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hey /g/entoomen,
question for all android users, particularly those using a phablet. I'm currently using a Note 3 on Verizon. The other day there was FINALLY a rooted version of lollipop released. Who here uses lollipop? Anybody wish they hadn't taken the OTA? What benefits does lollipop have over KitKat?
Also, android general I guess

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I'm scared to update my device.
Maybe I will when the next version comes out.

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Moto G here.
5.1 > 4.4 > shit > 5.0

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Nice vagueness

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Note 4 with OTA here. Lollipop is faster than 4.4 but might use more battery without factory reset. I use a giant battery so I didn't bother. The Note 4 updates can be rolled back so that might be true for the Note 3 too.

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OP here. How is touchjizz on lollipop?

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5.0 was truly terrible.

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I am liking lollipop more so, few quirks that I need to sort out. But my battery life has seemed to improve which is nice. Running 5.1 on my HTC m8

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LG G2 on AT&T here. Regretting the lollipop update overall. Lost many features, layout is cumbersome and getting a bit of scroll lag. On the upside my battery life is incredible though.

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It's still ugly but it doesn't lag.

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Lol I can't even get my HTC one m8 to update

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just bought an at&t lg g2 and have it coming in tomorrow.

any heads up you can give me going in? should i not update to lolipop?

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I rooted it

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Y'all know that you probably got to unlock the bootloader

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U wot m8.

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please respond

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My experience with kitkat was shit, but then again it was using a droid X when it was only designed to run up to Shitbread which made my phone worse than Froyo somehow.

Lolipop seems much better, but I'm also using a phone thats like 5 years newer than my last phone too. Waiting for a stable CyanogenMod 12 since there doesn't seem to be a working FOSS switch user binary for google rom (mfw phoneplebs call it super user).

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You fucked up

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nah i was just doing 1 last desperate bump for that guy to reply to me.

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I have an S-On M8 so anything but stock LP won't work, that being said, I like custom ROM KK more than stock debloated LP.

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This is true.

It can be rolled back? No way.

Installed lollipop like an idiot because I was so hyped for BATTERY IMPROVEMENTS and all I got was a battery hog system that would drain anywhere between 5-20% during 8 hours of sleep as opposed to seriously just 1-2% on kitkat. I did a factory reset, formatted completely, disabled every conceivable app including gapps and any and all google services to no avail. Note 4 exynos, LTE; not worth it at all.

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I have a Note 3 on Verizon and accepted the OTA update a few days ago.


Enjoy scrolling and opening shit without jittery lag? "Fuck you." -Lollipop

Want to put your phone on vibrate by holding down the power button? "Fuck you" -Lollipop

Don't want to hit the home page button while using AOSP browser every damn time (on a new bottom toolbar that just copies Apple's Safari toolbars and wastes a fuckton of space on shit that's just too easy to press accidentally)? "Fuck you." - Lollipop

Want to see whole thumbnails of recent apps instead of just obscured titlebars for everything except the most recently used one in front? "Fuck you." -Lollipop

Want easy access to app info by pressing down anywhere on the entire app thumbnail instead of just the tiny icon in the corner of the titlebar? "Fuck you." -Lollipop

Prefer dark backgrounds that actually make sense on portable devices using OLED screens instead of white backgrounds that waste battery life for no reason other than to drive you blind in a dark room? "Fuck you." -Lollipop

Benefits: slightly longer battery life, transparent notification menu, scroll bump effect is retarded fun for 5 seconds

I would have stayed on 4.4.4 if I'd known, and I'm considering downgrading if that's even possible. Right now, since I use AOSP browser a lot, my GS3 running 4.4.2 is more functional with less bullshit.

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N5 here, KK just works.

>Inb4 shitty battery life

7 hours of SOT is enough for me.

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bump for more input

and also because FUCK LOLLIPOP

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Reminder that lollipop is beta testing for android 6.0

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7 hours of screen time on a Nexus 5? You better have some images to back up that claim

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Can anyone name a good custom rom for the g3 d855? CM12 is shithouse.

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lollipop is way better than kk here. xperia z3 d6653

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Galaxy A5 fag here.

Can i fuck my phone if i try to download anything using Utorrent?
I'm asking it because since i did it last night, my phone have lag (i even make a format of the sd card and restored the factory settings) or is just something "normal"? I have like 1 month with the phone.

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S5 here, 5.1 for my phone when

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I'm genuinely loving lollipop, it feels like android is fulfilling its potential these days. Run it on my n4 till drunk my dropped it on the tube so now I'm aa 2014 moto g owner.

