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Novena open laptop thread.

How many of you are backing their crowdfunding campaign?


>Open hardware, apache 2.0 licensed, all NDA free and full schematics available.
>Spartan FPGA
>boot from micro SD firmware
>dual ethernet
>UARTs and high-speed expansion header
>Ath9k wireless
>will add Myriad-RF SDR board if they exceed goal.

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>wood screws

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>also, dat thinkpad keyboard..

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>crowd supply
Fuck off with your viral shit

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I've posted in these threads before and am familiar with it, but I never watched the video until now.

It really makes me excited. I want to build my own laptop.

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it's really nice looking stuff, but i can't afford it

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inb4 childish complaints about price and the irrelevant cases.

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I'm paying that fucking much for an ancient ARM weakling. Gluglug's machines are both quicker and cheaper.

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Glugglugs machines are free software, this goes a step further - free hardware.

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>Intelligent Battery controller board:
>Has DAC output to drive an analog panel meter
oh wow, can you imagine having a laptop with a fucking analog VU for a battery meter?

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I know. I appreciate the work they've done to get to this point as well, but I can't drop $2k on it. That's just too much.

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This is getting posted every day

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It's better than the
>why don't/haven't you X?
threads that get posted every other hour, that are always full of nothing but shitposts.

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So get $500 for just the bare board and hack together your own laptop or desktop or rackmount solution for it. I'm getting the "desktop" variant for $1200, since I don't need any more laptops but I could use a good workbench system.

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I can't really justify buying it at all right now. I hope it or something more powerful is out when I can.

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they have been working on it for years now, miles ahead of anyone else.

the only thing that's going to happen is prices will go up 10% after the initial campaign is over.

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>cellphone specs

nigga what?

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>those specs
that's a tablet

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it's not about the specs, it's about the freedom.

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Heh. Okay then. Not interested.

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Why do you hate freedom anon?

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Five thousand US dollars for the poorly specced massive wooden box? niggas are cray cray yo

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>look at me shitposting

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Waiiiittt a minute, how does the monitor connect to the motherboard on the Heirloom version?

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likely a cable in the hinge like most laptops

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Wireless hdmi of course

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>Canonical crowd funds for a really high end phone that would kick the shit out of anything in the market.
>I goes nowhere

>A shitty WAYYYY overpriced. Richard Stallman tin-foil tier bookshel- *Laptop* gets a shit ton of money.

crowd funding is fucking bullshit, fuck you all.

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well canonical asked for an abstruse sum... i kinda think they wanted it to fail

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Canonical also set a ridiculously short time on their funding attempt. It was like, 2 or 3 weeks. This one has been up for a couple months.

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Thats not free hardware if you pay for it.

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I will never back this over-priced pile of shit, I and most people will never take advantage of the open-source hardware.





Cost thousands for shit

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some day in the future. You're going to realize you need completely full freedom. And you'll be fucked because computers will be so advanced and be able to hack into all the backdoors on your computer easily.

You could have saved the world, anon. If I had enough money I would buy it.

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>I and most people will never take advantage of the open-source hardware.
True, but that doesn't mean you don't benefit from those who do.

Take people that run Windows. They may not give a shit about Linux and will never use it on their laptop, but it makes everything they use possible, from websites to embedded devices.

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That's not my point, I'm trying to say that "open-source" is becoming a "buzzword" that infers freedom where freedom isn't given.

Software can be open-source, unfortunately that doesn't assure liberation, it makes software harder to be proprietary of malicious but doesn't stop a thing.

These assholes think they can charge thousands due to a fancy screen and SSD that you really do not need, because people will buy into the whole "open-source" aspect.

It's ridiculous, I will not back this project up ever.

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You can just buy the board for about $500.

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and what relation does this have to laptops exactly?

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It lets you connect the laptop to another device while pretending to be a USB peripheral. It's mostly for sneaky stuff, or for hardware hacking.

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>Spartan FPGA

That can't be designed or programming with ARM Linux.

Who's this going to fucking work again, Bunnie?

