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>Group programming at uni.
>People in group do not understand basic OOP principles

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Welcome to university group work, carry your group or fail

Fuck I'm glad to never have to do that again

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This is one the reasons I never double majored in CS. There was maybe one or two decent guys that knew actual CS, but were already taking by others.
Databases was the last straw, I did the entire thing myself when there were 3 others in the same group. Fuck them.

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>give guy in College code
>he removes all calls to malloc without looking it up

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pretty much this.

I've only ever had successfull groups with people I were friends with and knew that they were remotely competent.

All others will simply slack off once they realize that you know your shit.

Also pretty popular: I just quit the group and drop the assignmend 2 weeks before it is due and without any of my assigned work done.

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>I did the entire thing myself when there were 3 others in the same group. Fuck them.

Happened to me with Intro to SoftEng, 4 person project, 2 of them magically uncontactable, not picking up phone/responding to email for the week before due, didn't complete any of their assigned work, third guy doesn't speak english well enough to meaningfully contribute. Ended up doing the whole thing, low point of the entire degree

Anyone who actually likes group work is probably some free-riding shitstain or just got really lucky

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Pretty much this.

Enjoy their suffering, while you can, Anon. They're coming for you.

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>Group programming at work
>People in group do not understand basic OOP principles
>People in group do not understand basic DB principles
>People in group do not understand basic computer science fundamentals such as complexity theory, group theory, etc
>People in group do not understand basic UX principles
>People in group do not understand basic version control principles
>People in group do not understand basic project management and think that SCRUM is the solution for everything process related without understanding how it works

I could go on, but I'm busy preparing a presentation explaining to upper management, why this team can't deliver a > 100k LoC application with complex business requirements in less 2 months like ALL THE STARTUPS OUT THERE

Enjoy university as long as you can. The market is full of morons who don't know shit and the only thing they care about is being promoted into a comfortable middle management position where they don't have to work anymore.

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Thankfully I'm part of a small team, and I'm allowed to personally handle hiring so people like this never touch my code

God help me if I ever work at a big company though

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>tfw met the guy that invented SCRUM
>made it sound like hot shit
This is why.

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I explained them how to do it correctly, lecturer said that I am right.
>No anon, we are doing this way, its better

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>do a mixed Hardware and Software Engineering course
>have a group of friends, most of them know next to nothing about programming
>"bro, I'm good with electrical and calculations, help me out with this programming assignment"
>absolutely hated anything physics/electrical related so taken the "deal"
>basically do two projects myself while helping one more friend with his (carrying him along)
>my own project suffers because of it, but in the end I did fine
>time comes for the electrical coursework
>it's just a few problems to solve
>come in few days before submission, knowing absolutely nothing, feeling confident the friend will help me

ended up doing about 60% of the questions, the solutions they had seemed right only about half of the time, cause even if I took no interest in the module this year I did remember some things from previous.
also, submitted 30 minutes late cause it went so shit in the end, everyone panicked that they solved only about half of the problems... I'll be happy if I pass.
Meanwhile, my 'friend' got 80% from the code project I wrote for him...

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>group theory
Reasonable except for this part. Do you also require topos theory?

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>tfw your team is fucking useless. Did the whole project myself
>throw your useless group under the bus telling the lecturer they did fucking nothing for the project
>last one to give the presentation
>prof ends the class before my presentation
>asks me to stay after class
>he tells me I did fine
>get A- from the class
>everyone else in my group failed the class
I came buckets when I found out the others failed that class. I did try and get them to do shit but ended up doing it all myself because they just didn't care.

Another group project
>Get assigned with 2 chinese exhange students
>They hardly speak any English
>they deliver everything I ask for well ahead of deadlines
>It's better than I could do myself
>Just fix the broken English and add my parts
>Easiest A from a group project ever
>one of the girls wants my dick

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>Reasonable except for this part. Do you also require topos theory?
I don't require anything. I'd be happy if I was able to work with people who had a basic understanding of what they are supposed to do.

Isn't basic group theory part of every CS/SE degree?

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>have group assignment
>you get stuck with all the degenerate gaymurs

Is it really that hard to be a normal productive human being?

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I work for a successful startup. The guy I work with doesn't understand basic OO principles. And he designed the horrible architecture for the project we're both working on.

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your second project sounds to good to be true. i've never expierienced someone delivering before deadlines.
>tfw i believe that the girl wants your dick but the other part is too good to be true

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>tfw it's more believable for someone to want my dick than it's for them to deliver before deadlines.

At first I thought that project was gonna be one those where I have to do everything when it seemed like they could hardly understand any English. Thank god they could write something that made sense and was actually good quality. I doubt neither of them had even left their home town before going to uni and never traveled anywhere before that exchange period. They both seemed to genuinely want to learn and do the best they can.

Besides this one project I've never had anyone deliver before deadlines either but these 2 always delivered multiple days ahead of time. I'm guessing they started working on it as soon as we got more instructions and finished it as soon as possible instead of waiting for the deadline.

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>team programming with a nigger that doesnt even speak the native language of the uni
>he doesnt understand me
>I program everything
>he gets my grades.
i hate niggers.

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Something similar happened to me a few months ago.

>Design Pattern assignment: building a configurable and modular simulator
>Groups have to be made of 4 students
>teams up with my usual classmate
>get assigned with 2 additional students to fill the rest of the team: Average Joe the white boi and some exchange student from towelheadistan
>she barely speaks french
>we end up working in english, I'm worried she might end up being a freeloader
>she delivers impeccable code, on time and keeps texting me to get more work and to be involved in the integration process
>Average Joe the white boi has no idea what's going on
>He doesn't do jack shit
In our school the teachers are explicitly told to grade projects on their actual value, there are no individual grades for team projects, If your team fucks up, everyone fucks up.
>I split up white boi's workload between me and the exchange student
>She does everything over night
>We deliver on time and get the best grade of the class

Thanks strange muslim lady.