There's some dumb shit, sure, but it's mostly being ironed out in the point updates (e.g only being able to toggle media or notification volume with the rocker).
(Speaking of, moving from a nexus has been fucking painful in terms of software updates, and motorola are meant to be one of the best? God.)

But quick settings, trusted devices/places, that sweet sweet material design, love it.

One thing I will concede is project svetle has been basically undone; downgrading from 3GB of RAM on the n4 to 1GB has been fucking painful.

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HTC m8 Verizon fag here

Do not, I repeat, do not upgrade to lollipop unless you want half your shit to break that you use to bypass pay walls.

Ex: foxfi / pdanet broken and disabled for free WiFi.

And goodluck trying to root this POS, Verizon made it impossible.

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>point updates
One problem is some devices, even former flagships, are being officially updated to 5.0 and could easily be abandoned there without receiving point updates, and it's not out of the question that it's part of a planned obsolescence strategy for some manufacturers. Samsung is currently rumored not to be scheduling point updates for many devices that they just brought up to 5.0, including the OP's Note 3.

In the meantime, the very real loss of functionality/performance comes at the loss of unimportant/unseen/intangible/theoretical-only benefits.

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>>47712122 (OP)
>point updates
One problem is some devices, even former flagships, are being officially updated to 5.0 and could easily be abandoned there without receiving point updates, and it's not out of the question that it's part of a planned obsolescence strategy for some manufacturers. Samsung is currently rumored not to be scheduling point updates for many devices that they just brought up to 5.0, including the OP's Note 3.

In the meantime, the very real loss of functionality/performance is offset only by unimportant/unseen/intangible/theoretical-only benefits. In other words, the upgrade from KitKat to 5.0 is mostly pointless and comes at too high a cost.

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>sauce of Samsung policies

>> No.47719918

>"mobile media" rumors
least reliable and least professional "industry" ever, just a bunch of ad-whore rumormongers who can't write worth a lick anyway

not that it's unthinkable that many devices will be left to wither and die on 5.0

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You fucked up. That's malware bait app or botnet according to /g/.

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Man, Android seems to be such a clusterfuck.

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Fucking hell my phone automatically updated to 5.0

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It's shit. Battery life is still shit, and the white skin gve me eye cancer.

>> No.47720732

>white skin
what phone do you have? is lollipop universally white now?

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Have you installed 5.1 yet anon ? Fixes almost all that shit, I was ready to throw this thing in the bin and buy a fuckin iPhone but it's much better now.

>> No.47720775

is 5.1 universally out now?

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fuck my phone just got 5.0.2 2 weeks ago, guess there's no chance of 5.1

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Just got the OTA update for my S4 for 5.0.1 should I install it? Scared here. Will I not get 5.1 then?

>> No.47720918


i wish we could know if we're getting 5.1

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The upgrade has been pretty sweet for my M9, except for the fact that the messaging app lags all the time and crashes. I can barley send texts sometimes. I really wish I never upgraded, I miss my m8

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>its been pretty sweet
>wish i never upgraded

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Way to contradict yourself.

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5.02 Cm > 5.1 > 4.4
All hail Opo

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cyanogen worth the trouble to install?

>> No.47721193

Depends on if it {CM} has bugs (wi-fi doesn't work camera, etc)
CyanogenMod has 'nightlies' for a reason

>> No.47721204

There is no trouble?
I was in in 5.1 nightlys and it was hell.

Got no issues at all with cm12s, reminded me of how good 11s was.

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i know nothing about rooting and that, trying to learn at the moment.

should i use a nightly build?

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>tfw note 2
>tfw still on 4.4.2

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No, nightlys are buggie and annoying to update everDay

>> No.47721341

how do i know which one is the most stable then?

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I tend to stick to stock vendor ROMs and 5.1 isn't out for me.

Which parts of >>47715632 got fixed and which weren't? I was going to stick this shit on ebay but if it gets fixed I might just wait.

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lol atleast you're not still using an s2, multitasking is nonexistant... can't even have two tabs open at the same time without the other one having to refresh, constant homescreen redraw, systemui crashing, keyboard taking 5seconds to pop up

as much as i would like to upgrade i can't really justify getting a new phone since i rarely text or phone someone

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Motorola Droid Mini here.

The status for Lollipop becoming available is: someday.

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Installed 5.0 on my note 4, it's a shit. Wait until you get a 5.1 rom.

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Note 2 is the same generation as S3, 2012 vintage I think.

