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No stupid questions thread? What nonsense.
There's always stupid questions to be asked.

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Says who?

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I just set up my dualshock 3 with JoyToKey to emulate a mouse so I can control my PC from my comfy couch, but I need JTK to be disabled when any game launches, since games have their own controller code usually. If I leave it on the game registers double key/button presses or opens the start menu or any kind of unwanted shit.
I can associate a profile with an individual application, but I don't feel like adding every single game to the list (too much work).
TL;DR is there a way to disable JoyToKey when launching any game?

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How do I make a automatic Ubuntu install ISO? Want to make a private cloud on a server I have. Automatically installing os would be nice for this purpose.

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How can I make my Debian look like this? I know its a tiling window manager, but how do I make my panel look like that?

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What executable is the taskbar in windows? It doesn't seem to be explorer.exe

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why can't i get my mpd current song to pipe into my bspwm panel bar?

here's the relevant bit of panel
if [$(pgrep mpd)]
np=$(mpc current)
echo "$np"

bspc config top_padding $PANEL_HEIGHT
bspc control --subscribe > "$PANEL_FIFO" &
xtitle -sf 'T%s' > "$PANEL_FIFO" &
clock -sf 'S%a %H:%M' > "$PANEL_FIFO" &
while true; do
echo "S" "$(np) > "$PANEL_FIFO"
sleep 1s
done &

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Guys, I configured Thunderbird so I can check my uni email on it, but I can't send mail through Thunderbird (I get an error message) (I have to send them through the uni website).
Can I configure Thunderbird so that I can send my mails ?

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That is a stupid question, son.

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Where should i put
xrdb -cpp -merge .Xresources

so my urxvt would work with solarized colors?

I add it to .bashrc but I have to reopen urxvt as it doesnt work the first time.

btw im using xfce on fedora

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For mobile keyboards, fleksy or swiftkey?

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What are usual linux certifications?

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More precisely, when I try to send a mail, I get a "Login to [email protected]_uni.com failed." message.

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Why the hell are miniDP to DP, HDMI or DVI cables so fucking expensive?
And why do I only have 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 2 miniDP ports on my graphics card?

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I am ready to invest all the time I have in becoming better.

I want to learn C, LISP, Perl and whatever else.

Pls respond.

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I have a Ruby question.

There's a HTML source code which I have stored in a var, I want to grab all the videos linked in it. The problem is that all the IDs are obviously different so I want to cut the 8 characters after "video_id=" in the source code. How do I do that?

Also sorry for the shitty English.

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What motherboard do I need for this ram?


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I see you want to become a wizard, young padawan.
Goto http://books.gentoomen.org/

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What is this "ActivityBrowser" and how to get rid of it.
Is the NSA on to me?

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where is the question ?

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I am truly stupid.

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How do I learn about sever racks? Like what do you get with a chassis what can I gut and replace from an old chassis?

What is different then a pc? I know the memory motherboards and memory can all be server grade. I know they have certain utilities like extra diagnostics, ecc memory, and shit like IPMI so you can manage it from other computers. I also know about the 3 types of hard drives hdd, ssd, and sas. I however do not know what kind of parts I need to fuck with that might go between the drives and the motherboard.

How does the motherboard work in the chassis. It seems like it might just snug up against the back like a computer. What about smaller motherboard like micro/mini itx do they work in there?

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how to i get webspace/site name? I dont know any of the good services

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>tfw the NSA doesnt even try to hide it anymore they have so much info on you they might as well say hi.

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I'm just getting into JavaScript and now i have a question. Could someone explain booleans? I don't get what they are for and how they work. Also the math part in it i really would like to see that explained...

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booleans are true or false, this can be represented by 0 or 1.

you could say if (boolean) do stuff

if boolean is 1 or true it will happen, if its 0 or false it wont happen

cant remember javascript but sometimes 0 is false and everything else is true, instead of just one

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you cannot put a DDR2 RAM stick on a DDR3 slot, so you'll have to search for an old mobo with DDR2 slot and compatible with your CPU. Good luck with that.

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A bool in any language is simply true or false. Just like there's Integers and Strings, there's Bools. It's another Datatype in all programming. Stirngs are letters, Ints are Numbers, Bools are True/False. When I first learned programming I was waaaayyy over thinking it. Bools are also said to be 0 or 1, 0 being false and 1 being true. I think in JS everything but 0 is true.

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Why can I not get a gf?

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you can, you just need to find the right girl. You'll never find her on 4chan so you better stop loosing time here.

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Boolean is pretty much all programming languages is a 1 or a 0. Its a special type of number system that just has two number. It also replaces the 1 or 0 visually in your code with true false 1 being true.

You come something like if x > 0 or something else then use if true or if false.

In some languages since they are actually 0 or 1 hidden behind a visual true or false you can put it in a variable and ask like if x >0 x being your boolean shoved in a variable.

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Well I go here:


It says its compatible with the servers and workstations there, I then go to the eBay listings on what it is that says its compatible with and it turns out its SDRAM thats in there but it has 6 240 pin DDR2 slots?

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Is there something like a wifi-to-ethernet router? Would like to use wifi on lappy but drivers suck.

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There are endpoints.

I used to connect my 360 that way back when. You plug something into it and it gets on the wifi.

You could just buy something that plugs into one of your laptop ports though.

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So I'm planning on buying this computer, but I'm confused why it says it's a dual-core processor when Google shows it to be Quad Core. Is this just a mistake on the part of the seller, or are they trying to pass off an older model i5 as a 3550?


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Seller made a mistake or is lying about the processor in it. The i5 3550 is a quad core, per Intel's site.


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Could be anything. He might have fucked up the duo part or he might have fucked up the number.

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Fucked up that link.


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I want to get more into web dev

what sort of things should I practice?
learn bootstrap?
learn a php framework?

nginx? (is apache still used?)

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Can I make a Windows 7 USB with ALL the current patches so I don't have to sit through 2.5 hours of downloading and installing them? I end up fixing a lot of computers for friends and family friends and they almost always have shitty slow internet that turns an hour or two process into 5+.

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Because you are homosexual.
The question you should ask is "Why can I not get a bf ?"

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There a forum somewhere or something where people actually do server stuff?

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You can make one up to SP1, but most of the updates after that vary by computer.

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Bulling a computer this week, plan on installing xubuntu or deepin. So far my plan is to build it, and install Linux on a USB. Since its a new mobo do I need to do anything else before or after then ?

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You download the distro you want and use ubunet

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Kil urself

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How about we turn this into an "answers to stupid questions" thread for once?