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>Group programming at uni
>People in group don't know how to use git and are unwilling to learn
>There was even a fucking tutorial on how to use git in that paper
>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive

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theres your problem

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>>People in group don't know how to use git and are unwilling to learn
>>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive
These people are literally worse than Hitler.

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backup the data, load it to github
delete the data with a new googleaccount

all data is gone and they have to switch because you're not a fucko

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>They insist on sharing source code over Google Drive


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>tfw don't know how to use git
You can't make me.

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It's fucking easy once you get past the first "wall".

I simple git workflow is:
git status
git add -A
git commit
git push

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>goes to a shit tier uni
>is surprised that his colleges are incompetent

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>but I do my programming google docs
These people are the worst

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My Uni was 40th in the world, still full of retards in comp sci

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The world is full of retards. This is the real lesson you should learn in uni.

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Or, if that's still to hard use SmartGit or SourceTree

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The only I've learned from my honors courses, which have small class sizes and more hands on teaching, is how to procrastinate and bullshit my way through assignments.

I had to take them because of the dorm I'm in. Have you ever read Angels in America? I stopped reading.
I stopped reading most of the material in that course when I got tired of hearing how bad niggers and jews have it.

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>computing a-level
>learning about version control
>teacher tells us about this magical thing named git
>sounds like the second coming of christ
>says all of our coursework has to be managed using git
>fine by me
>teaches us fuck all about any of the terminology
>gives us a useless tutorial on how to use the Github program
>its fucking atrocious
>download Giteye as the next best thing
>spend the next 3 hours un-retarding myself from my teachers counteractive brain damage

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I'm in a computer engineering degree and I don't even know what group theory is, I'm in my third year. It might just be the language barrier though.

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Please post the solution, this is killing me

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with visual studio it is literally built in so you just have to push a button

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How many of you have realized that most of these "hard subjects" are actually really simple concepts buried under piles of arcane terminology?

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is team foundation really that worse than git?

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I did the other day
I also realized this is how we keep our jobs

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I refuse to work with people who
>use Windows
>think using Javascript for everything is good idea
>don't use version control
>don't think much of coding guidelines

Only after I started being so harsh did group projects get bearable. Yes, I did a few of them on my own, but that was easier than dealing with stupid gaming kiddies. Good thing they drop out quickly.

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no its git
i have multiple projects on github that i all manage with visual studio

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this, holy shit.

All of my best collaborative efforts were when I werked with people who used GNU/Linux or at least knew what git was.

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>>Group programming at uni.
>>People in group do not understand basic OOP principles

- Work at a company developing C/C++ code with other engineers -- everyone has at least 15 years of experience.

- People in group do not understand basic OOP princples

I feel your pain.

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>use Windows
This is almost everybody
>think using Javascript for everything is good idea
Agreed, JS has it's uses, but people need to pull their heads out of their asses
>don't use version control
>don't think much of coding guidelines
Within reason

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>This is almost everybody

and almost everybody is useless.

funny how that werks....

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>computer engineering degree
>doesn't know how to use wikipedia to look up unfamiliar concept


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I was just telling that anon it's not common knowledge, not that I wanted him to tell me, you retard

I guess I can google it though, just for you

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yep it was the language barrier, we studied this in discrete math
completely forgot about it though

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>In mathematics, a group is an algebraic structure consisting of a set of elements together with an operation that combines any two elements to form a third element. The operation satisfies four conditions called the group axioms, namely closure, associativity, identity and invertibility.

>In mathematics, and more specifically in abstract algebra, the term algebraic structure generally refers to a set (called carrier set or underlying set) with one or more finitary operations defined on it.

>A set has closure under an operation if performance of that operation on members of the set always produces a member of the same set; in this case we also say that the set is closed under the operation.

>In mathematics, the associative property is a property of some binary operations. In propositional logic, associativity is a valid rule of replacement for expressions in logical proofs.
>Within an expression containing two or more occurrences in a row of the same associative operator, the order in which the operations are performed does not matter as long as the sequence of the operands is not changed.

>In mathematics, an identity element (or neutral element) is a special type of element of a set with respect to a binary operation on that set. It leaves other elements unchanged when combined with them.

>In mathematics, the Latin square property is an elementary property of all groups and the defining property of quasigroups. It states that if (G, *) is a group or quasigroup and a and b are elements of G, then there exists a unique element x in G such that a*x=b, and a unique element y of G such that y*a=b.

Thanks Wikipedia. You're useless for political subjects, but recursively searching eventually leads to concepts I'm familiar with.

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>group anything anywhere.
>people in group do not understand basic things they should understand

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>tfw your team is fucking useless. Did the whole project myself
>yfw they used you you faggot beta faglord

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I'm not saying "you have to know group theory or you will never be able to write a program". The point I was trying to make is that the basics of group theory can be really useful when you're writing software.

You look at data, its shape, how it behaves (or combines) under some function. How you can transform the data into some other structure, etc.

Once you have found out some properties, you can roughly categorise the stuff you're working with and ta-da - you can magically exploit the properties of your data and operations on it. E.g. folding some computation over it, parallelising it, exception behavior, etc etc etc

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now that google exists you don't need pattern recognition, google will do it for you

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>Group programming
>Group studying
These kind of people need to be shot.

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don't worry when you're 15 years into the OOP clusterfuck, you'll understand that it's shit

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> successful startup
> he designed it
that's why your they got your pleb ass to maintain it

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They used him to fail the class, and he passed like a total tool?

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>pattern recognition
I don't think you know what you're talking about. How the fuck is google supposed to know the details of every domain specific data shape out there? I'm not talking about data structures like arrays, maps, tries, ....

