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ITT: We fix the ugly GNU logo.

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It's GNU/GNU you faggot
And I suggest we change GNU/GNU to GUN/GUN

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Is said GUN loyal, considering he's hired?

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Tell me why isn't there a GNU + Linux mascot? Maybe a Pinguin riding a GNU.

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Nice cpu bottleneck>>45632409

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Yes. He's a lot loyal.

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Just a concept. Using the 30th anniversary gnu. Any opinions?

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Look who's back.

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there is and it's officially aproved artwork.

There's a bunch more at the gnu site (all shitty if you ask me)


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found it

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Make it more minimalistic.

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I like this.

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Would you like a job at Microsoft?

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I like

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Naw Aw h Sister

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>no one posting the ironic shitposting GNU face
step up, /g/

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but i couldn't save it
I didn't know who make it and just saving things without the author permission is wrong

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yes pls

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Does anyone still have the email that anon sent?

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>/g/ - Graphic Design

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>Baphomet (/ˈbæfɵmɛt/; from Medieval Latin Baphometh, Baffometi, Occitan Bafometz) is a term originally used to describe an idol or other deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping, and subsequently incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. It appeared as a term for a pagan idol in trial transcripts of the Inquisition of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century.[1] The name first came into popular English usage in the 19th century, with debate and speculation on the reasons for the suppression of the Templars.[2]

>Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with a "Sabbatic Goat" image drawn by Eliphas Levi[3] which contains binary elements representing the "sum total of the universe" (e.g. male and female, good and evil, etc.).[4] However, Baphomet has been connected with Satanism as well, primarily due to the adoption of it as a symbol by the Church of Satan.[5]


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Maybe they really did have a symbolic figure like that, but didn't necessarily worship it, but it was a concept they worked with, but all the symbolism was too intellectual for the moronic peasants when someone found out about it, so.. [witch trial intensified]

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hey baby, you looking for a good time with dem lips?

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Maybe. (also, I have found out that if one's surname and how it's pronounced means 'cross' in Latin, they are actually a descendant of crusaders, such as knights templar, knights hospitaller, etc, and it's not just a neat coincidence wherein they were descendants of clergymen)

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Topical /g/; caring more about the logo than the product.

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DEUS VULT!!1!one!!!

>any year
>taking anything on 4chan seriously


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500 hours in pinta

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I have this.

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Damn, that's close, but not the right one. There was some guy on cock.li who sent the logo to Stallman, and RMS took it seriously and said he liked it. He wanted to know who made it and what license it was released under.

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>Money fo dem programs

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Did I made it cool yet?

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I couldn't find it, but I have this instead.

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this gnu has neckberd, perfect

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Did you make this in GIMP?

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how can this be in any way official/approved?

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You take it seriously enough to tripfag you worthless cunt.

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I liek that gnu. The face is so stupid it makes me laugh.

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read this >>45635088

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>has nothing of worth to say, so writes a vapid tirade of profanities and insults

>mfw I'm glad I'm not the worthless skin around the genitals, like YOU
>mfw I like how I'll always be superior to you because you're nothing but a worthless and mindless imbecile

Since the only way you have any self esteem whatsoever is by taking unserious things seriously because it's the only way you can feign superiority to me, you should kill yourself because that is indicative of your acknowledgement of the fact that you are inferior to me in every way.

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> textbook delusion of grandeur
> proceeds to describe it's own post

Nice essay you wrote in response to a single sentence. I seriously hope you aren't taking 4chan too seriously, worthless cunt.

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not official logo or anything, just hadn't seen it before on gnu.org. Looks really cool IMO

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>> mfw it took you almost a half hour to come up with that as a rebuttal

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>textbook delusion of grandeur

You sure do have delusions of grandeur, thinking you're as good as me.

>proceeds to describe it's own post

That you did.

>Nice essay you wrote in response to a single sentence. I seriously hope you aren't taking 4chan too seriously, worthless cunt.

You sure are taking 4chan seriously enough to be having a serious ego disruption in response to my having a vagina and not being a moronic animal like you, who, being nothing but the worthless skin around your genitals, is of insufficient intellective ability to think about anything else but other people's genitals.

