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Where do I get something like this for a Poker 2?

Also general keyboard thread I suppose.

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make one yourself, it's just a rectangular piece of acrylic.

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What the hell is that? Just a cover? My ducky came with a plastic one. I cover my keyboard when I eat in front of computer

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My Filco came with one too but it's fullsize so I can't really use it for this keyboard.

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Why would you want that?

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so it doesn't collect dust over night

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what's the point of these and why do they cost $50?

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placebo and e-peen

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you can't even use the keyboard like that

old style covers are more useful

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but it's a piece of acrylic with two bends in it and a gap cut out for the cable and it costs $50.

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I just want to keep it from collecting dust at night. I'd get a HHKB2 roof but they're fucking $30

shut the fuck up

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>I just want to keep it from collecting dust at night.
then put anything over it

piece of cardboard or something

getting something like this "official" is just asking for wallet rape

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>I just want to keep it from collecting dust at night
>he lets his keyboard gather dust
Fucking casual

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I don't know what's worse, someone making a 14 minute video about how he changes the dryer sheets on his keyboard and mouse, or me watching it.

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do you live in an OR or something

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Five dollar placemat, nigga.

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just clean your house maybe?

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I ordered CM storm quick fire rapid-i with blue switches for 100€. What does /g/ think of it?

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>Eating at your desk

Didn't your mothers teach you manners?

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So you bough a keyboard for 100 eur which looks exactly like a 1 eur keyboard. Except your buttons sound like shit when pressed, even worse.

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What's a good alternative for the k70 vengeance that's less expensive, looks better (muh minimalism), not more expensive and it also doesnt need to have a numpad or leds.

It'll still be used for gaming though. So I prolly should want red leds.

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I like mine, but mostly because I take it to work and school with me. If I could afford it I would get a decent full size and a bigger bag.

On the plus side, the thing is a beast when it comes to taking a beating. I've had mine for maybe a year and a half and it still is as solid as ever.

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>should want red leds
Sorry I meant cherry mx reds

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Did I do good, /g/?

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>I'm a dumb retard and I think the only difference between cherry mx switches and rubber membrane ones is the sound
kindly remove yourself from this thread

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Shoulda got the one with a trackpoint, or the one with a trackball.

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Stop wasting your money buying stupid crap OP, just put a fabric!

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no. shoulda waited for http://support.pckeyboard.com/PR/APR2014/

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been looking in to a wireless tenkeyless and not sure if i should stump up the £70 for a logitech K810 or spend £20 on a perix periboard-808, or should i say fuck it and get the apple wireless keyboard.
as i really like the short travel of scissor keyboards.

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Really been wanting the CM Storm Quickfire TK with browns but it's been out of stock for almost a year now, anybody know a keyboard that has the same layout of it?

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Ducky DK2087

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Wow that looks pretty cool. I got a model m a few months ago and I haven't used my ducky keyboard for quite a while now. Kinda funny how I prefer a $5 30 year old keyboard over one that is barely one year old that I paid $80 for.

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>not looking at the date that was posted on
nigga you dumb

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What in the hell is that for

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kek i'm the unicomp guy and i'm still here you fuckhead

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If you're going to spend that much you may as well go for it full on ... like I did.

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ew. are you a pony lover? that's serious shit tier backlighting

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I don't get what the fucking point of this is
You should be cleaning your keyboard and mouse semi-regularly anyways, a little dust isn't going to make it any easier or harder

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you guys are mind boggingly retarded

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i do this too when i have to eat at my desk, what a based lil peace of plastic

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I got you OP.

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seen those but $30 for an acryl roof is pretty expensive
I'd also have to import it so fuck that

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>being surprised that a keyboard lasts two years

nigger are you using your computer at a construction site or something?

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Anyone familiar with WASD keyboards? I was looking at the WASD V2 104-Key Custom Mechanical Keyboard.

I like how you can choose the colours of the keycaps it comes with too.

