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get your very own robot slave
lol, Imma gonna purchase a few and have an army of slave to build me a pyramid

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So when are you going to start forming proper sentences?

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the same time i sober up and realise i can't build a pyramid or afford even one robot

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creepy as fuck...

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More bullshit than solar roadways.

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>there are people who will fall for this

my sides

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Robots can NOT be slaves.

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I prefer my bots to not look like humans

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uncanny valley

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Robots have no will, robots are tools.
As I see it for something to be a slave it has to have a will and be made to do things against its will.

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But what if robots develop sentience? Would you have a slave if it hurt da poor wittle wobots feewings?

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what if you program it to have a will and add programming that forces it to obey humans

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It still would only be programmed sentience.
It's not something that the machine had developed for itself, it's something made for it to do.
Of course some would argue that it's the same with humans but lets leave that out of this thread and focus on the robots, please.
And as thus, they can not really have self wills.

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Not arguing, just curious.

I'd like to have a friend-bot. Nothing crazy like a sexbot, personally. Just something to keep me company, tell jokes, talk to, etc.

I'm not a super lonely person - just think it would be neat.

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Can a refrigerator be a slave?

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So it would be fine to abuse robots and push them beyond their specs, even to the point of self destruction and you'd be able to command the robot to do so even if it was begging you.

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i'm a little crazy and i'd go for a sexbot. sounds pretty fun, kinda like a better fleshlight

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>Why a female?
>Mainly for cost, females are 25% cheaper

lmao wait until Tumblr get their manicured claws on this

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Well it's my opinion on the matter.
Sure you may think otherwise, but I won't agree with you.

I don't see people throwing a fit when people buy the new iphones just to smash them with a sledgehammer.
Of course who knows how things will be in the future, but as for now, I do not believe robots will ever be "conscious" or even achieve this "singularity everyone speaks of.

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If the robot was sentient this would be grossly amoral.

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I hope it becomes a meme

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I believe one day long after I die we'll finally achieve something like this:

But I still wouldn't say it has a will nor that it could be called a slave.
Maybe I would call it a humanlike personal assistant or something like that.

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Besides, who needs that when we already have things like this

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it can't clean and cook :^)

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ebin :^)

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Feminists WILL wage a war against 3D waifus!! we MUST have the upper hand in making them more acceptable to public! 3DPDs are obsolete, but they hold the power to make Love-bots illegals or regulated!!!!

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Mexicans and fast food, bro.

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You have to clean that. A robot could be programmed to clean itself thourougly after you're done using it.

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Robots can not love you.
That name would be wholly misleading.

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>obvious fake
>0 backers
>thread is 90% philosophy

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and you could just lie back without effort

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Heck, you could program a robot to grip your member more solidly as your member becomes more and more engorged with blood. The closer to release, the firmer the grip. All the while, the robot maintains a steady stream of lubrication. You could load pre-set audio functionality.

Man. I want to make this.

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More like 83% but whatever.

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>40% of Marie

So like, what, her head and arms and a foot?

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>Man gets penis ripped off by homemade vice.

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>implying you're any different

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At least I would be remembered by /g/.

The programming would be pretty easy, honestly. At least for basic sex.

The hardware would be more difficult imo. I need an engineer.

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ass, vagoo, tits

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the hardware would be fairly easy too. a couple of force sensors, a few motors and a bunch of silicone or whatever.

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It says what it is you get. I think it was the skeleton and the motors for everything but the face. He said that i would be set up so that you can get full movement if you give power to the motors.

I already knew about the obvious usage of sex, but cooking had never occurred to me. Now I am really looking forward to this.

inb4 "robotics couldn't grasp the art of cooking"
Anything more than using a microwave is more than I can manage. It would be nice just to have it for making tea because it is a pain.

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headline ''robot kills owner with food poisoning. couldn't make a proper sandwich''

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Imagine the finished product using a custom slashgee os

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Want to make a sex bot and get rich?

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if only i had the resources to do it

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I don't think food poisoning would be much of an issue. You would just need to watch it to make sure it doesn't get bleach confused with milk or something.

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yea it's just 'add will' and it has its own will, it's that easy.

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now we're getting into the details of when a program isn't just a program anymore. at what point is it complex enough to be sentient?

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When it passes the turing test.