If it's helpful to know at all, my S3 on 4.4.2 still works incredibly well right now, and I use it around the house for wifi-only stuff. I have 11 tabs open with none of them being forced to refresh, using less than 370MB RAM.

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>tfw original Moto X
>Still on 4.4.4

I literally bought this because I expected good support because Motorola was a Google company.

>> No.47724237

>Still on 4.4.4
I wish I was.

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is 5.0 really THAT bad?

>> No.47724315

Why is everyone spilling shit about 5.0?

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I'm running lollipop on my Nexus 4. I wish it didn't exist. Didn't offer any real substance over KitKat and has an aesthetic that got old real quick.

>> No.47724353

I literally just updated to lollipop 5.0 in a half-asleep daze.

What is this gay shit and can I at the very LEAST, change the colours?

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Could just be problems complicated on Samsung phones thanks to TouchWiz, but for example:

>turning on vibrate in 4.4.4
Hold down power button, press vibrate. To undo, do the same thing and you have the same volume setting back.

>turning on vibrate in 5.0
Turn volume all the way down. To undo, turn volume back up.

Basically everything here applies to me: >>47715632

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A lot of that shit is Samsung's fault.

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5.1 fixed all the 3~4 memory leaks in 5.0.

Have it on both my Nexus 5 and 6.

So good. It's optimized and smooth as hell. One of the most noticeable is bootup time. Usually it takes 50 secs~ and now it takes like 5 seconds.

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You are probably overweight and have no real friends in real life.

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Material design sucks nigger ass. It's like some indian coder randomly threw every effect he could find.

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Just nandroid the fuck back hard to cm11 4.4.4 after an hour of fucking around Official CM12.1

Mobile data i605 was fucked
Gps doesn't work
Quick settings design butchered
Why do I have to swipe up then swipe pattern?
Just show me the fucking pattern

>> No.47725194

Note 2 here
CM11 last 1-18-2015 nightly
It's perfect
Installed 12.1 for 2-3 hrs of was fucked nothing werked

>> No.47725443

considering everything should i update to 5.0.2 on my lg g2?

>> No.47725485

No fuck no
Nandroid and try if you want
I bet my foreskin and balls you'll nandroid the fuck back in under an hour

>> No.47725509

thats a high risk bet buddy

not too crazy about the way my phone looks now on 4.4. was just hoping i could update to 5.0 and not have to improve it myself manually.

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>Nexus 5
>7 hours SOT

No. Just no lol.

Proof or this is the biggest load of bullshit I've heard all day. I'm literally lucky to get more than 2.5 hrs of SOT on this piece of shit battery

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Anybody experiencing wifi drop on s6? It has only happened at home and when I'm downloading apps (wifi disconnects, screen freezes and then unfreezes and wifi reconnects), doesn't seem to happen on other wifi networks. Pls help I want to keep this phone.

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kek, people are actually buying it

>> No.47725780

I'll bet my cock too and my asshole

Go ahead you will nandroid back

>> No.47725784

I didn't ask for those who can't help to reply so stfu apple fag

>> No.47725815

not gonna bother, not even sure if i'm going to root it yet.

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>shit battery life
>crashes requiring battery pull
>can't remove or replace battery
>usb 2.0
>s5 was usb 3.0
>iphone's biggest weakness cost-wise is storage
>s6 storage is not expandable
>s5 was
>not waterproof
>s5 was waterproof
>you bought an s6

you have bigger problems than just kitkat vs. lollipop

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How is franco kernel? How much SoT do you get and battery life in general.

>> No.47726025

Why are you in this thread then faggot ? Do you have nothing better to do with your life than to shitpost?

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>my nexus 9 *still* doesn't have 5.1

>> No.47726101

i have android phones, i just wasn't stupid enough to fall for the s6 and reward samshit for being overpriced apple wannabes

don't you know that the only people who won't be laughing at you for having an s6 are other plebs who fell for it like you?

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File: 81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-04-27-18-47-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does it mean?

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The day

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>six hours

>> No.47726172

>samshits "lolipop"

My friend got this on his S4, its disgusting what they did to it.

>> No.47726242

First, I didn't buy the phone and still have 10 days to return. Second, it's a good phone besides the issue I mentioned. You obviously have nothing better to do besides shitposting, so tell me, what phone do you have?

>> No.47726341

>still have 10 days to return
10 days to climb out of a pit, good for you

>it's a good phone besides the issue I mentioned
and the ones i mentioned must not matter because you're a full diehard pleb i bet

>You obviously have nothing better to do besides shitposting
actually i do so i'll stop pointing out trufax about your crappy phone now so you can go back to being happy with it for as long as you decide to keep it

s6 is great bro, buy two more

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This was from yesterday.