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I'm pretty sure it's not a buzzword. If you don't like the other three purchase options, buy just the motherboard. They're assholes who think they can charge $500 for just the motherboard if you don't think the rest of the specs are fairly priced.

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Yes it is. You can program it from the ARM OS.

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Why would I spent $500 for the motherboard when I already specified I cannot take advantage of the fully-free hardware.

Software, firmware, drivers, NDISWrappers, binary code e.t.c is what I care about.

Their is no liberation in hardware, only software.

Hence why OPEN-SOURCE in regards to hardware is a buzz word

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>open source

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The full schematics of the PCB are given, therefore it is reproducible by you without reverse-engineering and free.

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I am talking about software that isn't dependent on NDISWrappers or binary blobs.

That is what hides me from the botnet.

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You can't trust your hardware. The NSA has been known to intercept hardware shipments and plant bugs in them. Only open, verifiable hardware is safe.

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That's great!

It's a shame I have no experience and am unable to reproduce this under-powered laptop are a cheaper rate.

I get no benefits from open-source hardware.

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By that argument, if you can't code, you get no benefit from open-source software.

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If I use fully libre, open-source software that I know about and can control I am liberated.

Open-source hardware doesn't help liberation.

I assume these bugs are dependent on the correct software / firmware, if I do not have this software / firmware they're unable to work.

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>I assume these bugs are dependent on the correct software / firmware
Not if it's a keylogger, or sniffing ethernet frames.

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>Open-source hardware doesn't help liberation.

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It's almost as if this PC had a target audience in mind

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It doesn't, the FIRMWARE on your computer controls your hardware.

If the FIRMWARE isn't malicious then the HARDWARE isn't malicious.

It's simple, but you're convinced by the open-source buzzword that open-source hardware helps your freedom.

I'm going to need more information about what you're talking about.

I can safely assure your hardware wasn't shipped with a keylogger.

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It's being advertised as a computer for liberation.

Open-source hardware isn't liberating.

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Just because you can't produce or modify the hardware doesn't mean someone else with the talent can't. The same applies to free software. Say I had a 3d printer and wanted to make my own case. It's a hell of a lot easier with the schematics.

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>Open-source hardware isn't liberating.
Fuck off Tim Cook

He was just giving suggestions on things that aren't firmware.

>> No.41618810

>I can safely assure your hardware wasn't shipped with a keylogger.
No you fucking CAN'T. That's the POINT. The NSA has hidden facilities where they implant this shit, and your courier will never let you know.

>> No.41618845

>Open-source hardware isn't liberating.
watch this, it explains it.


>> No.41618865


Open-source hardware isn't liberating.

You can have a fully-free computer if your hardware isn't dependent on proprietary / closed-source drivers, firmware or NDISWrappers.

>He was just giving suggestions on things that aren't firmware.

I was asking her is she could give me more information about her previous statement:

>You can't trust your hardware. The NSA has been known to intercept hardware shipments and plant bugs in them. Only open, verifiable hardware is safe.

I am complaining about the NOVENA laptop advertising itself as a libre-computer when most computers can be libre.



Despite saying that, I am not denying that isn't a problem.

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can I install something besides debian? or is everything so undersupported that any changes in the as-is shipment would royaly fuck it up and require me days of scoring through websites trying to find the right firmware and drivers?

>> No.41618883

You can't know which ones are or aren't, so you have to assume they all are.

>> No.41618899


;^) The NSA are going to come to your house and kill you in your sleep

trust me

You can be just as libre on some closed-source hardware as you can on open-source hardware.

my point is the $2000 price isn't being justified.

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>;^) The NSA are going to come to your house and kill you in your sleep
They'd probably create a false evidence trail for "parallel discovery" and sic the local cops on me first.

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>I am complaining about the NOVENA laptop advertising itself as a libre-computer when most computers can be libre.
Last I checked you couldn't just pickup the schematics to most PCs, which aid in modification of the hardware extensively. Liberation is granting you the ability to do what you want, which includes software and hardware and life really.