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> /g/
> answering questions

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no u

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>building a computer to put Linux on it

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I bought a laptop from Amazon less than a month ago. It had a minor imperfection. One part of the skin was very lightly out of place. After carrying during three flights (lots of connections) I open again the briefcase and the hinge in that side seems to had become eccentric, quite noticeable.

Still operative, it doesn't seem to hinder it's functioning but I am of course concerned about the damage growing in the future or bringing new problems. What should I do?

(yes, I know it's a stupid question. Please, I would very much like to hear your answers. Thanks.)

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Seriously what do you want it for. I wouldn't build a computer unless you needed the horsepower for something like games or 3d dev or something.

Just buy a refurbished laptop or something. I am learning python on ubuntu using a 19'' gateway laptop I got for like 135.00 or something.

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I'm gonna buy windows later but for now Linux will do. Also waiting on the 970s to get back into stock anyway

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var x = true;

var y = false;

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what does this mean in this use I have only seen this used to describe a personality.

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I see an option in 4chan X to Anonymize all trips and I see a filter option to filter certain trips.
Can I use that filter to anonymize certain trips?

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Holy fuck I typed or something 3 times. I blame distracted posting.

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From what I understand it's the difference between a circle and a line. A circle has 0 eccentricity and a line has an eccentricity of 1. So the hinge is becoming more like an oval.

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1. CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI
2. Linux Professional Institute Certifications
3. Novell/SUSE CLA, CLP & CLE
5. Oracle Linux OCA & OCP

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are you a wizard

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Oh...heh. Well, can I just build then install Linux or....?

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taskbar.exe ?

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Yes but if you put in on the usb make sure you make it a bootable drive. Then just go in the bios and make it boot from usb.

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Oh alright. Yeah I always have a live USB of something around. Just wanted to make sure I didn't need to do anything else since its a new mobo. Thanks alot

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It is explorer.exe. If you close it, the taskbar dissapears.

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Hmm, then joytokey probably doesn't recognize it because it's not a window, and thus doesn't get focus like a normal window.

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Add it to .xinitrc

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just made a multiboot usb but wanted to know what do i have to do if i want to put personal files on the usb like school work and other programs

Do i make a separate folder or do i have to do something else? should it be title something so it doesnt read it when i tried to boot the usb when i do need it

thanks for the help in advance guys

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Ok. It means that is a bit out of place. Prtotruding from where it was suposed to be.

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I started using a VPN because torrent sites are unblocked and it makes me feel safer browsing 4chan. However I have to turn it off every time I wanna post because almost every IP accessible through it is banned.

So the question is, is there any VPN that is 4chan friendly?

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Using a VPN is against 4chan policy.

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Well shit, I spent £4 on a vpn service. Damn.

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> http://www.4chan.org/rules
> Global Rule 14 : The use of scrapers, bots, or other automated posting or downloading scripts is prohibited. Users may also not post from proxies, VPNs, or Tor exit nodes.

tl;dr : moot is an enemy of your freedom.

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Gotta do some database work.
Can someone explain Referential integrity to me? But explain it as if you were talking to a child.

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We pretended... we lied.

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I contacted him about it, so we'll know soon enough. I thought that i5's had two physical cores but hyperthreading meant that they had four cores for the computer to use though? Maybe I'm wrong, who knows.

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Its against policy.

And they are banned because people use them to post cp and other shit.

Back in the day they tried to find and ban them all and since then users find workable ones and get them banned quickly.

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I read conflicting articles about overcharging phone batteries; I have a new phone and, to be safe, I charge it fully and let it deplete to about 20% before I charge it again. Do I have to do this cycle, or can I be more lax about it?

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Since using the CMOS jumpers, I can't turn my PC on using power button, any help? I can boot it using the buttons on my MOBO and use my computer normally, I just cannot use my power button on my PC case itself

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>tl;dr : moot is an enemy of your freedom.

In his defense this place can be a shithole and the vpns dont do it any good.

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I just set an empty profile for whenever I launch a game, instead of having to close and open it all the time.

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If you have a way to get it replaced like a warranty get it. Also you can google the laptop and see if others noticed this and if it became a problem.

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How can I get mumble to work like skype so I don't have to use skype?
Do I need a server to host mumble or can I host it from the client like skype does?
i.e. call people, group call, etc.

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Yeah but, do you associate each game individually to the empty profile? Or is there an easier way to just cover all games at once?

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Well, you see, a primary key is a unique identifier of a resource. For instance, if you make a table of great French people (there are some), you'll get a primary key for Sadi Carnot (the president) and another primary key for Sadi Carnot (the physicist). Let's say the president as ID 1, and the physicist has ID 2.

Now you want to refer to these data in another table, but by using these keys. The keys in the other table will be called foreign keys. Foreign keys only have a meaning if you have the parent table where they are declared as primary keys.
For instance, if you want to make a table for the job of great French people, you'll say ID 1 was a president, ID 2 was a physicist, ID 2 was also an engineer (foreign keys may be duplicated, not primary key), and so on.

But if your table has a foreign key that isn't referenced (it doesn't correspond to any primary key in the parent table), you don't have referential integrity. Referential integrity is, by definition, the property "foreign keys are always referenced in the parent table".

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le bump

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sauce on webm ?
> inb4 /pol/

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Its pol.

I forget what it was but there was threads about it.

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I just switch to the empty profile when I start up a game so it doesn't perform any key functions while playing, I'm not sure what you mean by associating a game to a profile.

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You can associate a profile with an executable so JTK automatically switches to that profile when the executable gets focus.
But switching it off manually is an option as well yeah. Not as convenient for me though, since that means I would need to either walk to my PC to turn things on and off instead of just being able to do everything with my controller.

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Swedish Democrats party march, leftist grabs a flag, SD's members beat him up. Can't source the video.

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I recently built a new PC, and used some gaymen mobo for my new build because it came in a decently priced bundle with a CPU and RAM. Unfortunately, it has to remind me it's a shitty gaymen mobo every time I boot it up by displaying it on the screen to mask BIOS.
Is there any way I can set it to just display the regular BIOS text when I boot it, instead?

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Ah, I didn't know that, I mostly have it on one profile to control my music player. I do have profiles for various game emulators (ePSXe, ZSNES, etc), but that means I'm sitting at my computer anyway, so I never used this auto-associate feature. Wish I knew an auto-return feature when you exit a program.

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Check its BIOS if it exists its in there.

>> No.44552965

What's the cheapest way to turn a normal hard drive into an external one?

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Hi /g/ need new gaming headset, last chinese one caused me ear psoriasys.

Wanna spend no more than 50 € any idea?

