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Nexus 6/X officially leaked

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bamp for 200+ thread

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like your dad's d?

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>Google releases a Nexus 6 and a Nexus 4 Gen 2


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looks fucking shit

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If only it came in gold..

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too big, looks shit, the only good thing about it will probably be the price for the specs it has

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Everyone is complaining now, but you will be drolling all over the damn thing in a couple of days.

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>best of google offering
>brightest minds work this after many times
>wonder why iphone sells many phones


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nope, its too big

i'm sure the price and specs will be relatively good and android l will be interesting but otherwise nah

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>anyone drooling over that

lol no

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This. ill keep my N5 for now

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Looks like my galaxy s3, which is ugly

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rip opo

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I drool over 5.9" inside my boipussy everyday

it looks ugly

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Unless it comes to Verizon it's a no go for me. Can't give up unlimited data. I'll get a note 4 and try and root it if the 6 doesn't come home

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ugh why do motorola always fuck things up - nexus phones have been astoundingly attractive until this point

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>literally naming a phone Nexus 6
That's just fucking great Google, now iPhone fans that think they're the next Blade Runner are going to SHOOT your phones.

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Not sure if I'm more aroused at the fact that I'll finally get an IPS 6'' phone with flagship specs running Android or at the tears of 1.66 trillion faggots crying over how they aren't getting their #584538 sub 5" phone and trying to deny me my dream phone.

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same here I have unlimited data too.

I used up 400GB data last month/
not worth giving it up for switching to other carriers.

40 bucks a month for my granfathered plan.

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how do you use all that, youtube?

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I use it for my home internet. hotspot

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Probably tethering.

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Yeah me to on that data plan, I use about 10ish gigs a month but to get a plan to cover that would be like almost a 100 bucks more a month and have limited data.

While I hate Verizon and how it wants to lock down the phones and push the share plans. They have the best network and to walk away from unlimited data on the best network is crazy,

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>People say 6" is way too big for a phone
>Hurr durr... They must be iFags
I suppose that kind of stupidity makes the world a lot easier to grasp when you're not exactly the sharpest pencil in the pencil case.

>Never owned an iPhone
>Don't plan on getting one ether
>Device history includes Android devices
>Currently on a Lumia 920
>Still think 6" is N-Gage tier huge and fucking retarded

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can you torrent on it, and also, dont they get the shits with you and cite some "fair usage" stuff?

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So... no new google device in the 4.5-5.5" range ? 5.9 seems way too big for me... the 5.2" rumour would have been awesome

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Nexus 5 is more than enough. No thanks.

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I torrent on it all the time. never been throttled. I do get faster speeds around nighttime though I think it's just the network.

what do you mean by fair usage? They never said anything. Been a loyal customer and I buy my phones outright and if they ever decide to cancel my playn I can sue them up the ass . It wouldn't be worth it to them


they try shit like this and get fucked always.

pretty much I'm in a safe plan that kicks ass.

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What the fuck is with people assuming things that are totally unrelated then writing a fucking paragraph on it.

No I didn't even mention Apple, nor have I inquired about your life and your device history.

Get off your fucking pedestal of shit.

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most providers have some fair useage stuff where they can pull the plug on you if they think you arent being "fair" - basically a guise so that they can throw the term unlimited around a marketing sense.

fuck me australian internet blows

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i think my sony xperia z ultra at 6.5" is a great size for home use. like 5" might be more useful if you're using it outside a lot and riding public transportation. but for productivity stuff i'd definitely prefer 6+ inches. even with my 3.2" samsung galaxy gio i used it with two hands all the time except when i only pulled it out to see what time it is. but you can easily check the time one-handed with the 6.5" xperia z ultra too.