>> No.41618944


That statement doesn't prove that all hardware is shipped with keyloggers.

>> No.41618977

It proves that you have to assume it is, because you have no way of proving otherwise, except for using open hardware and verifying the size, location, and type of each chip on the board.

>> No.41618978


>What is killing myself?

Libre as in freedom, not the freedom to re-create the hardware.

Freedom as in I am not being monitored, I am free to act without judgment.

>> No.41618980

>$2000 price isn't being justified.
Of course it is. They're not selling you a promise, they're selling you an opportunity.

>> No.41618985

Does it matter if you can't tell which computers are compromised and which aren't?

>> No.41619019

That's not what freedom means, entirely. That's freedom from, not freedom to.

>> No.41619033

>that shit ass hardware
>that fucking price
Only freetards. Only freetards...

>> No.41619040

an opportunity to re-create the hardware.

No thanks, I just don't want to be monitorized.

>> No.41619044

>Freedom as in I am not being monitored, I am free to act without judgment.
You don't have that freedom anymore in the US, thanks to stealth hardware mods by spy agencies and deep packet inspection of the public internet.

>> No.41619048

>what is a hobbyist device

>> No.41619073


I do not want freedom to re-create hardware, only the freedom to act without judgment. (To put it lightly)

I have no use for open-source hardware, which is fine, others do.

My problem is people assume open-source hardware = freedom from LE NSA

>> No.41619117


I don't live in the US.

I understand you're not free anywhere in the world, but I do not mind if I am able to hide myself from a large amount of people.

Software helps me achieve this goal, not hardware.

I need to use a computer, and I want to be as hidden as possible, this is why I turn to software.

libre-Software cares for your freedom.

open-source-Hardware cares for your right to freedom.

>> No.41619124

>can't into externalities
If you knew the true cost of closed source proprietary software, you'd consider this very affordable.

>> No.41619130

A foreign concept to the consumerist sheep that currently infest /g/. It doesn't play their cawadoody or run their Professional Microsoft Office For Professional Office Drones Such As Myself so they don't understand its purpose.

>> No.41619137

Well, they were going off of reports that the NSA was shipping covert hardware-level keyloggers and other devices on machines by intercepting them in transit to the customer.

The entire point of the laptop is that it is made of free hardware, and obviously targets that audience. The board targets both still, but would be more along the lines of what you're talking about. Gluglug's machines are more along what you're looking for.

>> No.41619146

>Software helps me achieve this goal, not hardware.
>being this fucking stupid
I have to assume you're some sort of psyops plant.

>> No.41619149

>the TRUE cost
Nebulous and bullshit. You don't need this 2,000 dollar paperweight to run open source software.

>> No.41619152

>/g/ is now /v/
You don't have to rub it in ;-;
I wish this place were still as great as it was a few years ago.

>> No.41619169

Confirmed for pleb who doesn't understand externalities, economies of scale, or the value proposition of this hardware.

>> No.41619190

I'm well aware of economies of scale.

That doesn't change the fact that only freetards would this hardware to be worth the cost of putting up with the higher markup due to the economies of scale.

>> No.41619191


>Gluglug's machines are more along what you're looking for.


Please stop arguing.

We are all free ebin, it's finally over the NASA is dead.

>> No.41619209

If by "freetards" you mean "conscientious early adopters" then yes. Not everything is or should be marketed towards stupid average people.

>> No.41619214

>You don't need this 2,000 dollar paperweight to run open source software.
Of course, but that's not the point. This product is for people who want open source hardware.

>> No.41619228

Well... I wasn't really arguing against your view, more or less justifying why open-source hardware is good.

Keep in mind, a piece of closed-source hardware can have an embedded spying circuit independent of firmware or that is covert.

>> No.41619238

>spend $2000 on proprietary hardware running proprietary unix
>people think that's fine
>spend $2000 on open hardware running GNU/Linux
>people don't get it
I hate people sometimes.