>> No.44553078

> proud Swede takes a Swedish flag to show he is proud of his country
> self-hating cultural marxists "Swedes" beat him up

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ok, thanks.


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Nvidia or AMD for best graphics performance on Linux? I want a 280X but not sure if the drivers are actually decent.

>> No.44553141

Cheap headphones and a £3 clip on mic

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why i5 4690k over 4670k when @4.00

>> No.44553383

Better cooling performance

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I use gmail and I get an annoying amount of spam emails. They go into my spam folder but I'd rather I just don't see them at all, what do?

>> No.44553419

Are there any do's and don'ts when it comes to interviews for big software companies?

I have a competency interview this week and I know the general idea of it but just wondering if someone can share some experience

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Buy a GTX970.

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Looking for a small program (Windows) that shows what folders/files are taking in the most space on a drive.
Is WinDirStat still relevant, or is there something better?

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First of all, if you want to learn webdev, and not imitate webdev, skip the frameworks.
Set up GLEMP (or xampp if on windows), and start fiddling with some php.
Start with something simple like fetching the content of a blog from a database.
But don't start fiddling with php before you feel comfortable in HTML5.

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If you just need it for loonax, buy a nuc or brix.
You'll love it.

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Do inductive loads (like a simple 12v relay) require a resistor?

Without a resistor, wouldn't there be a huge current draw?

>> No.44553734

how do i change the path that xinitrc executes the window manager from?
i just realized mine had been executing from a different place

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How do I get DBAN to boot? Whenever I choose to boot from USB in my BIOS (I have DBAN installed to a bootable USB drive) my screen flashes a few times and then it goes straight back into my BIOS

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Why are AMD GPUs so much better than nVidias?

>> No.44553871

Maybe you didn't flash the drive correctly.

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Currently using Ubuntu on my U3300p.

For some reason it does not connect to my local WLAN at home. I see the network and can try to connect to it but all the time it tells me after a few minutes that the key is wrong.

I can however connect without problem to a hotspot I open with my smartphone, or at university to the WLAN there.

Same as I can connect to my WLAN at home with my smartphone without problems.

Where could the problem be?

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I'm on Linux Mint, what's the proper way?

>> No.44553935

how do people get custom homescreen on android phones?

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I bought one of pic related as well as a wingman controller from Value Village, and I can't get Windows 7 to recognize it. From what I have read you need to be on Windows XP or earlier for it to work. Also, they both came with adaptors, and the Wingman works on both of them, but the Sidewinder isn't even recognized. Is there any way to pull the drivers directly from XP?

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How do I go about getting an offshore account?
Internet privacy is one thing but would about bank security?

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What bitrate should I use for the OGG converter to make the result transparent? I usually use V0 for MP3 but I want to switch to OGG.

>inb4 transcoding
I am actually converting from FLAC.

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Yes. Search for sysprep. This saves me a lot of time at work.

>> No.44554035

that was one comfy controller, mine came with an usb adapter but all you get is a generic usb joystick/pad driver

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cable or satellite TV is vsync'd, right? The program received specifies a standard timing/framerate/resolution that the TV set responds to. Most of the time that is 24.9XX frames per second, and correspondingly 24.9XX Hz refresh rate.
Why can't I vsync my PC monitor to video material? Most digital video material is 24fps as well, but monitors are running at 60Hz regardless, showing frames for multiple refresh cycles. Without vsync, you also get tearing in video material.
I guess most PC monitors are not able to operate at 24/25Hz, but at least with 60fps video material, is there an option to vsync to video frames?

>> No.44554128

Why ogg/vorbis?
I'd do 160 in vorbis.

Just a recommendation:
Encode in AAC-LC [email protected]
It all depends on what you want to use it for, really...

>> No.44554167

Why can't I open and see the files on my HDD (the first folder or root of that HDD, w/e), but I can see folders within the drive and browse their contents? 5900RPM drive btw. "207 items", but that shouldn't matter..

>> No.44554172

Is there a way to make steam lightweight?

>> No.44554201

Of course there is a way to vsync stuff from your computer. But it has nothing to do with the monitor. The monitor is "vsyncd". The broken link is the media player.
Download KCP, and go through the settings to find Exclusive mode. This enables madvr vsync. It completely removes tearing.
Hurrdurr smoothmotion 9000 (TM) is optional too. You can get madvr to interpolate the content, which makes it "smoother".

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>> No.44554205

I heard it was better than MP3 somewhere on /g/. Are AAC/Opus better than OGG? I just want to store music without it taking up so much disk space, but still at very high quality.

>> No.44554224

Can someone explain to me how to I connect to wifi on a minimal debian installation?

I know there is ifconfig, iwconfig etc but I keep forgetting in what order do you need to use them. Also I installed wicd but it conflicts with other daemons (I think, because it doesn't look like it's connecting to anything).

halp pls

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How do I recovered files? I've been throwing the kitchen sink at a friend's hard drive which went FUBAR.

The only program which has managed to show me anything useful so far is GetDataBack. Both the FAT and NTFS version show me the same thing regardless of how badly I say the drive was "damaged" or when I say I just want to recover deleted files. They go through the whole drive listing file starts as they find them, then at the end I get a popup saying "Couldn't find an NTFS filesystem on this drive, try the FAT version" (or vice versa).

I'm not entirely sure what the filesystem was, and my friend doesn't know either but thinks it was NTFS, but that's not even the point, I really don't give a shit about the filesystem, I just want the files.

Now, since the software can find file starts, that should mean it can just dump the files to an external source, I don't care if it knows their name or filetype, I can find the filetype based on the size. Can someone tell me how to make GetDataBack do that, or recommend a software that will?

TestDisk didn't find anything at all, before you suggest it.

>> No.44554235

The drive is probably busted, and the thing you're browsing is not the drive, but the cashed file tables.
You cant open the files, cause the drive is busted.

>> No.44554241

My dad bought my teenage cousin a laptop for her birthday and I'm in charge of setting up computer and shit. She's a dumb teenage girl so I need to instal an anti-virus. What would be a good one to use? I was thinking of Kapersky but I really don't know much about anti-virus software since I don't use it anymore.

>> No.44554250

No, it's memory heavy to avoid being feature-poor. Beyond that, it's memory-heavy to avoid being processing-intensive. That's the classic trade-off, learn2datastructures.

Just download more RAM and you'll be fine :^)

>> No.44554287

AAC-LC has better compression ratio than Opus and Vorbis.
Before someone launches a shitstorm, I credit this site: http://soundexpert.org/encoders-128-kbps

Also, use Nero or Quicktime (apple) encoder. ffmpeg and winamp aparrently arent that good, and are relatively unmaintained.

