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Okay so after reading this: https://torrentfreak.com/uk-considers-throwing-persistent-internet-pirates-in-jail-140123/

I'm concerned about torrenting. How do I do it without anything being traced to me?

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>jail for downloading stupid tv shows

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Is this a ruse or is this actually going on in Britain?

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You don't even know man.

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So is there a way to torrnet without anyone seeing your IP? Such as a Proxy or something?

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>breaking the law

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Peerblock but it apparently doesn't do anything.

I think you can torrent over I2P securely.

TOR also but it's not secure and cripples the network.

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Is this a joke image?

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>Same thing as morality

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Isn't this the same country who banned porn, except for those who opted out?

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you can torrent via Tor? That's gotta be slow as shit right?

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Buy a VPS in another country.

No. All you can do is communicate with the tracker over Tor.

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>Buy a VPS in another country.

How much roughly will this cost me and how do I go about using it to torrent?

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I think you can but it completely cripples the network and it's insecure please don't.

Use I2P if you can.

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From $5 a month and up from there, depending on who you go with and what specs the machine has.

apt-get install rtorrent
yum install rtorrent

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What if the terrorist was the pirate, and watching movies culturally enriched him to a point where he decided he wasn't going to do what the government wanted him to anymore, and thus called off the terrorism event.

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VPN obviously

Private internet access is what I'm using

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So britbongs cry for their freedom from the EU and then proceed to lick the boots of America's media industry?

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Thanks man, could you recommend a place to buy one? Rather than me just googling it and getting ripped off

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No, UK is insane

If you don't have a TV license, they harass the shit out of you. They send you letters every month:

They send a guy to inspect your house even if you don't have a TV. They even inspect your fucking computer:

They put signs everywhere with messages like picture related.

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>Britbong surveillance
>This thread

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I don't even...
>the dogs ran away before the tsunami
>if we keep the dogs in cages they can't run away and cause a tsunami

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Use a seedbox?

I've had notices of copyright infringement before and they never give my personal info out.

Well worth paying for imo, but I download a LOT of shit. Plus I'm in murica, dunno how the UK is different

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My mum failed her TV license renewal exam last week.

They took away her TV for 3 months until she can pay to retake it.

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By the way, the video says computers are not defined as TV receiving equipments... well they are now under a new law

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Not really at the moment. I'm a bit upset with my provider.

OVH has some dedis that are cheaper than most VPSes though, and I've had good experiences with them.

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I love all the videos where people who actually know the law forbid them from entry because they don't actually have a right to enter your home. Even when they bring cops, there's shit all they can do.

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Use Cyberghost.

They seem to be one of the few VPN providers who don't log.


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This can't be serious.

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Brits are fucked man. And they actually think they're better off than other 1st world countries? Brits are literally insane, literally. I don't even understand

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London /= Britain

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No wonder all brits I have met were happier living in my third world country than that hellhole.

That's insane.

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UK it's almost like 1984.

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Meanwhile in a free country...
>tfw this is my haul in just the last 12 hours
Love me some freeleech

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>tfw it is 1984

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They know it themselves that their country sucks.

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what is that? Is it like a VPN? Superior?

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They still have "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" based burden of proof for criminal proceedings, there is no way they can convict based on the fact that the ISP got a few letters. How is this any different than the previouis system?

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>torrented like 20TB
>no infringement notices

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How many years in jail will I get for having every episode of Star Trek TNG on my hard drive?

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Watching a performance that the owners of the performance have explicitly stated you can't watch without paying a fee.

Nice morality fuckhead.

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yeah same with iPads etc, afaik you need a TV license if you own an ipad or a smartphone just because you can pick up TV

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Do Americans seriously believe they are more free/less Orwellian than the UK?

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they are though

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Prove it.

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>that juxtaposition

Britain is fucked, I'm so fucking glad my parents emigrated to NZ when I was 4 or 5.

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Go to bed Bongistan, US may be ridiculous, but we will never be as bad as your shit country.