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when it can shitpost on 4chan

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>By January 2016: Walking following someone, facial recognition, walking on her own, charging herself, going up and down stairs, talking, executing simple tasks
>By mid 2016: self cleaning, fetching objects, shopping on her own
>By January 2017: Laundry, cleaning the house, cooking.

So sexbots by early-mid 2017.

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How shit at life can you be if making tea is a pain, seriously. Even things like green tea where you want lower temperature of water have appliances you can buy to get the right temperature, and black tea is literally leaves + boiling water + timer.

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> implying shopping is a mid tier goal compared to doing laundry

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I just don't like doing it.

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They have Japanese water boiler things that let you have water instantly available for tea and there's even a device for a few hundred that will automatically make your tea. I guess you still have to put the leaves in and program the time but it'll make it and strain out the leaves for you. You definitely don't need a full robot for something so simple.

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is the machine gonna bring it to me when it's ready so i don't have to get off my lazy ass?

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Put the machine on your computer desk.

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>shopping on her own
Uh Oh!

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just give it your credit card :P

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fucking a machine would provide nowhere near as much satisfaction as the real deal

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Never give a woman your credit card.
Not even if she'sn't really a woman and merely looks like one.

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if only i could pay only once for a real women and have her do me whenever i feel like it, not have to worry about my performance or satisfying her and have her make me a sandwich after i'm done. even prostitutes don't cook for you when your done with them. though a room temperature silicon ass isn't as appealing as a nice warm one

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But you'd have to be able to fuck a girl to know the difference.

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My hand is the real deal.

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But you'd have to fuck a robot to know the difference

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I know how easy it can be. I have a device that all I have to do is pour in water, stick teabags in it, push a button and put in sugar and I have a gallon of tea. As I already stated, I just don't like doing it. I drink tea almost exclusively and it gets annoying. A robot would do it for me.

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But purchasing a robot isn't illegal and requires no social skills.

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preferred_temp = 98.20

if preferred_temp < 98.20:
print "Sorry baby, let me turn up the heat!"
print "Oh, yeah! Fuck me harder! Cum inside me!!!!"

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>1 sexbot mk2 p-please
>y-you too

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Well, you could make a kickstarter.

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Throw it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.

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yeah buddy, you just need $32k to develop something that researchers have already pooled millions in

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Why not just have normal friends instead?

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>cpu costs 30 bucks
>research is in the millions

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More like I'm just learning.

I'll actually take that as a compliment, anon.

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whores are girls

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very clever

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here's the thing though, why would you want a robot that's just a lady cooking for you when you could have a robot specifically designed for cooking with like 20 arms and utensil attachments that can clean the entire kitchen as it cooks
unless your some kind of wierdo who gets off on paying money for the illusion of dominance/affection

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This is the chart of her 'Abilities'

> Voice Recognition : Hard Ai
> Chat Engine : Hard Ai
> Text to speech : Hard Ai
> Activity plugins/ Open Interface : Do you mean 'Hard Ai interface'?

So by core they either mean a full functioning sentient computer or an Indian guy paid 40 cents an hour to make a giant plastic doll pretend to suck some weeabos cheetos-stained dick.

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It would be nice for the sex robot to be dual purpose.

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>Height: ~5'6''
stupid. it should be as small as possible, even loli if need be. why? "square cube law", ask /m/ about it.

speaking of, the servos for one hand would cost a fortune to be strong enough to pick up a few lbs, look like a human hand and not a robot claw.

>not wanting to have sex with a 20 armed robot

>> No.43644300

from the design of it and comments and explanation for the hand reward, looks like the servos aren't in the hand

>> No.43644407

It uses kevlar strings to control the hand, with something to control them elsewhere.

>> No.43644469

apparently a 90watt motor that's 4cm x 2cm.

>> No.43644613

if my math is any good, looks like by switching to the motor on top of that list he can get a 250W motor instead. turns out they are dirt cheap too, like 15$

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Poor manlets will even be insecure around their sex slave robot

>> No.43644640

>implying after purchasing an army of robot slaves, you'll be able to afford the real estate or materials for a pyramid

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Whelp. There went my sides.

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They mean a computer that won't do what they expect because they have no idea how hard all that shit is and so they'll just spend all the money on booze and then give out an announcement 3 months past deadline that they dont have any more money so they cant continue but thanks for the money.