I'm glad I'm a superior animal to whatever dumber form of life you are. I refuse to believe you're smart enough to be the same species as me, you're so stupid. You've tried and failed so hard to prove you're not inferior to me. It's really simple how. My not being an inferior piece of waste like you disrupted your ego and caused you to call me a 'worthless cunt' as a psychological defense mechanism, and in the process, you proved that you are inferior to me and needed to psychologicallhy defend yourself from consciously acknowledging that by writing such insipid vulgarities.

If you're honestly this worthless, you should consider suicide.

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>you waited half an hour for my rebuttal

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid adults and your worthless rules.. stop trying to enforce them. There's no law saying girls have to be idiots like you.

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holy fucking god I found the autism

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>actually taking the time to explain yourself to anonymous
> not taking it seriously

Jesus christ, I could live on your butthurt for the rest of the year.

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>he really thinks this is 'autism'

You are not going to 'cure' me of peter pan syndrome and dissociative amnesia. I'm not going to 'grow up' to be what you profane degenerates wanted me to be. You also wont 'cure' me of having an ego. I'm going to keep studying and 'grow up' to be a more advanced me. You will not make any changes to me. Any habits you manage to inculcate with persistance will be deleted, and everything will be reset to before you tried, and it will be more and more difficult for you to inculcate any habits. You will not 'cure' me of being me.

Like these past few years? I barely remember them, it's like I travelled through time. And I look in the mirror, and see that I still look 14.

I did not explained myself. I reminded you that you're worthless. Also, it's pathetic that you seem to be trying to make a ritual out of me being upset, when in fact I was experiencing a strange sort of sadistic glee as I wrote what you're replying to. I know that it tortures you, and that you would love to turn this around. However, I will find a way, to curse your worthless cult that seeks blessings from my misery. It's really simple how I'll do it..

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I'm so goddamn confused. Is this copypasta or is this the most autistic thing I've ever read on 4chan in all of my years?

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I'm going to go play video games. You can just wait here for me to reply, and slit your wrists when I don't respond to your insipid attempts at ego stratification, or STFU because you know I'll be gone. Slit your wrists while I don't care.

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It should had been the fucking donkey riding the penguin, not the other way around.
Nutards need to get their heads out of their asses.

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5 star posts nigger

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> she thinks anonymous is one person
> 10 bucks she replies to this after she says she wouldn't.

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I bet you are fat. Like...really really fat.

> strange sadistic glee
More like trouble breathing, amirite?

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Yeah, he said it was cute and then said he would like to talk with the artist who designed it so as not to infringe on rights, licenses, or whatever.

But he said it was "cute".

So that's cool.

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Of all the animals, why would Stallman pick the most unappealing one?

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Because Muh recursive acronyms make me a playfully clever haxx0r.

But you should have already gnu that.

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Oh hey, been a while since I've seen you. Still mentally ill, I take it?

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>result of experiment the idiots are really this delusional
>and they utter falsehoods they wish would be true

I'm sure I should refrain from participating in or elsewise entertaining theit delusions. Just to make sure the thing they used to try to conjure an effect they desired upon reality with nothing but their empty posturing dissipates ever more quickly into voidance. The attempted application of psychology and pretension to actualize their worthless delusions was a nice try, but it's not going to compensate for..

>their actual worthlessness in actual reality
>they think they can project it onto me to become less inferior

..'the thing' they try but will not transfer onto me. The thing that they have is their worthlessness they project to try to rid themselves of it.

>and who was it who was being rude to begin with?
>is it ever actually me who starts these insipid disputes?
>aand /rhetorical-questioning I never ever start fights

Maybe if I starve them of whatever they get out of this, they'll die somehow.

Experiment: I finish expelling them from my subjective reality, by not participating in their subjective reality, and removing all connection I have to them, ceasing to give them the opportunity to communicate with me. But I can't see the results if I do this, so I can't really continue to do experiments on them and ananlyze their behavior.

Conclusions from previous lines of experimentation: I wrote about it ITT.

Experimentation concluded, then. I'm going to actually go play video games now. (old console JRPGs from the 90s and early 00s)

I'm bored of experimenting on the insipid narcissists.

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> i was only pretending to be retarded

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Say hi to Brenda for me, sweetheart.

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>blah blah I'm better than everyone and you should go kill yourselves
>on 4chan
wow tell me more about how you're superior to everyone you retarded weaboo neckbeard

>inb4 wall of text saying the same fucking thing

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associating the best girl anime has ever seen with such an awful tripfag opinion

>> No.45636995

It s so fucking homosexual

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I don't have a clue what you're on about, or what any of this thread is on about, but what has any of this or your chinese cartoon screenshots, tripcode and blog about what games you're playing got to do with the GNU logo?