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they cant enter your home though you dont know anything about the UK

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the burden of proof lies upon thyself ;)

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Bongistan are already in bed, it's 1am over there.

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>what is google

but really yeah, i like it better

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In the cities? No.

In the country Yes.

I understand you have some country in the UK, but we have a shit ton of open space in the USA.

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Burden of proof lies upon the accuser.

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You will be forced to stay in jail until you have watched all of them

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That's a shop but the "bomb won't go off" series of billboards were real, pic related.

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you said USA is less free than UK, then you gotta prove it

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Move to America, I've download over 8,000 dollars worth of software/movies for free and haven't even gotten a warning yet.

Plus here there is a six warning system. You won't get in-trouble until you get caught six times.
We are more free

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>but we have a shit ton of open space in the USA.

Yeah it depresses me how hard you bastards make it to get a greencard, you have all this space and you don't know what to do with it. I wish I could move to the US.

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Well for one, we don't have tv licencees.
We are a lot more free from mudslimes.

And depending where you are, piracy matters shit all. Thank you ATT.

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>$8000 worth
>implying data has a value
I guess cp just prints money, then.

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I said no such thing. Here's my exact words, you can check them if you want.
>Do Americans seriously believe they are more free/less Orwellian than the UK?
To which you replied,
>they are though

You see?

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Is there a retard-friendly guild on getting this set up for torrenting? Also can you use it as a proxy?

Can you link the site to buy it? sorry to sound like a dumbass

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whatbox.ca is what i use, they set everything up for you, it's retard-proof

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Not defending the nasty tactics the TV license people use for a second, especially since the BBC has blatant liberal / SJW bias, but quite a few European countries fund public broadcasting from direct taxation. A license is marginally better than that since i)it's technically voluntary and ii)if you just never reply to any of their threatening letters they can't do anything other than keep sending you more of them.

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I don't understand this country

Millions of British people are currently without power, forced from their homes by flooding, and the government does nothing to help. But oh boy do they chomp at the bit to send another billion pounds to Mudslims in Syria

Meanwhile those who haven't been flooded out of their homes face ever increasing taxes, wages well below inflation, plummeting standards of living, immigrants urinating and defecating openly in the streets, imprisonment for cartoon porn, freedom of speech curtailed at every opportunity, and smug tory politicians telling us how good we have it.

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Because UK is going the way of Sweden. Giving no shits about it's own people and catering to mudslimes and other foreigners.

It's digusting.

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Seedboxes generally have everything set up for you. Some seedbox companies (e.g. whatbox) actually offer a proper VPN service.

Others can be used as a SOCKS proxy (Note that not all of them allow this).

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I've been torrenting since it was a thing and haven't received any notice that they're on to me.
Most of this thread is bullshit and other nations projecting their own fear or baiting.
I own several long guns and have the right to shoot people if i need to, i do live in the middle of nowhere though so the cctv stuff doesn't really effect me.
Basically if you wave knives and guns around in a city centre the police will arrest you but both are legal if you have an actual reason to have them.

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>BBC has blatant liberal / SJW bias
That something I've never got about British people, they say the BBC has literally ever bias out there. The Liberals say the BBC ha a Consevative bias and vice versa, people also say they are biased for and against Labor and they probably say it about every other 2-bit political party with more than 5 voters.

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if the container are dumped it means the chemicals already were used in a bomb

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Seems nice and I'm getting 8mb on the speedtest which I'm okay with

Just to clarify there's absolutley no way I'll be caught torrenting movies/tv/software with this?

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that's the point

>> No.39904031

The rest of europe are the bigger cunts, they keep labelling us 'bullies' because we have limited immigration and frozen foreigners benefits, fuck the EU.

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I was questioned by police for having "an offensive weapon" (a pair of garden pruning shears) in a "public place" (the pavement directly outside my house where the bush was overgrowing). I asked how I was supposed to cut the bush down, as not cutting it down would cause an obstruction to the footway. I was told to hire a licensed contractor, to prune a small bush. Fuck this country.

