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Old thread: >>47336243
What are you working on, /g/?

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send it to hell

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You know that image is going to get deleted right

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Maybe one of these days but today is not that day

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Not with that image bitch.

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season 5 get hype

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why does that look more like mutated Barney with a horn?

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please don't mention barney
captcha: ponks

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did you spend years paralyzed, forced to watch Barney on repeat, anon?

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I don't even care for MLP, but the reaction pics were always fun to post.
Too bad people had to sperg out every time.
I swear, if enough people made a stink, we could get anime banned outside of /a/.

>programming related
Best way to get started writing javascript?
Every book I've looked at tries to shove their ideology and favorite .js framework trash into their curriculum.
I want something from a neutral standpoint.

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Try the Khan Academy course. Alternatively code combat is a more fun way that seems fairly neutral.

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I like ponies but goddamn that's an awful drawing. Lines hairy as fuck.

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It's a joke mate
Some guy in draw thread sketched it in like 10 minutes

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That kind of explains it, but lines shouldn't be hairy, not even in a quick sketch. Make confident single strokes. If a line comes out wrong, hit Ctrl-Z instead of just drawing over it.

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>I swear, if enough people made a stink, we could get anime banned outside of /a/.
I really hope so anon. I really do.

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File: 165 KB, 583x661, anime reaction pictures on 4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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/a/ is basically /mlp/ if moot liked horses

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That's actually the reaction ponies get. I would post the image that points this out, but I'd get banned for it because people make such shitfits.

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link it

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Oh buddy, I love programming!

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and furry

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u can fuck off with that horsefucker shit

this website was founded on wholesome godfearing morals that every good weaboo adheres too.

things like consuming 70 porkbuns while watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai for the 70th time, or shitposting in the katawa shoujo general for 8 consecutive hours. These are the things we believe in around here.

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Nothing, but I like my pone so I can't complain.

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except bronies got a containment board almost immediately, furries have been around 10x longer and still squat in /b/

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>Weaboos have an entire section of boards + a few more boards for porn and yet they can still spam their shit everywhere else
>Horsefuckers got a containment board and can't post their shit anywhere even /b/
>Furries don't get a board. but can post their shit in a few threads in /b/

Also, why are we having this discussion in technolo/g/y board?

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I forgot to add
>Horsefuckers can't post porn anywhere in 4chan

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amen and i hope the decision is never reversed

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It is a bit strange to have an entire global rule dedicated to one cartoon though, don't you think?

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/mlp/ should be made into an nsfw board, and furries should have a containment board, just sayin'.

also, sage for offtopic.

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Shit got out of hand, moot did what needed to be done.

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Thread failed so repost:

Hi /g/
I've decided to learn Python and Angular.js, i came up with an idea for a project and having some free time i want to start working on it today.

I have one question though: which Python framework should i use? Anything else i should know about before i dive in? Which database / ORM / IDE / any other technology i should know about? Oh and for now i'm bound to using Windows.

I do my daily programming in .Net MVC + Nhibernate + MSSQL.

- want to learn python and angular
- came up with a project
- what framework, IDE, ORM, any other technology should i use ?
- bound to windows
- daily im using c# mvc nhibernate mssql visual studio

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the horsefuckers are on a completely different level and need to be kept away from the general population

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ask >>47345366

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Oh god, this thread. I love how the ponyfuckers always default to comparing their beastiality Fetishes to some weeb who likes Chinese cartoons. Just remember, /g/ is also "one of those anime boards". Techloligy still breaks through every now and again.

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Nah, it's the people who complained who are on a different level. You'd think 4chan would be a place where anything goes, but it's actually policed by sperglords who whine and complain constantly about things they don't like to see posted. For ponies, the shitstorms were so bad that moderation had to do something about it.

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Don't think you're any different frim them fucboi, you're all different apples picked from the same tree.

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It's because of your very post that everyone hates animefags

You don't own this website

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It doesn't change that on boards like /co/, any image of anime, that isn't some other type of meme or random image macro, will net a response to the image itself, derailing entire threads instantly. People vehemently hate these macros like they'll ever disappear if they whine enough, not realizing they're in the minority.