I'm talking about domain specific data, like for example access control mechanisms where you can model users, user-groups, who is allowed to access which part of a complex system.

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I'm saying you can google exactly what you need and you'll find code written by someone smarter than you

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>trolling on /g/

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>I also realized this is how we keep our jobs
damn you're so right.

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>everyone in group is committing everything to the same branch
>I've been using my own branch and issuing pull requests when appropriate
>owner of repo deletes my branch

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>tfw finally learning about CLOS
>tfw it's actually pretty nice
I have no idea what OOP is like in other languages, but I have heard nothing good about it.

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>common lisp
>good for anything other than jerking yourself off to your euphoric intellect

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>group work for software engineering course at uni
>can't fit into any groups with people I know
>form group with a bunch of exchange students, split work
>nobody communicates at all until deadline close
>ask them to send whatever they've got 1 day before deadline
>get horrible garbage barely recognizable as English
>no structure, no punctuation, no paragraphs, just random rambling
>spend 13 hours on deadline evening trying to patch it together
>somehow get average grade despite 3/4 of work being shit, whoa
>teacher thanks me for my patience as I turn in final exam

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>My Uni was 40th in the world, still full of retards in comp sci
According to? Let me guess, some random newspaper. If your university was decent with appropriate entry requirements, you wouldn't be having this problem. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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I can't hear you over the sound of Syscog, D-Wave, Nintendo, and the ghost of Erik Naggum.

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I didn't say they succeeded in the end. Their goal was clearly to pass by using him.
Trust me when I say it happens a fucking lot.

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>be my first year of computer science
>go to see my TA during his office hours cause he's a bro and knows a lot about parallel programming and encryption, so I go to talk tech with him
>no one ever goes for help usually so this is fine
>gurl there this time, she ends up using the whole 2 hours to have him literally write our entire assignment's code for her since she doesn't know what she's doing
>this assignment is essentially writing simple search algorithms for trees
>she makes small talk with me
>end up asking her what drew her to comp sci
>"Oh, I already work in it, so I'm taking it."

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citation needed. afaik only rare developed a couple (?) of games in clisp, banjo kazooie being the most famous one.

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ah, i didn't know. this looks good. also, apple is using SBCL for their application sandbox.

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>"Hey Anon, have you got that working?"
>"Uh... Yeah, have you?"
>"No, can you take a look at it?"
>"Sure, lemme see your code."
>He's using regular old Notepad.
>"Uh... What's not working?"
>"The program doesn't compile and run."
>"What do you mean?"
>He closes notepad and shows me "Lab6.cpp.txt" on his desktop
>Double clicks it and Notepad opens

>"Hm, weird. Ask the prof."

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cross is nine chars width
first row on first and last column star
second row on first + 1 and last - 1 column is star
you don't even need a condition if they hit the same spot, as it gets only printed twice which is no prob for this test program

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I try not to do something until I actually understand it well or completely.

It's utterly baffling how these people think.

These are the people building enterprise quality software.

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>enterprise quality software.

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We were halfway through the term too, he had been handing in .txt files and getting 0s all year.

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Every fucking time

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Oh my god, I'm still pissed off about my last group project. I never really understood the disdain for CS majors until now.

>OOP Java class
>2 big packages in project, and a couple smaller ones too
>randomly assigned partner
>we agree that one of us will work on one of the big packages and the other will work on the other
>he insists on procrastinating until the last day
>well, okay, if you're that confident in your abilities, man...
>time to meet up and finish off project
>have a lot left to do and set about working
>big part of what he had to do was taking a scanner object passed in as a constructor parameter to read a file and enter information into a list
>start reading his code
>he is using system.in
>and writing to the fucking console
>and trying to take input from the console
>(but failing even at that)
>sigh and delete everything
>start from scratch
>work all night to finish the project
>still don't finish in time
>spend all my spare time working on the project
>just to turn it in a day and a half late

To his credit, he was trying really hard. We were right next to eachother, and he was never slacking off. Which just makes it worse because I can't even throw him under the bus for not putting any work into it. He seemed like a smart guy and was trying really hard, but he just could not get it.

Up until that point, I always felt like programming was one of those things that most people regarded as some kind of arcane sorcery simply because they hadn't learned how to do it yet, but I guess there are a fair amount of people who just can't wrap their heads around it.

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>>use Windows
>This is almost everybody

How's life in the legacy gui world?

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You're lucky if they're at least willing to work.

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>Hey Anon, can you help me with something? My program isn't working.
>Sure, lemme see your code.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int x;
int y;
int main
int y = 2;
int x = 3;
(int x > int y)
count << "int x" + "is greater than" + "int y";
(int x < int y)
count << "int x" + "is less than" + "int y";

return 0;

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This is one reason why I'm not a CS major. I'll just read books and learn on my own time.

>> No.47285823

That satisfying feeling when you present your lecturer the git history though.

>> No.47285825

My students are currently doing an extensive (ten week) programming group project.

I e-stalk them through GitHub. My heart leaps with joy when I see them commit stuff in the middle of the night. I hear they sit together in their dorm lounge for hours at a time, helping each other out as their program with a true spirit of camaraderie which will carry them through any and all hardships.

>> No.47285835

*helping each other out as they program

>> No.47285843

>tfw spend every night in the break room alone shitposting

>> No.47285855

Okay, /g/. Fix this code and show me how you would do it.

>> No.47285859

No, do your own homework.

>> No.47285871

Every goddamn time
this shit infuriates me

>> No.47285875

read errors, probably it even shows line

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Holy shit

>> No.47285928

#include <iostream>

int main() {
int y = 2, x = 3;

if (x > y) {
std::cout << x << " is greater than " << y << '\n';
else {
std::cout << x << " is less than " << y << '\n';

return 0;

And the other way is wrong.

