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congratulations you just proved that you're a raging faggot who doesnt know anything about inux

figures that someone using the cuck hipster os would care the most about the graphics though

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show me a piece of linux software that demonstrates that the UI was developed by somebody with eyes

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I no nothing about INUX

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It's most definitely a girl...your brain must be broken to not see it.

Jaw structure, shoulders, look at the hands, there is a natural shape to the chest, very recessed adam's apple, etc.

I only wish there was more.

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Cinnamon, KDE, i3, MATE, Unity, GNOME. Those are all pleasant DE/WMs.

You seem to have forgotten that, unlike the shit you use, Linux users actually have a choice and there's no such thing as default linux software.

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XFCE, but you have to have taste
xfdashboard (despite making me reach for my mouse every so often)

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i see no choice there. It's all shit with horrible consistency, integration, paper thin layer of usability. lipstick on a pig etc. the fact that you lumped KDE in there is just hilarious to me. Call me when your user base actually listens to criticisms and improves their software for once

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1990s called, they wan't their inconsistent UI back. dat fucking X in the corner lol. more craptastic than the vista orb

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wow it's like if you told someone with absolutely no experience in graphic design to make a "flat" ui. and the only thing remotely nice about that shot is stuff that's been copied from OSX

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>i see no choice there

consider choosing an optometrist

>shitty justifications with no reasoning

okay sweetie whatever makes you feel better after your asshole is raw and bloody from the fucking apple is giving you

i mean your benchmark for an os is whether or not popular software meets your hipster design sensibilities

i bet you think firefox is shit because it wasnt made in ruby from a starbucks

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Why aren't you using classic theme restorer, anon?

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post a picture of a specific thing you think is good and i'll run you through why it's shit

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you seriously think that looking pretty is the important thing about software

why would i want your opinions

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>and the only thing remotely nice about that shot is stuff that's been copied from OSX
So it's exactly like windows 10 :^)

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Happy hacking memeboard
>People like to switch caps and ctrl
>How can we meme it up?
>Let's remove the bottom left key entirely
>Oh fug we don't actually have space for other keys now, we have to replace backspace with 2 1unit keys

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design is how something works, not how it looks. post a picture of some gay shit in linux you think has a decent GUI and i'll run you through it

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Seriously though, that title bar font.
>low x-height
>wiiiide letters
just fucking why?

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haven't heard of it, will try.

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jesus i was going to specifically critique your screenshot but that is just objectively horrible in it's entirety. That chrome color is almost on the verge of being brushed aluminium tier

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It looks fine to me. It's probably your shit tier monitor displaying it incorrectly. Try recalibrating it possibly?

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QFMLWY or left-handed Dvorak.

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>brushed aluminium

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She's from New Zealand.

Source: me.

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horrible inverted shadow on inactive titlebar text
disgusting window colour
fucked padding besides the search box
3d icons along the bottom but flat icons along the top
fucked corners on windows
3d glasses tier font rendering
design of add tab icon is inconsistent with the rest of the ui
tab title is out of vertical alignment with the favicon
But mainly that colour grey is hilariously bad

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nah it's shit. my monitor is fine. if anything the color profile on that image is fucked though as the big firefox icon is overly saturated

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Who is this sperm stealer?

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Who is this clitoris criminal?

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This is a picture taken during the class Design and Analysis of Algorithms (6.046J) at MIT. Notice how these students, all of them far more knowledgeable about computers than you are, are using macbooks.

How mad are you? Anti-mac fags BTFO.

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Oops, forgot my pic.

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Who is this magnificent maiden?

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>analysis of algorithms
>school of journalism

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1, that's a suspiciously high concentration of girls for a class on algorithms
2, a lot of college students have laptops their parents bought them, and normies think macs == good
3, they could be running windows or gentoo instead of os x

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Good job getting baited, faggots.

Also, go watch some of the CS videos that MIT and Berkeley put up. Because you deserve to be triggered

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Stenotype is in a league of its own.

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The only sane person is the guy on the left in the yellow shirt who's using a pen and paper for notes.

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one of these pairs will be getting hot 'n' heavy in the dorms later, the other will not.

can you guess which one is which?

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>that kid on the left, MIZZOU shirt using pen and paper
>those 2 black people in the middle, 2nd row not having a laptop
>that guy in the green shirt on the very right using pen and paper

Do you think they get ridiculed?

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Holy shit someone else that uses QFMLWY

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>there are people here that don't compress their text before typing it

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Do you really think a hacker would use such crude methods? Real hacking is a surgical, invisible it interferes only where necessary. Nobody can question it because nobody will ever know when it has acted. Hackers may watch their victims for a year building up a list of corrections, corrections that will be long overdue.

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Anything BUT qwerty

funny story, but actually the qwerty keyboard was designed for typewriters, and the keys are placed the way they are so the typewriters did not jam. Meaning totally retarded. If you want to type faster, look into other keyboard layouts

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So many you could have chosen and you pick those?

Chrome isn't FOSS btw, and there's Linux, most BSDs, OS X, Firefox, gcc, clang, eclipse, vim, emacs (most development tools actually), apache, nginx, python, lua, libreoffice, ABP, uBlock, kvm, vlc, mpc-hc, mpv, mumble, notepad++.

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Jesus fuck. I'd kill to see more of her.

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Holy shit, I didn't know it got this bad in America! I hope it never gets like that here. What a nightmare.

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