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>i think my sony xperia z ultra at 6.5" is a great size
i didnt know hagrid browsed 4chan

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I want a new phone that is decent, runs stock Android and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I was going to buy this but now I guess my only choice is the new Moto G? It's a massive downgrade but at least it's not 6"

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Moto X 2014 is the better option

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make that 5 or 5.2 and we have a deal

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Last year's Moto X and Nexus 5 are going to be cheap as fuck now. Moto X 2013 is known for god tier ergonomics and it *should* get Android L. I have a Nexus 5 and I have no intentions for upgrading for at least another year. It's a tad large though, even in my bear hands.

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Moto X 2014 is too expensive

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Maybe you are too poor

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>implying it's the nexus 6

It's the motorola shamu, faggots. First phone with android silver. More will follow.

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I wish

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Why is there no green in the camera icon? I thought the main colors were a great way to symbolize camera lenses but it makes no sense without green.

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Release day?
Is it tomorrow? I can find only leaks and "maybe" on Android's forums...

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>implying it's even a nexus

Didn't the leaker say there will be no nexus devices beyond Nexus 9?

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Didn't this guy say he was quitting leaks?

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That phone is fucking ugly and too big. I guess I'll be holding on to my N4 for a while.

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How long do I have to wait for a new 4.5" to 5.5' google phone?

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He's just a guy with friends in positions. Why pass up the opportunity not to leak this year's most talked about Android phone.

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Until the new universe cycle's 2013.

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until apple "reinvents" small compact phones and everyone follows the trend

i can seriously imagine "so small and thin it can easily fit in any pocket" ads

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>All these manlets who can't handle a 6 inch phone

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That kite string is how far a thumb can reach on the screen.

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why would "natural" be smaller on the iPhone 6+? also it depends on if you're a manlet/woman or an adult male. i have pretty good reach with one hand on my xperia z ultra. it helps that it's extremely thin, light and balanced too.

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how the hell do you hold your phone?

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>the entirety of the human race shares the same thumb size
Manlets stay mad, my Note 2 is perfect.

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>Note 2

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this. I can reach 90% of my n5's screen no trouble

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Bezels are not accounted in this picture I assume?

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Wow 2011 is gonna be the best year for phone design YET!

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And what do you do at home that you can't do with a tablet?
Phones are for going outside.

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fugly as fug

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Shit looks gross. Why must they insist on continuing to kill bezels? I need some room to fucking hold the phone without covering the screen, you know. Damn.

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>this is what apple users ACTUALLY believe
There's plenty of bezels for your hands buddy

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>Spend years making a more battery efficient OS using ART instead of DALVIK
>ruin the pro's in terms of battery life by putting in a useless QHD display

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i would suck dick for that plan

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the preview for L on Samsung is actually is a step in the right direction, touchfizz doesn't look completely horrible with it.

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1080p is a giant step up from 480x320
4K when

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What are the chances that there will be a 2nd, smaller nexus?

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>Not having cute girly hands

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I am in need of a new android phone after my Xperia ST21i died last week. I haven't used the phone for much due to its poor system specs, however, now I am dabling into Android development via Haxe and would like a phone that I would use daily as well as use as an application testing device.

I have considered the Moto G, however, I am afraid of getting another "cheap phone" like I did last time. Another option I've considered was the Nexus 5, as I would prefer reference android OS os on the device.

My question is, is the Nexus 5 worth the 146% greater price (device only) that I would have to spend on it in my country? Or should I just put my money forward to an incoming computer upgrade later this year?

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I wish I was a girly boy. Fucking hell you twinks don't know how well you have it.

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Well, guess I'm getting the Z3c then.

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Same here. I've been running PA on my N4 since launch with zero regrets. Check muh SoT

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I used PA a bit ago after I switched from L
Battery life was atrocious.
Tried another ROM (Mahdi) and it was fine.

Shame, because I liked PA's features.

>> No.44687120

Mfw when I'm also running PA on my n4
Mfw android L will give me better screen time than 5 hours on a 3 year old phone.

Why even upgrade faggots?

>> No.44687129

>no LTE

>> No.44687140

Because I'll be able to get an even better battery life with a new phone.

The N4 has an LTE chip
Only works with Band 20 though

>> No.44687154

Why are there so few phones running stock Android?