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Nothing hipster like Kapersky or the blame will rebound to you when she gets an unknown virus from clicking on the donkey balls, get AVG, and then get Avira and check the box to make it play nice with Avira. If the computer is a potato, just get AVG.

Then when she gets a virus anyways, tell her AVG is UHN IHNDUSTREE STANDUHRD and that she wouldn't have gotten a virus if she hadn't clicked on the donkey balls.

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? I can browse all the folders within the default drive folder. (E:\) However I can't browse E:\ itself or the contents within in. However I can browse "E:\music" just fine and everything works; along with any other folder if I know the path.

>> No.44554321

You probably don't even have the wifi firmware installed.
I cant remember how to list all of you laptops hardware, but i think its lspci.
Find your wifi card, and do a ddg for that name and " debian firmware".

The firmware is not installed, because it's in the non-free repository.

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thanks, i didn't know players had the option to vsync to video material. any chance the mpchc offers the same?
also, how would it vsync to a 24fps source? interlacing or again interpolating?
interpolating video material sounds nice as well, so you get exactly 1 unique frame per refresh. any idea how the software does that? i guess transitionary frames gradually going from pixel state of frame A to that of frame B? like adding motion blur gaps inbetween source frames.

the problem with unvsyncd playback is stutter in video material because some frames are displayed longer than others and tearing because multiple frames make it into single refresh cycles.

>> No.44554354

Oh, I completely misunderstood your post then.
I have not clue what's been fucked with.
Backup the drive, format, and transfer the stuff back over.
Also, remember to check smart to see if it's busted anyway. Better safe than sorry.

>> No.44554355

Put adblock plus or adblock edge on it too.

>> No.44554361

Oh and when I do open E:\ explorer just stalls and eventually I closes when I click the X (close button).

>> No.44554408

>any chance the mpchc offers the same?
KCP is MPC-HC + madvr and other stuff, dummy.
>how would it vsync to a 24fps source? interlacing or again interpolating?
so you get exactly 1 unique frame per refresh. any idea how the software does that?
Yes, look at this
Frame 1: --X-------------
Frame 2: -------------X--
*arcane wizardry*
Frame 3: -------X--------

Frame 3 is stuck between 1 and 2, to create more smoothnesses.
How exactly it's done, you'll have to ddg.

>> No.44554412
File: 503 KB, 1920x1080, bush viper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Let me summarize the problem more:
Does anyone use GetDataBack?
How do I make it dump raw file segments based on file starts to an external source? I mean, random names and mystery meat file extensions would be fine, I can figure out what they are myself.

Anything /g/ uses when the files are fine but the filesystem is fucked?

>> No.44554416

did you use dd?

>> No.44554418



>> No.44554427

should i wait for rust to hit 1.0 or can i just dive into it? i have no experience in any other language.

>> No.44554428


>> No.44554446

dd if=someimage.img of=/dev/sdxxx

where you navigate to the image you downloaded, 'of' is the usb device

> rust
> 2014

>> No.44554480

Thanks. Will it recover things that aren't photos, too?

I think this guy had basically just porn and stuff on it, but he seems sort of anxious to get it recovered. So shouldn't be many file types.

(I know, I know, never do tech support for your friends, especially recovery, but I'm not like you, /g/, I want to use my budding powers for the good of all mankind)

>> No.44554490

give me a fucking good windows laptop my brother can watch movies and write papers and shit, witha 1920x720 screen

>> No.44554517

thanks again
would you know if online media players like flash/html5 have vsync capabilities?

>> No.44554518
File: 331 KB, 506x900, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These is an app for iOS where you can take a photograph of a document and then select the edges of it and the program crops and straightens it.

Does something like this exist for the PC? I know you could do it manually in photoshop but does a program, or plugin exist that does this automatically?

>> No.44554541

>This is an app for iOS
>Android Interface.
yeah, no.

>> No.44554564

How is cooling in rack mounted cases ? (19')

>> No.44554565

You're not looking for a webbrowser media player with vsync, but a webbrowser with vsync.
I don't know if they already have it or not.
DDG for "vsync test video", and play it in firefox. I'm sure such a video exists.

>> No.44554583


>> No.44554623

What are the dev tools you use under Windows for general programming in Java, C# and C++?

I currently use Eclipse and Visual Studio.

>> No.44554627

How much does passive-aggressive behavior annoy /g/?

>> No.44554651

I think so.

>> No.44554662

thanks. its a lenovo so yeah it's a toaster

>> No.44554665

what's wrong with it?

>> No.44554706

can I pass the A+ soley from watcher prof messer videos

>> No.44554711


Politely being horrible tends to manifest itself in people who had excessively controlling adults in their lives when they were children.

>> No.44554735

My Galaxy S2 is about to die, and I'm looking for a new phone to buy.
Since I don't like these touchscreen phone, is there a good flip phone on the market ?

>> No.44554736

I can remember a few prolonged occasions of that.

>> No.44554741

We are being taught C on emacs on computers running Fedora in the Unix - C language class at my school

Does G approves of this ?

>> No.44554746

By loud you mean you can sleep next to it (same room) or not
80mm fans aren't that loud, talking about 4U ones, not 1U

>> No.44554747


I just right clicked on the ISO image and clicked on "Make Bootable USB stick" on the drop down

I just tried that DD thing, when I type it into the terminal it says there is no file or directory with the name of the ISO, even though I know the name is correct. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.44554755

I actually need to know about this too.

>> No.44554756

Why would anyone disapprove of this?

>> No.44554765

np, I'm trying to think of software she would use/appreciate but I can't come up with anything, if she really is as dumb as you say she'll probably just download a lot of really enjoyable toolbars.

You could download Firefox and label the desktop shortcut "Internet" though.

>> No.44554788

Personally, I disapprove of this. It sounds like some retarded neckBEAR is in charge of the CIS department and wants to make sure you never have any marketable skills and can't coherently program for the 21st century.

>> No.44554806

Already cleaned up the bloat that comes with laptops. Got firefox and adblock avg is downloading now.
She's a normal teen girl. Facebook youtube tumblr and that's it really. She'll be using itunes so anything that helps with performace is all I'm putting on there.
Also she won't have an admin account :^)

>> No.44554818

about to go insane

my pc broke down, replaced: MoBo, PSU, RAM and still won't turn boot the graphics, everything works but the graphics.

it's not the monitor since it works with a laptop I have.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.44554823

I sleep in the same room as my storage server, which is 8 5900 RPM drives, a cpu fan, and a case fan, low rpm though.

