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>Samsung Marketing budget: 14 Billion

>Google Marketing budget: $1.5-2.1 Billion

>Microsoft Marketing budget: $2.5 Billion

>Apple Marketing budget: $1 Billion

Apple has one of the lowest marketing budgets in the Tech world, however their stuff not only consistently are known worldwide immediately after they release something but they also have the highest reviews and user satisfaction of any company.

Could it be that Apple stuff is simply the best, other companies have to spend billions to justify wasting money on them?

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>judging product quality based on market strategy


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Samsung needs to spread their money much thinner, they sell a lot more than a single line of tech products

Also, Apple is a master of EFFECTIVE marketing. You can't just keep throwing money at things (successfully)

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Apple is just smart with their marketing. Well they used to be. The hype bubble alone for any new Apple product was more massive than all those other companies entire efforts combined 10x over.

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apple is just ahead of the curve

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>Least marketing
>Continue to be the most well recognized and liked brand

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it's because they're selling fashion and UNIX
both things basically sell themselves

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Daily reminder if you watch MLP ironically or unironically for any reason as a 16+ year old human male you have mental issues, as displayed here with anons proud display of intellect

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I think Samsung's budget is misleading because they have a global market with a wider product array, plus they do other stuff back in Korea like insurance and even grocery stores (those might be separate from this budget). If you looked at their budget for marketing smartphones in America it would likely be closer to Google, but still very high.

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No, its simply because of the Apple fans. They already have them trapped in an apple only world, all they have to do is release basic videos of the latest iSomething spinning slowly and opening apps™ or playing music and the fans will do the rest.

Ontop of the fact they will instantly sell the new apple iSomething to an existing customer those chuckle fucks will loud mouth their way across their friends/family/blogs/fucking anything with ears and Apple might pick up a new customer...then repeat step one.

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More like Samsung's marketing is garbage.
Koreans have no basic understanding of what westerners like so they rely on a fleet of disjointed top-dollar marketing firms.

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>the companies I like are better than the companies you like

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>implying that means anything in terms of quality

how far is that applecock stuck up your ass?

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>I don't care if the reviews for these devices are high from a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds (Read: Bribed or not)
>I don't care if people consistently decide to side with them even after trying alternatives
>I don't care if they have the best CS, build and attention to actual design and features
>None of that matters, they are just mindless Drones that don't think for themselves

Thank you anon, can I please see that Samsung Galaxy slate 47™ with 38 core 5Ghz processor and 40GB ram with a 20 inch display that freezes for a few seconds every time you press anything?

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>liking samsung


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Apple is already seen as the pinnacle of technology. Tech evangelists tout Apple products for them because Apple products are cool and they make you cool by their reflective glow.

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Apple has just werks™ Technology, you can't beat it
>Samsung anything
Mandatory root and remove touchwiz, might trip Knox or whatever bloat and void your warranty

>Microsoft anything
Used to just werk with win7, but they decided to be jew masters with Metro (Already showing advertisements like it does on Xbawks) and a subscription based Win9

Pay $200-300 for a 'cheap' device and get advertisements every second of every day absolutely nonstop

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I can't respect anyone who watches MLP or anime or anything else for kids and displays it. We all have guilty pleasures but don't use that shit to represent yourself in the company of men.

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apple products are a pussy magnet

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Apple products are shite

over the top prices for shitty products

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Both Apple and Samsung are not companies anybody should like. You did not get my point at all.

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Why not?

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More like their retarded fanbase markets for them.
You don't see these sort of shitposts from any other HW manufacturers' fanboys.

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>You don't see these sort of shitposts from any other HW manufacturers' fanboys.

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Uhh, where you not here for Surface 1/2/3 releases? Microsoft very clearly has a large and obvious marketing presence here

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>Apple has one of the lowest marketing budgets in the Tech world

No, you fucking idiot. There's way lower budgets than that.

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so are beats by dre and $200 shirts

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It's a psychological thing, no amount of marketing will make up for the fact that people are retarded and care what others think of them.

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I remember a lot of tech writers shitting all over the Quadras despite them being awesome machines. Nowadays, a lot those writers defend Apple with an unbelievable rabid zealotry.

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Yeah, but those are paid shills, not shit eating fanboys.

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get a load of this shill

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Get a load of this shit eating fanboy.

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How does caring what other people think make one retarded?

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You don't get it, do you? Why should anybody be a fan of a company whose only goal is to satisfy its shareholders? They also both exploit people.

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Want to know why I'm dropping my iPhone?

Fuck sakes Apple it's 2014 and I'm not allowed to use a song on my phone as a ringtone? Are you fucking kidding me? This phone is boring as hell man. If you don't agree you either have no taste or have never tried a new Android.

If you want to know what new features the next iPhone will have, check out the last gen Androids. Apple's innovation stopped with Jobs death.