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i hope nobody will fall for this one its way to obvious

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Painting and decorating; BANNED IN BRITAIN

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why didnt you just tell him to fuck off.

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Jesus christ Britain.

>> No.39904111

Only if you're Muslim. You really think the police would have been informed if they were white?

>> No.39904114

>why didnt you just tell him to fuck off.

I don't care what anyone says this is blatant harassment

>> No.39904115

too late

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This is completely legal in America. How does this make you feel?

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Funny thing about that image is that it's far more likely they'd get busted by the council for not recycling plastics in the designated bin. It would need a passing chemistry student or suchlike that actually understood those were potential explosive precursors, virtually every mundane chemical has scary COSHH symbols on it.

Our perception of media is biased by our own political position. But it's just a matter of fact that the BBC leans left on social issues, just look at how they completely ignored what a concern mass immigration was to people for years lest they appear "racist", or how they always stack the deck with hard left mobs on Question Time if they permit anyone to the right to come on.

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Its because it is actually neutral so if you are not neutral you will think it is the opposite of your beliefs

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Are you implying that it's fake?
Because it's not.


>> No.39904201


But it's real.


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Every time I think the US's laws are shit, I remember that Britain is worse. Thanks Britain.

>> No.39904218

And legal pretty much anywhere else because that's fucking stupid.

I'm starting to think Britain is going to go full bat-shit one day,snap and just start slaughtering everyone because "they know best".

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>>implying data has value
>literally currency that is data
>has value

Data has value.

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>tfw I live in Brent

god dammit
so many niggers here

>> No.39904258

>It would need a passing chemistry student or suchlike that actually understood those were potential explosive precursors
That's the whole point of the ad.
>Not sure that's an explosive precursor? Report it anyway!
>Think your neighbor is acting suspicious for a reason you can't quite put a handle on? Report him!
>Terrorists and paedophiles are all around you! Only CCTV and a draconian "democratic" government can save you!

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Great Britain

>> No.39904264

Completely legal in England too.


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>mfw britfags get v& for complaining about niggers on the internet

>> No.39904288

I remember reading a story about how a pediatrician in Britain got torn out of her home by a neighborhood riot because everyone in her neighborhood didn't understand the difference between a pediatrician and a pedophile.

>> No.39904306

UK and US are both shit when it comes to this stuff, but in different ways. I mean, you guys have the NSA for fuck sake. It's like you're both coming last in a race but still fighting between each other over who's less shit.

>> No.39904314

Reported to the Royal Internet Monitoring Council. Bobbies will be at your domicile any minute.

>> No.39904327


Mate GCHQ are just as bad as the NSA.

>> No.39904333

Oh god please find an article to back this up.

Thank you Britannia for reminding me it's not so bad here after all.

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Brentfag here. I use Virgin Media 50meg (usually get 30MB or so), and I use TBP like once a week

Never had a warning or a throttle.

How fucked am I? How do I get pirated software without being secure under the watchful eyes?

>> No.39904355

Use direct downloads or only torrent files nobody's going to give a shit about (i.e. older games/movies). Alternatively, download on someone else's connection.

>> No.39904358

>missing the point of my post this badly

>> No.39904363


>withdrawing internet rights

beginning to look at the NSA favorably

>> No.39904375


meant to link to this

>tfw I live in Brent

it's a shit suburb of north west london

>> No.39904378

Today in Dutch news:
>man uploads and shares 5000 ebooks online
>police finds him and prosecutors want to prosecute him
>judge declares the case inadmissible because there was no general interest to prosecute this man
>prosecutor appeals decision of the court
>higher court judges the same thing: inadmissible
>because he wasn't looking for profit and not involved in a criminal organisation

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Look man you guys never want to do this, but you need to start using a VPN tunnel.

Just buy one, figure it out. Make a thread on /g/ if you have to, at least it's constructive discussion in this age.