>> No.43644680

You could have that w/o it being a humanoid, which is orders of magnitude more difficult.

>> No.43644689

>the CEO of this bullshit only has 45 friends on facebook



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all i really want is a fuckbot to pair with the oculus rift for total immersion. and a device that tracks where your dick/hands are.

>> No.43644724

Holy fuck you're dumb

>> No.43644727

I don't know about dick, but there is some reasonably affordable motion cap stuff intended for vr in the developer phase.

>> No.43644741

I want one so I can reenact the scene from the terminator

>> No.43644745


what i really want is some sort of viable self-jerking device that could play certain types of files that demonstrated different stroke patterns/speeds/etc.

i just think it would be fun to make a game out of it. like have a high score chart and see how long people can last playing your custom settings. add achievements and shit

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That's how you know he's the man for the job

>> No.43644782

also because he was able to weasel himself out of the "why a skinny female" argument. tumbrinas get fukt

>Mainly for cost. The average female is quite a bit smaller then the average male. Easily 25lbs of difference. That would represent 25% more material, power and energy.

>> No.43644786

lol, my personal favorite inventor is Nicolas Tesla, and he had 0 friends. obviously this guy has too many friends.

>> No.43644807

elon pls

>> No.43644834

but according to the Bible Jesus required followers to have power.

>> No.43644847

Does this mean the male version would have weighted 100lbs and the female weights 75lbs?

>> No.43644850

according to the bible, mary was a virgin, therefore this robot obviously wont have a pussy

>> No.43644879

ya this math isnt adding up.

25% more isn't 25 pounds, even if we're talking in increments of 100. this is the common "woman make 25% less than men" fallacy. in reality, 75 cents per dollar is 33%.

this guy is obviously an autistic retard. we can't trust him with the future of our sex droids.

>> No.43644880

Why put one on the robot when the buyers already are one.

>> No.43644906

>in reality, 75 cents per dollar is 33%.
You lost me.

>> No.43644943

1 dollar is 100 cents.

the typical saying is "woman make 25% less than men" and then they follow this up with the evidence indicating "woman make 75 cents for each dollar men make"

that's 33% difference, not 25.

>> No.43644968

you mean man make 33% more if woman make 25% less.

>> No.43644983

what is the point of build any kind of robot without a vagina?

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inb4 this turns into another feminist shit-posting thread

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The female body adds unnecessary weight


Why even bother with bipeds? They're not very good beasts of burden due to only having two legs to balance on and move with. A four legged robot with a variable number of manipulator arms and varying types of reconfigurable grips would make an excellent slave.

I'm not going to trust a machine hobbling around on two spindly legs with two shitty arms with hands to do my work. Humans are already bad enough. We're runners by nature, not workers, and our two armed, two legged body shows that. We just hacked it into a toolmaking agricultural function that it's not very good at.

>> No.43645029

>those feet

dropped. i would never get one unless her feet were amazing.

>> No.43645042


>> No.43645054

are you proposing taur sex bots?
>muh dick

>> No.43645056

>concept art stands on its toes
>being digitigrade on two legs without a balancing tail and forward leaning posture
>shit tier biomechanics and promoting a horrible social standard (lol heels) at the same time

pls no

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>> No.43645079

I was thinking horrific spider rovers but alright

>> No.43645104

Some of us have a two legged waifu

>> No.43645107

Those feet look pretty slick to me, but I'm not a footfriend

>> No.43645528

>Besides, who needs that when we already have things like this

you may in fact go to hell for that

>> No.43646021

more like terrific

>> No.43646566

future business partners

>> No.43646606

will I be able to put my penor in their vagine?

>> No.43646627

would you really spend that much to do that?

>> No.43646641

sex on demand? hells ya

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Why doesn't he just make a lolibot? A good 60% cheaper at least.

>> No.43646692

a loli catbot

>> No.43646734

if i had the money, i'd probably talk to the guy running that project and see if he'd customize one that can have sex.

>> No.43646745

If we're going to have catbots, I want a shota option.
It'll probably still end up in a dress, but still.

>> No.43646759

only if he has human feet.

>> No.43646764

He should make some sort of androgynous childbot base. Then you can add in genitals and animal ears and tail of your choice later.

