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Why are computer parts so cheap in the US, yet so much more expensive in Europe.

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Do you want cheaper healthcare or cheaper PC parts?

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taxes (aka healthcare, social government and shit)

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So import them

On the plus side we actually got widespread fiber here for a tenth of what the Amerifats pay, plus less monitoring and censoring on the Internet

Another con though: the taxation on storage media. Stupid EU

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taxes probably
intel and amd are american companies
additionally, don't EU prices already have tax included in them? US prices do not

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jop and thats ok.

I like the german healthcare

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oh yes we have, didn't know you haven't

wouldn't you pay even more when importing them for all the import taxes?
I imported some t-shirts once and paid almost an additional 40% in import taxes

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yeah man, it fucking sucks
I wish all of our prices had taxes included

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Cheaper consumer goods


Free healthcare
Free higher end education
Safer cities
Faster internet
More Freedom

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Gotta pay for that "free" healthcare and education somehow. And the brown people.

We save by going into debt for eternity over stubbed toes and hangnails, and defray those other costs by just locking all our brown people into urban hellholes to let them solve their problems with firearms.

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>"Free" anything
Guess that "free" education didn't include basic economics.

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I didn't even think there was a possibility any country would do that... I mean... just why?

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well, I could understand for online things because taxes can vary wildly from state to state, but in retail stores there really isn't any excuse
state taxes don't change any more often than the prices of goods

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How's that Medicare working for you? Enjoying the free market?

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>free healthcare
Why would I want to pay for someone else?
>Free education
The same
>Safer cities
the UK and most mayor European cities have nearly the same crime rates than non-Detroit tier America cities
>Faster Internet
Faster only in Scandinavian nanny states and impoverished Eastern European countries
>more freedom
Oh my god, enjoy your jail over "racist tweets".

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Free from the perspective of a NEET

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What if you buy a chocolate bar in some shop, do you have to pay your taxes for that at the counter or sometime later, what if you forget?

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the register automatically adds taxes when you checkout

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>Why would I want to pay for someone else?
For everyone*, yourself included.

Why? Because it makes your country a better place to live in for everyone.

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its really easy to have fast internet everywhere when your country is the size of two city blocks

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>Why would I want to pay for someone else?

Because like dining at a nice place to eat, it works out cheaper if everyone chips a little bit in for the bill. Sure, you might not have had what frank had, but at least you know the next time you go out to eat, you could always have something more expensive than Frank and still pay just a fraction.

And so it is the same with healthcare. Frank might need expensive treatment, but we've all chipped in to pay for him. If I'm suddenly in an accident and need expensive treatment, the bill is covered because we've all chipped in a little to cover the expenses. And on top of that, it's not like you can't pay for private healthcare if you really want. That's why things like BUPA exist.

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19% VAT

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So do they list the price with or without the tax on the item? Or both?

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>widespread fiber here

top kek

DE internet average: 26mbit
USA internet average: 24mbit

> plus less monitoring and censoring on the Internet

Except that in Germany you are more likely of getting sued for downloading stuff, it's actually where this practice began.

Also your internet is far more censored. GEMA shit on youtube for one thing. Also you get thrown in jail for being a racist or denying muh 6 million.

tl;dr germany is shit

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They never list prices with tax included.
Never. Not for food, bicycles, cars, stereos, televisions, video games, cookware, toothpaste, medicine, anything.
I have never seen anything, anywhere, listed with tax included.

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Have someone mail it to you.

I once sold a brand new in box i7 and shipped it to Europe. The buyer told me to dispose the box and just wrap the processor up. The package was no bigger than a normal letter.

Unlike other computer parts processors more or less have a 0% defect rate and it's just really difficult to fuck it up importing.

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because VAT included

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Taxes vary by state and city so that's why taxes aren't included in the price.

Sometimes you don't pay any sales tax at all if the business doesn't have a presence in your state.

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okay, then it's really stupid

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Unless your business is on wheels and crosses state lines, what excuse do you have to not simply add taxes in?
I'm speaking about brick-and-mortar businesses, not online.

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I live in Sweden

My Internet is faster than yours, less censored and governed by less ridiculous laws. Holocaust denial is also legal here, so is being a nazi.