>> No.44687161

I'm using greenify and Franco kernel to get this godly daily use. Doesn't impact performance either.

I was surprised to see L preview handle LTE with new radio and not drain battery on the n4. Looking forward to better battery life.

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>> No.44687176

I'm using franco as well
Fixed it a bit, but I'm still getting more on Mahdi

>> No.44687189

Change for the sake of change

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When do you ever hold a phone by the bezel?

>> No.44687509

Pretty satisfied w/ my Z3C. I'd consider selling it if the Nexus 6 is a killer phone though.

>> No.44687516

too bad the battery and camera will be shit because Nexus

>> No.44687554

smaller bezel + bigger screen ala the LG G3 is what i like to see. Remains to be seen whether 5.9in is too big though when the bezel is reduced so greatly.

The LG G3 "feels" the same size as my HTC One M7. Maybe this will "feel" the same size as a Note 3/Iphone 6+ or so since the bezel is so small.

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The battery will be great, especially with Android L.

Not sure about the camera though. I guess we'll find out

>> No.44687621

No shit, but with 1080p on 5-6 inch displays we have pretty much hit the limit in terms of descernable differences in terms of sharpness

>> No.44687643

>the battery will be great
>5'9 inch qhd screen

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>Notification bar

>> No.44687779

Silver is dead and has been dead for awhile bro.

Shamu IS the New Nexus.

>> No.44687875

Looking at some leaks I came to this conclusion:

>Android Silver fell through
>Moto still had a 5.9" Silver phone pretty much done
>Google had no Nexus because of Silver
>Moto proposed that Google use their phone as the next Nexus

>> No.44688039

The 6+ is bigger.

>> No.44688047

Should I buy the Nexus 6 or get the LG G3?

>> No.44688068


This is marketing.

>> No.44688112

I'll have to see its ass before I decide. If it has that obnoxious huge dimple from the Moto X then it's a no. I have a perfectly good N5 anyway.

>> No.44688139

>being such a manlet that you can't even reach across a 3.5" screen comfortably
Who even made this

>> No.44688146

OnePlus One

>> No.44688191

shitty build quality, shitty company.

I'll pass.

>> No.44688286

BLU Vivo IV?

>> No.44688305

>shitty build quality
Better than pretty much every android phone out there

>> No.44688306

That's be pretty sweet. I liked the design of the Nexus 4 (the sparkly back was nice - shame about the cracks).

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Why doesn't anyone make a high-end stock Android phone with good battery life?

I mean Motorola came closest with the Moto G and Moto X combo but the Moto X has shit battery life and the Moto G is not high end

It's like no one wants to compete with Apple

>> No.44688334

>Why doesn't anyone make a high-end stock Android phone with good battery life?
There is one, the one plus one.
>inb4 it's not high-end
Then define high-end

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Stock android is overrated. No phone on the market can compete with the note 4.

>> No.44688376

I've never seen a Samsung phone that performed well.
TouchWiz destroys performance

Also the Note and Galaxy S phones are very overpriced

>> No.44688450

Point to any phone with the features and specs the note 4 has.

And no it doesn't lag.

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A large QHD screen, a Snapdragon 805 and a 3200mAh battery?

That's all that is worth mentioning on it, and it's exactly what the Nexus 6 is going to have, except it's going to perform light years ahead because of far superior software.
And it's going to cost half the monies too

Samsung phones are very overpriced

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>ignoring spen
>ignoring the camera which will likely be light years ahead of nexus shit
>ignoring multi window and actual multitasking
>ignoring the fact also that the nexus panel is likely to be cheap shit and have poor colors and will look awful compared to the Sammy AMOLED
>ignoring sd card slot
>ignoring removable battery

>> No.44688549

>not waiting for ARMv8

>> No.44688612

Not everyone can wait. I have a 4s and it's so laggy and unstable I need to upgrade soon. Can't keep waiting for something better or you'll wait forever.

>> No.44688713

What is it and when will we see it in android phones?