>> No.43646852

someone should get us some answers. i want to know if the guy is a scammer or just has a few loose bolts and wires in his head

>> No.43646867

Now all that needs to happen is for someone to figure out consciousness uploading, and I can live out my own fucked up episode of GiTS!

>> No.43646869


>> No.43646967

>36000 for fully functional worker robot
Sounds legit.

>> No.43646993

does if you're using 15$ motors

>> No.43647006

Why pay for a sexbot when you can have kids for free?

>> No.43647034

And this is what happens when a board is taken over by lolipedos

>> No.43647064

Reddit pls go

>> No.43647085

because to have kids you need to find someone of the opposite sex to actually have sex with you

plus you need to scrape up more than 36000 to pay for the cost of living with another person and any offspring you two happen to create

>> No.43647095

I'm pretty sure if 8000 gets you 40%, then that makes a full one 20000

>> No.43647149

can it make potato salad?

>> No.43647154


>Implying the heating coils for electric blankets can't be adapted and applied to synthetic skin.

>> No.43647158

if it could it would be already funded

>> No.43647185

actually, it's probably gonna use up a couple hundred watts per hour, so unless it's got proper cooling, i'd be more worried about not burning my dick

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Are you suggesting that sex/companion bots be spiders?

>> No.43647214

Not necessarily, provided the 'machine' could replicate the actions of a girl perfectly.

If you're just fucking for pleasure it would be basically the same, aside from that niggling little reminder in the back of your head that it's a robot.

The only way it would be different is the emotional side of it. That emotional knowledge of fucking somebody you love and spend your free time with.

>> No.43647228

>"woman make 75 cents for each dollar men make"
>that's 33% difference, not 25.
You're not making any sense.

>> No.43647235

i jack off multiple times a day and i can't stand myself.

so i guess that means i'm the perfect candidate for a robot sex slave

>> No.43647241

You're right.
Cringeworthy is a shitty meme.
Won't see me using it again.

>> No.43647266

I think you mean:

>You're not making as many cents

>> No.43647522

>tfw no neko trapbot with a cute little penis to suckle

>> No.43647585

>25 cents less is not 25 percent less
You're literally dealing with the easiest number to measure the percentage of, 100. 75 is 100 minus 25%.

Where is the argument?

>> No.43647596

if you're making 75cent and want to make 100, you need 33% more

>> No.43647618

But that's not how it works. Men don't make 33% more, women make 25% less. Because it's a subtraction from the amount of money men make.

This really isn't hard to understand.

>> No.43649787

Are you enjoying the Time of Eve?

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but does .999 = 1?

>> No.43650734

I'm not interested in a robot unless it's self aware.
>dominating some one/thing is no fun unless they know about it

>> No.43650768

>tfw loli sex bots will be illegal before they every really exist

>> No.43650799

hehehe so if children robots come out, they wont be programmed to have sex, you'll have to force them against their programming

>> No.43650806

If they existed they wouldn't be physically designed to have sex at all.
Why the fuck do people want pedos to have few legal outlets as possible?

>> No.43650816

But Anon, where else can I play Card Games on Motorcycles?

>> No.43651259

The Turing-Moot test?

>> No.43651299

Obviously you set a mechanical limit to the squeezing. It's like everyone thinks people who want to build sex robots are retarded.

>> No.43651326

A hard drive can be a slave

>> No.43651329

>would of been easy to create a robot that was gender neutral

Enjoy your perv project that will never get off the ground.

>> No.43651349

>a room temperature silicon ass isn't as appealing as a nice warm one

That's the problem even with fleshlights or onaholes. None of them are heated to body temp and whatever you do to heat it is gone after a couple minutes of friction. Obviously (to me anyways) if you drop the $50k or whatever for it to be lifelike a human temperature is essential.

>> No.43651350


>> No.43651367

>whatever you do to heat it is gone after a couple minutes of friction.

>not building a hot tub with a porthole on the side to keep your fleshlight hot while you fuck it from the outside

>> No.43651378

1923, from English translation of 1920 play "R.U.R." ("Rossum's Universal Robots"), by Karel Capek (1890-1938), from Czech robotnik "slave," from robota "forced labor, compulsory service, drudgery," from robotiti "to work, drudge," from an Old Czech source akin to Old Church Slavonic rabota "servitude," from rabu "slave," from Old Slavic *orbu-, from PIE *orbh- "pass from one status to another" (see orphan). The Slavic word thus is a cousin to German Arbeit "work" (Old High German arabeit). According to Rawson the word was popularized by Karel Capek's play, "but was coined by his brother Josef (the two often collaborated), who used it initially in a short story."

