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>you won'tbe building your first desktop with your father again

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>you wont lose your virginity to mom again

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I never built a computer with my father and I never will because he's dead

good riddance he was a complete fucking jerk and tried to rape me once

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While he did introduce me to computers, he wasn't around when I did my first build.

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>Implying my father knows anything about computer
Built my first one with my bff

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>you will never build a pc with taytay

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>le broken arms

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Shes so tall and perfect.

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>you will never learn AutoCad in age 8 with your father

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>you will never own a new Mini USB charger phone

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> you don't enjoy working on computers anymore, every time you have to is a chore

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>you will not help your dad find obvious buttons he can't see

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>Implying the only input my father had in me building my PC wasn't, "You're wasting your time and money, son. Go study!"

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>tfw your father was right

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I fucking hate my father.

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why he is pretty gud guy

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You could split atoms with that edge

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I just built a new desktop for my Dad. He's a 53 retired NYC firefighter. He loves Runescape/WoW/Skyrim.


He loves it~

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53 year old*

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RuneScape is the shit.

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He plays OSR. I'm pretty sure he's in his 80s, but he used to play back in 2005/6/7 and was in the hundreds.

He always talks to me about trying to get his cooking up with 40k lobsters so he can cook some other high-level item without burning it.

He no longer plays WoW but was a level 80 dwarf hunter when he quit, which was right before Cataclysm. I was horde and we'd always run into each other in the crossroads while he was raiding. He kicked the shit out of me each and every time. Fucking snake traps.

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>tfw father loved tech
>hooked me up with my first computer when I was 3
>memories of accidentally starting a hard and scary game i couldn't figure out ow to exit (later identified as duke nukem)
>was once told the story about how one of his friends and my mother combined to get him a modem once back in the early 90s
>his apartment was always overflowing with all sorts of pc parts or other tech shit
>he swore to "his old trust ibm keyboards" (model m) of which he had 3 or 4
>when i was a his place that's what I'd be using
>his parrot once got him a psp for christmas just because he thought it was a neat tech (didn' give a shit about games)

>he died in 2010 when i was 17
>we never built a computer together
>all the model m's went out because his sister inherited responsibility of cleaning out the apartment because i was underage

>few months ago i was preparing to build my first desktop
>realise i'm gonna need tools
>google for pc toolkit
>pic related pops up in search
>my father had had this exact fucking kit for as long as I can remember
>memories of wondering what the yellow tube was for before I could even talk
>i didn't save it
>i didn't save anything
>sorrowfully order kit
>when it arrives it's pretty obvious the quality of manufacture has gone down. carrying case is made from much shittier plastic etc

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also why only a 560 ti? do you hate your dad anon?

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>>tfw father loved tech
>>he died in 2010 when i was 17
>>we never built a computer together
>>my father had had this exact fucking kit for as long as I can remember
Holy shit are you me?

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>his parrot once got him a psp for christmas

thats one cool parrot

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I'm a pisspoor college student and a $900 investment for a birthday gift was a lot of money within itself. The card runs all his games on ultra at 1080p so it's good. Down the road I'll get him something nicer but for now it was all I could afford.

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>his parrot once got him a psp for christmas
h-how did he do that

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well you at least had one :(
mine died a couple of years ago , only saw him once when i was 6.

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I never built a desktop with my dad. I've built them for him, but not with him

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My dad left when I was 10. I bought a VAIO and then became a macfag.

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no i won't but since i'm the only one other than him who knows shit about computers in the whole family and he doesn't care about putting the things together i know i'll be the one to help my nephew build his first

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>your dad doesn't know shit about technology

He once saw me scanning some shit on the network printer/scanner, he then tried to scan something but ended up making like 6 copies before realizing it.

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>what is this computer and this inter-net
>son, help me cut wood in the garden or I'll throw this trash away

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>dad was a programmer and was one of the few to own a personal computer years ago in our region
>died when I was twelve
>never lived to see today's tech
>never bonded with him over tech stuff

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And what is the yellow tube for?

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you carry a j in there for when the job is done silly

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Storing cum, obviously

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a j?

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Joke's on you, I never built a desktop with my father

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for screws and stuff

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Built my first one by myself.
Git gud faguts

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yeah man look at that fagit, doesn't even understand our sekkrit slang

402 Blaze itt XXDD

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>hey dad, can i install this new CD burner?
>sure, i guess you know what you're doing
>install, try to reconnect some cables that came loose
>connect power cable to the audio prongs
>power up

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>be thirteen
>dad is a webdev
>asshole mom kills herself
>tfw dad buys a macbook to "celebrate"

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I have bad daddy issues so I don't talk to him anymore... Yes I am a girl.

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I actually am building my first desktop with my father (I am 24)

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Why he is punishing him self

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everyone outside of 2nd grade knows what j stands for

it's funny because it's NOT a secret

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>wife stops fucking him 5 years before suicide
>kills herself
>uses insurance money to buy Retina display for superb porn viewing

It's not like he wants to involve himself with another walking nightmare.

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was it because you missed father figure that you turned out gay?

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>you won't be doing anything ever with your father again

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I built my first computer with my boy friend.

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So he built it while you watched?

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I don't even had a father.

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>First desktop
does he also change your diapers anon?

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Well us girls arent very technical soooo yeah haha

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I'm a dog and I was able to build a computer myself.

But I'm a male dog so I guess that explains it.

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>Well us girls
>us girls
yo an't a grl niggea

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I did my first build myself, but he'll be doing his first build with me soon.

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My father doesn't know how to send an SMS using the phone. So let's not even talk about computers.

