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So I have a computer with a AMD A8-6600K APU
and AMD Radeon HD 8570D GPU.
The GPU kinda sucks so I want to upgrade it.
Which is the best GPU I can buy that won't get bottlenecked by my CPU.

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Pls guys.

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What's your PSU rated at? If it's 350W or lower, get a 750 Ti. If it's over 350W, get an R9 270.

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your cpu will always "bottleneck"
meaning that any game you play, you would get more fps with better cpu

but its not that much, most games dont care for cpu, so whates your fucking budget fagget

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I can pay up to 200 euro.

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Get a GTX 750Ti, it's the best bang for your buck right now.

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No it fucking isn't. AMD have several cards better in that price range, but that need a beefier power supply. The 750 Ti is only for shitty prebuilts with garbage power supplies. It doesn't actually offer good value for money beyond that.

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not really
gtx750ti has awesome performance for low power consumption
but if you check any decent cooled one, they are like $10 away from 270x
and they cant touch 270x on performance

I love what they did with maxwell, but rough performance AMD is everywhere now

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270X is pointless. 270 is the exact same card, clocked slightly lower and cheaper. Ten seconds in CCC and you can fix the clock speed.

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This guy might be right

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How can you fix the clock speed?

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And which one should I get?
Are the Powercolor and the Sapphire Radeon any good?

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run msi afterburner (any card not just MSI)
move slider to the right

maybe there are even bios mods that change 270 in to 270x since they have same number of shaders and everything

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sapphire is solid stuff and often pretty cheap
assuming we talking two fans version

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Pic related. GPU clock to 1050, memory clock to 1400 and you have a 270X.

Both are decent brands.

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check the review on sapphire 270

thats rare to see so high score at that number of users

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Wow.That's neat.
I think I'm gonna buy this:

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Whoops.Wrong link!
I can't decide,which one is better?




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fucking germans
for that price we only get 270

yesterday was here guy buying crucial mx100 for 90€ 256GB version
fucking germans

also if you got the money, you might want to get extra 25% and get 280x

increase in price is 60% though

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I'm not german,I just live in Germany.
And I accidentaly put the wrong link there.

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well difference is less than 10€ so whatever, take the X version I guess

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haha man, that was me with the crucial mx100

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