>> No.43651390

what if you travel alot or whatnot?

>> No.43651408
File: 90 KB, 660x380, lfsogjior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I live near the creator this sex slave robot

>> No.43651418

also making it actaully locomate isn't there. Have fun with a sex doll crawling around your house.

>> No.43651450

That image bugs me as 75*1.33 is completely unambiguous so the only person getting told is the person who made it

>> No.43651733

20000 < 36000

>> No.43651750

asked >>>/m/11243002

>> No.43652697

>desirable relationships

>> No.43652707

>joules per second per hour

>> No.43652886
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My sides!

>> No.43653089
File: 106 KB, 900x960, 0EbcANZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posters will be folded in two because of shipping costs.

>> No.43653178

Thank you Mr. Nesquick.

>> No.43653187

makes sense to me, shipping a large envelope from canada to most of the world costs like 8$

>> No.43653209

>cheap lolibot
>pedophiles registered
>real lolis unharmed


>> No.43653232

This is gonna be great.

>Afford a sexbot
>All the positives of female without the bullshit
>feminists take issue with this
>every feminist gets BTFO because no one wants to date their ass anymore
>feminists become undesirable, moreso than now
>only people who would date them would be beta feminist guys who should remove themselves from the genepool anyway
>feminists realise this and either change their ways and start begging men or just die alone
>competition increase 9000% and girls are now the primary instigators of relationships
>must prove themselves to be better at cooking, cleaning and sex than the bot


>> No.43653245

What makes you think women won't just buy male sex bots?

>> No.43653256

Because a male sex bot can't provide for a family

>> No.43653258

>everyone has sex bots
>trade semen/eggs and put in a surrogate bot

>> No.43653279

>even to the point of self destruction and you'd be able to command the robot to do so even if it was begging you.
this is my fetish.
can't wait for robotic sexbots era.

>> No.43653300

They can't develop sentience without sentience.

>> No.43653327

>configured by default to cum under 1 minute
>most women too dum to reconfigure it
>too afraid to ask someone to do it for them

>> No.43653352

what is this program supposed to do?

>> No.43653365

Why would they want to support the robo-patriarchy?

>> No.43653377

Just write their code in python
>import will

>> No.43653380

This looks great but I want a fucking BOM

>> No.43653388

I think that it was supposed to recieve the temperature you want the robot at, and say it will increase the temperature if the robots temperature is too low, put the person who made it is retarded.

>> No.43653434

Would you be able to overclock it?

>> No.43653446

fucking newfag

>> No.43653485

fuck off normalshit

>> No.43653541

Not loli. I need a preteen who can reach the kitchen counter and make me sandwiches. The last thing I need is a robot at chock punching height if it decides to rebel

>> No.43653559

>The only way it would be different is the emotional side of it. That emotional knowledge of fucking somebody you love and spend your free time with.

You are living a lie.

>fucking a machine would provide nowhere near as much satisfaction as the real deal

gril detected.

Females can't love you either. They are attached to their providers.

This. >>43653256
And they still would cheat on it.

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File: 787 KB, 1251x705, shit animu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>/g/ - Technology

>> No.43653651

It's a hoax, while it's probably possible, I doubt he can make it with so little money, and a project that looks so little serious.

>> No.43653680

Sentience isn't magic, you know. I bet you pray to compiler gods every time you hit run

>> No.43653708

Robot spotted

>> No.43653733

Are you implying I watch anime? Because I don't.

And I don't play mobas either.

>> No.43653734

Man, I'd like to believe, but

he dream is to one day have robots that look and feel organic. For this project, Marie will have similar strength to an average human, skin, hair and human features and expressions. Pressure, temperature, stretch sensors and more will garnish the robot from head to toes. She will have stereoscopic vision, a voice, microphones, so it can see, hear and talk. Powered by lithium batteries, she will be able to travel outside. Instrumentation will be plentiful and precise, giving Marie the ability to assess her surroundings.

Those goals just seem too futuristic, as of now at least.