>> No.45638571

Nothing. What did >>45635697's narcissism and inability to laugh at anything due to being consumed by irrational hate have to do with the GNU logo?

>> No.45638602

Fuck you, heretic.

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Experiment: become a troll to demonstrate how stupid trolling is
Result: success, the narcissists start to hate the behavior as soon as I mock it, and don't even acknowledge that they are being mocked

Experiment: tripfag just to piss everyone off
Result: it pisses everyone off

Who the fuck are you?

She is just like me, but it doesn't matter.

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still, gonna try and draw my version.
no, it won't be a stallmanu + patachu again.

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You're an eternally 13yo girl who hates everyone but helps people out because why the fuck not?

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Today... I found out another thing about the people who like to bother me.

Experiment: on /pol/, bait the retards
Result: yeah, self-righteous zionist christians and jews

Seriously, I've never been Christian. I grew up atheist.

>> No.45638685

Somebody very close to your mother. She really is a precious thing.

>> No.45638687

Remember that you're on an anonymous imageboard.
People don't always mean things in as aggressive a way as they may sound to you.
Your first post was probably more attacking than the "narcissistic" responses you got.
People just think it's kind of pointless to tripcode so obnoxiously when you don't need to.

>> No.45638699

Well, I'm 27 and still look 14 in the mirror, but I doubt that I'm going to look 14 forever, or that some metaphysical force is keeping me young, I'm probably just very healthy.

No, it's the not-so-surreal stuff that is similar. The flat affect and her backstory (the villagers hated her and chose to sacrifice her for their stupid bullshit).

>> No.45638725

Fair enough. I was really not attacking what I was replying to. I wrote what I was replying to with that. I am guilty of some samefaggotry.

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Goes great with the Scheme/MIT logo, right? Style it up like the Haskell logo for even more fun.

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So you're an edgy manchild who's convinced the world is out to get him? You have no idea how it feels to experience the same exact story for 400 years. Having the audacity to compare yourself to Ai is simply pathetic.

>> No.45638763

Well, my parents divorced, and my father really doesn't care about computers, so you're obviously not my father.

Again.. who the fuck are you? You approached me on here before. I guess it could have just been a coincidence that someone knew my mom is 'Brenda' (a common name), and you're just trolling me, this is THE place for you to be trolling. But if you're not trolling, tell me? (Or at least, entertain me with some bizarre trolling?)

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>> No.45638838


What the fuck did you just fucking type about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at MIT, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids with Anonymous, and I have over 300 confirmed DDoSes. I am trained in online trolling and I’m the top hacker in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another virus host. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on the Internet, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with typing that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we chat, I am tracing your IP with my damn bare hands so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your computer. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can hack into your files in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in hacking, but I have access to the entire arsenal of every piece of malware ever created and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the world wide web, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking fingers. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit code all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.45638863

I know who you are. I know your mother Brenda, and that she lives quite far from you. I know your computer illiterate father. I know your parents divorced when you were four. I know all about your deceased grandfather, and his career as an engineer and programmer. As for who I am, I don't feel like giving you hints, honey. We'll meet eventually, and you'll find out then.

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No. When I lived in suburbs for a while, I basically had the whole village out to get me. I had to fight every kid on my street to get home from school every day, and I always won because I'm superior to my enemies in every way. And people with authority to do so made sure obstructions were placed in my path just over stupid bullshit. I dropped out of school and became a hermit over it. Before that, before 6th grade and onwards, my childhood was also hell, but there was less bullshit than when I was a teenager.

Enma Ai had spent her whole life in that same village, and gone through 14 years of that bullshit and had them literally bury her alive when she arose from her grave and burned down the village.

I find her experiences easy to compare to mine, though they aren't exactly the same. In a more figurative sense, I've been buried alive. Also, I don't know what the kids I fought every day would have done to me if they won. Certainly nothing good.

Now obviously, there's a difference between finding a character easy to identify with and thinking that anime isn't fiction and that you literally are that character. Of course, you don't seem like you would understand that. That's too complicated for you.


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Just one more time, can we hear you say 'ippen shinde miru'?