>> No.41619256

it's all
>muh games
>muh shiny

>> No.41619356

are you like unable to read english or something? can you not understand you "hiding" and "privacy" is totally fucking redundant if you've got all the fucking libre software, firmware in the world but don't have open-hardware.

Let me spell it out for you: nsa puts hardware logger into motherboard, no one 'cept good ol' NSA know it's there, said malicious hardware has firmware on it that responds to any requests from motherboard to identify itself as null. There you have it, a logger that you can't know shit about, however much software you drown it in. Say good by freedoms!

captcha: nsacts

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what is FPGA useful for?

>> No.41619438

cracking tripcodes
anything OpenCL or CUDA are good at (so cracking, folding, bitcoin mining kinda)
extending the hardware in other ways

>> No.41619440

spend £2000 on macbook air: shit specs and people love and defend it
spend £2000 on open-hardware laptop: people actively go out of their way to criticise it

>> No.41619481

There are FPGA core designs that speak Java bytecode natively, so you could probably use one of those to play Minecraft.

>> No.41619492

Hipsters will love this shit

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> Bitch at macfags for paying 2k for a laptop
> Gladly shell out 5k for a free as in freedom to eat shit from your foot in public laptop
Even if you buy the bare-bones desktop or even the board you're getting a pretty lame bang for buck.

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File: 1.50 MB, 230x172, 1374715689902.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Hand made from organic trees grown in the green plains of California, we bring you an artisan laptop, carefully hand crafted by our expert neckbeards and truly open source so you can stick it to the man
For the low low price of five thousand dollars

>> No.41619788

That is funny but it's really too easy to twist the intentions of an open source laptop

Without a good paying job, I can't justify buying one. But this becomes a transition we must all come to terms with if we really care about what's inside our machines.

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File: 23 KB, 300x400, penn_jillette[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41619895

You certainly can't with Xilinx. They only give you a fucking x86 binary blob, with a fucking licence manager.

>> No.41619913

Do we need to remind you 32 MILLION DOLLARS??

>> No.41620165

>boots to a Debian desktop over HDMI
About as open as my anus.

>> No.41620197

why not display port?

>> No.41620289

He wasn't trying to prove it retard

>> No.41620324

Will open source hardware get cheaper?

I'm not sure I'm willing to throw my i7 away just yet but I am keeping a close eye on these projects.

>> No.41620449

>Will open source hardware get cheaper?
Hopefully after the success of projects like this.

>> No.41620503

It will only get cheaper as it scales up. If you care, back the project and others like it.

>> No.41620528

I guess I can spare $5

I really need a job..

>> No.41620553

Much how FOSS has improved over the years to be quite user friendly, FOSM will surely follow.
Hackers in the realm of hardware has always been a big community.

>> No.41620653

whoever buys this thing is a retard. period.

>> No.41620698

>missing the point

>> No.41620714

there is no point you freetard tinfoil fat dumb jerk stupid retard dumb tinfoil tinfoil edward snowman is a TRAITOR terrorist tinfoil loser fat loser!!!
install mac os x >:^(

>> No.41620748

>Still backing Kickstarter shit


>> No.41621054

going to Mars..


>> No.41621121


you're right, if this was 5 years ago /g/ would be all over a laptop like this.

Now it's all faggots arguing whether Window 8 or Mac are better, fucking facepalm.psd

>> No.41621145

How come they went with USB 2.0 instead of 3?

>> No.41621162

That's nonfree software.

>> No.41621165

I don't think the i.MX6 can handle USB3 properly.

>> No.41621174


Nothing provides perfect freedom from "le NSA". If they want you that bad they will get you.

Go research how the NSA has guided the development of Windows and come back when you understand why proprietary technology can never be truly secure.

>> No.41621195


I heard that cpu is not entirely free hardware from Jacob's podcast

>> No.41621197


>dat fgpa
>dem extras

pleb gaymers and macfags will never understand.

>> No.41621227

Can the video adapter display 1080p video without a hiccup?

