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Can anyone deny that Apple is the most innovative teh company?
Just a few weeks ago Apple deprecated the C programming language. Unsafe memory management and all the crashes and exploits that come with it are now a thing of the past. It also introduced 100% digital audio. We no longer have to listen to the hissing caused by analogue connections. The dream of 100% digital audio has come true and it was Apple who introduced it.

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1/10 - read first sentence

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Apple is a very innovative company, but it is definitely not the most innovative one.
Your comment afterwards is heavily biased.

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Too obvious, use more vague examples of INOVASHUN next time and instead rant about how they were absolutely necessary to revolutionize the market.

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>Can anyone deny that Apple is the most innovative teh company?

Yes, anyone on earth can deny that Apple is the most innovative teh company.

Would they be telling the truth?


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I would dismiss this as a troll if I didn't actually know applefags that talked like this.

Languages that are derived from/an improved version of C:

C++ (1970s)
Objective C (1980s)
Java (1990s)
C# (2000s)
And MANY more

Digital Audio isn't necessarily better, hissing happens in digital due to conpression. Many audiophiles still buy records because analog is considered better. I don't know if I would agree, but the point is that apple is doing nothing really new or high end, they are just marketing their methods of ripping off others.

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Can we repurpose the thread for more useful industry analysis?

Like, now that IO happend and "material design" is out there. How does googles vision going forward compare to apples? Not, who's vision is better, but where do they differ in intention? Where are the 2 dominant forces in the industry headed, and where would you like them to go?

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>Can anyone deny
yes, 99% of /g/ can. i don't though. But they to play catchup to google/MS features at times. as does the opposite occur. Apple are more innovative than the rest though

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I can't deny that.

- Sent from my MacBook Air.

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They are innovative and productive. Just not in the way most people think they are, since most people can't into computing.

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