>> No.47285936

>not std::endl;
either go full C++ or C fuckboi

>> No.47285941

It's less characters.

>> No.47285970

(defun f (x y) (format t "~:[~*~d is~2:* ~:[less~;greater~] than ~*~d~;~*~d is equal to ~d~]." (= x y) (> x y) x y))

>> No.47285984

printf("%d is less than %d\n",x,y);

is even less.

>> No.47286008

What is a career in programming / software engineering like?

>> No.47286017

> If your university was decent with appropriate entry requirements, you wouldn't be having this problem.
Maybe he wouldn't be studying there in the first place.

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>> No.47286051

>Group programming at uni
>OK guys find your group partners on your own
>course failed

>> No.47286059

I realized several inefficiencies and improved it.
(defun f (x y) (format t "~d is ~:[~:[less~;greater~] than~;equal to~*~] ~d." x (= x y) (> x y) y))

>> No.47286090

I hate group assignments. They always make me procrastinate and slack off.
At least when I work alone I'm entirely to blame myself if it fails and I get motivated accordingly.
Recently had to present a random paper with a random classmate. We divided it up and made some slides. I was alright during the presentation but that dude gave the worst presentation I ever saw, even holding his tablet and reading from it the entire time.
Only got a C for it, though I would have gotten a B or higher if he wasn't such an idiot.

>> No.47286112


>finish 10% assignment early
>check facebook group to see if any classmates need help
>get one guy to send a zip of his code
>format his code and get basic functionality working
>oh thanks bro
>next day
>hey can you check it again
>messier code than the day before and he's reverted back to his naming conventions of int k, int t, string p, DoStuff()

>> No.47286123

>facebook group
When did /g/ get so normie?

>> No.47286125

My university is one of the top ones too, and comp sci majors who graduate from here do well. The problem is the lax entry requirements compared to the engineering program. Basically, comp sci here is seen by many as a back up plan if they don't get into the engineering discipline they want to. Pretty much all the incompetent people drop out along the way, though. So it doesn't mean much to be studying comp sci at my uni, but it means a lot if you graduated in comp sci.

>> No.47286139

>Welcome to university group work, carry your group or fail

Fucking this, I'm not looking forward to my software engineering module next year as I know some of the people I'm going to be with can't program for shit.

>> No.47286140

Elaborate a bit. What makes it shit (as compared to other jobs?)?

>> No.47286148

I don't know, but I don't like it.

There was one guy earlier today asking about something he heard on facebook.

I really don't fucking like this.

>> No.47286152

One of the most retarded whores I know got a job with Malwarebytes. If she didn't suck and fuck her way in there, I don't know how she got hired because she's fucking incompetent

>> No.47286177


Not that guy, but my university group's favourite method of communication was facebook for some reason. I had to make an account. I never check it. I missed a meeting because I didn't check facebook.

>> No.47286179

Do I hear some envy?

>> No.47286188

What else do you suggest?

>> No.47286202

Group projects helped ruin my life

>fresh out of highschool
>go to uni far away
>final project for engineering class
>2 partners do nothing. absolutely nothing
>Have to hand in project the same time I have math final
>teacher says its fine if im not there to hand it to him
>get grades, I got a 0
>talk to teacher, group took my name off the project
>"take it up with your group anon"
> "well you didn't hand it in so why should you get credit" -fuckboiz
>go to dean, he wont do anything about it
>Go full NEET for 3 years

Eventually my moms told me to go back to school or get a job, so I went back to school to this shit

>business class first week teacher assigns the final
>group of 5
>"what should our business be anon?"
>"a gym would be the easiest"
>well fuck you guys I ain't saying shit anymore
>do work they ask me for
>2 weeks before final is do the only things done are they things they asked me to do
>2 people drop the class
>I do the entire project the night before it's due
>Hand in project personally this time

Fuck working with people, and my family keeps wondering why I hate doing anything with other people.

>> No.47286203

We (>>47285825) have weekly meetings with the student groups where they have to present and discuss their progress on the project with their clients (i.e. us). They need to take minutes, action items for the next meetings need to be set, if the clients have a nice idea for a new feature to include they have to be able to explain if and/or why it can/can't be included and so on.

It adds a bit of overhead on their end since they have to prepare for the meetings but it helps motivate them to work regularly. Plus it's an interesting and possibly useful experience in general.

>> No.47286208

If you listen to /g/ you'll never have a job, education or a social life

>> No.47286222

IT pays well when you have a year or two of experience. Other than that it's an endless rat race to please some retard manager whose only achievement in life is that he fluked out of codecademy.

>> No.47286225

You bet your sweet ass I'm enveous.

I wish I could look like a blonde blow up doll and get a job out of fucking nowhere like her.

>> No.47286234

>teacher doesn't realise we only code at night
>thinks group is very motivated
>doesnt realise we can track him and see when he visits

>> No.47286237


Uni course facebook groups are GOAT compared to those shitty blackboard 'discussion forums' that nobody reads

>> No.47286245

Jesus. That's awful.

I would've poisoned their drinks at a party if they did that to me.

>> No.47286273

Well that's just a shitty teacher then.

>> No.47286281

>well you didn't hand it in so you don't get credit

I would have killed him at this point

>> No.47286302


Why would anyone do that?

>> No.47286312

Yup. SO far, people have been slowing me down and I have to explain the littlest things to them. I don't mind if they are enthusiastic and sincere about it really, just that some people will just use you. I learned my lesson, I never give full answers, and I charge if I ever have to write/solve anything for them.

>> No.47286333

I do that with code, I just remove everything I don't understand to just see if it breaks
it's how I figure out how shit works and why

>> No.47286347
File: 59 KB, 553x571, 1395451997735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>perused some youtube videos about c++ last week. Maybe an half an hour to an hour total
>immediately spot the error
Don't get me wrong. i don't think i'm smart or anything but this is so fucking basic I can't believe someone who goes to a SCHOOL to learn this would manage to make such a stupid mistake.

