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"GNU slash Linux"

>sayign the slash out loud
>ledasha because the dash don't be silent
>not pronouncing it GNU Linux

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>not saying slash out loud

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>not calling it liGNUx

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Do you say "GNU Linux"?

Say that to my face and I'll hurt you.

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it's pronounced gah-new slash lin-ucs

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Like the film "Frost/Nixon", do you call it "Frost slash Nixon"?

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>not optimizing your syllable usage

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> Not just calling it Linux

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hahaha i'm dying

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>implying a barely distinguishable voiced velar stop makes it audibly different from Linux

>shig the dig

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>do you call it "Frost slash Nixon"?

Yes. You don't?

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"well, you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay...."

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>being this autismal

>20 slash 20 vision
>9 slash 11
>Either slash Or
>slash etc slash hosts

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It's uncommon, but this is not the only case where the "slash" is spoken. On a related note, is anyone else surprised at the lack of GNU/Linux slash-fiction?

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>not calling it "guh-noo plus linux"

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Stallman doesn't.

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It's pronounced Ganoo + Shit, morons.

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>tfw never used Linux

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I just call it Linux OP, because that is what it is. Nothing in the GPL license states I must include "GNU"

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Why would you want to use a backwards circlejerk OS solely designed and run by neckbeard dropouts? You're not missing anything.

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>calling it linux
>undermining all the work richard stallman has done
>undermining your freedom

you dont deserve to use gnu/linux you filthy peasant

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>undermining all the work richard stallman has done
I don't use emacs
>undermining your freedom
I use BSD/MIT/LGPL software for my work anyway

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>>20 slash 20 vision

>>9 slash 11
That's a date, I presume. It is read "the ninth of November".

>>Either slash Or
But this is how it actually should be said.

>>slash etc slash hosts
Again, skip the slashes near me and I'll hurt you.

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>ninth of november
Go back to yurop Nigel

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>Linux-based system

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da slash don't be silent

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Ubuntu > OS X

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✓ Nice
✓ Epic
✓ I like it

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>your posts
✓ gay
✓ retarded
✓ no one likes them

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I was reluctant to try Ubuntu because of how shitty OS X is (and Unity sort of looked like it)

But I must say I am impressed, plus freedoms.

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How about Stallman write a kernel that works instead of piggybacking on some Finnish faggot's coattails.

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You're lying.

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fuck gnu. if anything it should be linux / gnu since without linux, gnu would be nothing.

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I'm surprised by the lack of GNU/Linux rule 34.

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i'm going to severly fuck you up

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truth hurts doesnt it fanboy

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Isn't this slideshow confirmed fake?

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oh my fucking god. lets forget about this fucking gnu slash linux bullshit and move on with our fucking lives. who gives a fuck.

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I tried introducing my family to GNU/Linux. I wiped out Windows on the old computer and I asked them if the wanted Ubuntu because they're beginners. Not even fucking Ubuntu. Why does my family hate freedom, /g/?

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>mfw I use BSD tools with Linux

it's BSD/Linux for me suck it up GNU fags, you GNU to this?

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Because they have to work to feed your fat ass.

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I'm studying Engineering at my Uni. I'll be feeding their fat asses soon.

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Doesn't Japan have a massive hardon for windows? That might be the reason.

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They just flock to whatever system has the most VNs. Just like how PC-98 was popular there.

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>GNU GPL family is on the "extremely strict" side of FOSS
>MIT & BSD family are on the "extremely loose" side of FOSS

Why doesn't /g/ discuss licenses that strike a good balance between the two, such as the CDDL?

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Because it's not GPL-compatible. Which is dumb shit reason why stuff like ZFS will never be available for Linux.

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because these threads are FSF zealot circlejerks. wouldnt surprise me if FSF donations went to pay their internet to spam places with this inane garbage.

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No dude, sorry, I don't think anyone actually likes your posts.
I'm not even the other anon.

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>All Linux is under GNU
Also, i should start calling my chair wood/chair, and my dick UrMumsPussy/Dick

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the worst part is that you are pretty much exactly right. the only "freedom" is their "freedom". fuck you creating your own, gnu freedom or gtfo

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it's pretty much communism

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pretty sure its just autisim. an argument could be made for authoritarianism.

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the worst part is, that the whole interwebs runs on gnu software and you wouldn't even have any interwebs without gnu

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typical zealot response. the internet doesnt run on gnu... routing/switching/carrier conversion is almost all done on proprietary hardware/software.

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>Not calling it GNU+Freax

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