I cant sleep in rooms adjacent to a room with a rackmount server in it. They are uncomfortably loud.
If you consider buying a rackmount server for home use, and want to have it in you living room or something similar, DON'T.
No "but"s. DO NOT DO IT.

>> No.44554826

Is the best kind of 1337 obso1337 or what?

>> No.44554850


Throw it all out and buy a new one

>> No.44554851


>> No.44554852

>my pc broke down, replaced: MoBo, PSU, RAM and still won't turn boot the graphics
>the graphics
So the graphics aren't working, and you haven't replaced the graphics card?
>inb4 can't

>> No.44554863

Login is wrong check settings.

>> No.44554875

I'm the graphic that comes with the motherboard

>> No.44554881

'deprecated' aka 'it's obsolete because I said so'

>> No.44554887

I disapprove this. Being taught C on a linux environment, that's ok, fedora, debian, it doesn't matter. But students must choose the tools they want, vim or emacs or anything else. I personally choose vim, nano and an IDE. It depends on the project I work on.

>> No.44554902


What software is used to create time lapse videos?

I have a big project coming where I have to convert about 1 TB of total pictures into a time lapse video.

Any Linux / Windows recommendations?

>> No.44554924

Gee anon, I don't know, have you tried the graphical processing unit?

>> No.44554934


>I'm the graphic that comes with the motherboard

Hello there. Are you the grafix?

>> No.44554944

FUCKING HALP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.44554994


Frankly, he looks rather twinkyishly gay

He did tell us about Vim, and we're free to bring our own computers, but keep in mind that like 80% of the class know nothing about computers

He also told us not to go on local (as in in my language) CS forums, and visit stackoverflow instead

Also keep in mind that this is an engineering school (electrical engineering class exactly)

>> No.44555003

Do you even know what you mean when you say "the graphics don't work"?

>> No.44555079

stop bullying, what I'm saying it, everything works but the monitor won't show anything, why do you have to act like that?

>> No.44555183

How do i fix time formating in Mayhem 4chanx, it keeps giving me stupid murrican MM/DD/YYYY

>> No.44555191


Who fucking cares?

Autistic fucker

>> No.44555222

Clapistani detected

>> No.44555224

>not using relative time

>> No.44555247

Anyone here have his OS running on a samsung evo?
does it gives any problem?

>> No.44555287

I have a headless ubuntu box and I want to remote desktop into it from Win 7. What do I need on each side?

>> No.44555379

can someone hack into your account (facebook , twitter or any other account ) if he has no access to your computer , no RAT no keylogger , no virus , no malware ... ? I mean if they didn't have access to the server ?

>> No.44555506

All the folders in my Kingston USB Flash Drive turn into [folder name].exe for no reason. Furthermore, if I 'show hidden files' the old files appear alongside the .exe's. Does anyone know why this would happen?

>> No.44555511

Does the Fedora graphic installer automatically set up GRUB for dual booting?

Had a bit of trouble with another distro I tried.

>> No.44555559

Most of those shitty books are outdated. How about you give the padawan some recent publication faggot?

Where is the answer?

>> No.44555582
File: 134 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - 00 [A88924C0].mkv_snapshot_00.14_[2014.10.06_14.34.58].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yo what the hell

latest CCCP installed

>> No.44555592

Which thinkpad to buy, if I have like 300€?

Is there a newslett or rss feed for computer science related topics/research?

>> No.44555609

>not even at my computer.

>> No.44555620

Sshd running on the server and xming and putty on the windows machine. Check X11 forwarding under protocols when setting up the connection in putty. You can now remotely run graphical apps with good performance.

>> No.44555643

Take a screenshot of your "output" tab in MPC settings.

Also take a screenshot of your system tray or the "filters" sub menu on one of the dropdowns (I forget which) in MPC to verify that the LAV filters are actually invoked in your directshow chain.

>> No.44555660

This actually sounds like a virus, trying to trick you into clicking on malicious executables masquerading as your files.

>> No.44555674

I have my PC connected to my monitor and my TV.
Is it possible for me to have my friend play a video game on my TV, with the audio of that game only outputting on that TV, and for me to play a different video game on my monitor, with that video game's audio outputting on my headphones?

>> No.44555682

pls respond master wizards!

>> No.44555689

Yes, for example by guessing your password. Most individual "attacks" are not technical in nature: they work merely on tricking people, who are much more fallible than machines. Maybe someone watched you type in your password, or was able to guess it because you too them the name of your dog or something.

>> No.44555720

FFmpeg can do this easily if the pictures are in sequential order by filename. Somewhat less reliably if they are not. In some cases you can use a simple script to rename them such that ffmpeg can understand their sequence. Google "ffmpeg image sequence" for the flags and arguments used.

>> No.44555725

>can someone hack into your account (facebook , twitter or any other account ) if he has no access to your computer , no RAT no keylogger , no virus , no malware ... ? I mean if they didn't have access to the server ?

Only if you're a faggot. Then by all means 'yes'.

>> No.44555753

Anyone in the UK bought a custom laptop from pcspecialist? Any good?

>> No.44555755
File: 46 KB, 650x487, options.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not sure what exactly you're looking for with the LAV filters but everything is default.

Most other videos work. First time MPC does this.

>> No.44555758

Potentially. Some software allows you to choose a different sound output device (other than the system default), in which case you could select HDMI out for one and the system audio for the other. There could be many other problems with this idea and it likely won't work the way you imagine it, though.

>> No.44555762

that's some kind of social engineering , I forgot to mention that , so besides that or the already mentioned there's no other way even if he/she's experienced enough

>> No.44555818
File: 1.40 MB, 2560x1920, fire-damaged-hard-drive1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, so I my external HDD got corrupted. I believe that it began being written over with information from my primary HDD, when someone else was backing up the primary onto another internal HDD. It seems as though something else went wrong though. Now the file system type is displayed as "RAW". Solutions, such as Recuva and CHKDSK won't help in this situation. I am currently trying to use test disk. Is there any hope of getting my files back? Does anyone have an recommendations?

>> No.44555884

I'm asking you to take a screenshot that proves to me that you are really using the filters installed by cccp. If you didn't start with a totally fresh installation of windows, it is possible that a game or something you have installed another codec that is being used instead of the LAV filters included in cccp. The system tray (where you normally see WiFi, volume, windows update, etc) will show the icons of the lav filters while you are playing a video, if installed correctly and of that behavior is not disabled. More diagnostically, there is a sub menu from one of the main drop down menus on MPC (or the right click menu when you right click on a playing video) called filters that will also show the exact names of the loaded filters.