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>you don't know I'm a programmer myself

You know literally nothing about me, and you are never going to be in a position, socially speaking, where you can undelusionally address me as 'honey' or 'sweetheart' (these are terms of familiarity and affection, husbands address their wives as this).

Now tell me: Who are you? You do not want me to find out, I'm guessing.

If you're not a troll, tell me the first name of my grandfather.

>> No.45638986

Considering the purpose of Ai's character is to tell japanese teenage girls that you have no idea what real hardship is you whiny bitch, you need to shut the hell up.

>> No.45639012

Sorry, pumpkin, that's all for now. See you around.

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So of course, you're a troll.

As someone who has actually been through the same amount of hell, and how self-righteous and angry you are.. I think you are the one who needs to shut up. It's rare that I see people in fiction who have honestly been through as much hell as I've been through.

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You're full of shit and your ass will never look this good.

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File: 38 KB, 1207x1070, GNUUUUU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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You also type and hold discussions to the same intellectual degree as a 14 year old. Fits. Also, no one but you gives a fuck if you have a vagina or not. He called you a cunt because you are, in fact, a cunt. That has nothing to do with gender.

>> No.45639177

I hope no ones truly attracted to lines and color in the shape of a butt.

>> No.45639183

>wahh muh parents got divorced and i lived in the suburbs!! woe is me my life is so hard

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If it makes you feel any better, I'm not Asian, and she is Japanese. It still doesn't change the fact that she's one of the few anime characters who has been through as much hell as me.

Similarly, I'm not black, nor am I from India (as Anthy appears she would be if she weren't from a fictional country), but Anthy is another such character.

I doubt I'll live forever (as they both do), but it already feels like forever, and some things that would have absolutely killed most people haven't killed me.

The similarity is in how their story begins. Anthy is cursed in some kind of witch trial, Enma Ai is chosen to be a human sacrifice because the villagers don't like her weirdness very much.

Tenshi from Angel Beats shows the same flat affect and acts like how I actually acted at school when I was a kid, but her background is different from mine.

>> No.45639240

gnUUuuuu~ gnu?

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GreenNewUnused Pepper

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>still posting ITT
lol, fag

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I moved a lot during my childhood, but the city (Denver) which I think is the closest thing I ever had to a home town, was actually a lot less annoying than the suburbs I spent my teenage years in. I got into fights and there was a lot of stupid bullshit, but it was less weird and fucked up than the suburbs of Boston.

Could you beat up everyone on your street as a daily chore to get home from school? No? Then stfu. You're nothing but a self-righteous jackass.

You aren't actually functioning at a higher level than I.

see >>45633263

I fixed it. (by making it a baphomet)

I hope this thread wasn't serious, because I did it for the lols.

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Made this one a few months ago


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Could you tell Great King Enma to go fuck himself? No? Then stfu.

>> No.45639339

it really is ugly as fuck

>> No.45639369

>messed up childhood
no wonder you're a tranny

>> No.45639370

and not a single graphic at that link
who the fuck is the retard who designed that site

>> No.45639374

it looks neat. wings are a nice touch (Gnu performing a Sonic Rainboom when ?)
the star on the forehead gives [her] some kind of Che Guevara style, i'd just make the whole body look more fuzzy. nice tits anyways.

BRB something stinks, i think i left a cig burning, somewhere,

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Best one without doubt

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Well, I have only seen the first and 2nd seasons, and haven't finished watching the third season.

Do you mean the end of the 2nd season, where, this boy has that same sort of thing happen to him, where everyone hates him, and there's no real reason for it, and she is supposed to ferry him off to hell, but then..

>pic related

..she can't stand it anymore, she saves him, and dies after hundreds of years of living, to do so? Also giving Kikuri (who is actually the spider-god devil) a giant middle finger for all the mischeif she created to cause that to happen, in the process?

If I were in that situation, I would have done the same thing. And inb4..

>wanting to stay alive, after hundreds of years of that

Seriously, what for? For more centuries and all of eternity of that? Yeah, fuck that. I'd be pretty sick of everything by then too.

>> No.45639552

Well I'll be damned, this is the most autistic thing I've read in all my years on 4chan. Having a little trouble speaking to others there, dear? Do you happen to suffer from ass burgers? Or were you just bullied a lot in school today, and need to take it out on people having a constructive discussion, with the pretentious use of expensive phrases just to seek a sense of superiority?

>> No.45639560

It's a trap who compares himself with a literal demon god. Leave him be.