>> No.44688734

I'll jump in here for a sec (as previous SGS2 owner)

>ignoring spen
you can get a stlus for every phone out there, just look up Amazon.
>ignoring the camera which will likely be light years ahead of nexus shit
point for you
>ignoring multi window and actual multitasking
Google was tinkering with multiwindow, could be standard on Android soon; multitasking is the same on every phone and has nothing to do with multiwindow.
>ignoring the fact also that the nexus panel is likely to be cheap shit and have poor colors and will look awful compared to the Sammy AMOLED
Not like samsung overtune their colors, right?
>ignoring sd card slot
2nd point for you, though the cloud is still an option able to live with

>> No.44688782

>you can get a stlus for every phone out there, just look up Amazon.

You're trolling right? The styluses available on Amazon emulate the input of a finger and feel disgusting to use. The lack of the Wacom digitizer is fucking massive.

>> No.44688794

>too big
are you retarded? I fucking hate faggots like you who complain about too big phones, bet you're a gay fuck who can't take a 3 inch dick in his ass

>> No.44688800

the spen is more like a wacom than a stylus bro

>> No.44688844

64-bit, dedicated AES encryption

>> No.44688894

You're almost too stupid to respond to.
>you can get a stlus for every phone out there, just look up Amazon.

You're comparing a spen with a wacom digitizer to a fucking rubber stylus that's the same as using a finger you fucking mongoloid.

>Google was tinkering with multiwindow, could be standard on Android soon; multitasking is the same on every phone and has nothing to do with multiwindow.

Switching between apps and having singular focus on one at a time isn't multitasking, and for now multi window is just on skins like touchwiz not stock android.

>Not like samsung overtune their colors, right?

Basic mode on the note 4 is exceptionally accurate, go read the display mate review of the screen you retard.

>2nd point for you, though the cloud is still an option able to live with

A fucking dumbass who uses the cloud, somehow I'm not surprised.

>> No.44688997


The leaker was indeed right omg

>> No.44689016

First insulting, then still replying. Who's the dunbfuck here?

Ok i got it that a stylus isn't a wacom (whatever THIS shit would be), never really found this stuff interesting, so i basicly don't know shit about it.

Multitaskng in Android is actually that the apps that aren't focused still being executed in the background, as it is the nature within Android. Like i said NOTHING to do with multiwindow.
Also i just noted it _could be_ in stock andoid as well in the future, not that it is. L2R

colors are basicly an subjective opinon anyways, but whatever. If you're happy with them go for it, dumbfuck

the cloud exists just not to be used. Logical flaw there, find it,

>> No.44689017

I'm not the one you replied to, but I just can't support Samsung out of principal.

Their marketshare is out of control and it's beginning to hurt the ecosystem.

Also I hate touchwizz

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lol u mad

>> No.44689073

You lost all credibility when you compared a fucking wacom digitizer spen to a amazon rubber stylus, you're a fucking retard.

And news flash dumb dick switching between one app and then to another, isn't multitasking, I don't care how much google shit you eat.

>> No.44689106


I'm out, you're jut an angry teenager, not worth talking to.

>> No.44689177

>smaller nexus

There was a benchmark about a month ago that showed a Moto device with a 5.2-inch screen and some assumed it's the Nexus 6. That's it.

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File: 36 KB, 636x480, startrek_tng_data_shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a phablet, why is this a bad thing?

>> No.44689181

>o-o-oh shit he called me out on my bullshit better run away!

>> No.44689206


Read this. THIS is multitasking.

>> No.44689226

Sticky when?

>> No.44689283

When I install Lollipop in your special place. :^)

>> No.44689613

You don't even need a phone, Data. You already are an android.

>> No.44689684

Get the Moto G, it a lot better than other cheap phones. If you don't need a absolute high-end phone, the Moto G is just fine

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File: 32 KB, 720x544, startrek_tng_data_fuckyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44691600

For you

>> No.44691651


>> No.44691799

>mfw there is not a single lollipop in sight, not even on the sweets table.