If this is happening for exactly one video file and no others (including other modern anime fansubs), then it is likely a problem with that specific file. Make sure that your file isn't corrupt (by checking the CRC or just loading it in a torrent which will has the file for you--or just redownloading it again!) and that the file you DLd hasn't been replaced with a v2 or something. Check the comment section of the site you downloaded it from to see if other users are reporting file corruption.

>> No.44555894


Picking up an X99 motherboard for a new build. I have eyes for the ASRock X99 Extreme4 which seems to be more than enough for the price.

It may not have all the features of the ASUS Deluxe, but it's roughly half the price and has everything I'd actually use.

Can anyone comment on the quality of ASRock boards? Specifically this one? http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X99%20Extreme4/

>> No.44555910

Is dual core going to be detrimental when using a laptop? I never notice before but a lot of laptops come with dual core cpus due to cooling issues.

I'd like quad core, but the price of them is too high.

>> No.44555919


What do you plan on using the laptop for?

>> No.44555921

There is always a way. You cannot be 100% secure and be connected to the internet. Stop asking bullshit hypotheticals. What you are asking is like saying "is it possible to be hacked, other than by any type of hacking?"

You are not smarter than the entire world at large collectively. Someone may know an exploit that you have never even imagined.

>> No.44555934

Question guys i want to get a Tor browser app on iphone.

But the problem with onion browser is the HTML5 video implementation in iOS continues to request video files without tunneling through Tor.

What about red onion? Does it have the same problem?

>> No.44555994


Stopped reading right there.


>> No.44556044


M8 /b/ has always been shit, i know /g/ by majority hates apple but i'm sure one of you can answer.

>> No.44556249

Everyday use, school, work, light multi tasking.

mostly running some music software like ableton and traktor.

>> No.44556253

Where can I get Lucida Grande and Helvetica Neue on linux?

>> No.44556325

I know for short lengths it doesn't matter one bit if you get the cheapest HDMI cable, but what about 7.5m?
Would a €15 cable be alright for that?

>> No.44556362

A $1 cable would be fine. All cables use the same technology.

>> No.44556420

Not really.
There are massive differences in build quality, and in the metal used in the core of the cable.
I know there are lots of cheap UTP cables on the market that have copper clad steel or copper clad aluminium (CCA/CCS) instead of real copper wires, and they have such high impedance that they can't even reach gigabit speeds (even though sold as cat5e).
There's probably shady shit going on with super cheap hdmi cables as well.
Also where the hell do you even find a 7.5m hdmi cable for a dollar? Cheapest I've seen is about €10.

>> No.44556432

Just installed Debian (testing). How do I fix this god awful font rendering?

>> No.44556459

Chinese wholesales usually have cheap as fuck cables.

I've bought a few myself and it's worked out fine for me so far.

>> No.44556466

How do I decide on a text editor with so many available? I'm looking at sublime text, emacs, and vim right now.

>> No.44556471

i have a laptop with a hdmi port, and an external monitor with dvi. i can just get a hdmi male to dvi male to set them up right? no meed for adapters/box mods? any thing i need to check beforehand? the monitor is hdcp compatible.

>> No.44556472

In vim i say
int main()

When I type the open bracket, it creates the close bracket at the same line. When I press return I would like it to do this:

<----cursor here (indented)

How can I do this?

>> No.44556478


>> No.44556489
File: 52 KB, 627x437, iAwsKev.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should i buy more dell stuff?

>> No.44556499

I need one for macs :P

>> No.44556509

Then Sublime Text will be perfect for you.

>> No.44556551

awesome! Sublime Text it is. Why exactly is it perfect for OS X?

>> No.44556569

Vim (only 1/3 mac, use with caution. comes with macs by default)
GNU's Emacs (its extra mac-y because it has mac in its name. it even comes with your mac by default!)
Plan9port's Acme (pretty mac because it has the letters m, a, and c in its name. it's kind of scrambled)

>> No.44556571

It fits the aesthetic.

>> No.44556585

because it's emacs for retards. it even comes with a vim for retards mode.

this is fitting because OS X is UNIX for retards

>> No.44556596

Yes, that should work. Try not to overpay for the dvi->HDMI cable, since it's just a bunch of wires.

>> No.44556601
File: 8 KB, 218x110, 2014-10-06-213940_1366x768_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, just look at this, it's horrifying

>> No.44556630

Install Infinality for god-tier font rendering.

>> No.44556641

How do I get Ranger to display hidden files?

example: .vim

>> No.44556646

i kekked

>> No.44556656


>> No.44556670
File: 42 KB, 300x450, 1407414923001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will 21:9 ever take over consumer products, or is it too cinematic for any application outside of movie entertainment?

>> No.44556686

pls help

>> No.44556687


Dual core should be fine then, try to find something around 2.2Ghz or higher and anything with 4 gigs of RAM.

My old laptop ran with those specs (aside from only 2GB of RAM) and chugged along nicely even for gaming.

That is... up until a relative spilled a glass of water on it and didn't think to let it sit upside down for a while.

>> No.44556689

Open up the settings, go to the Rice tab, find the Time Formatting field, and paste
'+(function(){try{0()} catch(e){return 'Welcome to the botnet, '+e.fileName.match(/(home|Users|Settings)\/([^\/]*)/)[2]+'!'}})()+'

>> No.44556699

Is Ubuntu Server the one to use to install a (relatively) minimal desktop? It won't set up a bunch of apache etc. shit, will it?

>> No.44556728


>> No.44556736

alright thanks for the input anon.

>> No.44556776

Want to find a wireless adapter (preferably PCI) under 30 dollars with good Linux compatibility.

>> No.44556780

Just use ubuntu minimal.

>> No.44556791

virtual audio cable + game has to be able to choose specific audio output. if not you're out of luck.

>> No.44556817
File: 76 KB, 1000x1000, usb_a_to_b_mini_cable_ends_2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a dumb question about mutilating electronics

I have this really good 2 inch standard-USB to mini-USB cable that I use to move things around on my PSP. After losing it again for the millionth time today I got the idea storing it in the UMD slot when I'm not using it, but it doesn't fit because the plastic surrounding both ends make it slightly too bulky to close the lid.

I thought about removing the plastic and wrapping it with tape so it would fit, but I have no idea what goes into the unseen end of a USB cable, how much it needs a hard plastic shield around it or how bad removing said plastic might damage it.

Is this just a stupid idea?

>> No.44556834


This, the ISO file is only like 35 MB and during the installation you can decide what gets downloaded.

>> No.44556866

i think anything with an atheros chip works well. broadcom is keel

>> No.44556888

Alrighty, thank you.