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People go back to Apple because of comfort, if you have an Apple laptop and an iphone then swap to something else Apple will damn sure make it as painful as possible for you to get anything done.

>build and attention to actual design and features

Build quality? you want a new screen with your iphone. Design is in the eye of the owner and features??? you mean the same shit every other competing phone comes with as well.

Did I say anything about how you should buy any other phone?

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>I don't care if the reviews for these devices are high from a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds (Read: Bribed or not)
Bribed, mostly. In real life, I always hear people have issues with their Macs. They then continue to say they will not go back to a PC. Go figure.

>I don't care if people consistently decide to side with them even after trying alternatives
People who have tried shit ass Optimus G $50 android and a $250 HP laptop then say that Apple is superior to them.... Yeah, No shit.

>I don't care if they have the best CS, build and attention to actual design and features
Best CS, ehh they are OK. I hear good and bad stories. The best CS I have ever had has been from Logitech though that is irrelevant to this thread.

>None of that matters, they are just mindless Drones that don't think for themselves
This is often true.
Then again, this is also why people buy HP instead of its vastly superior alternatives or an Samshit phone over the alternatives.

Anyways, I love my iPod Classic. 10 years, still going strong!

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Apple successfully brainwashed people into thinking their products are special and not meaningless crap. They charge a premium for this illusion.

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But my laptop barely ever leaves my house, how is it a status symbol?

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If you care about what someone you will never talk to you thinks about you and therefore go out of your way to spend time and money on such a thing, you are retarded. It's a 1:1 with burning a pile of cash to look cool.

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Those delusions of grandeur are hilarious. Nobody would bother to pay people to shill /g/ since half the userbase is NEETs.

It's just a bunch of autistics and hardcore fanboys. Shills, but unpaid shills. Always has been, always will be.

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>I'm not allowed to use a song on my phone as a ringtone

thank you based apple for sparing me from having to hear chinese girl cartoon theme music as a ringtone

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>nobody would bother
Then why are you here, faggot? Get out.

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>the best

Not necessarily. It's good but it's too much. It's like buying a Gucci bag, you get the prestige the finest leather the finest design but you don't really need that much but you got a bag anyway.

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it's because Apple is not a tech company

it's a cult. a consumer cult

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Wait, Apple phones don't let you use your own music as a ringtone? What the hell?

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Just because it is a status symbol for some doesn't mean it is for everyone. I own a mac book but that's because i need it for work; however, when i see lower-middle class mothers buying their children the newest iphone i feel pity for the world.

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>NEET is the same as poorfag

Have you seen the builds and equipment many of the NEETs of /g/ have?

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It's called investing effectively. Apple manages to make really interesting campaigns, while I have yet to remember a fucking Samsung one. I am not even sure if I have ever seen TV ads with their smartphones.

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Master Race setup:

Phone -> Android
Tablet -> iOS
Desktop -> Windows
Laptop -> ChromeOS/Linux Distro

Prove me wrong faggots

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>finest materials

not really. more like macs have so much bloat it's compensated by having unnecessary big memory hardware hence the high cost.

it has design flow and that's inefficiency that the compensate by adding heavyweight hardwares. this is not smart.

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>People who have tried shit ass Optimus G $50 android and a $250 HP laptop then say that Apple is superior to them

This. If people dropped the $1000 for an MBA on an similar machine from the MS Store (laptops from the MS Stores aren't bukkaked with OEM shitware) I doubt there'd be half as many issues. Freedoms for OEMs are always a double-edged sword; great for marketshare but often detrimental to the UX and product perception - Android proves that

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songs for ringtones is childish

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Master Race setup:

Phone -> dumbphone
Tablet -> none
Desktop -> linux
Laptop -> linux

you're not master race

you're just a faggot

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Newfag here, was posting cartoon ponies on other boards than /mlp/ a thing back in 2011?

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Doesn't matter, I should have the choice to be childish with my phone if I want to.

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>Trust me I'm master race, I don't actually have anything :^)

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Mostly becuase Apple doesn't get into stupid trends such as trying to have like 10 tablets and do shit of where... Samsungs better than Apple....

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Wanted to quote this anon too >>43040684

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apple has spent more on marketing in the last 5 years than anyone else on the face of the planet

>> No.43041213

you don't need a high-dpi laptop with a corei7 and muh nvidea for muh gaymes and muh chinese cartoons either.
Your point is moot

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You're just a luddite who can't think for himself. I bet you never even touched linux until you started posting on /g/.

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My phone is apple and my tablet is android.
My laptop is apple and my desktop is windows.
My other laptop has linux.

Apple mobile + apple laptop = the best portable enviroment.

I've been using windows for over 20 years now and linux for 14 years.

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it's not about you have

it's about what you know :^)

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no you shouldnt

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Fuck you, faggot.