Funny you had to drift into free speech though, Ameripoor.

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Still not as much as fucking 19%

O constantly hear California residents bitching and their tax, the highest in the country, is only 9%.

The rest of the country ranges from 3-5% on consumer items.

Food on the other hand is often only around a percent mark.

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Is there any way to get something mailed to you?

Are re-mailing services worth it?

With re-mailing I mean you buy something, they send it to an address in the US, and those guys send you the contents for a "fee".

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most European countries are larger then the Vatican

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I wasn't talking about how high the taxes were, just that they are never on the price tag.

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>size of California
>9 million people instead of 38 million
>75% forest

Yet fiber. Funny how it actually works out when you aren't getting Jewed completely

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Because it's more work to add taxes and even more when you want to drop the price. Then there are suddenly tax free season that'll confuse all customers.

Plus it's not hard to calculate the taxes. You pay $5 for every $100.

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Faster internet my ass
The rest you mentioned is pretty good, doe

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Mine is even shittier than yours, but it's only 15€ a month

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Heh, why do you think your fathers stressed state autonomy?

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>Free healthcare
There is a special tax for that and it's deducted from your salary.

>Free higher end education
There is a special tax for that and it's deducted from your salary.

>Safer cities
There is a special tax for that and it's deducted from your salary.

>Faster internet
I pay for the internet "speed" out of my pocket and I also have to pay for the actual fucking line separately every month.

>More Freedom

It's a scam. It always is.

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At least his country still has whites.

Yours doesn't.

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wait, muricans do not have something like VAT ?

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VAT is almost 100%?

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Sales tax is roughly equivalent.

If you add up all the VAT, you should approach sales tax. But it's not exactly equivalent, and it is meant to do slightly different things than VAT

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So what? You can't tell me you're not paying taxes in murica as well.
I don't know the rate in the USA, but in Germany where I work it's roughly 40-50% of your salary in total, so not the best, but bearable

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>muh safer cities

How are all those non-integrating Arabs, Gypsies, and Africans doing for you, Jamal?

I can walk alone in even the ghettos of my city at 3 AM.

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> 40-50% of your salary in total

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Our average rate is around 25%

If you work a real job healthcare isn't too much of a problem here.

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>I can walk alone in even the ghettos of my city at 3 AM.
Our cities don't have ghettos

European cities HAVE less crime. These are cold, hard facts.

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Plus America has extreme amounts of niggers, so what do you expect

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>Free healthcare
280 Eur to remove a wisdom tooth, free my ass
Also doctors take 35 Eur for the first handshake
>Free higher end education
Only useful if you live in an economic area with jobs
>Safer cities
Niggers and gypsies everywhere
>Faster internet
I agree
>More Freedom
Not so sure on that, I live in one of the most corrupt countries and it sucks ass

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What country do you live in?

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>280 Eur to remove a wisdom tooth, free my ass
wut? i paid 200 euro for 4 teeth
>Also doctors take 35 Eur for the first handshake
wat? first handshake is like 10 euro

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>Only useful if you live in an economic area with jobs
You mean like the entire EU with the notable exceptions of Spain and Greece?
Even then, you can move between any EU or Schengen country because lolEU so you could actually go to a nice place, like Germany or Norway.

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>nice place, like Germany or Norway.
Norway isn't part of the EU, nice try tho

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>Be in Army
>Order my shit via Amazon
>address is a military one for Europe
>avoid all these silly EU taxes


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>280 Eur to remove a wisdom tooth, free my ass

But then you'll likely have a yearly price ceiling

In my country it's 120 EUR. When you get to that sum all other hospital visits/treatments (not drugs, but there's a similar deal) are free

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are you referring to that country where you can't get whores.

>Assange is wanted for questioning over sexual offences allegedly committed against two women during a visit to Sweden in August 2010.
>The allegations relate to "non-consensual behaviour within consensual sexual encounters."

seriously, sweden?!