>> No.41621233

The price we pay for video hardware, at this point in time. The +$50k stretch goal is finishing the FOSS driver stack for the video hardware and upstreaming it for every other OS and i.MX6 board to take advantage of. That's exciting because OpenBSD's armv7 port targets the i.MX6 among other boards.

>> No.41621245

>e I have no experience and am unable to reproduce this under-powered laptop are a cheaper rate.
>I get no benefits from open-source hardware.

You could if you had the right contacts like these guys do. Even still, every fabrication plant has a minimum order qty.

>> No.41621257

Not without binary blobs for the moment, but see this post:

>> No.41621270


what the hell is ARM OS?

>> No.41621283

the OS that runs on the ARM chip? It's an awkward phrasing but it makes sense

>> No.41621290

It's the OS... which runs on ARM

>> No.41621346

So with this hardware campaign also comes with software development.

It seems like this is a growing effort to build free hardware with better software to support it.

>> No.41621361

The further stretch goals include some incredibly sick shit - like a Software Defined Radio expansion board that can communicate directly with the FPGA.

>> No.41621387


exactly, and they only need to sell 200 of the desktop/notebook to add those items for free to everyone's order

>> No.41621404

Seriously? You freetards are worried about hardware now? What are you gonna do, build a new circuit from the schematics to suit your likings?

>> No.41621505

That's exactly what Novena did, it's a major accomplishment

>> No.41621533

>micro SD
>not MMC or CF
freedom discarded

>> No.41621568

>not DisplayPort
freedom discarded

>> No.41621588


LOL, great job reading OP's post, if you did you'll know that's exactly what happened. It's a historic time to be a freetard.

>> No.41621590

$5000 for a decent looking wooden laptop

not on your life

>> No.41621593

>using closed source hardware
what a faggot, enjoy your botnets faggot

>> No.41621612

i have a feeling you really are as dumb as you sound

>> No.41621645

if your hardware is not open source then your computer is not fully free

>> No.41621665

nah youre full of shit
a fully libre computer means you must have access to all hardware schematics

>> No.41621733

>/g/ - Electrical Engineers

I can't see it. It's all programming threads and desktops. I can understand being free but why are you so excited that the hardware schematics are open if you can't actually interpret the electrical schematics or understand the basics of a transistor?

>> No.41621742

>wooden laptop
>10 kg
>obscure architecture
>thick like you're mum

I don't understand how the price is justified.
It would have been perfect, if the board was smaller and thinner,
If you can make a laptop out of this with a great battery life and thickness < 1", it'd be perfect.

>> No.41621776


It's a hobbyist/learning/hacking tool. Every computer should come with full schematics, just in case you need them.

>> No.41621811

It's not meant to be a mass market consumer product.

>> No.41621814

im better at making mainboards from blank PCB stock than i am at programming

and the term is *electronics* engineer

>> No.41621839

>full schematics and source code to everything from the CPU and motherboard to the preinstalled operating system
>huge fucking FPGA onboard
>dual ethernet
ARM is only an "obscure" architecture if you're a hopeless winfag at this point. Basically all Linux software that isn't proprietary crap has already been ported to ARM.

>> No.41621862

Are you going to actually learn the FPGA hardware and look at it under a microscope to ensure it's not made bugged?
Unless you actually look for yourself, how do you know they aren't just posting fake specsheets, or don't have an extra module on it?

>> No.41621866


You have to consider that it's running a slim version of Debian. Even though it has 1.2Ghz quad core and 4GB RAM, it will be quite fast.

>> No.41622072
File: 146 KB, 1600x900, 2014-04-26-213921_1600x900_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I bought one last night. Soon I'll be the most free person on this board.

>> No.41622131

>Scripts allowed: Facebook.net, Twitter.com
>Spent $5000 on a laptop which is equivalent to half of a decent used car

god speed, friend.

>> No.41622537

your heart is in the right place anon~

>> No.41623089

>$2k for a piece of trash.

>> No.41623109

>gimped laptop
>blames macfags for over spending

Dude buy a mac, tho.

>> No.41623129

get out of /g/ right fucking now

>> No.41623224

He's right tho.