>> No.47286368

There are idiots everywhere, anon
I'm not that anon, but I know quite a few people in my college what would write something like that

>> No.47286384

This is fucking horrible.

>> No.47286425
File: 59 KB, 410x422, 1393963805487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>set up a github repo for project
>people in group use github for windows and copy paste into/from the github folder instead of working directly in it
>they commit non-compiling code
>they ignore sync conflicts and just commit code with the >>>> conflict markers still in them

>> No.47286565

Good god, fuck those people

>> No.47286604

I think the second point is not that big of a problem. The rest though, they can go burn in hell for all I care.

>> No.47286721

Yeah u should get used to dealing with shitty code while also not pissing off others in your group. It's a skill you'll use everyday when you are gainfully employed.

>> No.47286958

You should get in the habit of using std::endl anyway, as it flushes the buffer for the device you're writing to (in this case, stdout).

>> No.47287221
File: 81 KB, 894x1171, tmp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No thinking, spamming Haskell code (probably shit)

>> No.47287280

and wrong

>> No.47287290

Used git GUI for around half a year, then switched to CLI and the occasional gitk, never looked back.

>> No.47287294

ITT: assburgers writing code for (3 > 2)

>> No.47287322

why didn't you go to the teacher again, show what you have done plus your email conversation with your team and ask if you can do any additional task to get positive grade?

>> No.47287341
File: 24 KB, 455x232, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Le python face

>> No.47287507

>not using python 3
>importing sys
>not using print(' ', end = '')
Go read PEP 8 as punishment for this abomination

>> No.47287633

My solution

def drawCross(size):
eachSide = (size - 1)/2
halfcross = []
for n in reversed(range(eachSide)):
halfcross.append(' ' * (int(eachSide) - n) + '*' + ' '*((n*2)+1) + '*')
print '\n'.join(halfcross)
print ' ' * (int(eachSide)+1) + '*'
print '\n'.join(reversed(halfcross))

input = int(raw_input("Cross size >> "))
if input % 2 == 0 or input <= 0:
print 'ERROR: Input must be odd and greater than 0.'

>> No.47287753


I tried, all the teacher would say is "this is between you and your team talk to them about it". There were no emails, one of the guys was a rich fuck who lived in a mansion outside of campus and he would just drive us to his house in his mercedes and they would play starcraft 2 while I did work. I actually got suspended for a semester because of some school policy about first year students not completing their course. not that it mattered.

Trust me, if I had know they were gonna fuck me like that things would have been different. I figured as long as they passed they would be happy. I was young, It just pisses me off because it's not like they got a better grade for giving me no credit.

>> No.47287791

Wait, is this is a joke?

>> No.47287829

just setup svn and make them use that its like the easiest revision control for retards.

>> No.47287864


>> No.47287892

i would seriously break his face if somebody did that to me, how did you not kill him right there

>> No.47287903

This is some next level computer science. Have fun looking in from the outside.

>> No.47287960

Why didn't you give proper head to the rich guy. He sure would have credited for your work then.
>le real life

>> No.47287990
File: 743 KB, 3000x1688, subversion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47287996

>group projects

I'm a senior and I've done a total of zero group projects. Actually, my university has a strict policy AGAINST working together. If you're caught, you get a trip to academic misconduct.

I feel sorry for you fucks.

>> No.47288027

Git is too complicated for plebs. Svn just werks.

>> No.47288037

It prepares you for real life enterprise projects, where you have to get shit done while culling the useless fucks through political maneuvering.

>> No.47288110

So a triple declaration, and a else statement with a conditional. That's about it right?
I'm ignoring the formatting for sanity sake.

>> No.47288127

Forgot the "int x/y" + things

>> No.47288150

>strict policy against working together
so every time someone in class asks you "why my code doesn't work", you have to avert your eyes in horror and tell them to lurk moar?

>> No.47288168

Your own fault for not bringing it to the attention of the teacher anon. Lesson learned.

>> No.47288177

This so goddamn much. I get fucked on many things because it's a bitch to keep the terminology straight but the basic concepts behind much of CS in general is simple as fuck.
There's been many an exam question that's fucked me because I don't understand what's being asked of me. My projects on the other hand, have been pretty much flawless.

>> No.47288246

Most engineering in a nutshell.
Schools have this abstract way of teaching with shit layered upon shit. Some teachers are godlike in explaining away all the bullshit but most just teach you what's required.

>> No.47288410


>> No.47288500
File: 8 KB, 325x227, 1352545272759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Internship in another country together with another student for three months
>I did all the work and still enjoyed visiting stuff around the country
>He never left the student apartment, played WoW all day and had a grand total of 2 commits out of 900-ish
>He still passed

I'm so, so glad uni is over. The internship was the best, except that I had a tumor which I had to drag along

>> No.47289130

lel I thought you said you had cancer for a second.

>> No.47289363

Get used to it anon. When you hit the workplace you'll find lazy incompetent fucktards everywhere - there's more of them than there are of you.

Just learn as much as you can, and never lose the urge to learn more. You'll be alright.

>> No.47289457

>tfw you wander onto /g/
>tfw you end up in this thread
>tfw on the first line of the first paragraph of the first page of SICP.
>No idea what you guys are talking about and now I'm scared.

>> No.47289669

Why, anon?

>> No.47289760
File: 11 KB, 255x255, 1412551702338-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually having a group that works together is the best thing in university life. One professor (databases) allowed an unlimited group size, oh hells yes we took advantage of that. Like 10 of us in a group. Each homework assignment had 4-5 questions. 3 of us work on one question, 3 of us worked on another question, etc.