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i wonder what happened to his last keyboards

the keyboard i'm using right now is 13 years old

the lettering hasn't even faded

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anyone know of some /g/ approved backlit keyboards?

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wasd code is pretty good

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Cooler Master has some.

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Got one of these for $90 with brown switches. Am I /g/ yet?

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I should add that it is not the Rapid-i, but rather the regular one.

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Planning on getting this, thoughts?


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too ricer.

>captcha: preph

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I have that exact keyboard and I love it. A lot of people seem to hate blue switches, but I love them. the clicky clack is satisfying.

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Probably not the right place but I'll ask anyway:
I found an old Focus keyboard with an AT connector. I hooked it up to a PS/2 adapter and then that into a USB converter. My computer seemed to recognize it fine, but when I push any of the keys the lock key LEDs blink and nothing appears onscreen.

There was a corroded battery in it that I removed, but I’m under the impression that the battery is only needed for storing the programmable keys. I could try finding a replacement but I’m not sure that’s the problem.

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>he doesn't keep his keyboard in a retractable under-desk drawer
i think it's why mine has held up so well. i bought a craptastic logitech k350 and m510 on black friday 3 years ago, still nice and clean. keys are starting to get a little mushy and uneven though, next keyboard is gonna be a mechanical for sure.

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Whats this shit? So you can eat on top of your keyboard without getting crumbs in it?

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There are other methods of dust protection, OP.

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The impotence expressed in that picture is stunning.

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whats you're gunfu?

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>dust protection

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I have my keyboard on those slide out surface on a computer desk

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>genital/object comparison
>forming a coherent argument
nopsych pls go

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Don't get jam in your keyboard, it's hard to get out.

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seriously, what sort of faggot only has 4 stamps to protect his keyboard

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>a lot of people seem to hate blue switches
they're easily the most popular

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>those jizzz stains on the plastic

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What's the cheapest mechanical keyboard that isn't complete shit with cherry MX reds? I was originally planning on getting a regular rubber dome but I saw a keyboard on display that was mechanical and it felt tight as fuck

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Are there any Ducky's with palm rests like the k70?

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Why haven't you got a set of keycaps with you're waifu's face on it, yet?

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absolutely disgusting
i'd rather have a big veiny penis on mine

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why would you ever get blues when you can get browns?

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I just spent 45 minutes looking through this guys channel and watching videos and felt such strong emotions, he is so passionate about these things but to what end? One description says he spent 1500 hours on sonic 3, thats shocking. Comments are removed on all his videos, but I went to the discussion portion of his page and there are all these people encouraging him where you would usually see spiteful comments. It was so nice.

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that's gay

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>not having a topre keyboard
how poor are you?

>> No.45686881

> I don't own a shirt or magazine or piece of cardboard

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If your topre keyboard isn't a RealForce, you are a fucking retard and need to kill yourself.

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Does /g/ not know about uli? Disappointing.

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Whoah is that an old Focus 2001 above? How does it feel vs the other keyboard if it is?

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>I need to post my gun collection with my keyboard to draw attention to myself and make myself feel alive guy.jpg

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Europoor detected.

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It's just a picture I got off Google, sorry

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I heard these wear down very quickly. Is this true? Are there some vendors that make custom keycaps that are of high quality and last long?

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I'm thiking about a Ducky keyboard, are they really that good?

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Been on my DD board for about 9 months now and no fading or shining yet

>> No.45688039

Where did you get it? WASD? What type of keycaps are they?

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I really like the look of the Das Professional 4. The media controls are the biggest deal for me, as well as availability of a UK layout.

Good or bad choice?

>> No.45688613

>he doesn't have a hhkb

are you poor or something

>> No.45688623

you make it sound like people claim they are good

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No, I've heard the opposite but I really want to rice the fuck out of a poker.

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>i'm using the most expensive glorified ruberdome keyboard
lol why
>because it's expensive
that's retarded
>lel u so puur

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whats a nice silent keyboard i can type without doing a lot of sound
if it has hard-plastic keys it would be awesome, i dont like those roll-over keyboards with cushy plastic bubbles

>> No.45688978

sorry I quoted the wrong post

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K70 master race

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is paying more for
>muh leds
>muh macros
worth it?