In addition to, the PCB, transistors, ROMS, CPU etc aren't all free as in freedom. Do they make these themselves? Are their schematics readily available?

Keep on with the blind trust bruv. You may get close, but you won't ever get 100% freedom.


>> No.41623269

oh wow

materials cost dumbass, everything code based is free and open.

pls, think before comment?

>> No.41623306

>materials cost
Then it isn't free.

>> No.41623328

He's technically right that it isn't free as in beer.

This doesn't change the fact though that it still isn't free as in freedom as the hardware itself is won't have the schematics or any outside peer review.

Again, you can get close but you won't ever be 100% free.

>> No.41623331

fuck this thread has been going in circles for hours

What's the point trolls? Why must you mock freedom?

>> No.41623365

the point of the fucking thing is that it is open hardware retard

>> No.41623389


They are paid MS shills. The fascists are terrified of free culture

>> No.41623463

But it isn't you stupid fucking nigger. Do you even read?

>> No.41623554

you keep using that word.

>> No.41623612


Rather than call you names, I'm going to ask you to read this:

Please come back once you've understood the difference between free and in freedom and free and in beer.

>> No.41623650

So close to quads, friend. I know, I'm kind of dissaponted in /g/. I've been lurking a few of these threads, checking in when relaxing for a minute, and it's mostly just faggots who don't understand, or macfags who are scared and angry. I think we should discuss what we would do with this great opportunity, instead of *screaming* about whether it's an opportunity or not.

I would buy just the mobo, and
-install an AC NIC, SSD of my choice, as much ram as it supports at the speed it supports
-Craft my own case, not sure out of what, put some sickass (yet subtle) laser etching on that bitch
-install a screen that isn't widescreen, if I could pull of some wizardry and have a screen with portrait dimensions that is flippable to widescreen for the occasional movie viewing, that would be magical
-perhaps have the screen mounted an a makeshift arm
-create my own lightweight, somewhat slim beam spring keyboard with a clit mouse
-have a huge amount of led indicator lights on the chassis, which can be disabled and enabled
-spill drainage on the case
-use it as a platform to educate myself in the ways of hardware hacking
-fly up into the sky
-soar above the clouds
-see the heavens manifest into a twinkling constellation of RMS
-he smiles
-come forth angel of emacs, you are free

>> No.41623663

>free beer
>take as you like, it's yours, don't matter what you do with it
>free software
>take as you like, it's yours, don't worry about it

>> No.41623832

After reading through all of this, I came to the conclusion that /g/ doesn't even know what the meaning of "free" is.

Most of you seem to assume free means, "Oh yeah, free shit! All the more moniez for me!"

With that sort of thinking you would assume that the free world world means complete and total anarchy.

>> No.41623883

It's because we're filling up with macfag children who get mad easily and will never stop trying to make you mad until you stop biting their bait

>> No.41623973

When you use "free" to describe something you would normally have to pay for, it's immediate definition is that it's free of charge.

>> No.41623999
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This man gets it.

These mac/win fags must be so burthurt that a stallman pic is pinned at the top of /g/

Stay butthurt ya'll

>> No.41624082

No. He still doesn't understand that it isn't truly free as in libre.

You will only be truly free is if you make everything.
I/O chips

The list goes on. Until then, you won't ever be free and just another consumer who can't see the chains the mega conglomerates have placed upon you.

>> No.41624210


This laptop isn't perfect, that I know. But it's a step in the right direction and advances the situation further than anything you are contributing.

>> No.41624234

I don't think you can make your own caps that will last very long anon.

>> No.41624263

Capacitors are one of the easier things to make
Tiny transistors will be the real problem

>> No.41624327

Well, with such devices, you could actually create perfect competition in the market, making all such components equal and indistinguishable from the other. That would be pretty close to free: you have a single product with decentralized production.

>> No.41624389

>Are their schematics readily available?
Yes. That's the entire selling point you illiterate. Try finishing 2nd grade before posting here

>You will only be truly free is if you make everything.
Wrong, shill. The scematics far a resistor are printed right on the fucking side of it. Any individual transistor has the schematics available. The obvious exception is the large ones like DACs and CPUs. But that's what this product is to fix

It'll be an interesting day when 3d printers can do transistors.