You tunnel everything through that vpn and you're fine. It costs money, sure, but what is 5$ a month? A fucking pie is what that is.

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OK londonfag here again, just to say, this image is bullshit, that plaquard is near Portobello Road it's just houses around there and there's no fucking camera outside his gaff.

>> No.39904440

not him, but a google reveals this

>> No.39904444

They removed it

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File: 127 KB, 800x739, pedo brass eye reporting hypocrisy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly you're probably right.

Yeah that really did happen, the tabloids stoked up pedo fever to crazy levels on the back of a few nasty stories and in some shitty poorfag areas where they didn't have anything to do there were actual mobs roaming the streets and harassing people they believed to be paedophiles.

On the plus side this led to the funniest Brass Eye episode ever, especially since some politicians who hadn't even seen it tried to have it banned:

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaUkt59vY1Q

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thanks post times

>> No.39904471

Thank you anons.

>> No.39904480

I just bought that whatbox thing, a netherlands server and I'm getting 1.3mb/s on a torrent

Is there a way I can use this whatbox as a web browser or proxy? Just to test it's not actually using my real IP address, the speed seems too fast I only got a 6mb speedtest on the whatbox site

>> No.39904489

>be ,e
>everyone lives in FEMA camps
>Masters tell you explicitly you aren't allowed to leave
>try to convince people to escape with me
>nobody agrees because they say its immoral to disobey

>> No.39904492

I remember reading that, it's fucking disgusting, every police officer involved with that case should have been fired on the spot.

>> No.39904500


dont chat shit mate

>> No.39904513

Yes. You want a SSH tunnel.

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File: 57 KB, 614x692, Isn't it frustrating when you don't get what you pay for, like super fast broadband.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>20Mb on 50Mb line
>84ms ping

Dude, you need to phone in and complain. Your UBR (exchange) is overloaded or you have a broken / old modem.

For reference my ping with VM is 6ms and I get 100% of my 30Mb 24/7

Call 08000520431 to complain

>> No.39904530

We don't have TV license inspectors who randomly barge into our homes

But we're getting there, you limey bastards have blazed the trail.

>> No.39904533

Okay, okay, we all know that britland is shit and crumbling apart. Infact, the GCHQ is even worse than the NSA when it comes to privacy violation.
But where can I go instead? All this shit is going on all over the world.
Nowhere is safe.

>> No.39904538

Oops, thought that was about the guy that got dragged out of his house and burned to death because he took a picture of kids vandalizing his property and took it to the police.

>> No.39904547

yeah, you can ssh tunnel with minimal effort
i started looking for an old guide i made but found this instead
they recommend kitty but putty works fine too if you're used to that

>> No.39904576


will it affect the rest of my house?

i'd like something effectively like Torbrowser, only for torrenting, and also what's the reduction in speed for going thru a VPN?


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wtf britain

>> No.39904591

There's no real perfect place unless you're rich enough to shell out for a private island and such. I guess just research into the least amount of shit for whatever country.

>> No.39904593


cheers mate i'll do that

I use the Superhub they gave me, is it shite?

>> No.39904600

Have you seen detroit or border towns? We don't want more people like that.

>> No.39904606

What's so good about the netherlands anyways?

>> No.39904614
File: 319 KB, 1680x1050, 1390873293262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read it and weep.

>> No.39904653

Yes the Superhub 1 is shit, however it functions well enough as a "dumb" modem if you use ethernet. If you're using wireless then that could be your problem, I don't know anything about wireless.

>> No.39904654

Haha, fucking britbongs.
At least I can defend myself in the US.

>> No.39904668

Are there any cheapo seedboxes I can throw like five dollars at each month for really basic download/upload speeds, just so I can use them as for torrents (and then SFTP for transferring them to my computer)...?

>> No.39904697

>suspended and warned of gross misconduct.

Just how. In Burgerland they'd be fired on the spot and most likely gone to court with jail time.