Sure that large group had a slacker or two, but I got a B in that class. Like I give a fuck.

>> No.47289829

Won't that mean you lose the opportunity to practice and get evaluated on the concepts relating to the other 4 questions?

>> No.47289949

I just don't feel comfortable letting others work on a project with me. I'm scared that they will just copy some random shit from the internet and I'll be marked with cheating for the rest of my life.

>> No.47290180

> Network Systems Admin Project
> Difficulty: CCNA
> First Basic Project, Wire up 5 Routers with static and summarizing routes, telnet for failure, and Port security.
>Tight group of friends so we all know our shit
> Need 1 more for project
> Odd man out ends up with us.
> Fuckboi has entered the game
> We decide to give him the router with the least work, no need for telnet or DHCP pools.
> "Fuck i'll have this done in five minutes" -Fuckboi
> In the 45 minutes we had Fuckboi did the following
> Couldn't make a desktop folder and extract and install tera term
>Needed me to do it after 20 minutes of not asking for help.
>"I Think i messed up my router"
> Ok ill grab a console cable for you (group shares finite cables)
> "Ok ill hook it in for you fuckboi"
> "Good, I just reset it anon".
>15 minutes until time up
>"Why the fuck would you do that, Fuckboi?"
> "I'll get this done in 5 minutes don't worry"
> Project gets graded
> Router not Connected to the WAN
> Router not configured with Port security or summarizing routes
> Subnets are all Wrong
>Router is kill
> Automatic 40 points off
>Group gets a 60 alltogether
>"Man fuck that teacher" -Fuckboi

We voted him off the island and he failed out of the class. fucking waste of time...

>> No.47290218

You have no one to blame but yourself.

How stupid.

>> No.47290219

interface StringStringReturner
Holy shit, this is hilarious

>> No.47290267

if he was asian in that scenario would you hate asians? What about white?

>> No.47290493

so many people in here must go to shitty universities.
For any group projects my Uni makes sure to evaluate individual contributions, and if someone isnt pulling their weight all you have to do is say
fucking hell 3rd world in here or what

also most of the people in my degree are (or atleast, seem) fairly competent at programming; although admittedly we aren't doing anything difficult like at all (Basic Java, Basic OOP, Trees, Linked-Lists, Stacks/Queues, Dynamic Programming) it's all basic as shit but so far there have been very few retards in the class

>> No.47290862

Shitty C solution.
int main()
int levels = 9;
int i;
for (i = 0; i < levels; i++)
char cock[] = " ";
cock[i] = '*';
cock[levels-1-i] = '*';

printf("%s\n", cock);
return 0;

>> No.47290890


If it is a bunch of strangers that are competent, it is a frustrating experience as well. Everyone wants to do shit their way so at the end of the day you just slack off and let whoever wants to sperg the most do most of the work.

>> No.47291164
File: 3 KB, 215x173, Screenshot from 2015-03-31 23:32:48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47291308
File: 3 KB, 203x173, Screenshot from 2015-03-31 23:43:57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(Actually, this is shorter by one char)

>> No.47291339

Fucking relevant. Learners: Dont be that kind of moron, I beg you.

>> No.47291345

// new averaging system
float pp;
float x;
float xx;
float xxx;
float xxxx;
float xxxxx;
float xxxxxx;
float xxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
float xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

>> No.47291365

J is more like a programming language compression format than a language.

>> No.47291393

I'm not and I try to get other people in my groups to go that way too
I can't actually really imagine that there would be such people having a job
why isnt this shit filtered out

>> No.47291465
File: 47 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not in uni, but there's an autistic retarded nigger who sits next to me in APCS who keeps eating at the computer(noisily!), humming, grunting, and generally being an annoying autistic cunt. He also can't code worth a shit, hasn't taken any prior computer classes and has no experience whatsoever. He makes simple mistakes like forgetting terminating brackets, main methods, and other extremely obvious shit I wouldn't have missed when I was 12.

>> No.47291486

>Look up J
quicksort=: (($:@(<#[), (=#[), $:@(>#[)) ({~ [email protected]#)) ^: (1<#)
What the flying fuck.

>> No.47291499



>> No.47291522

>Econ major
>Enter data analytics, taught myself programming
>I know more than most programmers I meet
>All they know is Java

>> No.47291591

>be coding for uni
>have no personal projects
>have no practical skills

That's me. I'm trying to dedicate this quarter to being less of a piece of shit

>> No.47291632

you're like 90% of /g/

>> No.47291641
File: 47 KB, 720x720, 1411111498131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

public class IntegerIntegerStringReturnerFactory

>> No.47291716

Got $58k, ask me if I care

>> No.47291768

using System;
using System.Text;

public class ComparerTest
public static void Main(string[] args)
int x = 2, y = 3;
throw NotImplementedException("int x is never greater than y.");

>> No.47291770
File: 85 KB, 1220x471, qs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It kinda starts making sense after splitting the function into parts

>> No.47291777

that is discrimination

>> No.47291785

$58k job after uni I mean

>> No.47291793

>tfw you can show the prof you're the only contributor to a repo that's supposed to have 3 devs working on it

>> No.47291801


>> No.47291890

I just do everything myself and explain it to them. It's much easier, especially since you know they're just going to drop out once it gets harder.

>> No.47291955

did they even read Computer Science: An overview by J. Brookshear?

>> No.47292025

Bro git is easier than SVN. At least I always thought so.

>> No.47292044

>he insists on procrastinating until the last day
>I can't even throw him under the bus for not putting any work into it

literally what

>> No.47292552

If this is real then my rage is flowing

>> No.47293083

Where can i sign up?

>> No.47293215

This was software engineering.
Every single day I went to that class it felt like I was in a movie watching a scene where a businessman was writing buzzwords on whiteboards like "SYNERGY"

>> No.47294367


The worst thing to happen to programming.

