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So let's start it off by not recommending me gentoo, please.
So there we go: I just reinstalled my os (updated win 8.1 pro n, b4 had the october version of win 8.1) and have some problems with it.. first of all i can't fuking change my goddamned pointer.. well i forgot to say that it's not a legit version is a kms activated one.
Secondly, if i connect my pc directly to the modem to get the 1gb/s speed i get hmm about 200kb/s that's just bullshit.. and it is just plain wrong.. it kept the wallpaper from before the installation even if i clearly formatted the ssd with the os..(this might have something to do with the microsoft accout, idk).
Ah and the search thing works way slower.
Please help me guise!

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install slackware

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.. can i game on that thing?

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Slackware is as close to a vanilla GNU/Linux experience that you'll get. I second installing Slackware.

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install Arch

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yes u can

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>start it off by not recommending me gentoo, please

Are you fucking seriously insulting gentoo? Fuck you, I hope your dog gets raped by a nigger

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anything apart from spider solitaire?

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>tux master racer

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well screw you then .. you dog rapist nigger

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Have you tried going to the Mouse control panel on the desktop?

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>it kept the wallpaper
This is annoying.
I recently bought a Surface Pro 3 and every time I change the lock screen on the tablet, it reverts back to the one I have on my computer. It does the same thing with the wallpaper.

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That's not the Mouse control panel.

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > click on Mouse under Devices and Printers.

Microsoft account syncs this but it can be managed by the user.

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>not using a local account

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You can also click on the "Mouse settings" there.

>not using a Microsoft account
>not managing what's synched

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Did you even fucking read?
>click on Mouse under Devices and Printers

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it is the same absolute shit

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What the fuck are you doing? Have you ever used W7 or W8 before?

win+q mouse
There, it's magic.

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haha, same ui from windows 95..


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I don't get it then. What do you want to change?

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you actually don't even need to press q you can win then type mouse.....

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Fuck that full-screen shit for a basic search though.

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>all that white space
Do you even Snipping Tool?

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my pointer is not that one in the picture is a the typical shitty white small one

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just telling you that i am not a total wastefuck
does it really fucking matter right now?

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It works here.

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not for me though

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Change it from the Mouse control panel.

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i've done this and guess what.. no results.. it is fucking broken

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Then it's prolly the ISO you torrented it. Your fault for not using legit shit.

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Then something is broken on your install most likely. I doubt it's because of how you activated it, probably downloaded a shit ISO in the first place.

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>it's not a legit version
enjoy your actual botnet

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it's pre-activated, i didn't have to do shit.
yea i know i should be using legit stuff, and by your opinion not at all (windows).
what do i do in this case, i wanna run the lastest updade of this shitty os..

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more like pre-infected with low level malware.

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There's your problem.


Download this ISO of 64-bit Windows 8.1 with Update, it's legit-checked.

Then use Microsoft Toolkit to hacktivate it.


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i am pretty aware of this but dunno what to do really

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save up 60 bucks for windows or switch to linux like a responsible computer user.

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the way i see things: virtual things are not worth real money.. i mean i understand spending shitloads of dollars on a gaming pc, just to unlock the possibility of playing the latest games, but not worth paying for the game itself as there's always something to be done to get it
and as far as the linux thing goes.. i need windows, not that i like it, i just need it, and am also used to it

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ok, off i go with this.. what do i have to lose

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