>> No.44691832
File: 153 KB, 614x1024, Android-Lollipop-Chromium-Issue-tracker-leak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see notification bar

>> No.44691968

So guys, a quick update: they're going to make this a silent event, meaning that there won't be much of a live thing, only a blog post with a video that is kind of a sequel to "Sweeet!".

>> No.44691983

How longs it going to take to get L in CM ?

>> No.44691985

the leaker hath spoken, and we will gladly await~

>> No.44692190

but when? HOW LONG

>> No.44692645

Just hope it will be soon, the urge of getting 5.0 is growing every moment.
Even flashed back to 100% stock for this.

>> No.44692820

I can't stand on screen buttons. Looks like it'll be a Note 4 for me.

>> No.44692847

for the OPO i think it was 2 months guaranteed they said before they will have the update OTA

>> No.44692913

Is it going to be tomorrow?

I did this too

>> No.44692949

he's just retarded and thought IPS is the same as iPhone.

>> No.44692959
File: 1.06 MB, 1280x685, Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.15.26 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now maybe it's just me but does this not look EXACTLY like the moto G 2nd gen

>> No.44692996

Anyone know what time last year the nexus 5 went on sale?

>> No.44693005

No shit retard, every nexus is based on one of the current manufactures phones.

>> No.44693010
File: 378 KB, 1280x686, Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.25.06 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you even try to look?

>> No.44693025

I'm just saying the nexus 4 didn't really emulate anything to a fine point. That render looks EXACTLY like the Moto G. Not a variation but directly and specifically exactly the same. I'm gonna say that's just a render of the G.

>> No.44693041

And why would they emulate a low end phone. That's like if One+ was modeled after the GS3 Mini

>> No.44693086

You don't understand consumers if you think the best product will always sell with merchandise that emulates what getting a car was in the 60s

>> No.44693501

I meant time of the day. As in the exact hour on the release day.

>> No.44693683

nah man, it could still be a lot sharper. for example text and icons need a ton of anti-aliasing to even look decent, and with anti-aliasing you get blur. it's not like we're anywhere near technological singularity or anything like that.

>> No.44693773

not better than sony xperia phones
>dat glass, both front and back
>sturdy as fuck, absolutely no creaking
>perfectly balanced
>the entire front is black when the screen is off, the screen is flush with the bezels

>> No.44693859

Love how this guy retired but just can't fucking shut up.

>> No.44693876
File: 152 KB, 628x424, Nexus6-size-comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bigger than iphone6+

>> No.44693919

lel why does it look so wide? what's the resolution/aspect ratio?

>> No.44694049

>disgusting oval shaped chassis
>likely totally plastic
so i guess this means i'm getting the note 4 now.

>> No.44694094

>colors are subjective
actually the note 4 objectively has the best display on the market. it's color accuracy is far better than even the iphone's.

>> No.44694400

Damn, time' moving so slow when waiting
Worst of all, idoubt it will be released at 00:00, is there any "usual" timeframe for releases?

>> No.44694514

i don't like smooth edges. I've never had a nexus phone so i'll keep my eye on this.

>> No.44694551

That's what I've been asking.. What time (hour, EST) did the nexus 5 become available for sale?

>> No.44694746

>not reading the wikipedia article
>shiggle diggle

>> No.44694799


The new moto g is great. Much better speakers. Only costs €190. Then buy a microsd

>> No.44694823

Android L for Nexus 5 when?

>> No.44694832
File: 36 KB, 570x465, 1410838465860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no SD slot

volume next to power button

what a fucking pile of SHIT

honestly who the fuck would want this, with no SD card slot and android locking files to >4GB

>> No.44694908

It's rolling out now for Nexus 5 and 7 but looks like tons of people are having serious problems? >>44690534

>> No.44695701

aw what?? Its not on the official android images page to download and my device isnt picking up the update yet :(??

>> No.44696236

Have we gotten any specs for this yet? All I care about is the battery life. Otherwise, I'm going to the oneplus so I don't have to charge the damn phone every lunch break. Love my N4 to death though.