>> No.41624436

I am so dumbfounded by your mind, seriously how can you not understand that if you have the schematics for the hardware (which, and I know you're fucking retarded enough to misunderstand again, is included with this computer) then not only can you go through list of said hardware and check for suspicious items, you can also test the board manually to see if it matches up to the blue prints. All the items used on this board are developer units, so the schematics are READILY AVAILABLE, so please understand what we mean by "open-hardware"

>> No.41624475

I think the only thing this thread is missing is a tripfag shilling "hardcore-style" proprietary hardware ;_;

I think I'm getting a migrane, hold me /g/ T__T

>> No.41624505

No because these hugs aren't free.

>> No.41624528

I wonder where my fellow oldfags ran off to after /g/ began flooding with this shit. Rizon has plenty of them, /diy/ too, but there's no place that's the same.

>> No.41624590

I know this is advertisment, but masterchan, imo is incredibly promising. I mean in the way of filtering shite content and user comments that are plain retarded

>> No.41624643

>>Canonical crowd funds for a really high end phone that would kick the shit out of anything in the market.

The fucker who runs Canonical could have written a check for what he wanted. He was being a dick and got what he deserved.

>> No.41624664

>some day in the future. You're going to realize you need completely full freedom

No, because by that point goat fucking will be legal and I won't have to furtively search for porn of it

>> No.41624689

No, the opposite is what he meant. Corporations will become repressive enough and Governments will support it. The only sanity you will be able to keep is with what you can trust: your head, your open-hardware computer, and your qt bf.

>> No.41624702

Who will be a goat senator with powerful connections. Atheists: 0

>> No.41624722

>It'll be an interesting day when 3d printers can replace all forms of fabrication including those involving heat and chemistry

those are called "transporters"

>> No.41624739

>Capacitors are one of the easier things to make

That's what the guy who tried to sell trade secrets to the Chinese thought. See: Great Capacitor Fuckup of the 2000s

>> No.41624743

Transistors aren't *that* complex. There are types that can print metals now, why not semiconductors in the future?

>> No.41624769

OpenRISC board computer when?

>> No.41624825

>not OpenSPARC

>> No.41624848

not OpenPPC

>> No.41624864

that's probably because the chinese cut every corner they can

>> No.41624906

SPARC > PPC >ARM >>>>>>> x80shit

>> No.41624990

where would you place OpenRISC?

it's a unique risc design, though apparently mips-like

>it also has mainline linux support since 3.1

>> No.41625017

not open6502

>> No.41625039

>no swappable gpu, cpu
Too bad, almost got excited. It's definitely big enough why would they leave those out?

>> No.41625122

I honstly don't know. It doesn't really into 'real world', so I need to get one before I could say. If you know where, links would be appreciated.

>> No.41625172

at least you're honest, it makes your original assesment more believable

i'm not sure anyone actually makes affordable OR cpu's, you'd probably have to program one onto an FPGA or have an ASIC made to really get it in hardware, for now

>> No.41625333

It's the same problem I have with ARM, there's no good hardware on the market. With SPARC, you can buy real processors, ARM64 processors come with 32 bit cores as well caus 32 bit is the future

>> No.41625584

>Again, you can get close but you won't ever be 100% free.
We might get there eventually --- this is certainly a step in the right direction.

>> No.41626163
File: 1.63 MB, 2560x1920, 1378618240177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what I want is a set of standardized mobos and chassis for laptops that you can swap yourself. ideally the entire laptop would be modular but that would require socketed CPUs and that's never going to fly. still, fixed CPU and bare everything else would be nice. dunno how you would handle the gpu, isnt mmx dead? how does lenovo do it for the y-series?

on that note, whatever happened to those guys commissioning custom mobos for the t4* line?

>> No.41626194

IIRC they got the mobos up to Nehalem i7s.

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