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What is your favorite Cherry MX switch type?

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>using Plebeian cherry switches
>not using glorious Buckling Springs

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That's like saying a wood oven is better than an electric oven because the technology for a wood oven is older.

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>buckling spring

mein negro

these plebs will never understand the earsplitting sound of my Model M

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Brown with an o rings. Feels like a laptop keyboard but 5x better.

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>no topre
>no alps
>no buckling spring
>no other switches
cherry switches are garbage

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Have you ever used a wood burning oven? Once you get them to temp they're fucking amazing to cook with.

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Topre best switch.

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ITT: 3 neckbeards

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>cherry mx green
these exist?

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They're just stiffer blues and happen to be my personal favorite.

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Are they as loud as blues?

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>tfw my wife thinks my mx blacks are too loud.

Where can I buy a Model M?

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Depends what I'm doing.

Typing? Blues. The clicky clack just gets that feeling of getting shit done all the more to me.

Playing vidya and otherwise? Reds.

I don't use browns, but I can tell that it's a very reasonable solution and most people that use them have good taste.

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none, cherries are shit.

scissors are better.

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>There is no "They are all shit compared to topre" option

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clears with a brown spring

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Blues with o-rings here, the clicky without the clack; the clack sounds like I'm breaking something, don't like it (maybe I hate the fact I'm bottoming out).

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CAuse ....
my mom bought it for me

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>tfw using white switches
I'm the most special snowflake.

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From what I hear they feel like lubed blues with a different spring. Never felt the need to fork out the $50 for new switches since I hate blues but I'm sure the whites are a bit better.

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>muh $200 glorified membrane

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Clears with medium-heavy O-rings. Much more tactile than browns; great for typing.

Nice for gaming too since the O-ring reduces travel a bit, limiting the clear switch's high spring force at the bottom.

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stayed in a cottage with family a few months back, I can vouch for this, but the person we were renting it off was pretty much making us buy all the wood from her, fucking shill

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>expecting to be paid the other day
>dont get paid because cockup
>was looking to buy a model m
>go through living room this morning while tv is on
>some office worker on a crappy morning tv program is sat there with a model m on his desk while he talks on the phone
why is life such a cunt?

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Anyone have anything to say about the razer switches?

They are in between blue and browns.

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I have tried blues,black,red and white's.
Been mostly using blues but i also have a white keyboard i'm in between the two

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What about dark grey switches?

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