>> No.44696506

Moto G has no LTE. Being stuck on HSPA is too slow and the signal is worse than LTE.

>> No.44696614

What brand is it?
Moto, Sams, LG, Kyoc, etc

>> No.44696689

dem bezels nigga

>> No.44696737

just give mee date

>> No.44697168

He already said october 15 for nexus devices yesterday

>> No.44697219

>Moving the goal post
>Defending Google; ever
>Implying people just don't want a stupid fuckin' tablet sized phone

>> No.44697239

Oh btw, my spy said the video and post will be up @ 5PM PST.

>> No.44697265

I can't wait anymore!

>> No.44697267

>Be big guy (for you)
>Have big hands
>Nexus 6
Awwwww yeah.

Now if they don't fuck me over by not making compatible on Verizon's network I'm gonna stick with my GNex for ever.

>> No.44697291

Why did they to this to us? Why?! Why are we being cursed like this? What is this cyclops looking, elefantitis growth tumor of a phone.

>> No.44697313


>> No.44697403

Manlet life

>> No.44697425

You own a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and you still want Google to do business with them after the shit they pulled?

Google is smarter than that buddy, either jump out of VZ or get a Pure Edition MotoX.

>> No.44697448

Depends on price really.

I'm in what appears the final stages of my grand father unlimited plan.

Also it looks like Google and Verizon might get along. If not I'll just time it right and switch to T-Mobile.

>> No.44697541

It will have a non removable battery, so...into the trash it goes :)

>> No.44697576

>needing a removable battery
Maybe to stick it in your anus.

Back to shitstagram you shall go.

>> No.44697668
File: 173 KB, 704x753, 1338055018240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decide to sell my xt 910 maxx because battery
>about to sell it to some dude
>he wants me to keep it rooted and with all my optimizations
>delete all my personal things from the phone and a few apps he didn't want
>the day after
>1 hour screen time
>70% battery
>looks like it was battery drain despite the apps I deleted were just a voice recorder and another dumb app I can't recall
>sent a message to the dude, "I got flu, sorry, yeah I'll call you when I'm good, bye"
>mfw I doubted motorola's 4 years 100% battery life claim
>mfw it was all my fault and non-removable batteries are actually good

>> No.44697688

mic check...one two...one two...who's the homo, not me definitely you!

>> No.44697785

I was hoping to get a new phone since my N4 barely lasts a day on standby but I feel like it is already a bit too large. I really hope the N6 wont be larger than 5"

>> No.44697856

Dude its a phablet its going to be as big as a Note

>> No.44697870

The Nexus 5 is still perfect. Don't need this.

>> No.44697879

I'm now not sure whether I should wait a bit and see if there are any other phones from Google of normal size that follow or if I should just buy the nexus 5 when the price drops

>> No.44697885


>> No.44698048

I guarantee a Nexus 5 price drop when this thing goes on sale in the store.

>> No.44698130
File: 31 KB, 600x457, IS-THIS-NIGGA-s3gs2e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44698746

galaxy nexus master race here

let's say i don't get the n6 because it's too big and instead get the n5. how long can i expect the n5 to last before it gets slow and shitty?

>> No.44698780

Nexus 5 will probably run just fine and still get updates for another two years.

>> No.44699491

Google will never release a Nexus on Verizon after what happened last time. Go Sprint if you really want CDMAids or T-Mobile when you're ready to stop being assfucked by other carriers.

>> No.44699511
File: 2.00 MB, 250x158, 1404673433450.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw unlimited data
>move house, no internet for a while
>Netflix, 4 devices, torrents
>I accidentally almost an entire terabyte

>> No.44699548

>Day 1 of Android L
>Change stupid fucking autism shapes navigation bar back to KK

>> No.44700557

no, its not rolling out at all, that picture is either some retard using the L preview rom or some other rom

>> No.44701780
File: 24 KB, 612x465, 1379533112165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanna know how I know your bullshitting? Any phone company would've capped way before you even got close to 1TB. Unless your implying you watched your netflix in 240p and your torrents were moving at a snails pace.

