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Both are for niggers. Ubuntu Touch master race.

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>>source: the inside of my anus

Yea, totally.

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>twice as likely to do drugs
>twice as likely to have a six figure salary
I understand what I have to do now

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Ubuntu literally means nigger OS.

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Should be "what a person's income class says about their habits on average"

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What is population size.

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this is the funniest thing I've read today, pic is so spot on

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>upper class

>middle class

>lower class

That seems about right

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>not a single source cited
>le true anons? :^)
Back to reddit nigger.

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No, just made by a "journalist" fanboy/girl.

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Pretty pointless because they're lumping in the $0-99 android phones in with iphones.

More like "what does spending $700+ more for a phone with zero additional features tell you about someone?"

Better comparison would be to compare people with phones like the latest galaxy note / edge, or lg g4, with similarly stratospheric prices.

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>iOS users have a 100% chance of using an Apple device
>Android users have a 100% chance of having used Google services before

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This is so biased and clearly the creator was an apple tart due to picking obvious false positives and then trying to be fair by throwing the drugs basis in with apple
This pic is bullshit

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> source of "research": ???????????

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>Android users have a 100% chance of having used Google services before

this is false. a lot a Chinese phones come with no google services.

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Is having red hair really that bad?

I'm not talking ginger red, but more of a strawberry blonde sort of thing.

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Wealthy people predominantly choose iPhone.

> Android Is For Poor People: Maps - Business Insider

>A new Pew study says the majority of Americans now own smartphones and the majority of rich, educated adults own iPhones.

>Surprise; Apple's iPhones Are Expensive So Rich People Are More Likely To Have Them

You can tell where the rich people are in the city by looking at iPhone distribution. Yes, really.

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Rich people generally only care about appearances, so no shit they'll spend what I'd basically pennies for them to have the "best" phones.

Fuck, go look up some richfag restaurant prices in New York.
They'll gladly spend 50k on shit food because they lost touch with how much shit is supposed to cost.

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This waa true with Blackberry some years ago, what's your point?

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What about us Windows Phones masterrace?

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>caring about statistics
They say fucking nothing about what kind of person _YOU_ are.

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There's like a whole 10 of you.

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20% of iphone users are in credit card debt all year round, as in the same 20% of people are i debt constantly

I know rich family members, none of whom know anything about computers and all of them own iphones

protip: most rich people come from rich families

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