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>dad used to be cool in the 90s, had computer hardware, played vidya/pc games, got an internet connection during the boom, used to play Quake 3 with me daily

>he traded in all of his hobbies for watching Netflix like a vegetable and getting angry at anything that interrupts his shows

I blame 9/11

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are you me
>hope i wont burn out of my gaming/tech hobbies when i get older

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You probably won't, unless something similar gets inflicted onto society when we're older.

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I'm completely self-taught about computers. I also happen to have a reasonably healthy relationship with my father. My parents divorced and he raised me. He seriously knows nothing about computers, and has only had a very pessimistic attitude towards computers and internet (crap, he was right: the government really uses them to spy on people). Also, though he's in his 60s, he is very healthy for his age. He will definately live a long time.

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Needs more thigh and tits.

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"my opinion with those things is they turn you into a vegetable. Tell the kid it's broke or something "

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>Tfw you will never ask your dad to help you build a top of the line comp.
>Tfw he will do it because he loves you.
>Tfw you slowly alienate yourself from your family while believing yourself to be alone.
>Tfw you are god.

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Fuck off you dirty NEET, at least he maintains connections with his family

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pls share in >>>/hm/936354

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wow nice, do this please >>43662700

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>implying my parents know anything about computers
they've been using the same shitty hp desktop they've had since 2004
I built my first computer with my best friend in his dining room

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>you won'tbe building your first desktop with your mother again

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My friends live too far away for that, and I don't have many friends.
My first build was in my basement, totally alone while my parents and brother watched a football game.

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>your father killed himself before he could build a desktop with you
>your stepfather hates and fears tinkering with computers


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My mother's computer skills, though she was computer literate, were not particularly impressive. She could repair and set up computers, but never became much of a programmer. She tells me she knew some fortran and basic, but I don't know if I should even assume she really knew that much. She never did anything of repute that I have heard of. She also pretty much ignored my wishes when I was little, and was moderately abusive because she was mentally unstable and on drugs when I was a kid. I never lived with her for very long because in response to the hell my life was living with her, I became a little demon in hell. When I went to go live with my dad, my dad treated me with respect, so I always respected him.

I don't hate my mom, but, she's mostly been absent from my life, and she hadn't been much of a mother to me.

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But we did, we just setted up his 5000 dollars fly sim rig last week.

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I remember Dad buying a top of the line computer for Christmas 1998, a Gateway with such amazing features as a CD burner and a 3D accelerator, and I was in the office with him on December 26th reading the quick start guide and we were setting it all up together, then after we're done he introduces me to the Internet the first time.

Two years later, he runs off with a stripper from Indiana, and I get 8 years of custody battles and the Gateway. I keep it running through years of dead hard drives and power supplies in increasingly tiny apartments. When I finally save up for a new computer in 2005, I end up building it with Dad watching and then a week later stripper stepmom takes it away and puts it in a storage unit for 6 months to "teach me a lesson".

Now he lives in a shitty little town with strippermom, four dogs and an iguana, does IT for a community college and is constantly broke because he pays for her plastic surgery.

Thanks for making me what I am, Dad.

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My dad is the one who forced me to quit CS to run his business. Before he could finish training me, he left and abandoned me in the middle of nowhere.

Got my career ruined, time wasted and now I am unemployed and overage fuck who has lost all interest in everything.

Why would I miss that miserable person?

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They're both still alive. Not even mad at my mom for not being a good mother. Kind of a big shrug there. I got used to being a latchkey kid when I was in elementary school..

>my dad had to change shifts at work because the teachers disciplined me when the other kids broke the rules and pretended I causes all the problems at school
>got punished for this at first, but then finally managed to explain to him what exactly really happened at school, so my dad stopped reinforcing the teachers' discipline, and talked to them about it, but it didn't change theoior behavior
>the teachers had to be bitches about everything, perhaps they were actually discriminating against my dad (single working class dad, 'nam veteran, a few things for the type of women who were elementary school teachersback then to get all reactionary over)
>because of how often I got into trouble at school, my father eventually had to change shifts at work, and so I was a latchkey kid for most of my childhoos

I just realized that I barely had parents. It never bothered me much as a kid. I just hope everyone realizes how lucky they are to have actually had a childhood.

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So, you ever fucked your stepmom?

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Could have been worse, right?

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My father sells computers, and has a literal fuckton of old computer shit. He's actually not as tech savy as you'd think, though. He knows what the individual parts are and what they do, and how to put together a computer, but don't expect him to be able to install drivers and shit. Guess he never bothered to learn.

Still, we have built more computers together than you can imagine.

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By the time I might have wanted to, the looks were gone and I had had to actually live with her less than stunning personality. So no.

Did fuck a girl that worked at the same place but I didn't make Dad's mistake of thinking there was any more to it.

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Yeah, at least it was mostly things going wrong that my childhood was screwed up, and though my parents haven't been able to do much for me, they do care about me. My siblings aren't any better off or anything. And my life seems to be one of those that starts bad but doesn't continue to be as it was at first, and doesn't get any worse than how it was at first.

>tfw about halfway done with getting things ready to move (I got a lot done today)
>it's something to be in a good mood about

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It seems your father is able to help you more now that you're an adult than he could when you were a child, and can teach you things he knows (which is what parents do).

>tfw I'm just a ghost who has been watching you

Your predicament was pitiful 8 years ago when you were forsaken by all, but were still trying to be the best you could be.

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lol I get an extended childhood to compensate for my ruint childhood

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That you do. In a way, you're perhaps even lucky.

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