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File: 1.25 MB, 2048x1536, DSC00807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont even use any macros and its only slightly more expensive than any other mechanical- its built well and i can play faggy animations or change any key i want any color i want so yes its worth it.

>> No.45689127

really? just for the color?

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File: 2.53 MB, 960x720, 20141209_170642.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I like the layout of your colors

Could you upload your k70 profile to save me the trouble of copying it?

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File: 2.03 MB, 640x480, 20141108_122134.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Definitely if you need your keyboard to fly the pride flag.

>> No.45689237

yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvqKDB8onlo

>> No.45689362

did the joke go over your head

>> No.45689438

you have to fix a couple things for QWERTY- i already deleted mine.vhttp://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=736456

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That's disgusting, son.

>> No.45689481

thank you very much good sir
looks good

>> No.45689499

why can't they just pulse once instead of "hi i stay on for 3 seconds then immediately go black", it should fade in and out on click

>> No.45689502

Do you live in a mine or something

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You seriously want that ugly piece of garbage?
Get a good keyboard is my recommendation.

>> No.45690606

Not enough to justify their price.

>> No.45690642

Stop being an idiot.

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>tfw you fell for the filco shill

>> No.45690677

no back lighting. wouldn't touch with a pole

>> No.45690835

if you hate yours so much i'll buy it from you

>> No.45690961

CM Storm QuickFire TK or Rapid-I?
I can't decide ..

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this keyboard has literally perfect design. I wish there was a version with blue switches instead of a rubber dome

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Or just Rapid/Stealth because backlight is silly.

>> No.45691071

>full size
>perfect design

>> No.45691113

feels good. best board i ever owned. the CM boards feel like total shit.

leopold is just as good though.

>> No.45691131

>muh gaymen
>implying a numpad isn't comfortable as fuck if you ever use excel

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>tfw no tkl filco instead of a shitty full-size one

>> No.45691143

it's not just more comfortable for gaymen

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Is there any keyboard with mx clears available in iso layout? Preferably tenkeyless. The only ones I found so far are the Cherry g80-3000 (which is absolute low-end and fullsize) and the WASD V2 (which would cost me ~190$ to import without keycaps). It doesn't matter which language the key caps are in.

>> No.45691690

I just went back to a full sized keyboard from a tenkeyless, and I'm never going for minimal keyboards again. Fuck not having a numpad, fuck not having function keys.

>> No.45691725

tkl has function keys

>> No.45691753


Totally customizable.

>> No.45691754

tkl has F keys, you must have had a 60% board

>> No.45691771

Why not get both?

Also, I still need an answer to this:

>> No.45691807

I mentioned the WASD V2 in my post. Like I said, even the keycap-less version with clears would cost me 190$ to import (with 50$ the shipping is ridiculously expensive and than there is also import tax). I really don't think it's worth 190$.

>> No.45691843

just don't bother with iso if you can help it
they're a bitch to get keycaps for

>> No.45691910

I already have two iso pbt sets, so it's not an issue. Dealing with these fuckers on an ansi layout is: äöüß

>> No.45691915

how often do you type in german that you think you need them
and where did you get the pbt caps from? unless you paid 50€+ for them in which case don't tell me

>> No.45692121

>how often do you type in german that you think you need them
I type quiet a lot for university in german.
>and where did you get the pbt caps from?
I bought a blank black set for 25€ here together with some other stuff https://teraset.net/ducky.php
It was a special offer though that's expired now. Shipping is around 25€, so ordering just one set isn't feasible. The other one I bought on ebay.

>> No.45692178

oh yeah I mailed them as well about those
they said it would cost 18€ to ship a set of keycaps with a registered letter so I figured fuck it cause that's like one third of what it would cost to import a fc660m or similar

>> No.45692281

>Dealing with these fuckers on an ansi layout is: äöüß
no idea about layouts but why design weird euro keyboards and not just use alt + aous on a regular us keyboard to get those letters?