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>you can't get whores.
not true, there's plenty of whores there

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>280 Eur to remove a wisdom tooth, free my ass
>Also doctors take 35 Eur for the first handshake
Fellow Scandi here. As annoying as it is for average folks, it's a pretty good system. Dental work is obviously more expensive but check-ups and such are only a couple of tens. The one timers still have to piss up some cash, but those with prolonged illnesses (we have a fee threshold thing) get subsidized/free healthcare. This way the you lose the "abusive" aspect often associated with welfare.

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In 2015 you swedes won't be able to complain about immigration, though. On-line or otherwise. Have fun.

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>are you referring to that country where you can't get whores.

I'm not a NEET virgin or otherwise horribly unattractive, so this doesn't affect me.

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I always get jelly of people in battlestation threads with all their fancy equipment.

It really saddens me. They get amazon.com which is A LOT CHEAPER than my country's amazon, they get PRIME for free if they're a student. They get awesome online stores. And of course, they get much cheaper things.

But then again, it feels good to live where I live, so I can't complain much.

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And you likely won't be able to browse 4chan without getting arrested for whatever insults you fling.

>be kid
>play LoL
>rage at opponents
>get arrested by the FBI suspected of terrorism
top lel

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EU is actually cheaper, faggots

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>buying hardware from Amazon

top kek

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>500 shekels for a gaben card

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If I earn £25600, I take home ~£21000 after National Insurance and Income Tax each year.

any murricans here tell me how much of $44000 they'd take home each year?

>> No.42300872

Did you miss the schengen bit? Norway is part of the Schengen agreement, if you're an EU citizen you can move to a Schengen country, like Switzerland or Norway, no questions asked.

>> No.42300875

>gaben card
yeh okay faggot just accept the fact that eu wins again

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Because Europe is dumb when it comes to taxes even though Canada has the same 'free' healthcare.

Europeans are stuck living in a flat like a caged animal paying high prices for good and services.

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i'm in EU, you lose

>> No.42300911

If it's any consolation 15 euro gets you 75mbps a month.

>> No.42300932

so how does that change anything?
or is this some next level retardation you're trying to pull?

>> No.42300934

This is what Americans actually believe

>> No.42300940

you mad now, you lose

>> No.42300941

are you retarded or something? 500 EUR is worth like 700 USD

>> No.42300946

>Europeans are stuck living in a flat like a caged animal paying

Both real housing and land is cheaper in Scandinavia than it is in the US. You even buy land by the acre for fuck's sake.

tip top lel once again

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UK£ 239.00 =
293.858213 euros
400.21 US Dollar

At least it's cheaper than Germany.

>> No.42300987

>getting mad on the internet

>> No.42301012

What? Canadian healthcare is similar to Europe difference is that we are not paying ass like the Europeans

>Both real housing and land is cheaper in Scandinavia

You mean in Canada? We have provinces the size of Sweden. From the city to rural parts of the country. Everything about Canada is superior to Europe besides the internet speeds of Romania

Best part? We can travel to the US and buy these products. Meaning our higher inflated currency on top of the higher wages means that we have it better

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>not getting mad at every opportunity

>> No.42301034

>this is what canadians actually believe
how delusional can one be?

>> No.42301049

Europeans are delusional seeing as that they are justifying the higher taxes that they are paying for the same social services we have. It's stupid

Canadians live like Americans the only difference is healthcare

>> No.42301093

>European cities HAVE less crime. These are cold, hard facts.
No it's not.

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My brother studies in Germany and i'd like to order some PC components through him. Mindfactory.de seems like a nice place, have any German anons used it before ?

Geizhals.de is good to find prices too

>> No.42301125

Import fees probably.
The way goods are moved around is incredibly convoluted and expensive so there's probably some dickhead making a profit in there too.

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i only earn £500 less a year (after tax) than my american equivalent income (after tax).
strangely, i'm ok with that when it means i don't have to worry about huge hospital fees and disproportionately huge drug prices.
it also enabled me to have an affordable university education.

what are you trying to say about "LE HUGE EU TAX!"

>> No.42301137

keep telling yourself that :^)

>> No.42301166

>Why would I want to pay for someone else?
You're right, we should go back to privatized firemen and police services.
God bless the free market :^)

>> No.42301168

What? Don't know what point you are trying to make because we also have affordable University as well nothing like the Americans. Also paid by our taxes.

