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How'd I do /g/?

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utterly shit

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even an iphone would have been better

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>paying to get tracked
ur gay

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>Not waiting for the S6

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Oh shit nigger, what the fuck are you doing?

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you dun goofd now

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>samshit in charge of not stealing ideas

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the S series has not been good since the S3

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which phones don't track you?

hard mode: inb4 blackphone

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you can live without a phone

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Everything i've read seems to say the S5 is the best choice of the new phones.

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S5 prime bud

The s5 is a waterproof s4 except bigger heavier and bigger bezels so good job op. If you waited until summer you'd see 3gb ram, 805 processors, 4k displays and 3000mah+ batteries.

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There are literally a dozen phones better than the GS5.

Why was sage disabled?

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It wasn't

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prime isn't worth it at all though

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That's because you're reading shitty clickbait articles written by some fag autist hipster riding on Samshit's marketing towards teenage girls and your mom.

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Should I get the lagaxy note 8 or the 10.1 2014 one?

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>Dozens of better phones
Doesn't list any.

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There's no need to be upset.

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>living without phone

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>this shit gives Samsung massive profits
>meanwhile HTC dying more every year

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Reminder that Xperia Z2 = LG G3 >>>>>>> Lagaxy S5

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not him
>other flagship chinkphone

heck even the past gen phones are better

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A friend of mine just got a new HTC One M8 and the sim card slot broke in a few days.

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Htc should stop being a complete retard. Naming their phones like shit, leaving a 1cm black bar and huge bezels, a fucking 4mp camera in 2014, and a tiny non-removable battery.

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5s has worse specs that the s3 a 2012 flagship.

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>somehow if a body builder owns a samsung it makes it great

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Yeah but it's more responsive than S5. Sometimes the specs are not the determining factor for the phones smoothness

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i-is.. that a real life anime protagonist?

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>2007 was 10 years ago

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Specs don't mean shit son, not in the mobile business.

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are you jealous ~~~

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nigga they do especially when many custom roms rival ios and you can do so much more with it. If specs didn't mean shit all the htc one fag's would have Nokia 3310's with 10 day battery life and unmatched durability lol

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would've gone cheaper with a Motorola Moto G, though I haven't been keeping up with cellular tech.

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>you can live without a phone
Holy shit, are you me?

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Best phone available on the market right now because of many reasons:
1. superior AMOLED displays. blows any LCD screen out of the water.
2. removable battery. batteries are so fucking thing, you can keep an extra charged and be ready for any situation
3.sd card slot. Its un-conceivable why any phone should lack this feature. soon 128 gb sd cards will become cheaper.
4. water-proofing, fingerprint scanner, and heartbeat monitors can all be useful

Good phonefor now, but not for long. L3 will wreck this with ultra HD resolution.

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Hey guys, I figured I'd ask in here since it's pretty relevant.

I'm due for a new phone, but I have two requirements:
Removable battery
SD card

Preferably on Tmobile. I tend to keep my phones for a long ass time, hence the SD card and battery. I'm still on a MyTouch 4g.

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>MyTouch 4g.
my brother has one to those and I have no idea how he deals with it, its terrible compared to my S3

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Because the things are built like a goddamn rock. I've had this phone thrown full-force into a bathroom wall by my ex, dropped it out of a moving drift car, and just let it fall from waist height onto pavement several times.

The screen has never broken and it only has minor scratches.

I have an extended battery on the back and a 32gb sd card and I couldn't be happier; only problem is modern apps make it slow as shit and prone to crashing randomly. So I'm looking to update.

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Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about and doesn't throw out 'hurr durr s5 sux' as their reasoning and evidence.

It's a good phone, OP. Of course there will be better models available in 4 months, but that's how the industry works.

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>10 + 7 = 14


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the G3 is supposed to have both

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>Because the things are built like a goddamn rock.
your right about that on that man. Though my S3 has been dropped on pavement a couple of times and I only have a slight crack on the edge of my screen. I don't even have a case to protect it, I may have just been either extremely lucky or they knew what they were doing when they built the thing. Though my HTC is another story, I literally dropped it the first day I had it and shattered the screen, after I fixed it, it just slowly fell apart.

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Fuck I meant to quote

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>the joke
>your head
>not recognizing ebin maymays

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Remember when Samsung's phones were better than Apple's by being stronger, more open, cheaper, and less hipster?

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you mean how everything good eventually turns into shit? Yes.

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>work in a cell store
>have Samsung rep visit store
>ask in joking manner why software updates cause phone to shit the bed
>flat out says "Samsung is in the business of making money"

And this is why I'll buy a chink phone before a Samsung

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>"I have to rely on a corporate-controlled consumer device in my pocket at all times, or else I can't even LIVE."

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This never happened.

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>Get S3 Mini for free on a cheap contract with good data
>be happy with it

seriously, why do people push MUH SOOPA FAST GIGGLEHURTS on phones? I'm not doing much more than sending emails, making phone calls and using Twitter as a news aggregator.

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S4 Active would have been better

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>let me tell you about your life

ok, keep thinking that

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I find it funny that /g/ shits on the S5 because of touch jizz and bloat, yet anyone with a sliver of tech knowledge is going to root/rom/rice their phone anyways.

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>>samshit in charge of not stealing ideas

Can Americunts stop being this retarded?

Samsung is a pretty shoddy company and
you're entitled to love your iShit devices but actually supporting shitty bullshit legal practices out of blind patriotism to a brand
is plain idiotic.

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>he doesn't know about Knox

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>Implying all apple is the only alternative

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>He doesn't know it means nothing

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>implying all of apple's features are original

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>he thinks it means nothing

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>implying apples features was a part of the discussion

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The other day I had two options, S5 or Note 3.
Went Note 3, how did I go, /g/?

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Bretty good, heads up you're going to have to replace that charging cable

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People need to stop fucking buying smart phones.

Complete useless fucking junk. Read a book instead of playing a stupid fucking game in the dentist you faggot.

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b-but my 4chins....;_;

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>smartphones can't read books
You stupid, nigga.

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But anon, I carry a book with me everywhere. I've been reading City of Thieves lately.

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> things that never happened

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touchwiz is bullshit and you should feel bad for getting a galaxy phone.

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Noted, especially because it's my only USB 3 cable I have right now.
The handwriting recognition ended being surprisingly good.

Reading stuff (ebooks, college stuff, webpages) while out of house is the main reason why I went for the Note.

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They'll replace the cable within the first 6 months I think, they know it's a problem

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Into the trash can the luddite goes

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knox is a cockblocking piece of shit which is in samshits phone .
i dont even

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because getting a mini ever is retarded as fuck

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Goodbye warranty!

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>not lurking /g/ long enough to know why it's shit.

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fact: everything expensive is shit on /g/

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