>> No.45692610

Why is ABS still the industry standard? Are manufacturers really that Jewish? Even the chinks can put PBT on their keyboards, and thick, high quality ones at that.

>> No.45692747

They are quit commonly used so putting them on a second layer wouldn't be that intuitive. It's not like they designed those layouts yesterday, similar layouts were in use on typewriters way back. Also one of the alt keys was already turned into an alt gr key which opens up a third layer for some of the special characters which were displaced by the Umlaute. It's a complete clusterfuck in the end but whatcha gona do.

>> No.45692785

>he is so passionate about these things but to what end?

Literally autism.

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File: 56 KB, 1024x425, Top_View_Ultimate_Render_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to decide between this and Unicomp. Thoughts?

>> No.45693238


>> No.45693298

elitekeyboards sells hand rests

I wonder if there are any chink knockoffs because they're hellishly expensive

>> No.45693310

i made the mistake of buying topre. now i can never use cherry mx switches again. everything else feels flimsy, the keys just jiggle around.

>> No.45693316

Lityerally the most autistic thing I've ever seen. This guy this fucking guy I swear. I want to beat him up. I don't like him fuck him and his government check

>> No.45693319

i turn my keyboard upside down

>> No.45693332

>As of March 2014, we no longer ship to Israel. Please do not ask.
What a bunch of CUNTS.
Any other sites?

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File: 336 KB, 525x551, 1325517657717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45693864

Are green switches good?

>> No.45693910

personally I don't see the point of the 'heavy' switches like blues, whites and blacks
don't see why you would want your keys to be harder to press

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File: 87 KB, 1025x389, UB40PGA-LG_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


AM I???

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>> No.45694757

I bought the most expensive one and by the time it gets here it will be too late to return it.

>> No.45694824

Thats not how it works typically. I haven't ordered from Unicomp but most companies count their return time based on when you get the product (assuming your package has shipping).

>> No.45694908

Assuming your package has tracking, not shipping.

>> No.45694997

How do I not fuck up like that guy and get an actually good keyboard?

>> No.45695117

1) Don't be an idiot.
2) Be smart.
3) Get a good keyboard.

If you've never bought a mech before, just go for a keyboard with cherry switches. They're the most readily available and customizable.

The most popular keyboards are:
Filco M2
Poker 2
Shine 3

If you go for any of those, you can't go wrong.

>> No.45695138

Fantastic, just the kind of thread I was looking for. Is there someone who could recommend me a new keyboard?

I do realize that mechanical keyboards feel nice and I tested it for myself once, but I don't want to spend 80€ or more for a keyboard. What I'm looking for is this:
A relatively cheap keyboard that I can connect via PS2, that has NO background lighting, feels nice and maybe a few extra buttons.

I'm not looking for anything spectacular, but I don't just want to go out uninformed and accidentally buy some cheap trash.

>> No.45695177

>but I don't want to spend 80€ or more for a keyboard
why not? don't you use it daily?

people seem to like to cheap out on the most important things, like keyboards and monitors

>> No.45695261

Where can I get keycaps for my poker II? I need some place that ships or is located in Europe.

>> No.45695271

I do, yeah. But I've used this old as fuck keyboard which I can't even clean properly for about 8 years now and I never felt unhappy with it, so I see no reason to spend a lot of money when I can just get something similar but slightly more modern for a much lower price.

>> No.45695290

pbt caps in iso layout? good luck not paying an arm and a leg
better off just selling your poker 2 and getting a new one with new caps

>> No.45695296

Thinking of buying this:

Thoughts? Will it be nice?

>> No.45695322

I'll say this. If you like the keyboard go ahead and get it, but most people who buy these "gaming" mech keyboards regret it and end up getting a more traditional keyboard after.

Also, /g/ will shit on you.

>> No.45695330


>> No.45695333

I haven't even bought one yet. I want one, but the font just looks so fucking awful and I want it to be completely black.
I doubt people here know anything about a non-mechanical keyboard.