>> No.47294429

>tfw capstone class this semester
>group of nine people total, split into two subgroups

I just gotta graduate. Then I'm done.

>> No.47294538
File: 44 KB, 600x600, 3610154048314_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>second year at uni
>java GUI class
>teacher explains how it works and writes example code, which told us to copy and try it
>you literally just had to copy what is on the screen and run it
>some guy is getting a lot of errors in his code and can't fix them
>he calls the teacher for help
>he spend more than 30 minutes solving his errors
>it still doesn't work for him
>the teacher realizes that he didn't write the class declaration (public class example { ... }) or something like that, so he was getting a lot of strange errors
>the class ends

and we had at least 4 java courses before this one.

>> No.47294600

im in my last week of my final year of CS

i could fill a thread with these stories

>> No.47294625

Please do. I need to know what to watch out for as I'm just finishing my first year of CS this following week.

>> No.47294653

Spamming c++

int main(){
int in;
std::cin >> in;
for(int i = 0; i!=in;++i){
std::string out(in,' ');
out[i] = '*';
out[in-i-1] = '*';
std::cout << out << std::endl;


>> No.47294660

its too late here to do that, but it doesnt get much better.

there are two types of people in every group, weight lifters and weights. don't be a weight.

>> No.47294688

Never been a weight in my groups. Really just was wondering if there's any consistent way to turn the weights into lifters or if the only realistic option is just to lift heavier?

>> No.47294689

Honestly blame the teacher for taking 30 minutes to figure that out.

>> No.47294859


true dat. I never understood OOP. Then I started smoking dope and then it would briefly make sense.

I like the concept, but haven't found the right language. I can't program worth a shit in C++. Too many things to remember. C is elegant when you know how to use it, so I got good at it. Then I started implementing C++-style things with C structs and the like, and it was ungainly, but worked.

>> No.47294872

Classes, classes have methods to do stuff to them, implementation details are kept private and separate.
If you do tree.insert(..) rather than insert(tree,..), then you're half way there.

>> No.47294878
File: 65 KB, 550x512, 1422940411994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw feel for the CS meme

I can't wait to graduate so I can go out west and become a rancher.

>> No.47294889
File: 87 KB, 300x296, 1327125460830.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.47294902

A jolly rancher?

>> No.47294919

what does OOP attempt to do? make you write less code?

>> No.47294941
File: 629 KB, 1273x1255, tumblr_static_taiga-imm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps they've been enlightened and realized that OOP isn't the be-all and end-all for software design and that its over application tends to cause more harm then good?

>> No.47294948
File: 368 KB, 945x574, pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>group programming at uni
>people in group want to use OOP instead of functional programming

>> No.47294951

And enable easier interchangeability/less implementation detail.

>> No.47294954

The overview for OOP on wikipedia sums it up pretty well.

>> No.47294972

To be fair it's not my fault.

>Intro to Engineering that's easy as pie
>Okay now the final project will be programming this thing that we have not taught you anything about! We'll put you into random groups.
>Quiet older Computer guy in group
>Okay lets exchange info etc etc
>Go home
>Computer guy did it over the weekend without telling anyone
>We have to make him show us what he did and explain the step by step so we can learn
He did explain even though he was clearly annoyed but can you see how autistic someone has to be to do that shit?

>> No.47294975

>be in uni
>everyone is fucking retarded
>everyone is trying to hold me back
>everyone is lazy and doesn't want to learn
>everyone gets pissed when I make an attempt to learn
>everyone throws a fit when I ask the teacher questions
>everyone cries when I want to learn new things because I am paying so much tuition fees

Universities are a cesspool of degeneracy and lazy mother fuckers who simply want a piece of paper to get a job. No learning is actually taking place, I am shocked and disappointed to waste so much money and get nothing in return.

>> No.47294997

except that you make it so that if they were equal (which they never will be) it will denote that x is less than y.

Logic man, its all about logic.

>> No.47295009


Throw "or equal to" in the last output string and there you go.

>> No.47295026

>tfw full ride
>tfw probably going to drop out and just read books so I don't have to bother with shit I don't like
I give zero fucks about reading shitty plays about niggers by niggers.

I also don't like astronomy. I just don't.

>tfw looked at school newspaper once months ago
>it talks about islam classes
>looked again recently
>talks about diversity in things like the chemistry courses and how diversity will bring new perspectives

I had a long discussion with my Latin instructor today about education. We're all getting fucked. Education is fucked. People also look at education with nothing but a utilitarian view.

>if it can't get me a job it's worthless

I came to uni with the opposite attitude. I wanted to learn for the sake of learning.

I'm just a failing fuck.

>> No.47295032
File: 934 KB, 1000x1500, 020_020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could be autistic, but could also be driven.

>> No.47295038
File: 27 KB, 500x372, d90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make you write less code?

>> No.47295081

If you don't like astronomy, then why take it?

Also, one of my favourite professors has gone off a tiny bit on how diversity is not necessarily good, nor bad.

>> No.47295104

Education needs to be customized even if it takes more time and resources, because we are all different and learn things differently. Using cookie cutter approach and tormenting creative students in bullshit classes or tormenting autistic students by forcing them to work in groups is pants on head retarded.

Sadly my attempts to convince my lecturers and university to see things from my perspective have failed. They are more concerned about the bottom line and having maximum enrollment.

>> No.47295138

>If you don't like astronomy, then why take it?

Most colleges require you to take extra shit like sciences (with or w/o labs), literature, african studies, etc. It's very unusual, but they want you to be a well rounded student, so that if your CS degree doesn't directly propel you into a CS job, you always have the capability to find other work.

But really though, African studies is the most boring fucking class of all time. If it weren't full of cute black chicks with big asses, I'd have shot myself already.