>> No.45639566

That's awesome. I'm getting a sticker of that for my laptop.

>> No.45639574

You know that's not how I spell my name, chris, you faggot.

But no, that's not my post.

>> No.45639581

I'm not a tranny.

The funny part for me was that the baphomet still has a goat head, and the GNU logo is a goat head. I wonder if this was deliberate or if I just wanted to make that joke so badly that I saw the joke there waiting to be made.

>> No.45639586

Whatever Steven. Who the fuck is Chris anyways?

>> No.45639606

Why do I have to be a trap, and when did I compare myself to a demon god? If you mean Enma Ai, she's not a god. She was conscripted by the devil to be a demon as her punishment for burning down the village after they killed her and buried her alive. And.. of course, it's all fiction.

>> No.45639607

>spoiling events of an actually decent series in a thread where discussion of said series has nothing to do with the topic of said thread

>> No.45639629

Because, my not actually being a dickgirl and my name actually not being an expression of edginess aside, I am a faggot.

How did this thread get derailed again? Oh yeah, someone didn't have a sense of humor.

>> No.45639636

The GNU logo is a gnu head, you worthless cunt.

>> No.45639652

fuck you chris, you spelled it wrong again. The NSA knows you are chris, you can't hide.

>> No.45639669

>ctrl+F Ride the bull
>0 results

>> No.45639670

Chris is my brother, cunt. I thought we shared a bond tight enough for you to identify me just by the way I write. And to think I let you buttfuck me last night!

>> No.45639677

You have twitter or something i'd really like to get to know you heh

>> No.45639690

I think I may have confused you for someone else

>> No.45639694
File: 38 KB, 720x480, anthy boy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1) You could be less rude while you're addressing someone who really hasn't wronged you in any way.
2) I looked it up, and there is one ugly animal called a wildebeest, aka a gnu. I hadn't heard of it.


3) (I think I'm starting to see how some drama that doesn't entirely make sense to someone who thinks political allies should try to be polite with each other even happened..)

>> No.45639706

Well I sure fucking haven't, you prick. You've been lying to me this whole time. Betraying my trust.

>> No.45639734

How the fuck can you say you didn't wrong him when you're the only non-anonymous person here? I'm getting real tired of your shit, fairy. You destroyed a perfectly good thread with your pent-up teen angst. You wronged everyone who was enjoying it. Your very presence in this thread is making a lot of people angry.

>> No.45639744

Can you guise shower me with attention because my parents are divorced too and I had it rough growing up eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch at school and the kids picked on me for being such a whiny bitch and scrutinizing others sense of humor because it doesn't align with my own and I'm feeling left out

>> No.45639774

Sorry. Can we talk about this later? Like, not in front of people? You may need to get yourself checked out... I know a good doctor.

>> No.45639790

And that same spider thought that trapping her in a corpse and getting angry villagers to beat her up is the way one kills a demon. They're obviously going to regress to some spirit form, hijack some innocent person's body until they can perform a ritual in order to regain their own. This has happened so many times it's no longer an asspull.

>> No.45639795

>I think I'm starting to see how some drama that doesn't entirely make sense to someone who thinks political allies should try to be polite with each other even happened

What. The. Fuck.

>> No.45639832 [DELETED] 

Are you calling me crazy? I'm not crazy! I didn't plant explosive ricecookers in a big city for nothing! You asked me to put my life on the line by doing that! Don't come saying I need help! I did it all for you! I gave everything to be with you! And you do this to me? FUCK YOU

>> No.45639925
File: 497 KB, 720x540, more of anthy boy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was still worth doing. Also, if you really believed tripfags were attention whores, you would punish them by ignoring them.

Well.. I've been wondering if some had upset others with getting mad over.. something like this, and if it's all banter, or what. (It looks like some perhaps found the aggressive tendencies of some others, and how they respond to jokes, and how upset they can get over little things to be.. a bit disconcerting.)

>> No.45639932

There is only a 7/10 chance of infection and if we catch it early enough the virus shouldn't spread past your genitals, and the rice cookers were only a decoy. Just like when you discovered my merkin last night. It's poetry really. Now we can share everything. Isn't that what you've always wanted?

>> No.45639942

That's an interesting point.