Again, you are justifying your high taxes and caged homes

>> No.42301181

Cheaper PC parts.

>> No.42301198

>nothing like the Americans
ah shit, didn't read that "canadian" bit
in which case, instead of "affordable universities" you should read "good universities that make significant contributions to advancing humanity"

>> No.42301232

>Canadians live like Americans the only difference is healthcare
What a retarded statement.
There are many small but key differences between canuks and americans. If you need any proof just look at the way US metropolitan areas are built compared to Canadian ones are.

>> No.42301250

It's the same shit as the Americans the difference is that our population is a lot smaller. So less chance of contributing something. Uet, the social services are provided for a low cost compared to any country in Europe

>> No.42301271

You mean how small the population is? Canada is a huge country. So of course small differences but the same can be said about your midwest.

If you seriously think that Canada and the US are different, think again.

>> No.42301302


Hardwareversand, Case King and Mindfactory are quite alright.
Sometimes Amazon is even cheaper.

>> No.42301430

No genius I meant in the sense that American cities are still very much segregated and that inner city cores still have the stigma of being slums (at least the non-gentrified parts) compared to Canadian cities which don't prominently feature gated communities (they're in fact discouraged by planners and are outright banned in many areas), boonie sprawl was contained rather then subsidized, cities were expanded instead of limited to their bounds from the 1920/30s (ie: Toronto's amalgamation in the 90s compared to St-Louis being literally redlined into it's current size) and they have never suffered the urban blight many major US urban centers have since the 1950s.
Plus, even with the major cuts that were made to equalization in 90s and the subsequent cuts made to public housing by the provincial governments public housing in Canada is still much more livable then the concrete monstrosities built in the US during the 50s and 60s.
You're insane if you think Canada is a carbon copy of the States.

>> No.42301501

>still very much segregated and that inner city

Because the US has a suburban sprawl culture?

> which don't prominently feature gated communities

Because the population is so small ? Why would anybody want that? Land is plenty

>You're insane if you think Canada is a carbon copy of the States.

And all you did was ramble about the same sort of problems found in the US and Canada?

>> No.42301591

>Because the population is so small ? Why would anybody want that? Land is plenty
>According to the 2011 Census, the city has 2.6 million residents, making it the fifth-most populous city in North America. However, in 2012, the municipal government published a population estimate of 2,791,140, which led to media reports claiming Toronto as the fourth most populous city in North America and the most populous Great Lakes city, surpassing Chicago.

I can't tell if you're baiting and it's bringing my inner-austist out or if you're really that clueless.

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Taxes; aka having to give free health care to immigrants.

>> No.42302558

>Thinking 501 EUR is same as 499 USD
>Also free 3 games w/ purchase in US

This hurt my eyes


>> No.42303219

Liberal taxes.

>> No.42303404

Food has no tax

>> No.42303643

Sweden recently made complaining about immigration online illegal. Nice try though

>> No.42303802

Assange would go back and stand trial if the FBI wasn't waiting for him there.

>> No.42303817

Is this from google translate or something?

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The economics of scale favor smaller more focused nations when it comes to healthcare. The US is one of the largest, diverse, and most populated countries in the world. The larger and more spread out a country is, the harder and more expensive it is to provide high quality healthcare. Obamacare is a small first first step in our federalization of healthcare. Much like the federalization of the railroads, the healthcare system in this country is fundamentally broken. The railroad crisis, loomed in the shadow of war so strong leaders got done what they needed. Unfortunately, the modern federalization of the healthcare system has so such backdrop and Obama is a weak leader at best.

>> No.42303994

USA is the computer science hub of the world. Of course hardware/software will be cheaper here.

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File: 71 KB, 640x473, OH+SHIT+NIGGER+WHAT+ARE+YOU+DOING.+let+s+see+what+s_ee00ca_5113735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean India?

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File: 1.41 MB, 1366x768, 1401617318534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>our cities don't have ghettos

top fucking kek

>> No.42304821

>being unamerican

>> No.42304871

>some soviet shithole

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File: 1.42 MB, 1366x768, 1401617703977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nope, Bulgaria.