>> No.45695338


What do you mean by "more traditional"

>> No.45695351

Something like a KUL es-87, QFR, Filco M2, etc, etc.

>> No.45695371


Ah, so a boring keyboard, gotcha!

My desk is covered in gaming stuff, so not going for muh minimalisms etc.

>> No.45695382

then why are you asking for people's opinions on the shitty ricer keyboard? just buy it if thats what you want

>> No.45695388

where are you located?

>> No.45695395

Fair enough, I sure hope you enjoy your keyboard; especially after you buy your first aftermarket keycap set and feel all that regret.

>> No.45695402

looks amazingly overpriced
you could get a fucking realforce for that price

>> No.45695452

>you could get a fucking realforce for that price
Is that so? http://amzn.com/B00DONW9BI

>> No.45695455

I really like the clean look of some mechanical keyboards. If all I do is game, is it worth switching from 'regular' keyboards to mechanical?

>> No.45695464

The Netherlands

>> No.45695476

170 bongs is 265 usd you chucklefuck retard

>> No.45695494

di dyou even do the price conversion lol

>> No.45695505

Gaming/Corsair fags are literally this retarded.

>> No.45695529

try https://www.teraset.net/ducky.php perhaps

>> No.45695530


Jesus Christ.

Maybe you should head to /v/ for your gaming needs. Or better yet, go back to school.

>> No.45695592

You could make one yourself with a sheet of plastic and a fuckin hair dryer

>> No.45695899


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File: 834 KB, 2048x1152, 20141219_180941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the Dell Quietkey a good keyboard? RT7D5JTW, $2 at Goodwill, barely used, White Alps switches (I guess). I've never tried a mechanical before and this is the nicest keyboard I've ever used.

>> No.45696433

it is

>> No.45696496
File: 598 KB, 2048x1152, 20141219_181931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha what the hell?

>> No.45696544
File: 61 KB, 640x480, HNI_0058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not mechanical
inside are blue little domes that eventually blister and tear, making your keypresses feel extremely spongy and weak

when it's in good condition, it's probably the best feeling "rubber dome" board, because it's only partial rubber dome

i wouldn't bother buying used though, just because of possible condition issues and all the keys feeling different depending on how often they were pressed

>> No.45696584

If you have money to spend go for it.
But if you dont have that much disposable income you should save it up until your current kb breaks and then upgrade to a mech one.

>> No.45696645
File: 624 KB, 2048x1152, 20141219_182736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the keys feel the same. I guess I was lucky. This can hold me off until I find a mechanical keyboard, I guess.

>> No.45697025

That keyboard is terrible. Low quality everything.

>> No.45697250

>best switch technology
>pbt caps
>inferior cherry switch's ( not even any clears)
>thin abs caps
> retarded volume wheel
>Massively overpriced

>> No.45697251
File: 145 KB, 1279x541, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck

>> No.45697262

>gaming keyboard

>> No.45697267
File: 34 KB, 620x491, semin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also this just happened

>> No.45697280

just turn your keyboard upside down when you are not using it

>> No.45697316

just flip the keyboard upside down

hell, that might even work to remove some of the dust thats already there

>> No.45697327

>green switches
>media keys
you think I give a fuck if its marketed to gamers? found the shit on amazon for $85 sounds good to me

>spending $300 on a topre

>> No.45697521

I got mine off of ebay for 85 dollars shipped. I like it. It isn't my cup of tea with the angular shape but I can't lie and say I don't like it.
Love the media controlls and the six G keys. I have though of going with the newer corsair but people say the logitech software is much easier to use and I haven't tried the corsair software so that is the only hold up to me.

>> No.45698437

The point is gaming keyboards have inferior build and unergonomic design, they're not for typing on.

>> No.45698653

where to buy keycaps for white alps switches?

>> No.45699141

>Still waiting for the Toxic Keys to ship

>> No.45701204

>too poor to afford hhkb

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