>> No.44701989

Yeah. I have unlimited data too on AT&T and they start throttling me to a crawl after using 5gb

>> No.44702191

>moving the goal post
because 3-4" screens should still be the norm
>tablet sized phone
there's a big difference between a bigger 5.9" to 6.4" 16:9 phone with slim bezels as opposed to a 7"+ 16:10 to 4:3 tablet with picture frame bezels

>> No.44702252
File: 1.20 MB, 602x1024, IMG_1405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw if I did this it would cost me probably $1000

>> No.44702253

not every phone company throttles data, especially not on certain grandfathered plans that were legit unlimited data. maybe they they kept a clause that lets them throttle extreme disrupters of the network but 5 GB doesn't qualify for that.

>"unlimited" data
>throttle after 5 GB
>good goyim

>> No.44702336

I've sorta made my peace with the 5.9in. Will probably get it if it has a decent battery and is <$500

>> No.44702360

German Media-Saturn giant has it listed for €549-649 for 32 and 64GB.

>Android shill statuses


Enjoy your overpriced Nexus shit.

>> No.44702418

god i love america i wish i had this
we dont even have 4g down here

>> No.44702559
File: 290 KB, 1280x857, Blade-Runner4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen things...

>> No.44702633

They are emulating the Moto X 2014, which has the same design language as the Moto G 2014 and the Moto E

>> No.44702657


>> No.44702694

Also, the GS3 Mini is modeled after the GS3 which was Samsung's flagship at the time.

So your comparison doesn't really stand.

>> No.44702771

wait for 5pm pst ya dingus

>> No.44702847

>550 eurons
>6" bathroom-tile
where were you when nexus was kill

>> No.44702890

Nexus 6 soon fellow botnets

>> No.44702923
File: 116 KB, 1600x761, BladeRunner_041Pyxurz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You NEXUS, ah? I design your eyes!

>> No.44703012

For what reason did they decide to make it a tablet wannabe, phablets cannot be selling that well outside of the Note series to warrant this

>> No.44703059

I think the mixup of the Android Silver and Nexus programs this year left them with their pants down and they just released this because it was near their usual timeframe.

>> No.44703248

Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus say otherwise.

>> No.44703297


Prepare your anus

>> No.44703347

Not as cheap as it needed to be. Still might consider cancelling my iPhone 6 Plus order for one though, but if the camera ends up being shite (par for the course for Android), I'll be sad for a while.

>> No.44703398

Oh man, that makes me want to get a note 3/4
I love the shit out of my wacom tablet and stylus.

>> No.44703501

Nexus are always more expensive on carriers than on the play store.
>one can hope

>> No.44703641
File: 60 KB, 875x875, ktkkk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.44704142


>Fucking Apple Shill site talking about my beloved Android

>> No.44704144


Pre-order at the end of the month

>> No.44704251

Is everybody masturbating right now?

>> No.44704281

A $1000 nexus
Nigga what the fuck

>> No.44704308

Awww yisss
Just got a Moto X that Im going to upgrade to 4.4.4 and then that delicious L come tomorrow.

>> No.44704349



>> No.44704635

I Actually feel disappointed from all of this. Anyone else?

>$650 Nexus phone
>Another goddamn rollout update
>No demos of the new material design apps

>> No.44704691

Guess I'll just get an OPO then. This sucks.

>> No.44705023

Get the Moto G then. Gee...

>> No.44705527

When will moto /g/ get L?

>> No.44705660



Love niggers and gays, use android.
Google does their best to compete with iOS

>> No.44705910

I pre-ordered the Note 4, but now I'm having second thoughts.

Should I switch to Nexus 6

>> No.44707662

Why do people even want this?
Do you really think you'll use that watch gimmick thing?
Glass I can understand, but the watch is just stupid.

>> No.44708211

the moto g isn't a watch you fucking retard, it's the budget moto x

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