>> No.47726453

How is Lollipop on the LG G3? I'd rather have slower animations than poor battery life.

>> No.47726506

Lol you really are a faggot, how many dicks do you suck a day?
>getting defensive about a phone you don't have
>won't even say what phone you have, so I can point out all of the flaws

>> No.47726759

for all the reasons to hate lollipoop, animation speed isn't that bad. you can just turn off animations or scale them down to 0.5x across the board anyway

look, i laughed at your phone because that's what comes naturally when i see that somebody wasted their money, but i don't really care that much. you opted for a downgrade from the previous generation, that's not my problem

you think apple's full of shit but then you buy the most apple-like samshit phone ever. read the comment above about mobile media, they are the whole reason they made the s6 metal and sealed, to make those idiots happy because they don't know jack shit about anything other than >muh elegant svelte premium metallic handfeel or someshit and it's cheaper and better for them to lock everything down anyway. the clueless mobile media is part of the problem, they're telling everyone what they should have and they know fuck-all.

the truth is that android is not as power efficient as ios. and s6 even copies apple's way of forcing you to choose how much storage you need up front...and if you want to "futureproof" your storage you're wasting a shitload of money playing the guessing game of how much

somebody once made the perfect comment about the s6 compared to the s5. the s5 is the phone many people want to have, with some flaws. the s6 is the phone samsung wants you to have, with even more and worse flaws. you buy into that model, you are basically adopting the iphone model except the money you're flushing down the toilet ends up in korea instead of cupertino.

buy 100 s6s right now bitch, i don't care. make sure to pay extra for non-replaceable storage and flip the bird at apple while you do it too

>> No.47726807

lol wtf
Are you using some type of kernel or what

>> No.47726942

I would literally rather have a 16GB S5 with a 64GB memory card than a 64GB S6. I'd probably even take an S4.

Note series is the real way to go with Samsung, though. S6 being an iPhone clone means S series is midrange now and Note is the new flagship.

>> No.47726968

I have a GS3 on 5.1

Soooo smooooth !

>> No.47727110

So would you suggest returning this and getting the note 4? I've read that that has some wifi drop issues too.

As I stated before I did not buy this phone, in fact it was a gift. Also I never said apple was shit, I just called you an apple fag. You are retarded.

>> No.47727322

I would. WiFi issues will probably get fixed on both, but at least when that's all done the Note 4 is overall a better phone for my preferences.

In fact the only people I ever recommend not to get a phablet these days are people who don't find the size or cost or battery life convenient. If you're fine with all three of those, a phablet should probably be the first kind of phone you consider imo because big screens are just so useful (and fun tbh).

>> No.47727334

Slimrom and code blue kernel.

>> No.47727541

Thanks for that, I have until the weekend to decide if I want to return it or not. Is the note 4 fast? This s6 is pretty fast and I would have no problem with it if it weren't for this wifi bug.

>> No.47728085

You can fix the wifi drop by turning off the smart connect on the wifi screen

>> No.47728106

just don't install the google now launcher and you're golden, pony boy.

>> No.47728132

The s6 is definetly faster than the note 4 and the camera is even better than the note 4, note 4 user here

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>tfw Nexus 6
>tfw using 5.1

I can't believe you plebs still buy non google branded phones.

>> No.47728247

They fixed memory leak and encryption eh?

How is Google Play Services

>> No.47728289

only thing I really noticed was 3 hours of more battery life.

google shit werks just as well as ever?

>> No.47728353

Nubia Z7 Mini using Lollipop 5.0.

It's the same shit than Kitkat but with more stupid animations that ruin the user experience, unless you're like 15 and think those animations are "cool".

>> No.47728417

Nigger there are fucking amazing chinkphones right now below the $200 mark.

Hell you can get:

2GB / 3GB of RAM (for 4GB of RAM you need to pay more than $220)
16GB Internal
MediaTek Octa Core with the same raw power than the Snapdragon 801
720p / 1080p 5.5" screen
Android 5
13MP IMX214 sensor / 8MP IMX219 interpolated to 13MP

Starting from $145 dollars all the way to as much as $220


Mlais M52 Red Note
Jiayu S3 (2GB) and S3 Advance (3GB)
Ecco Aurora and Ecco Aurora 3GB version
Meizu M1 Note

All of them below the $220 mark.