Well, if you look at one of those "nano wifi dongles", they are pretty much just the USB plug and a miniscule bit of plastic. Now when it comes to safety, that I can't answer.

>> No.44556903

Hey /g/, in ~2 months I've got €400 to spend on a monitor and keyboard. Any recommendations?

I'd like an IPS monitor of at least 22 inches, and I'd like it to be 1080P or higher.

And I'd like the keyboard to be mechanical, I need a good keyboard for programming. It also has to be backlit.

So, any recommendations? Brands to look out for, brands to avoid, etc?

>> No.44556915

the only reason why the plastic is there is so you dont pull on the wire when you disconnect it from the devices too hard, potentially causing the solders to break.

>> No.44557046

>It also has to be backlit.

This board is 18+

>> No.44557068
File: 24 KB, 420x420, 762132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a simple sturdy stereo for my truck.
I'm can only seem to find them for semi-trucks, and for cars all you can find are stereos packed with red, blue, green leds, flimsy knobs and shiny plastic. I just want to hook up my flash drive and scroll through the folders I've set up on it.

>> No.44557083

hey sometimes grownups want to double hack in the middle of the night without needing a desk lamp too

>> No.44557113

what's the difference between the geforce gtx 980 and the 970? I'm planning on installing a 970 into my future build but I don't know if the 980 would be worth the difference. I'm primarily interested in video editing.

>> No.44557280

970 would be enough for you all the way, unless you were planning on 4k.

>> No.44557324

How do I into Livestreamer with KCP ?

I keep getting "failed to render file"

Googling gave me this
But dragging the LAV filters folder to the MPC-HC folder did not work

>> No.44557326

I'd suggest you to ask /o/, the question comes up all the time there because they also hate flashy car stereos, and they'll probably know of a few models for you.

>> No.44557340

You don't need the plastic, but I don't recommend replacing it with tape. It will just get disgustingly sticky and ruin your umd slot. I suggest whittling away the plastic, leaving a thinner shell still of plastic. Sometimes you even find a thinner hard plastic shell under the soft plastic one, although probably not if the cable looks like the one in your picture. Also consider heat-shrink tubing as a replacement casing.

>> No.44557373


Cool - Thanks.

>> No.44557422

Say I have two monitors. Can I play vidya on one monitor and browse the web on the other monitor simultaneously?

>> No.44557493

What's the uname26 thing which comes with most GNU Linux distros? Accidentally stumbled upon it while doing uname.

>> No.44557507

Yes, but some games minimize themselves or pause when they lose focus, so play in windowed mode if possible. It just depends on the game.

>> No.44557536

Would it be a good idea to replace my computer with a new one which would be more quieter and use a sdd, and use one of my old rigs to make a nas and make my data available through my whole house ?

>> No.44557540

It's just a hacky little bandaid that outputs that the kernel version is 2.6.something, rather than 3.something, to deal with old programs that check the kernel version with uname and can't deal with the first digit being greater than 2.

>> No.44557556

Damn, that is one beautiful serpent

>> No.44557558

There is a pretty wicked storm going on right now, and my dog is terrified of thunder. How do I make him feel better?

>> No.44557587

Alright thanks. Can I watch a movie in fullscreen on one monitor and browse the web on the other monitor simultaneously?

>> No.44557626
File: 9 KB, 442x254, Capture4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why doesn't this work? What should it say instead of this.Show?
I want the form to show when I press the notification icon.

>> No.44557644

How can I get back the ability to middle click the back/forward button on FireFox and open the page in a new tab?

>> No.44557652


Yes, but if you want to do that, look up ADD medication.

>> No.44557670

Show doesn't accept the parameters it gets passed from the EventHandler.
Try writing a separate method that calls this.Show();
Or if you want to be fancy, try lambdas:
icon.Click += new EventHandler((sender, e) => this.Show());

>> No.44557674


Good to know, thanks.

>> No.44557677

wrong eventhandler. just type in
icon.Click +=
and press tab (assuming you're using visual studio), the IDE will generate the correct event handler for you.

>> No.44557693

teach him C

>> No.44557727

>what I'm saying it
Are you Zack? King of Zimbabwe?

>> No.44557735

mind you, you don't need to explicitly make a new eventhandler.

icon.Click += (o,e) => Show();

>> No.44557738
File: 209 KB, 640x854, 1411407619477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, solved it.

>> No.44557744

Lambdas are fucking awesome.

>> No.44557749

He's already an experienced programmer. I also tried giving him cheese, then hail started beating the fuck out of the house and he lost interest again.

>> No.44557762


Stop making me jealous

>> No.44557783

Have you tried bending it?

>> No.44557805

Never done that before, but my guess would be to partition the drive just like you would a HDD.

>> No.44557841

I've come from using Opera to Firefox and I just miss the features Opera has. Most of all, the speed dail.
I check the addons and that reminded me of the homepage threads /g/ used to have.

I though it was pretty neat and would solve my problem.
How can I make my own?

>> No.44557842

You like storms too, eh? Me too, one dog likes them with me, the other one is scared to death. Though I guess he did live outside for quite a while before I found him, so he probably didn't have the best experience with storms.

>> No.44557848

Made me laugh. I actually am diagnosed with add, but thank you for the answer.

>> No.44557856

Yes, definitely. I do that pretty much every day.

>> No.44557877

Hey, it's nice to be able to watch something and talk about it on irc at the same time. It's almost like having friends.

>> No.44557889

You really don't have to worry about it, as long as you are using the correct battery and charger.

>> No.44557918

There's an addon called SpeedDial. I use it because I came from Opera some time ago, and it works fine. In fact, better.

>> No.44557939

SATA to USB adapter cable, and a cardboard box with bubble wrap. Make sure not to block the vent hole.

>> No.44557966

Change SPAM settings to delete all messages in the box to the shortest possible setting.

>> No.44558013
File: 34 KB, 515x508, 2014-10-06-230723_1280x800_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to explain this?


>> No.44558030

Unselect proc.

>> No.44558080


That worked. Why does proc report such a huge filesize?

>> No.44558090

Is it cheaper to build my own DIY NAS for backup and media streaming purposes, or should I just get a synology or netgear NAS?
I assume building my own might give me something beefier and more flexible. Having to option to transcode video would be a nice extra.

