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Re-installed Windows for a friend. What must-have apps should I get for her?

I have:
- Chrome (her choice not mine)
-- Adblock
-- Reddit Enhancement whatever
- Speccy
- CCleaner



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Also getting ...
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe reader
- Skype
- Deluge

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Penis 2.0

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I understand you probably don't have friends, this thread obviously isn't for you.

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>not using ninite.com to mass install everything at once

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>Regular adblock
>Reddit anything

Kill thine self, nave

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Internet Explorer
Hosts file
>Reddit enhancement
Gasoline and a match

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>Windows 7


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Normalfag trash
If you let your friend install that then you aren't much of a friend at all.

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Where is she OP? You sound like beta trash. Let a real man have at that laptop, install Gentoo and then we can fuck while it compiles. Maybe you can watch, you pussy bitch

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Man, as a whole, you guys are really unhelpful.

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Probably because at the top of the damn board there's a sticky that has a big list of Software for Windows

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>If you let your friend install that then you aren't much of a friend at all.
I tried.

You mean you can't feel her? She's behind you, fucking you with a cocoa brown strap-on.

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>Hey guise I want to fuck this girl how can i rice her windows for her

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Sorry friend, I only shove libre dragon dildos up my boipussy

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Tor bundle

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Adobe reader and Google ultron

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>I only shove
Nonono, you belong to her.

Alright this thread is obviously ill-received, I'll let it die.

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Delete AdBlock. Install AdBlock Plus.
HTTPS Everywhere
qBittorrent or Deluge

Enable automatic updates.

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Clover (gives chrome-like tabs to windows explorer)
Evernote (good for notes)
uTorrent (and google how to remove ads)
Revo Uninstaller (Removes leftovers from uninstalled apps)
VLC (video player)

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--MPC-HC with SVP

>all these people recommending VLC

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madVR with ReClock does pretty much the same effect at less resources and less russians buttnet

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All I've got (apart from browser shit like extensions and Flash) are

PDF printer

Everything else I just do with webapps.

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Use the hosts file or uBlock.
If they're not too bad, that'll be fine. If they're grandma-tier at getting Malware, try BitDefender free.
I don't know why they'd care. If they need you to install Windows for them, then their specs mean nothing to them.
If you teach them to use it, good enough.

Might want to install MS Office.

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Might as well not put anything on it.

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Friends don't let friends use Windows

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PENIX 2.0?

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Everything. It's the fastest file search engine I've ever seen on windows.

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give up. she won't like you any more than a friend.

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>all these plebs who think 'app' is a new term. Underage pls go.

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apps? haha

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>not using mpv

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Just install Firefox and give it a Chrome icon and the new chrome look-and-feel from 29 and she won't notice a thing

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spotify in combination with blockify and spotydl.
Blockify is to block the spotify ads and spotydl is to download your playlists and shit from spotify

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daemon tools (lite)
EaseUS shit for your hard drive management

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Everything (let's you find shit on your pc)
Microsoft Office

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Everything (let's you find shit on your pc)
Microsoft Office

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>Daemon tools

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LEL, don't enjoy the friendzone, you whiteknight beta orbiter homo

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malware bytes

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->Visual Studio 2013
->Notepad++ or Sublime Text

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CPUID HW Monitor
Office 2010
DirectX June 2010 Redist
Visual C++ 2008/2010 x86 / x64
Adobe Reader
WinRAR 4.x
Nvidia/AMD GPU Monitoring tools
Your personal keylogger

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google drive

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its called a program you fucking cockmongler.

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>Burnaware Free
>Avast/Avira any working AV with good detection rates i.e. not MSE
>WPS Office
>Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro

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>using an unsupported antivirus
Even Microsoft is asking people to use something else.

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You are perfectly aware that the terms application and program are for the most part interchangeable.

Don't be anti modern vernacular, there's an app for that.

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What do you use?

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Not him, but WinCDEmu is all you need and isn't bloatware.

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>Don't be anti modern vernacular
Don't be a proponent of it. It's just trend language.

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You are aware the only reason she even talked to you was for tech support, right? As soon as you fix her facebook machine you can bet you'll never hear from her again until it stops working.

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>apps ...

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>Internet Explorer
ppl use this ??

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Fuck puush, get sharex

WinCDEmu is garbage with a shitty developer. DTL outclasses it in every aspect, including actually being able to emulate a CD/DVD-Rom drive (something WinCDEmu ironically can't do), meaning installers on some disc images will simply fail to execute. It also has issues with things like MDF/MDS.

One of the rare cases where the only FOSS alternative is lightyears behind a proprietary freeware solution.

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>I tried.
No you did not ... try harder ...

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why would she use that ...

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delete AdBlock Plus
install AdBlock edge ;)

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Never had an issue with any .iso, games, 1:1 blu-ray rips anything.

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>not using mpc-hc + epic codecs

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>Your personal keylogger
first thin i install on every girls computer ...

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what if you don't want to install all t he crap on your windows SSD? (C:\)

ninite is good, but only if you want to install everything in C:\

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Install IrfanView, windows 7 image wiewer is gabage

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Kill her.

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delete AdBlock Edge
install Bluhell Firewall
It uses less memory.

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What's wrong with Chrome actually? I kind of got tired of their blocking bullshit but on the whole it's okay I think. I'm sorry for being an fag ;_;

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use qBittorrent for gods sake

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okay fuck that was dumb

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just get the "Kawaii Codec Pack".
Made for anime, but also perfect for normal series and movies.

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Why is /g/ now filled with brogrammers who reply to an obvious troll thread? Profound sadness.

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Jesus Fucking Christ this thread.

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note that the programm is called "Everything". This is not a troll.

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I attempted to install muvluv and it basically said fuck you when I tried to run the installer and claimed it wasn't a valid 32 or 64-bit executable.

Switched to DTL and it worked fine.

But really though, look at the forums for WinCDEmu and you get an idea of what it has issues with.

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get 7-zip

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Oh yeah what's wrong with CCCP nowadays? We use it at my workplace as WMP is a piece of shit.

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Your deinterlacing and upscaling DVD video and upscaling already-turned-to-shit 720p encodes is a piece of shit

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CCCP is deprecated. KCP doesn't use up as memory as CCCP does.

here is a short description, copied from the kcp page. check it out here:

madVR - High quality gpu assisted video renderer. Included as an alternative to EVR-CP.
xy-vsfilter / XySubFilter(future) - Superior subtitle renderer.
LAV-Filters - A package with the fastest and most actively developed DirectShow Media Splitter and Decoders.
ReClock - Addresses the problem of audio judder by adapting media for smooth playback OR utilized for bit perfect audio.

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can I trust this ?

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>do not worry
yes, sure

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You're welcome!

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I'll try that but what's wrong with daemon tools

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This was already posted but ok

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