>> No.39904699
File: 141 KB, 1280x800, iceland-charming-scenery-675-2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Good luck getting into either.

>> No.39904705

That's kinda amazing

>> No.39904720

>private island
They're still under jurisdiction by a country though, right? I mean, if it were possible to buy an island to escape from all national laws, surely organized crime syndicates would have already done so.

If you can afford a compound and some bodyguards, most African, South American, and Asian countries either have no internet laws on the books or are grossly incapable of enforcing them.

>> No.39904737

Yeah, gonna need a link to that please.

>> No.39904751

Japan has some of the most strict piracy laws out there.

>> No.39904759

Nah, same shit would happen in clapistan too. Cops are almost never fired. Gotta stick together.

>> No.39904778

google "britain, man burned to death"
Alternatively: >>39904614

>> No.39904783


I tried ethernet, speeds were worst than wireless.


>> No.39904790

I'd assume so but depending on where you are, I don't think the government would care enough after they've gone through your background and history enough.

And organized crime wouldn't operate on an island without hefty amounts of armed guards and that would bring up suspicion.

>> No.39904791

In Burgerland the cops themselves would be doing the murder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6yaeD-E_MY

>> No.39904792

If you want to escape harsh piracy laws, Japan is the last fucking place you want to go. There it already is criminal offense to pirate, and you can get prison time for it. Hilariously though it IS legal to access and possess CP in Japan though, which means that under Japanese law CP is legal as long as you pay for it.

>> No.39904801


Yeah but loli is A-OK.

Gotta roll with the punches.

>> No.39904821

I don't recall hearing abut that but
makes me think of.

>> No.39904827

>In Burgerland they'd be fired on the spot

In Burgerland the cops who killed Kelly Thomas were all found not guilty

>> No.39904839


CP as in cartoon porn, or real CP?

also I presume its very illegal to make it?

>> No.39904859

Freedom and a fast internet infrastructure. Downloading for personal use is legal.

>> No.39904866

They'd be sued to bankruptcy though.
Forgot about that. Cops are cops everywhere I guess.

>> No.39904872

Real. Where do you think loli artists get their inspiration?

>> No.39904883

Also sorry to sound like a retard here but If I'm not configuring my browser to use this IP, (i google "my ip" and get my real IP) does the ruTorrent UI on whatbox.ca use my REAL IP for torrenting?

>> No.39904887

Also privacy laws in the constitution and net neutrality laws, that forbid ISP's to scan or shape your internet.

>> No.39904888


Pretty funny. Haven't seen harry and paul since Fast Show.


>> No.39904912


their minds?

is it hard for you to picture it?

>> No.39904928


It is illegal to make it and distribute it, but possession is fine. Also, Japan doesn't consider child modeling to be CP so that's fine to produce and distribute there.

>> No.39904935
File: 94 KB, 438x318, Those two give me such a fucking hardon I have no idea why. I'd give just about anything to feel both of them push their noses into my ass as they rub tongues together and their mustaches tickle my nutsack..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading this kind of stuff makes me feel depressed. Has it always been like this and I've just become aware of it recently, or is it actually getting worse?

>> No.39904959

Britbong has been like this for a while

>> No.39904961

Its been this way for a while, just escalated after 2001.

>> No.39904991

Damn I tried posting from the whatbox IP and pissed my 4chan pass up, quoting myself to test >>39904883

>> No.39905065


Bitcoins are on theoretical value. It's only worth something we say it's worth something. It doesn't have any force backing it.

It's sorta like the diamond market, which was artifically inflated years ago even though diamonds are one of the cheapest minerals to produce.

Except unlike diamonds, bitcoins aren't actually real

>> No.39905083

Correct, like I said I've had copyright infringement notices from torrenting stuff with my seedbox there before, and they tell me every time that my personal info hasn't been revealed.

>> No.39905101

I2P for untraceable torrenting


>> No.39905122

And I don't have to change my settings in firefox right? If I'm using my normal IP in firefox the ruTorrent page on whatbox uses the Netherlands IP right?