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Stay angry that you're never going to be able to freely discuss horse pussy you faggot.

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ponyfiddlers are not exiled, far from it. you get an entire board. Not even a stickied thread, an entire fucking board on the largest english language image board ever but that is not enough.

You have been completely acknowledged and embraced by moot, and yet you still act like the great fursecution has been holocausted upon you.

It is not enough to simply discuss things in private on 4chan, no, you all need to be obnoxious fucks who scream about your zoophile shit whenever you want to and wherever you go.


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Rushing to contain the shitstorm at work.
I hadn't checked the ticketing system in 3 weeks as I had been working directly with the people involved in the tickets on skype.
It's been quiet though and I had zero email notifications so I got a little suspicious.

Pages of requests for help in getting the build system working again and fixing UTF-8 issues from 10+ days ago.

Fuck me.

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These faggots act like those retarded avatar fag threads, the Alice threads, the anime rp threads never existed either. Horsefuckers are not the only ones who have gotten their shit slapped over the years, the only difference is that one side knew when to quit, while the ponyfaggots decided to dial things up to 11.Hell,they're still at it to this very day.

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Pony is one of the few things that's globally banned on 4chan, even on /b/. It's not just pony discussion which is banned (that's fair because it's OT,) but even posting a reaction image is a bannable offense. Why? Before they were banned, even pony reaction images would cause a shitstorm. That's not the fault of the guy who posted the reaction image, because the shitstorm would start whether the attached post was on topic or not. It was because of the guy who responded to the guy posting the image. Those shitstorms would happen like clockwork. Every single time a pony image was posted, some sperglord was there to get buttblasted about it.

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one image of clip-clop the rainbow hooves and fecal matter immediately hits my face

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You deserve it for being an argumentative faggot. You know full well what you're getting into when you post ponies, yet you do because you get a thrill out of it. Then you got and bitch about it like an even bigger faggot, just to incite more rage. Ponyfuckers are the epitome of attentionwhores.

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the people have spoken, democracy is a bitch, and wanting to caress technicolor balloon animals is objectively disgusting

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Allowing horsefuckers to post their pastel horses just let's in more faggotry the we already have. We've already stooped to allowing text talk like "lmao" regularly now, and I'd rather not run us further into the ground.

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ayy lmao

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I made a program that randomly generates an asston of phrases similar to the classic, "I really, really, really like this image." Can't show it off right now, but nonetheless I really, really, really like that pic, OP.

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doesnt work like that
the majority of australians voted for tony abbott which by that logic would make him a great pm, which he's the opposite of

>> No.47346855

If you allow ponyshit once you allow it forever.

Post wisely.

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>the people have spoken
Well, yeah, that's what I'm saying. You've sperged out at every possible opportunity, lowering the quality of posting in every thread with a horse in it. Finally the mods gave in and took away the thing that was triggering you. You faggots need to grow up and learn to ignore things you don't like.

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It works exactly like that here you little faggot. Nobody wants to see that shit except for trolls and horsefuckers themselves, which are vastly outnumbered, despite what they believe. It doesn't help that you're clearly from shitpost: The country.

Nobody seems to realize the ramifications.

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i wonder what's about the autism regarding... cartoon horses, as long we're on topic. only the tards whining about it are derailing the thread.

an image is an image, if you are offended by a drawing you are a muslim.

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so now that the mlp annexation has been set in motion,

who would make a better 7th pony, doctor who or pewdiepie?

>> No.47346894

Seriously guys

It's been three years

Why do ponies still trigger people so much?

>> No.47346909

b-but I'm a muslim and I'm not offended by a drawing

It doesn't anymore. It's just weaboos who are triggered when someone doesn't post anime

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Now can we discuss programming? I'm still learning c++, any recommendations where to seriously start? also, how many years does it takes to become a good programmer?

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The thread was never meant to be taken seriously you fucking idiot. Here you go again WI h you ponysecution bullshit. Why don't you clip clop over to shitchan where they'll be more accepting of you in their hug box?

>> No.47346922

Oh no! Not the "ramifications."

How are there people who take this shit so seriously?