>> No.43653743

>pic unrelated

>> No.43653745

Most of the cost comes in programming and research, his goal should be plenty. According to that he plans to do those things himself and use existing software and technology when possible to do it.

That said I think it is either a hoax or he doesn't realize what exactly it entails. I don't think that all of the necessary software (even without chatting) is advanced enough. Even just walking up stairs is an incredible accomplishment for a robot.

>> No.43653746

Comedy time

>> No.43653769

>32k for fucking robots
There is, literally, no way this will actually produce anything worthwhile.

>> No.43653790

I fucking want that

>> No.43654045

buy one there like 15$

>> No.43654079

I think the outcome would be quite interesting even with stuff that already exist, ie: alice bot, dragon naturally speaking, regular face detection cellphone use to unlock themself.

>> No.43654198

You're all crazy. Nowhere does this project claim to be making a consumer product or in fact anything more then a prototype. Seems like a fundraiser to get his hobby going + the option to buy a prototype of it for yourself if you like blowing money.

>> No.43654380

Speech recognition works reasonably well, but actually having one capable of conversation is another story. There are some things capable of it, but I don't think any of them are capable of it.
The big issue would be having it be able to clean and cook. It would have to be able to recognize all of the objects it needs to do those tasks, and be able to use them. It would also have to be able to recognize dust and dirt to know what needs to be clean. I don't think there is anything capable of that. A highly skilled team could probably make something capable of recognizing objects well enough to cook, but one Canadian who doesn't seem like he has any experience in the subject can't do it.

>> No.43654395

>but I don't think any of them are capable of it.
I have no clue what happened there. I meant I don't think any of them are available.

>> No.43654429

you're assuming the same quality as a consumer product. i don't think it's that hard to program a robot to sweep everywhere once a day whether or not the floor is clean and i wouldn't expect the robot to be lifting your couch to sweep underneath it. it just needs to be able to detect floors.

>> No.43654461

and for cooking, i son't really want to scratch my head trying to figure it out but i supposed it's doable but in a cheap ass laughable way

>> No.43654554

get a realdoll for like $5k


>> No.43654575
File: 342 KB, 674x407, 2014-08-18_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remind me of this

>> No.43654616

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, opening your eyes, and seeing her dead expressionless face staring at you, two inches from your face.

>> No.43654654

>If the robot was sentient
Same laws and right as with humans would be applied to it and it would become illegal to "own" a sentient robot, or even sentient program on your computer.

>> No.43654695

Women will do EVERYTHING in their power to stop this because if this hits the market women are FUCKED, they will lose their sole advantage over men: secks

>> No.43654719

Just having it walk around with human like feet would be a major accomplishment. It took Honda 15 years to get to asimo, and it is much more stable than a human.

>> No.43654809

I can think of a lot of reason why asimo took so long to walk. no spine or hips to balance himself for one. and i don't think petman took that long to walk, they got it produced and doing physical activities in a year and a half, and that includes a lot more then walking

>> No.43654930

this is pretty scary, soon we won't be able to tell them apart from real humans

>> No.43655030
File: 966 KB, 381x216, 1342285311019.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43655206

I'm tempted to pledge just for the hell of seeing him fail miserably. maybe even get a couple of folded poster of a failed robot attempt, makes a great story to tell.

>> No.43655374

The actual production of Asimo didn't take that long. It was all of the previous robots that they made trying to figure out how to make a robot that could walk, and what it took to make it happen.

The only videos I have found of petman have it supported by cables and walking on a treadmill. Having it actually move around would be negligibly more difficult (assuming the cables are just a safety measure). But Boston Dynamics is one of the best robotics teams out there, and they are a company, not just researchers. I highly doubt they would just give him the code they used, and even then it would still probably require recalibration and modification to work with his design, it it would at all. Petman's movements don't look natural at all, which would defeat the point of making it a humanoid if all it can do is look bad trying to sweep. It would not have to just be able to tell there is a floor, it would have to detect where objects are and move around them. Without having computer vision capabilities beyond anything I am aware of, It would need a laser range finder on a mount capable of moving around rapidly in order to scan sticking out of the chest.

I didn't proof read that, but it feels like I probably messed something up.

>> No.43655485

>What can Marie do?