>> No.47295139

I needed two science credits. I'm getting my second right now.

I told my mother I'm going to try harder next year. I'm going to be on academic probation.

I wonder if I can get off easier by filing an exception to the scholarship organizations because I'm depressed. I was in school therapy for several weeks and there's proof. I'm scared to go back.

>They are more concerned about the bottom line and having maximum enrollment.
This is something else we talked about.

My instructor told me that his highschool was better than most colleges. He told me how decades ago we would have finished the Latin book in one and one half semesters and now we won't even finish it in two.

It makes me feel awful. All I can do is pursue my autistic interests through books I get and try my best to learn and contribute to the field.

>> No.47295162

True, but you can typically have some flexibility.
Only classes I had to take that aren't directly related to my degree are
Physics, and Calcs.
I do need bullshit humanitarian courses, but the range that I can choose from are insane, and some of them are acceptable.

>> No.47295185

>True, but you can typically have some flexibility.

That really depends what university you go to.

>> No.47295192

>tfw failing Calc 1

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I know I'm not trying. I'm wondering if I should just kill myself over the spring break.

>> No.47295203

The first calcs are often made unreasonable hard because college is bubbling and can't handle the capacity and needs to get people to drop out ASAP.

>> No.47295205
File: 41 KB, 453x337, 1305825221085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we would have finished the Latin book in one and one half semesters and now we won't even finish it in two.

tfw I learn all of the content in my CS courses in the first couple of weeks and breeze.... Shit seems really slow paced for people who are actually there to learn.

>> No.47295237

>I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.

Nothing at all. Calc I is a shitshow, Calc II is even more of a shitshow, and then hopefully you can branch out into things like linear algebra and prob/stat, which are actually interesting, even if demanding.

>> No.47295289


I've always liked math. I'm not learning anything in my courses. I have to use places like wikipedia and math sites.

It feels pointless. I'm just not trying. It's already too late for me to pass.

>> No.47295296

>coworkers have no drive to write beautiful code
>copy/paste code without even trying to understand what it does
>refuse to google, pester me every thirty minutes with retarded questions
>they get upset when I tell them to get better
It doesn't get better.

>> No.47295304

Don't be ashamed to just google the answers to some of the obtuse homework questions.
Some courses make cheating a necessity, as much as it pains me to say.

>> No.47295331

>It's already too late for me to pass.

Well, you sort of fucked yourself on that one. Take it over the summer at a community college and transfer the credit or something, breh.

>> No.47295333

>The first calcs are often made unreasonable hard
No they're not. They're not hard at all.

If that is a difficult part of your college career, then your major is shit.

This isn't STEM elitism. An english major would still consider Calc 1 easy compared to the shit tons of writing he or she would have to do for some classes.

The problem is, Calc 1 and 2 are done in your first year, which means you've been used to jerking off in high school.

You might have to actually spend a few minutes a night doing homework now. Oh no!

>> No.47295351

Some colleges do make calc unfairly hard.
I've gotten through all three calcs at my uni, they were far more work than they needed to be, and they made them harder this year.

>> No.47295391

Mine's the opposite. Calc I was highschool review except for the last 2 weeks in which we learned some new things. I actually took general science first year, and most of my courses were at least half review.

>> No.47295419

It depends on a lot on each uni.

>> No.47295539

>Partnered programming project
>Know my friend can't do programming for shit, have him do misc work as a groupmate.
>Two days before submission, 90% done.
>Dumbass classmate calls me up, tells me him and his groupmate are splitting up, asks me if he could join my group.
>"Ask the teacher about it.", thinking that he wouldn't allow it.
>He allows it.


>> No.47296202

>well you didn't hand it in so why should you get credit
This is the point that he should have gotten punched in the face

>> No.47296344

This was the one made here on /g/ right? I remember that thread from last year

>> No.47296522

This is why you never support freeloaders. With bad work ethic comes shitty people. You should've ditched them in the first place.

>> No.47297838
File: 117 KB, 980x1385, wwwwww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Group gets assigned new member
>Receive this

Someone explain this guy to me.

>> No.47297856

He's definitely autistic
Perhaps smart

>> No.47298337

Seems like an average guy with a mild case of the bloggies.

>> No.47298369

Maybe you could do your own fucking research

>> No.47298377

Feels good that the most recent group project I did had everyone in the classes past assignment results averaged out then put in order from best to worst. The top 3 went in a group, then the next 3 and so on. I didn't get put with any retards which is always a good sign.

>> No.47298385


>> No.47298397


>One hot girl in group assignment
>Broke work into five parts for five people
>I did my part
>Three other guys each did her part for her
>We picked the best solution for the girl's work and added it to mine
>two out of five parts completed

>> No.47298411


>> No.47298490

Is he introverted or extroverted IRL?

>> No.47298660


No idea.

>> No.47298722

>have physics 2 lab with fellow CSE major
>convince him to learn how to use linux because we both have to program in C/C++ for one of the classes
>he installs arch because I had mentioned a while back that I was using arch
>he breaks it 4 times before giving up and installing debian

Thing is he's actually a decent programmer
>have been doing all group projects myself
>get him to partner up with me
>his code is more or less readable and organized and usually compiles

now I just have to teach him git so I can keep him around and slightly reduce my workload.

>> No.47299108
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You are the faggot in this one. He's way ahead of you guys. He probably is a professional who does uni for specific reasons.

>They are more concerned about the bottom line and having maximum enrollment.
Education is a business in every stage. The higher the number of students is the more money or funding/higher salary for headmaster regarding public schools they get.

He's desperately seeking friends and can't into socializing.
>Give him the D.

Let me guess, nobody of that white knights got granted for their efforts by giving her the D. She certainly already has a bf.
>mfw I see betas orbiting a bitch

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