>I've had copyright infringement notices from torrenting stuff with my seedbox there before

Copyright notices from who? your ISP, or whatbox?

>> No.39905174

oh for fucks sake, somebody give that dipshit a slap please

we are in some ways, but our political system is broken as fuck man

its kinda like the US, but if the entire population thought of the white house as an expensive televised zoo

>> No.39905222
File: 258 KB, 692x1296, 1390875169252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you don't have to change any settings

And from IP lawyers

>> No.39905295

I'd shit myself if I got that, was the IP address your real one or your whatbox IP?

Also your ISP can see everything you do anyway right so if you're caught I thought you were fucked regardless

Was that mail originally sent to whatbox and forwarded to you?

>> No.39905316

Only if you're White. You really think the police would have been informed if they were Muslim?

>> No.39905327

>Was that mail originally sent to whatbox and forwarded to you?
Yep, there's a reason I download everything through there

Well worth $15/mo imo

>> No.39905336

I download everything from my ISPs free usenet server. They're as complicit in the "crime" as me so I doubt they;d rat me out

>> No.39905381

I'm assuming whatbox don't actually mind you torrenting copyright shit though as it's pretty much there selling point?

I mean they have the whole RuTorrent built in etc.

Very nice to know they don't share any personal information, but how do they themselves deal with copyright notices against them?

>> No.39905423

No idea, if you email and ask I'm sure they'll be happy to sell you on it

>> No.39905592

I'm afraid that as a part of the torrent protocol, you have to share your IP address.

>> No.39905632
File: 65 KB, 1419x382, 1390876313665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anything i should add?

>> No.39905647
File: 4 KB, 494x50, 1390876342812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does filtering IPs from a recommended IP blacklist do anything?

>> No.39905685


hope you're posting that from an anonymous email and IP.

>> No.39905697

Call him a poofter, add a few more spelling errors, and you got yourself a quality letter.

>> No.39905729

i get asked for ID on everything, but when i went to buy a new set of cutlery the other day the woman at the self service checkout didnt even bother

>> No.39905777

fucking disgusting, those fucking animals are worse than the people they fucking persecute

>> No.39905801

i dunno, panzy seems more fitting

whats he gonna do, spy on me?

>> No.39905826

Whichever, but m8, you'll get harassed if he actually does read it and decides he's in the mood to make your life depressing.

>> No.39905843

British society is impressive. We Americans had to create our worthless demographics with centuries of painstaking oppression and welfare dependence; the Brits successfully niggerized a portion of their population in just a few generations.

>> No.39905852

im a borderline neet at uni with no job, and i get my chinese cartoons by IRC, i think im good

>> No.39905940

its amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it

>> No.39906159

screencapped this thread and sent to him. this and your IP should be enough to prove its you beyond a doubt

>> No.39906184

good for him

>> No.39906450

History has proven they wouldn't. But it's an inherent trait of coppers everywhere. I'd hate to sound like some cop hating retard but by design cop culture is rotten. The primary problem is that local cop communities are incredibly insulated. It's almost no different from comparing them to homogenous immigrant communities. When it's one of them against an outsider, the rest will always side with their own to protect them. Plus, society and government imbues them with an incredible amount of autonomy when it comes to enforcing the law. Not to mention, despite all the hub-bub in the news mainstream media tends to glorify cops (better than glorifying common thugs I guess).

People don't pay enough attention to social infrastructure. It's an archaic system that has to be changed.

>> No.39906738

No, not by default anyways. Anyone who says that torrenting through tor is misleading you. They are part right, but don't explain the whole picture. You can grab the .torrent or magnet file through tor and activate it with a client, but the client will still only torrent through the ports and network layers it's set at by default, on your clearnet connection.

Torrenting through TOR means actually routing your torrent traffic through the actual TOR network, which then will in fact cripple the network, and is also highly insecure and will reveal your IP in a heartbeat.

The more you know.

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