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/g/ why the FUCK is it so impossible to dual boot Linux with Windows 8+?
Well, I could do Ubuntu find, but Mint gave me problems, and I Manjaro won't do shit.
It's really fucking pissing me off.

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I don't know man, maybe you suck at working with GRUB. Read up on the documentation a little bit. It's actually pretty straightforward.

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Thats funny, it was extremely easy every time I've ever done it.

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cause windows uefi is shit
you have to disable it

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Perhaps it's because I'm booting through USB?

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I do have it disabled, that's what allowed me to boot into Mint.
Manjaro, though

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Live OS?

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Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have said "dual boot" since I'm not actually installing it, just live booting it.

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Live OS has its own set of quirks. what device are you booting on?

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Mash f12, select USB
Why is that so hard?

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It's a dell inspiron with preinstalled Windows 8.1
It isn't hard.
That's not the problem.

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Wait...I'm using unetbootin for the live usb.
Apparently Manjaro doesn't support unetbootin?

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Then what is the problem? I fail to see what could be difficult about booting a live usb

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It won't boot.
I select to boot default Manjaro, and it gives me a bunch of errors and eventually stops.
I'm told it's UEFI, but I've disabled it.

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Use USB writer to make the live USB, I always end up having problems with unetbootin

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I tried that before, and I couldn't even prepare the USB for live booting.
"Error while locking the target volume"

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Try a different usb

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Was going to, but none are near me. Going to try reformatting it before searching for a new one.

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I've dual-booted Windows 8 and Arch (then Ubuntu) for a while, no problems here
maybe you're just retarded

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gimme a damn minute here, it may have been unetbootin's fault
I just read that Manjaro doesn't support it
You had to disable Secure Boot/UEFI, right?

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1. Stop using Windows®
2. Stop using Linux®
3. Program your own OS from Machine Code.
You now have a free computer (assuming you built your computer from scratch).

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Reformatting didn't work, tried different USB, still gave me the same error message.

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Currently trying Universal USB Installer, seems to be working

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OP is a fag.

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Why not?

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