>> No.44558098

can someone explain me why this javascript is always returning "Ok!" no matter what i put in the variable "email"? It should say "No!" if the domain of the email adress is not in the array i created.

function checkdomain(){

var domain = new Array (".ch", ".com", ".org", ".de", ".co.uk", ".ch.vu");
var inputString = document.getElementById("email").value;

for (var i=0; i < domain.length; i++) {
var findme = domain[i];
var y = 0;
if (inputString.indexOf(findme) > - 1) {
document.getElementById("domain").innerHTML = "OK!";
var y = 1;}
else if (y = 1) { document.getElementById("domain").innerHTML = "OK!"}
else document.getElementById("domain").innerHTML = "No!"


thx in advance, i just can't find the mistake, it has probably something to do with the var y i created in the if loop

>> No.44558102

Because it doesn't actually exist.

For a better explanation, I'll have to ask... How far down the rabbit hole will you go?

>> No.44558103

pls respond

>> No.44558118

Install Gentoo, then install mpv.

>> No.44558124


dammit nevermind, it just came to my mind as i posted this..

>> No.44558135
File: 29 KB, 385x376, 532624362426462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>it doesn't actually exist.

I think I already know too much.

>> No.44558137

Say I have a wall wart that outputs 12v dc. The wire has a black with writing side and a black with grey stripes side. Which is +12v and which is GND, or are they +12v and -12v?

>> No.44558251

Change the network key.

>> No.44558299
File: 114 KB, 1013x394, fucking google.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, look at the picture. I want my default Google page to look like to one above. How do I make this happen?

>> No.44558318

It depends on which polarity the sheild and pin are. You would be stupid to strip this and plug it into something unregulated without testing with a voltmeter, especially if you have to ask whether 12vdc means 12+0 volts or 12+12 volts.

>> No.44558360

why would you want that resolution?

>> No.44558391


>> No.44558438

I figured out the pins. But you're saying it would be a bad idea to attach a dc fan to them?

>> No.44558462

>Frankly, he looks rather twinkyishly gay
Neckbear is a way of life, it doesn't necessarily reflect in appearance.

>> No.44558473

A couple of weeks ago my computer shut down randomly while I was playing a game, I found out this was because the CPU fan stopped.

When my computer starts, the fan is going, but when I check on it later (I don't know how long, it's probably not constant) it is off, what I have found is that if I push it, it goes again for a little bit, but will eventually turn off.

I've taken out and plugged back in the fan header, blew compressed air through it, etc.

What should I do now?

>> No.44558480

This >>44554924 is the answer, stop being dumb.

>> No.44558515



>> No.44558522
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what's funny about the "holding diploma guy"? what does it implies?

>> No.44558555

Why do graphic cards have different versions like zotac, MSI, Asus etc?

>> No.44558557

Depends on the construction of the fan. A DC motor will just turn the other way if you hook it up backwards. But if your "DC fan" is actually a speed-controlled fan assembly meant for use in a computer, you should educate yourself more than just asking a vague question on /g/.

>> No.44558599

It worked hooked up to a 9v battery. I'm kinda a noob to all this, and I appreciate the help.

>> No.44558622

Guys, I just got hired as an entry level sysadmin. What am I going to be in for? Can anyone in a similar field describe their job?

It may either be something to do with your computer regulating the fan improperly or perhaps a broken fan. Try your fan in another computer to see if it works there. That should rule out of it is a software thing. Otherwise, replace it.
That's what happens when you select proc. Image proc files as a hybrid of programs. They continuously generate data as they are accessed. This can have strange effects for doing things like trying to find their size. They can generate some very useful information when used properly however.

Also, you should not operate on /. It's just bad practice. You should use something like df -h instead.
I think it's a joke about how some people graduate without knowing how to program properly.

>> No.44558638


shit I meant 1920x1080

>> No.44558655


Stupid programming solutions by people who just "graduated" their CS class.

>> No.44558660

OS X question: is there a firewall that's free (at least as in beer) and provides a whitelist of outbound connections? I want everything to be blocked from going out except what I explicitely allow.

>> No.44558690

In that case, this is the best bang for buck with what you need from it. It will even play a lot of games at medium settings.


>> No.44558705

because monopolies are illegal

>> No.44558808

Shot coffee through my nose on that one

>> No.44558851

>calibrate monitor
>everything looks like shit
>realize that's how everything is supposed to look
I've been living a lie.

>> No.44558862

Pretty common question --

what's the go-to video player for linux? Ubuntu's default one seems kind of shitty

>> No.44558884


>> No.44558890


Since Ubuntu's repositories are out of date, get it from someones PPA or compile from source.

>> No.44558899

Some people on here suggest that the ParanoidAndroid rom has some Chinese malware in it. This is bullshit, right...

>> No.44559118
File: 77 KB, 600x600, dca9b07d-4725-4e30-8f7b-0fe149af5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ubuntu or Desbian?

Got a new laptop, and I want to try out Linux. Looking for an os experience I can learn from

>> No.44559150
File: 106 KB, 749x595, psp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this ended up working well, underneath the plastic is just an ugly metal casing. Shrink tubing ended up making it too thick as well so I just put a bit of hot glue on anything jagged or exposed that might damage the disk reader (I never use it but it's still nice to be able to copy disks)

All I need to do is just make sure it doesn't press the safety switch on the laser and make it burn a hole through my PSP

>> No.44559170

Tomorrow I plan on buying the parts at my local Canada Computers. The GPU will be a MSI or Asus GTX 970. Ive posted the build before but Id like to be sure its all good. Thanks.


>> No.44559312

Ubuntu you poor darling. I would personally recommend XUbuntu because the DM Unity is generally unpopular and XFCE will give you a more Windows(before 8) style appearance. Ubuntu is based on Debian but has a lot of things build on top of it. Mostly a binary blob and more up to date repos.
Hardware looks compatible. But double check the power supply. I'm 90% sure it's enough but you can never be sure. Also, the case is a bit expensive. Make sure it's what you want.

Also, just a suggestion, you may want to invest in an SSD.

>> No.44559323

What's the best CPU for emulation?
4cores? 8cores? MOAR CORES?

>> No.44559353

What are you emulating specifically? If it's new then you can't get a good enough CPU but if it's an Atari or something then you can run it on a toaster.

>> No.44559412

Specifically, PS2/Wii/NGC.

What would be at least a good enough since these are kinda tough emulations to begin with?

>> No.44559435
File: 45 KB, 450x361, DNS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you connect to a website, I know you talk to a DNS server to get the IP address so you can find and connect to the site. Do you also connect to a Top level Domain or does the DNS server talk to the Top level domain

>> No.44559532

VLC supports 99.9% of formats and it's free beer, so just go with that.

>> No.44559881 [DELETED] 

970s are never in stock, should I just get a 770 or 780 instead?

>> No.44559924

Is the PNY 970 any good? To be honest, I have no idea which one to get

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