>> No.47346925

I'm working on two Android apps for my shitty portfolio, so I can get a student dev position for that $$$

>> No.47346927

Why do you care so much about posting ponies? Why do you feel such a desperate need to post them?

>> No.47346934

I don't. I'm just tired of this "argument." It's been goddamn years.

>> No.47346945

Pewdiepie all the way. I want to cum inside PewDiePie.

>> No.47346946

well somebody spam pony porn already and get this shit thread deleted

>> No.47346949

Bullshit, you feel repressed from the years of this "argument". There is no argument, though. Ponies are not allowed outside their board, and that's final. Good luck getting it reversed horsefucker.

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There's been many serious thread using random picture in the six years i've been on /g/.
You sound confused. Stop giving a fuck.If ponies piss you off, do like the tripfag or furry or macfag : ignore.

i'm considering also developing some app for android and other mobiles right now, no idea where to start. Java? Use an android devkit with something premashed that will not do what I want?

ok retard. let's post yoshies instead.

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there you go. there is your imageboard where you can post about tonguing clip-clop on every single board to your hearts desire. please enjoy your stay and never, ever return.

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>You know full well what you're getting into when you post ponies
So stop fucking enabling him

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Are you 12?

>> No.47346983

That isn't going to stop the rest of the board from jumping in you colossal faggot. It's like you guys really don't understand that people fucking hate you!

>> No.47346995

Still better than being a horsefucker

>> No.47347000

I know you are but what am I?

>> No.47347005

I really, really, really like this image. Do you mind if I save it?

>> No.47347007

Did 4chan stop being moderated?

>> No.47347011

I really think these people are a part of the big replacement. Fagots being obsessive about rules and need strict rules for everything in their life. As a dev, the more you have rules, the more it gets problematic.

There's one guy here being seriously autistic and butthurt about a cartoon drawing, on a board where Patachu frequently posts his fursona frotting his clit on Nvidia GPUs

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File: 1.60 MB, 1280x720, shitpost.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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All mods are American, they're most likely sleeping.

>> No.47347018

it's all yours my friend :)

>> No.47347022

they have, I know and am certain, more important things to care on 4chan than an autist stimming because he saw a drawn purple horse.

According to the copyright laws you can't. This is the property of Hasbro.

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>> No.47347033

Problematic. as in problematics, the science of problems.

>> No.47347040

Thanks, Lori.

>> No.47347042

If you think the mods have anything better to do, then you've been out of the loop for quite some time. Then again, you may just be acting argumentative again, much like you sick fucks enjoy being.

>> No.47347044

but it's not! it is actually a vector created by a fan, captioned with text
as the image has no direct mention of trademarked names and simply looks similar, there is no law preventing you from saving it!

>> No.47347055

i am not repulsed by bornys because of the rule, the rule exists because they are repulsive. Everyone agrees, this is clear, close and shut case.

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>mfw posting horses was the main focus of 4chans moderation two-three years ago
>mfw permbans and even specific rules made for it
>mfw "more important things"

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On Android: You should first learn basic Java (you know: if/else, loops, OOP principles, datastructures). If you feel comfortable in writing and understanding most Java code, you can move on to Android. You download Android Studio and the Android SDK and start doing tutorials. I recommend first doing http://developer.android.com/training/index.html and after that the Book: The Big Nerd ranch: Android Development

Then you're pretty much set to create most apps without much struggle

>> No.47347064

Just stop. They believe there's some big conspiracy to shun them or something. They'll never understand.

>> No.47347077




this is how you sound, and I know there is only one of you

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this man put it best

>> No.47347095

>I know there is only one of you

Yes, it's not like there were very specific rules set in place for your disgusting kind. It's totally only a handful of people that dislike your enjoyment of fucking pastel colored horses.

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>it is the year two thousand and fifteen (that's 2000+15)
>people are still fucking mad
I don't know. Whatever. Call me a horsefucker if you'd like, I guess.

>> No.47347109

you guys are as bad as tumblr
you get pissed over literally nothing

>> No.47347130

Complain to the mods then, see how far that gets you, faggot. Surely, if I'm in the vocal minority, all those mean nasty rules will go away!

