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What's your anti virus of choice?

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>using an av
>not using pirated malwarebytes masterrace

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I'm on Windows 8 and have nothing.

Common Sense 2015 is all I need.

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>using pirated antivirus
>being this fucking retarded

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GNU/Linux or Antivir.

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Why did Antivir become so horrible in the past few years?

Everything looks like shit, it barely finds anything anymore and you can't even remove it from the autostart menu without some stupid fiddling.

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After not using an AV for a few years I saw a NOD32 1 year license for 5 euros on eBay.

Runs smooth, doesn't kill ram.

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Enjoy being on a russian script kiddies' botnet.

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>implying im not the russian kiddy
*tips ushanka*

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Had one bit in five years and that was from being a dumbass teenager and not using adblock and noscript, some kind of botnet malware shit that had me mining buttcoins for a faggot.

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>using antivirus software

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Common sense ultimate 2015

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Spybot or Super?

Which do you prefer?

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I only come to these threads to say this. Latest Windows with all security features enabled (smartscreen, uac, updates, defender etc.) is enough. Do a monthly scan with MBAM if you're that mad.
>resident antivirus

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They're probably both spyware on their own tbh

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Spybot masterrace

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Webroot secureanywhere, gives you 180 days free protection. I think its the best around. Love it

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currently on fsecure. It doesn't have any backdoors for nsa. IIRC.

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I've been using Avast for years. I still remember that retarded music player-like UI.
It's getting way too bloated and annoying though. Especially their deepscan shit is annoying when running my own executables cause it kills them off, scans them for a minute and then restarts them.

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>retarded music player-like UI.
4.8!!1 oh, damn i remember that shit.
but it's still a pretty good antivirus.
>way too bloated
completely agree

but boot-time scan is the bomb, especially when family members come home with their pendrives with "just a couple of dwg files from office." or "a new song" and end up infecting the home computer with every known autrorun-aww.

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never had a single virus in years, and the last time was because I let my ex install shitty games on it.

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Common sense 2015 edition

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SecuritySphere 2010

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>always went with avast
>just updated it 2 hours ago
>comp suddenly had 2 BSOD in a row
>no internet because comp no longer recognized any routers or wifi dongles
>uninstall and DL another AV

Seriously, fuck Avast

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It works for me

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>inb4 common sense
It's stupid as fuck

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Common Sense 1988

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>windows 8
You think you have nothing? W8 is alone should be considered virus by anti-virus softwares

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Eset Antivirus 8.

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>not using pirated malwarebytes masterrace

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>using Windows
>fucking 2015

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>pirated malwarebytes
why bother
the keys are all over the internet

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>not using windows 7
guess you're one of those creeps using GNU/Linux
>implying the "pirated" copies don't just come with a keygen

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Well, based on av test / comparatives bitdefender and avira are best. MSE is bare min.

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i don't think you realise that it's still piracy

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>not learning to browse safely and not need an antivirus... I mean slow down your whole fucking computer, program

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> top kek

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Got bitdefender total security, it's the most ram inefficient av i've seen. It's supposed to be the best but it could find out i had a shitty trojan on my usb. My face when i handed it to a grill to pass her some class stuff and her shitty av did detect it.

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*it couldn't

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i don't use OS that need antivirus

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Famous last words.

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Huh. I often wonder how realistic the testing is on av sites, so I wouldn't be surprised if that turned out the case. I've used virustotal site as double check with suspect files (say game cracks) and such, it's not a perfect set it and forget it scenario and a lot of the av on there spit back false positives, but usually unless it's say 50% of the AV's on there getting a hit it's not time to worry. Best I can think of.

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NOD32 is legit the tightest shit ever. IDK the footprint but it doesn't even affect the speed of my Core2Duo T7400. It's just fast and easy, and doesn't bother me unless shit's broke, yo.

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I use Linux with standard ad-blockimg and script-blocking extensions.

In my Windows VM, I do the same but also install Avira Antivir.

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>why bother
it's gonna hurt me

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Know where to get keys?

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MBAM and Spybot S&D when I do something stupid (likely while drunk)

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