>b-but that's not Europe!

Then don't forget other less well-off EU members like Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain.

Even France, and definitely Britain, have their share of ghettos.

Poverty and ignorance knows no borders, anon.

>> No.42304993

I live in California, and with income tax and sales tax, I pay about 45% on all my purchases

>> No.42305007

No shit.
I was implying you should have taken a picture of the banlieues bordering Paris, those things scream ghetto.

>> No.42305016

try to find a ghetto in norway

>> No.42305043

Prices in the US often don't include tax

EU has a decent warranty by default that manufacturers add on to the price of the goods to offset. Extended warranty is basically worthless in the EU

>> No.42305078

Because they can. Honestly, that's the reason. They charge the highest price they can without seeing too negative a response in sales. Australia has it even worse.

Everyone saying 'muh taxes' is barking up the wrong tree

>> No.42305081

>try to find a ghetto in a very rich country with a very small population
You guys did have slums put they were pretty much cleared or cleaned up after WW2.

>> No.42305090

>what is free at the point of use

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I figured you were moving the goalposts. Whoops.

I have a whole album of eastern EU ghettos so I just used those.


Here's Gronland, Oslo.

>> No.42305119

It costs money not to have an impoverished population.

>> No.42305124

>mfw my britfag town looks way rougher than that 'ghetto'

>> No.42305153

lmao, that's the cleanest ghetto i've ever seen

>> No.42305189

Don't bother. He's a dumb americunt and will never understand. I bet he's Christian too, but still questions why he should HELP PEOPLE IN NEED.

>> No.42305191


It's not really a "good" ghetto.

Norway, with a population roughly that of a mid-sized American/Mainland European metropolitan area that is also very, very culturally homogenous, is not reliably comparable or reflective of Europe as a whole.

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>has free healthcare, which makes everything else cost 100x more
>citizens actually need the free healthcare maybe 1 day a year
>365 days a year everything else is 100x more expensive

sweet system yuropoors

>> No.42305241

>canada doesn't exist
It's expensive because of other factors you twit.

>> No.42305286


Not him, but fuck off with your muh poverty shit.

I would rather be paying into improvements to the education system that failed them in the first place, the reason they're impoverished is because they're unskilled dipshits stuck in a vicious cycle propagated by shit-tier inner city schools full of useless teachers and shit curriculum that does nothing but produce drop-outs, as well as the massive expenses of higher education.

>> No.42305287


>> No.42305301

>education system failed them
>"I'd rather [not help them]"

>> No.42305324

>social reforms
But anon that doesn't mean building more freeways.

>> No.42305329


>I would rather support placebos instead of actually tackling the thing that causes them to be poor in the first place

>let me tell you about your country

>> No.42305375

Tackle both.

>let me tell you about your country
The amerifat's second favourite pastime.

>> No.42305385

$150 a month for health insurance here, for me at least. That's $1800 a year. I'm pretty sure Yurps pay way more than that through VAT, income taxes, higher costs of goods and living. I think Americans have got the better deal here. Oh and don't think we don't have free healthcare too. Look up Medicare/Medicaid. But it's only for poor and stupid people. So if you Yurps ever emigrate to the US you would be qualified for it. Well qualified in fact.

>> No.42305394


I'm telling you why the Euro system won't work here

I don't give a shit about your country :^)

We can't afford to tackle both, we can barely manage our social security system.

>> No.42305429

>citizens actually need the free healthcare maybe 1 day a year
when you're young maybe

>> No.42305436


If you're old or poor we already have free healthcare systems for them.

The problem is that they need to be reformed.

>> No.42305441

>he thinks it's possible to have a society without poor people doing all the shit jobs nobody wants.

>> No.42305457

>If you're old or poor we already have free healthcare systems for them.
You can't even take care of your fucking vets

>> No.42305473


>what are teenagers

I think it's possible to have a society where you can at least move upward.


>The problem is that they need to be reformed.

>> No.42305475

Don't forget about Obamacare. My broke-ass mom qualified for a plan better than the one I get from my employer, for 25 bucks a month.