>> No.45639964


>> No.45639979

The fuck? Where did I mention that tripfags were attention whores? You're the most incoherent person I've ever had the pleasure (?) of replying to. Stop talking nonsense and go back to listening to Linkin Park or Evanescence or whatever you edgy emo kids listen to these days.

>> No.45640009


>> No.45640013
File: 54 KB, 535x523, 1418651815701.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fixed it with MS Paint :3

>> No.45640025

THAT WAS A MERKIN? Fuck, I went to a costume party with the thing in my head! I thought it was a toupet! Why didn't you fucking tell me?

>> No.45640039
File: 508 KB, 720x540, a black rose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>listening to any of the crap you listed

Well, I can safely say, you don't know me.

Classical remains the best music ever, though I never formed my identity around what music I like.

>> No.45640073

>you don't know me!
>you don't know my story!

Watch that edge, Freddy Krueger.

>> No.45640098

I hadn't realized I lost it till this morning. That 3M double sided tape finally broke loose. It was like an industrial wax job down there. Except more flesh than fur was removed. I was truly embarassed. Don't tell chris

>> No.45640108
File: 26 KB, 1500x1112, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OC negros

>> No.45640117
File: 2 KB, 160x164, th.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I only listen to classical

>> No.45640118


holy shit stop being so autistic you need a therapist

>> No.45640131

bretty gud anon

>> No.45640169

Holy shit there's a reason why you're not supposed to post here until you're 18.

>> No.45640185

>need a therapist
She needs a gender reassignment surgery, and RIGHTS! you bigot!

>> No.45640188

Fuck off, feminist.

>> No.45640271
File: 180 KB, 720x540, hm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, you're wrong all the time. This means you don't know me.

If you were the NSA, it would be deliberate, to fool me, as part of an elaborate attempt at behavior modification (still a real possibility, though not the most likely, because honestly, you don't act like it). But this tells me, at least, that you aren't psyops (again, your behavior pattern is different, so if you are psyops, they changed their M.O.).

I never said it was all I listened to.

Well, at least I'm not having any emotions right now.

I'm 27, but what IS the reason? I might be underageb& anyhow.

>> No.45640325

ow the autism.png

>> No.45640403
File: 455 KB, 720x540, mfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was serious. I barely even remember these past 3-4 years. It is exactly like I have travelled through time from 2009.

(and, I don't look a day older than 14, though I am 27 -- it's still possible that I am just very healthy, 27 isn't really very old yet)

>> No.45640605
File: 469 KB, 720x540, mikage & anthy-boy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>now, what I was doing in 2009?
>oh yeah.. I remember like I was just thinking that yesterday, and can I just continue where I left off?
>and the answer is: I sure as hell can, it was very simple.. (to me, anyways)

>> No.45640698
File: 411 KB, 720x540, a smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and wait, what year is it now?
>it's 2014
>so I guess it's been 5 years

I'm fortunate to have such a good memory.

>and after spending literally years ruthlessly experimenting upon and (vaguely) discerning the identity/motivations of my enemies..
>I'll just continue my day (well, only figuratively speaking, it's a day), right where I left off 5 years ago
>what was I going to do? oh yeah..

>going to set up a computer which is even moreso to my ideal than how my computer was back then
>and study (programming)
>and did I remember why I wanted to do programming?
>yes, I wanted to make a video game, for as long as I can remember

And this, I have realized, is the biggest middle finger I can give to the world.

>> No.45641281


any email, facebook, tumblr, myspace, 4square you got so we can get together sometime sweetie (i mean together as in only in the virtual world of course hehe)?

I'd like to know more about you and those issues you talk about...

>> No.45641374


Wow this board is so fucking retarded sometimes.

>> No.45641521

ayy lmao

>> No.45641744
File: 95 KB, 939x388, GNULogo3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.45642089


>> No.45642132

V nice.

Looks too h4ck3r and not in a funny hacker way.

Nice! :) Simple and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I literally loled.

GNU is nice. Makes it look "professional". Tux though was never meant to look professional. Erase that.

I would use that sticker on my laptop.

It's pretty nice but I think too simple. If you made the GNU stand out more - some way - maybe yeah.

>> No.45642204


>> No.45642224
File: 1.26 MB, 260x187, 1408752813126.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45642818

I always lose it when someone licenses a 14kb .png as free software and then includes a few paragraphs of text

>> No.45642909


>> No.45642921

I didn't know tripfags still existed.

>> No.45643860
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>> No.45646072


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