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So what's the most current setup for rocking anime, movies and other demanding stuff on your PC?

Any guide, the most recent I came up with on Google is from 2013 and, even worse, from Reddit.

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First page bump

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Please help me /g/

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mpv

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I barely use Linux, I need 3DS, Photoshop, Indisign, Illustrator, etc for my school

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Get an invite to AnimeBytes

Get a large external hard drive

Get MPC-HC and follow the advanced tutorial (madVR, LAV, ffdshow)

Not much else too it.

(Don't ask me for an invite, although I have unlimited)

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I'm already on Animebyt.es

I have a large external HD. (well, 1T, but it's enough, don't watch that much anime,

Is this guide good enough? http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=516729

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I remember setting it up with an amazingly detailed guide about 1.5 years ago.

While my internet is slow at the moment, I'm currently searching for both our sakes (as I am going to do a clean install later this week).

I wouldn't recommend that guide though, give me 5-10 minutes to update you.

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thanks, I'm also doing a clean install because I don't know why but subs keep getting fucked to the point they disappear or cover the whole image.

I remember there was a guide from that faggot that imposed the hi10p standard in anime

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install gentoo

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> install gentoo
>le ganoo linux distro meme
also remember me to stop using Word and start using superior LaTeX /la'teχ/ please.

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install cccp+madvr

That's it

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Okay, I think that I've found the tutorial of yester-year.

However, it has been updated to a new, more snazzy look. Despite that, I think that it is THE best guide to setting up the best environment for watching media (of any kind).

Good luck all the same.

http://www ezoden com/684/tutorial-htpc

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san-kyu old sport

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Don't follow a 2 year old guide, install KCP, it will configure MPC for you.

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Oh, and don't install CCCP, it's the equivelant of bloatware. On the same level as the K-Lite Codec pack.

One more thing, the reclock and autofrequency parts of the guide can be ignored. Especially if you are going to be watching this stuff on a pc monitor rather than a tv.

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Things haven't changed at all. The software is the same and the settings are too.

Plus the guide has been updated every month since then with more settings and suchlike.

Thus making it better than most other guides which are simply forum posts, mainly created even longer ago.

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Showing off much?

(invite me plz)

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>I need 3DS, Photoshop, Indisign, Illustrator, etc for my school
Why would you bother with linux at all then?

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Muh fweedoms

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While relying on proprietary software like 3DS and Photoshop?


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>watching on a pc


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>Implying WMP doesn't play 10-bit 1080 perfectly well.
Bunch of plebs

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>that gif

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It plays it back fine, sure
Image quality is inferior though

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>Image quality is inferior
Enjoy looking at your movies with a microscope.

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>too poor to afford a decent enough GPU for madvr
>i-its not like you can even see a difference
Cry more poorfag

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>Wasting excessive GPU power on placebo
MadVR is literally bloat.

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An AM1 rig, how is anime/movies demanding?

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OP is probably running a C2D chinkpad.

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For a toaster maybe.

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I don't know what that is...but I'm going to imagine that 1080p movies are going to look the same no matter what program is opening them.

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Try running the new nnedi3 scaling on a lower end GPU
Ain't happening

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I've a 2nd boot partition with linux mint, probably would be more usefull jus to have it on a VM on windows.

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they absolutelly don't, and I've this weird resolution 2050x1150 aprox, so the scalling part is specally useful

besides, subtitle rendering

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I only watch low res hentai so I guess i wouldn't know

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Might as well run mpv with opengl-hq and nnedi3.

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Comparison of Windows Media Player and MPV with opengl-hq and nnedi3. Minimal differences.
>inb4 MPC/MadVR placebo

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>different frames
>annoying osc in the way
Do better man.

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