And Obamacare is just the first step in the federalization of healthcare into a single cohesive system. It worked for the trains and it'll work for healthcare.

>> No.42305506

There's a lot of shitty jobs, there's not enough young people for all of them. You need a poor people. The smart ones will move upward the majority won't. Free market works.

>> No.42305518
File: 24 KB, 400x308, George_Bush_-_Posing_In_Front_Of_Flag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42305531


There are people who will be poor no matter what the fuck you give them, but there are also some people who got fucked because they had no doors open for them.

Europe isn't free of bydlo despite their "progressive" system, we won't be either.

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>I live in Sweden

>> No.42305560

>there are also some people who got fucked because they had no doors open for them.
Wrong they are fucking dumb and they deserve their fate. Everybody can make it if they work hard.

>> No.42305592

are scandinavian chicks spreading their legs for african immigrants or something?

>> No.42305594

At least in America they can.

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>mfw things are cheaper
>mfw i have great health coverage from my employer
>mfw i take home a signifcantly higher portion of my paycheck

>> No.42305620

>living in commiefornia
There's your problem, m8
Here in MA it's closer to 15%, at least in the town I live in.
Insurance, on the other hand...

>> No.42305624

No. Evidently that is a problem the Swedish government wants to tackle. State mandated race mixing.

>> No.42305625

Anywhere in the world. Seriously doesn't matter the regime you're in smart hard working people will always be on top and the lazy retards on the bottom

>> No.42305643
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Sweden invented blanda upp

>> No.42305665

wait so the Swedish government is for race mixing or against it?

>> No.42305671

That is actually the opposite of what happens in a totalitarian society. In free societies, people can rise to their abilities. The sad truth is that most of the world is still not free.

>> No.42305675
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for it

>> No.42305680

Have you managed to pass the lazy shit manager that only got the job because of his family yet anon?

>> No.42305703

Why the fuck do people think this?
California sucks just as badly as most other states when it comes to social services the difference is they've got 10 trillion citizens.

>> No.42305722

They're not for it or against it, /pol/aks just like to pull shit out of their ass.

>> No.42305723

>That is actually the opposite of what happens in a totalitarian society.
Not really a smart person will be successful in any society. There is just as much as money to be made in a dictatorship as there is in a democracy if you know how to do it.

>> No.42305741

haha so scandinavian chicks, who are stereotypically snow white with blonde hair, are being influenced to breed with africans?


>> No.42305751
File: 2.77 MB, 4272x2848, IMG_1467_new2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree man we got the best of both worlds, Canada is the only place I would ever live. We have the kindest people, some of the most beautiful views and scenery on the planet along with a really good health care system.

Come on you fuckers just tell me that my Country aint fucking beautiful.

>> No.42305752


>> No.42305767

you can go to jail because of a loli doujin there.

>> No.42305774

That really depends on what province you live in anon.

>> No.42305790
File: 41 KB, 573x313, 1384711679110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why are computer parts so cheap in the US, yet so much more expensive in Europe.
because they need to tax the shit out of you to pay for all those african and muslim immigrants that they offer asylum to with the free houses, school, medical, food, etc. im sure you dont mind paying a little extra to prove youre not a wacist and to have a diverse society free of hate

>> No.42305813

ebin /pol/ post mang

>> No.42305825

By it's very nature a totalitarian government stifles the spread of the exact knowledge an intelligent person needs to get ahead in life.

>> No.42305844
File: 1.32 MB, 312x241, YFQEMoS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and they are clumsy too

pic related: muslim applying for free scandinavian shekels

>> No.42305873
File: 214 KB, 646x818, Image 005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i lol'd hard

>> No.42305878
File: 2.25 MB, 6044x954, new_2-1831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I live in BC so my view may be slightly slanted on the beauty part but god damn does BC ever look nice

here have another (all pics I post have been taken by me)

>> No.42305951

In a totalitarian government there are a group of people in power a smart person living in such a place would strive to be part of that group. A smart person can see opportunities and take advantage of those.

>> No.42306039

I meant the health care. The views are amazing no mater where you live in this country.
Thanks for that picture though, I'm gonna use it as my new wallpaper.

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