>By January 2016: Walking following someone, facial recognition, walking on her own, charging herself, going up and down stairs, talking, executing simple tasks
well okay that's fair
>By mid 2016: self cleaning, fetching objects, shopping on her own
Half a year later and she can go out into the public to shop? That's a very fucking tough call
>By January 2017: Laundry, cleaning the house, cooking.
One year later and she can accomplish entirely complicated tasks. Bullshit.

It would be great if a competent group took up a similar project but on this budget at these prices with those promises that's just bonkers.

>> No.43655499

I'm just saying it is possible to accomplish, just not with the kind of quality it needs to be useful, let alone hit the market. Even asimo is nothing but a tech demo. Everyone seems to expect amazing results. If you readjust your expectation in consequence with the fact that this project can be done with 32k, it doesn't seem crazy to think those goals can be accomplished. If we took a car project and the creator claimed to produce a car for 2000$ I wouldn't think it's impossible, i would just assume it wouldn't perform as well as i expect a car should. same with a robot. a 20k robot can't be expected to do anything useful or do anything properly.

>> No.43655598

I already said it was possible to build the robot.
>his goal should be plenty
I don't think he has the skills to make it do the things he is saying AT ALL, not even at a lower quality than what someone might expect.
If that car project was done by a twelve year old who made a rubber band car out of legos, I wouldn't expect the car to be able to even move. Then it wouldn't be a car, just something that vaguely resembles one and serves no purpose.

>> No.43655741

unless you're gonna spend 20k on the full robot, i suppose he can at least fulfill his rewards, the rest of it is just entertainment.

>> No.43656663

messaged him. according to him, there is no 32k budget because 32k is impossible to raise without a couple of people going for a full robot, and even though there 8k pledges, in reality there's 20k coming in for a full bot. 2 bots sold would be 16k in pledges, +24k not in pledges. technically, 32k could easily be 4 robots at 8k + 4x 12k. that would be an 80k budget. makes a tiny bit more sense

>> No.43657127

depends where you set your 100%
women make 25% less than men(men income is the base here)
men make 33% more that women(women's income being the base)

>> No.43657443

No need, the robot slave can do that for him

>> No.43657461

>Walking following someone

Why is this a standard feature in people's conception of a servant robot? Even in the Jetsons the robot maid didn't have legs. Probably because it was easier to animate, but also it makes sense and all consumer robotics that currently exist almost all have wheels for locomotion.

Legs don't make sense on a personal robot, it increases the cost substantially and provides little to no benefit. It'd be cheaper to build a small elevator or motorized stair ramp to accommodate the robot than put legs on it.

>> No.43657476

quote from him ''it's not as straight up as telling the robot «go do my laundry» first you need to teach it. show it were the laundry basket is, show it the machines and which buttons to press, and then all you have is a robot that can throw your laundry in the washer and dryer. at this point, even though it can do laundry, you're still left with folding it, so claiming it can do laundry is not a far-fetched idea, as long as you're not under the impression you're getting a lot more then a $20,000 prototype''

>> No.43657548

Uhmm yeah but since they wouldn't be having children anymore they would be able to advance their careers.

That's like literally everything the 'patriarchy' amounts to - women choosing to bear kids and intentionally not advancing instead of pursuing that sweet sweet cash.

We're assuming of course that at this point we would be making humans artificially.

>> No.43657578

They cost the consumer approx. 77% the cost of a male robot.

>> No.43657814


>> No.43657826

Only you virgins could think sex is just about the mechanical act. The only thing that's gonna improve in your life is the quality of masturbation. And that's the one thing you don't fucking want.

Reality check: it's still masturbation. You'll still be a failed person. You'll still be the underlings going through your life sad, unloved, and unfulfilled.

Why? Because change is hard. So you will continue constructing your fictious roles of "alpha males" and "ubermensch nerds", just so you can cope with your own sad existence.

You are not real men. It does not matter that you exist.

H-hold me, we can cry together onee-chan ;_;

>> No.43658517

AMD cpu? fuck no.

>> No.43658550

why? they're perfect for handling the image processing from the cameras

>> No.43658615


>> No.43658716

when will this be used to spy on me?

>> No.43658761

don't worry, it updates itself, so as the government feels like it.

>> No.43658837

Thats not even renting or leasing and its shared by the whole community. If I want something, I rather own it or atleast get it on a lease so I have guarantees.

>> No.43658841

not only that, it can spy in 3d in super HD

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