>> No.47728426

Note 4 has replaceable battery, comes with 32GB stock in the US and can take an SD card (including 64 GB or 128GB), plus of course there's the bigger screen and S-Pen stuff. Yeah it's slower than an S6 but by no means is it a slow phone.

IMO the killer app for S6 is probably the camera and the feel of the glass back (but most people use cases anyway so who cares).

>> No.47728488

I hate the fact that I have to wait for ATT to update my Note 3 before ROMs become available.

Seriously considering jumping the Samsung ship and getting a Nexus 6.

I don't use the stylus much at all other than to shitpost about the Note series in general on 4chan...

>> No.47728681

Note 3 fag here who upgraded to lollipop like a dumbass. Is there a way to downgrade? I'd really like to go back to 4.4.2 where i had root, battery life, darker menus, etc

>> No.47729476


find a cheap note 3 that hasn't been upgraded, buy it, sell your fucked up one

>> No.47730183
File: 20 KB, 244x200, 1333301495284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...and then they sold it to the chinks behind your back! haha!

>> No.47730206

>all these samshit remorse

Told you faggots

>> No.47730273

when, anon
when did you tell me
i would have listened

>> No.47730283

>Buying non google branded devices
>Bitching about never getting updates in a timely manner

Stay pleb you faggots

>> No.47730497

I can no longer out type my galaxy s5

>> No.47731086

Install DN4 (Diamond Note 4 or whatever it's called). It's available for both Note 2 and Note 2 LTE.
It comes with AGNI kernel and Boeffla sound, and have ZERO bugs/issues.
You basically turn your phone into a Note 4.
Gf loves it.

>> No.47731124

I was running a custom recovery since I got my Note 4 so I was running the earliest build of KitKat until last week.
Battery improved, it uses 2% of power overnight instead of 8-10%. Touchwiz is a lot faster. Battery usage Screen-on is around the same.

Note 4 SM-N910G.

>> No.47732274


>> No.47732352

Nexus 4
It's too good

>> No.47732386

>EE just released 5.0 on Moto G

It'll probably take another 100 years for 5.1

>> No.47732389

Tried that, and I also tried the wifi powersaving mode thing. It mainly happens when I try to download a game like asphalt 8 (1.5gb), or when I have been doing something that requires internet while on wifi.

>> No.47732416

on Galaxy devices, Lollipop is worse but it allows you to edit files on sd card using third party apps. except for that feature, KK is better

>> No.47732507

i talked to samsung about this. there response is

>google is the maker (HAHAHAH) of android (HUEHUEHUE) and are resposible for compatibility. You carrier is resposible for rolling their updates out to you as problems become apparent.

are you planning on releasing any proprietary software like you did on the wave, or launching devices from the factory with a preinstalled pure version with your samsung apps and touchwiz?

>Let me look, No.

Ok I have galaxy apps on my device but its not showing its installed or even in my app drawer so I cant creat a shortcut or launch it.

>Heres how you make a shortcut

I told you that button is not there. I told you fucked my device.

>Ok let me remote into your phone and help you. Please install (app)

The app is broken it wont work.

>Please reinstall it

I did that before I told you it was broken.

I also created an app that links to your app so i can launch it. i "fixed" it myself.

Are you going to release any specific updates to include app pinning and profiles which I dont have?

>No, but if you have a issue google is working on updates which are being rolled out by your carrier.

It was released 4 months ago and its still fucked. How long will this take?

>That is up to google but from what ive seen they are getting better at resolving some of the original issues.

>getting better
>original issues


>> No.47733537

Damn. Seems like it's all about passing the buck when it comes to fixing problems in Android-land.

Google, manufacturers, and carriers all have a hand in approving and releasing shit but nobody claims responsibility when things go horribly wrong or there are reasonable questions about when or how things can get fixed.

>> No.47733747

No OTA loli on my 2014 Moto G yet. I don't really care enough to flash it myself, I barely use my phone anyway and kitkat just werkz.

>> No.47733915

I haven't updated my nexus 6 to the most recent version yet cause I want xposed to continue working.

>> No.47734203

Apple fag here.

Say I bought a samsung galaxy s6, how could I get stock android lollipop on it? Would I need to root it?

I've used an s5 and i hate the fucking bloatware samsung puts on their phones.

>> No.47734218

For me KitKat>All on moto G

>> No.47734264

galaxy nexus 5.1.1 here. (CM12.1)
It feels like a brand new device. More battery life, very responsive and pretty good usability compared to 4.4.

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