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>Android 5 just started rolling out
>got the update on my Nexus 7
>all excited
>tablet reboots
>see this
>what do? :(

Did it seriously brick my Nexus?

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Mine just installed fine. Buttery as fuck.

>posted from my Nexus 7

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mine's fine. that's not a brick, newfriend

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>>Android 5 just started rolling out

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it's serious, I got mine today too.

Just relock your bootloader bro.

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Boot it into fastboot and use the official rom/script to flash it.

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why isn't there anywhere reporting on this? it's a pretty big thing

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Android L is still in development, they are trolling.

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Yeah, but this dev update explicitly says "Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

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What about it?

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Fucking niggers. I seriously had to go to reddit to confirm this and you're trollin

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Am I being trolled here?

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I fucking wish. But no I just had the same thing happen on my Nexus 5.

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Am I the only one who hasn't had a problem with the upgrade?

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Stop rusing me /g/ it isn't funny.

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Just fucking leave the thread

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Woah, calm down big guy.

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Holy fucking shit, I just watched a whole movie on Netflix with this new update and my battery only went down 5%

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Holy shit I just came on my Nexus 5 and because of the new Android 5 update, Cortana told me to cum in her pussy next time. Thanks Apple.

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Fuck you, Cortana told ME she'd let me fucking cream her.

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why do you wish that if you got the update?

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>Le Android L battery saver face.
Nexus 4

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Is this for real?

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I smell bait

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Yeah but I didn't use it much.

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