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>mfw typing on a non-mechanical keyboard

It feels like I am typing on a touch screen.

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>your friends use your keyboard
>"Wow it's so responsive! I love it!"


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>anyone uses my das keyboard
>>anon there are no keys?
>of course there are fucking keys, there's just no letters on them, type normally
>>no anon, you do it

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Scissor switch keyboards aren't quite as bad though.

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>Network lumpy walks into my office to troubleshoot AD not letting the SAN talk to anyone in sales
>asks to use my terminal
>Tell him "only if I can RAID sale's expresso bar, get it RAID"
>both imitate the old IT managers fake laugh
>start the theft, grab my kill-a-watt, and clipboard with engineering pad
>as I'm leaving he says: "get me a cup too"
>in a gruff voice I shout "Not redundant enough!"
>Walk up to sales and unplug the two espresso machines
>marketing receptionist looks at me funny
>Pull out meter and wave it
>She knows what's going to happen, and wants it to happen
>Take the Saeco machine off the counter and put it into a empty cup box
>Plug in the kill-a-watt and plug the shitty walmart machine into it.
>make a 10 by 5 grid on the clipboard w/ days of the week and every half hour
>write "Please check the meter and record the wattage when making a cup -engineering"
>Wave to teh receptionist and walk down the stairs
>Walk into IT's break room.
>New boss is there looking at me
>Want a cup? We got this for the whole week
>He smiles and says sure
>Receptionist comes down later and flirts w/ the new boss
>matchmakers status confirmed
>On Thursday sales finally figured out there is no engineering department and took the machine back.
>Friday the cool boss allows an espresso machine purchase
>we tag on 8 code keyboards
>they arrive tomorrow
>I love f500 comapnies

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I could only understand half of that
What the fuck are you saying

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>mfw i type on anything but a chiclet keyboard and my fingers hit the sides of keys because I don't lift my fingers enough while typing

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