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and i bet you enjoy sucking cocks, and you will most likely die of aids before you reach 30

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for a community known to root their phones with obscure russian roms it should be easy enough to google " use song for ringtone iphone" and discover a way to do so.
I admit it's annoying as fuck but for neckbeards it shouldn't be a hassle

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nice bieber ringtone, fuccboi

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That's true. Poor lexical choice on my part. The point remains the same. You can understand The Verge or whatever being handed shillbux (though they're such hipster cunts they probably do it voluntarily), because a) they're trusted by retards and retards make up the bulk of the population, and b) they pull a huge amount of traffic. What logical company would pay to try and shill /g/, especially since most *chan users are so cynical?

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Topkek. You're pretty dumb. I was part of that spammage for a straight week.

Good times.

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>having different operating systems for your phone and tablet
>not sharing app ecosystems between both devices
>using windows, ever
>using ChromeOS, ever

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>Look ma, I'm shitposting just like my /b/ros!

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>implying he doesn't listen to drone/ambient/post-rock/experimental rock/shoegaze like the edgy /mu/ faggot he is

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>That moment when you realize 90% of /g/ has no idea what they are talking about.
Most here know nothing, i for one only know a little more than nothing.

>> No.43041342

Did you get lost on the way to worldstarhiphop?

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>Laptop -> Linux Distro

Linux has nobatterylife. Linux on the Desktop, Windows on a Laptop.

>> No.43041357

there, there... no need to get upset. maybe you should buy another useless spyware device to comfort you?

>> No.43041364

>Linux has nobatterylife

ways to spot a computer illiterate retard.

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>master race

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fedora 20 halfed the battery life on my t500

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the more I lurk /g/ the more I realize that they aren't even savy most of the time: they're just fucking obnoxious neckbeards without the knowledge one might attribute to such characters.
Of course there are occassionally people who know their shit

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so many tech illiterates on /g/

good thing you faggots contain yourselves in windows/apple threads

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No matter what distro I use, I can't eek more than 2 hours out of my Dell E6400 whereas Windows 7 will push at least three hours

You are literally autistic

>> No.43041493

drop a knowledge bomb on me. you know the model of the laptop and the distro

>> No.43041509

powertop literally does half of it for you.

you can easily download laptop mode tools and enable the service in systemd easy mode.

>> No.43041528

...isn't he doing the exact opposite?

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get a load of this fag

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fucking this

these kinds of guerilla marketing threads should be a bannable offence

no one in their right mind cares about apple, especially not on /g/

>> No.43041584

i said marketing strategy, not marketing spending

>> No.43041600

Tech reviewers tout Apple products because they're the best on the market, end of.

>> No.43041637

>feminist asks me what battery life is on my MBA
>I FORKED a REPO of POWERTOP off github, I pull twice a day
>She starts crying from the oppression
>dick throbs with pleasure
>it was my privilege

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Apple's problem on /g/ is that they don't hire anonymous forum shills like Samsung and Google do.

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>Thread about Apple marketing
>Freedumbfags and Lagdroid adherents crawl out of the woodwork and chomp at the bit

Oh, /g/. Never fail.

>> No.43041794

>OP is comparing Apples and Oranges
>OP missed Marketing 101

>> No.43042301


You've got a very distinctive (read: retarded) writing style. We can tell when you're samefagging. Stop it.

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>Samsung Marketing budget: 14 billion
>Hire marketers that make ads that is "durr abble stupid. buy our plastic shit."

Those marketers must be fucking swimming in millions of dollars. Lucky bastards.

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That's the advertising budget for Samsung's electronic group (they don't seem to provide their own data on the whole conglomerate collectively), and they don't market every(or even most) device(s) they have. It's usually a few flagships and a few 'flagship' budget options. They should still have the highest marketing budget, but not by that much

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[Fedora tipping intensifies]

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iPhone or any phone with stock Android (Nexus, Motorola, Google Play Editions)
If you absolutely have to, iPad. Tablets are shit anyhow
Custombuilt PC with Windows for much gaymen
Ultrabooks or MacBooks

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>Phone: Android or iOS
>Tablet: iOS
>Desktop: Windows
>Laptop: Mac

Macbooks are the best laptops on the market. No compromises. Prove me wrong.

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Enjoy your shitty chinkpads.

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>still using the poorfag argument

people making minimum wage can afford an iphone, you're not rich, you're not special, get over it

>> No.43043603

>people making minimum wage can afford an iphone
>2 year old iphone free on contract

>> No.43043717

cause apple is nxt lvl

>> No.43044887

Samshit has to stuff their garbage hardware and blaoted software down consumers' throats otherwise no one will buy it

Never again

>> No.43045068

Phone -> Feature Phone
Tablet -> Topkek m8
Desktop -> GNU/Linux
Laptop -> MacOS

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