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File: 304 KB, 626x509, FreshTears.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Superior gif version.

>> No.47347142

this. the mentality is the same as SJWs. i'm a horsefucker and get them rekt all the time on /mlp/ and various other sites.

it's like the hypocrites wearing a "je suis charlie" sign, pretending they defend free speech, but gets easily triggered when Israel is mentioned, or when people voice their honest opinions about the LGBT "culture".

>> No.47347143

i didn't say you were a minority, i just said that, like tumblr, you get pissed over the tiniest thing

>> No.47347146

>being in the majority makes me not an idiot
Yeah, of course that's how it works.

>> No.47347170

Of you dislike what the majority says and agrees upon, why don't you just go to one of those hug box friendly Chans that were listed earlier?

>> No.47347185

I don't normally respond because I don't care if people have a mental disorder.
However, I would think that people get mad because they're tired of having stupid shoved in their faces everywhere they go. Great, you like little girl ponies (thinly veiled pedophilia btw) we get it. I like to masturbate but I don't go around shoving my dick in your faces every chance I get.

>> No.47347189

You're kidding, right? On those MLP hugbox *chans, you get banned for saying anything that doesn't match the majority opinion. At least on 4chan, that only happens when you talk about certain "trigger" topics (like ponies.)

>> No.47347202

>It's okay if weaboos do it but god forbid if horsefucker post their shit infront of me

>> No.47347208

Then shut the fuck up you subhuman. Suck it up and get the fuck over it. Just don't post ponies, and if you do, prepare for an anal devastation.

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File: 11 KB, 318x39, loading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does every site I build basically claim it never finishes loading?

On the left is a "normal" page, on the right, is a tab for mine. It says it's "waiting", but according to the network monitor, it's 100% downloaded. There is definitely a valid title tag in the html.

>> No.47347219

Calm down son.

>> No.47347221

bad logic
you have a voicebox but you still talk to people when you want to
you walk in plain sight for everyone to see whether they want to or not

i can't word this for shit but you should get what i mean

>> No.47347223

Now you're getting it!

>> No.47347236

Yes this fandom has hugboxes and a lot of issues since a while.
There's someone there called PurpleTinker and we're working on this issue right now. It appears this person has been torturing a cat.
Anon will do the necessary to punish this trap for "his" crimes.

>> No.47347254

Hey i made an app which stores web links in the database along with simple text. but i don't know how to change the Web Links into anchor clickable links without changing anything that comes with it when i query the database. Can somebody help?

>> No.47347256

Look guys wait

guys listen

4chan exists for weebs to talk about weeb things, and interests that commonly overlap with weeb things.

mlp is clearly not one of these things. If you would like to post reaction images or discus it, you are free to choose another image board to do so, have a nice day and someone please abort this thread.

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File: 77 KB, 472x538, 1413660608145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So do you. But us non-deviants don't go around showing everyone what we jerk to. Because that's socially unacceptable.

>> No.47347270

Nobody implied that.

You're right, that is bad logic.
You're describing the act of existing. That's life and if you can't handle it you're free to check out at any time.
What we're actually talking about here is the inability of MLP fandom to stay on topic without somehow shoving MLP into the conversation when it has absolutely zero relevance to actual topic.
If there was an MLP convention that I had to walk through to get to a coffee shop or something, I would expect to hear/see MLP related things and it wouldn't be an annoyance.
If I'm at a nice restaurant enjoying a meal I would be extremely irritated for my waiter to walk up to me dressed up like his favorite pony and handing me a MLP themed menu he made himself while asking me who the best pony is.

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File: 38 KB, 695x291, fuckfuckfuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not on mlpchan. mlpchan is definitively not a hugbox for these freaks. or a "safeplace" as some wants the community to be.

pic related, this is what horsefuckers have to deal with on a daily basis, so you think a misplaced horse is really the sum of abomination? stay at home, don't go outside, this world is full of degeneracy like this.

let's discuss programming now.

>> No.47347272

the fuck
there's hentai and loli threads on b all the time and even a whole board dedicated to it

you cant even post mlp porn anywhere on this site

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