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anyone else sick of GNU being welded to linux?
i want to escape the gnu for good, but there isnt much that can stand against gcc and glibc.
what C compiler and libc is /g/ using?

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Musl, uclibc

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Clang and musl all the fucking way.
GNU can go suck a dick.

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I think Alpine Linux doesn't use glibc, you can go *BSD too.

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Whatever Alpine uses. It seems a little impractical to not use GNU at all. Just don't call it GNU/Linux like Stallman didn't call it Xorg/GNU.

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isnt clang massive?

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>anyone else sick of GNU being welded to linux?
Very much so.

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I don't fucking know, all I know is that it's not GCC and in all honesty thats all I care about right now.

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i just need a small c compiler and libc for a little project im working on. all the tiny compilers i have tried had some problem with it. tcc, pcc, scc, lcc...

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try alpine linux

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musl changed the order of my program.
for some reason it called printf after fgets even though it was not written in that order.
gcc got it right.

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>welded to linux
allow me to interject

i thought most bsds use gcc and glibc anyway

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No I like GNU devs, what they stand for, and I like using many pieces of GNU software.

I really hate people who jumped on the GNU-hate bandwagon though, just because they learned it's cool to hate on GNU.

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i dont think theres any incentive to make small c compilers. the people who care split up in separate projects doomed to failure.
maybe we should make /g/cc

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sweet, just checked it out. ill give it a go!

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i am trying to create as small a system as possible. gnu is not small. i dont dislike gnu because its cool to do so.

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then whats wrong with gcc you dont even need gcc on your system to have it compile programs

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How about tcc then?

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when i have a working core i want to be able to add more functionality and eventually migrate to it

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because im too stupid to figure out how to compile statically against musl with it

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gcc yes, but they don't use glibc, each one of them has their own libc

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anyone had success with anything other than gcc or clang combined with anything other than glibc or bionic?

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>anyone else sick of GNU being welded to linux?
Nobody who is capable of making a replacement or even porting the BSD userland to Linux. People have tried, but they were all too dumb to succeed, or came to the realization that there's nothing wrong with just using GNU/Linux.

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Clang+BSD libc

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Don't be dumb. It is practically impossible to use the Linux kernel without some form of GNU userland. If you don't like GNU software, you should be using a BSD, FreeBSD to be precise as OpenBSD use the GCC.

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1. Install busybox
2. ...
3. !!!!TIFORP

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You'd need to replace the GNU userland. Even if you don't use any GNU software, you are still slave to that. You have to remember that GNU is, in fact, the operating system.

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>GNU is, in fact, the operating system
You mean GNU/Linux :^)
>inb4 HUURD

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thats the easy part.

only if its possible to have it as multiple executables

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You know OP, you could just write your own Apache/MIT licensed compiler and kill GCC yourself. Collaborate and do it like Clang.

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åh båy! its made by my people

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>escaping GNU
>using a kernel written in a C dialect full of GNUism.

Even if clang compiles linux, you still can't escape the GNU.

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An UNIX system is made of, in order of importance, the kernel or operating system proper, the shell, and utilities. Linux is the operating system with GNU on top of it.

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Linux is not UNIX

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It's UNIX-like and follows the same rules.

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>only if its possible to have it as multiple executables
Are you retarded? That just adds bloat.

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Its just a kernel, GNU makes it UNIX-like.

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It wishes it could be UNIX like. Its just a goddamn kernal. You just said a UNIX operating system has multiple parts to it. Linux is just the Kernel.

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>just a kernel

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It is. What the fuck do you think Linux actually is? Linus and the Linux group only works on the kernel, that is all they have ever done. They expect the open source community to make the rest of the system, which unfortunately tends to mean shitty Desktop environments and bloated init systems.

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Yes, Linux is a kernel, but
>just a kernel
It's like you don't even know what a kernel is.

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i dont want one million symlinks. rather several itty bitty programs

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A kernel is a kernel. Like an operating system is an operating system.
Stop trying to be a dumbass.

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>a kernel is a kernel
>calls other people a dumbass

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You said that Linux is a UNIX OS + GNU, that is not true.

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The Linux system consists of GNU shell and utilities added on top of a Linux kernel or operating system proper to make an UNIX-like system.

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You would rather have half a hundred duplicated code in binaries than a single compact binary with half a hundred symlinks?

Do you even know how symlinks work?

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>half a hundred

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Symlinks don't feel real, its like using an os made out of .lnk files.

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>Trying to argue that 2 != 2

Enjoy living in your mother's basement.

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Have fun trying to run programs without access to your CPU.

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It's like you don't even know what a CPU is

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It appears you don't either.

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It's like you don't even know what You means.

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Bits don't feel real either.

But your mom felt real last night.

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I like what GNU stands for but nearly every GNU project is garbage. Also they ask contributors to hand over copyright to the GNU foundation, which I disagree with.

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>ditch idealism for pragmatism
>hacking on 1080p IPS laptop
>cost $330
>happens to be a chromebook
>don't care, can play Crusader Kings II with Crouton
>feels good man

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userland utilities are not the operating system. the kernel is the operating system.

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I'm running emacs as PID 1. I don't need anything else.

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what the fuck are you talking about? A kernel is a kernel. A kernel and userland is an operating system.

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try 9c

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Even if you get Loonix without GNU, Stallman is still gonna interject GNU somehow. He even interjects GNU when talking about Android.

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The kernel is the operating system proper.

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thought about 8c or 6c. will try later. i guess plan9 has its own libc?

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You can access the CPU just fine without a kernel. Now try running your programs without a compiler or C library.

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>You can access the CPU just fine without a kernel

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Are you trolling? By your logic the kernel runs on magic, since it can't access the CPU.

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Emacs should be the kernel.

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Faggots with your Linux. Use BSD niggahs
Clang + BSD libc + fuck gnu.
RMS can go fuck himself with a cucumber.

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I wrote a shitty bootloader for my baremetal FORTH this morning, friend. Does that run on top of a kernel?

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