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ITT: we post things only poorfags would say

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i use linux

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Paying Apple's "premium price" is bullshit. All you need is a $60 t60 from ebay.

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Amd is best

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Microsoft is finished

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I use Apple, I am rich

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Apple is dum

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M50 master race

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>we post things only poorfags would say

Oh boy, I sure do love my apple stuff.
I only took out 4 lines of debt this time.

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I-phones suck because they charge for all their apps and you can't install 3rd party apps.

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Get the Moto /g/

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Apple is gay and sucks, Linux 4ever!
Install gentoo amiright guyse?

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If you can afford a $1000 Facebook machine you're rich!

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mum give me more cheesy doodles. I need to flame some Linux users /g/. btw i used ur credit card to buy me more gaymen ram.

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top fucking kek

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Protip: Linux users don't flame apple. You're thinking wintards.

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Bullshit, I always see tons of linuxfats shitting on apple all day.

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ITT: we post things only poorfags would say

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Funny. If I remember correctly Linus Torvalds, the creator of linux, was using a Mac for quite a while. Maybe you've been too busy browsing reddit and not browsing /g/.

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He was using a MacPro with Fedora installed. I think he has now switched to a chromebook of some sort.

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Theres too much rice in your PC!

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There's no legitimate reason to buy a tablet.

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Multi-screen setups are pointless. Just learn how to minimize like the rest of us.

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Enjoy ur placebo faget

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There's no significant difference between rubber dome and mechanical keyboards, other than the sound they make.

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mindless consumption is a legitimate use

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Almost all pay-to-use software has a superior freeware alternative.

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"mindless consumption is a legitimate use"

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This is all the Jews doing.

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There's no reason to own a camera, GPS, or music player when your phone can do all that.

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>Stop giving me money

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Console > PC

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SSD are useless. I don't need my PC to boot in 5 seconds.

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The human eye can't detect more than 1366x768 pixels.

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I bought a mac with my credit card

Stay jelly poorfags

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Additionally, the human eye can only process about 25 "frames" per second. As such, there is no distinguishable difference between 30fps and 60.

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The moto g is the besteht phone ever made. Its the g400 oft phones

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I-if you don't buy my favourite gadget a-a-a-and use my favourite program you're poor!

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He wasn't using OS X, fucking moron, he was using Fedora on it.

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>It's not a Mac if you don't run OS X

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My pentium is 3ghz, and thus better then your I5 at @ 2,4ghz

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Video games will get me far in life.

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Exactly. You got it now.

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>Linux users don't flame apple.
Oh, you must be new here. Welcome to /g/! You've come for the shitty, unreliable, misspelled technical advice, but you'll stay for the home-grown, deeply incestuous faggotry.

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This was popular a year or two ago, not sure if opinions have changed, but:
There's no reason to go to college. It's a massive rip-off. They waste your time and money teaching you things you'll never use in real life. This is especially true for computer engineering, since everything you could possibly need to know is available free online.

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tipping fedora intensifies

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Model M master race.

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I laugh at you amerifags.

Now for an actual phrase:
"Don't buy Intel, it's run by the jews good goy"

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p-p-portapro master race!

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you don't get rich by spending money

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flac uses too much space

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nvidia housefire

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There's no reason to have both a desktop and a full-sized laptop.

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/g/ - quality threads

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Alienware is shit

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Isn't it?

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I really hope these were made ironically.

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Flac is just placebo anyways.

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But everybody says that.

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>Using FLAC for the audio quality
>Not using it for an archival format

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You'd pay for formfactor, considering there's not many "gaming" laptops at 11,6" or 14". Also their superior desktop X51.
Best option, for that size.

Never buy fullsize towers from them tho, then you can talk about building your own

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Sansa clip master race.

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"Rich people don't waste money unnecessarily. That's why I use a T60."

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ITT: Sour grapes from people who wasted money.

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IMacs cost too much, You can't do anything with OSX you pay because it looks pretty, the premium is bullshit. Etc.>>39397799

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ITT: Spoiled kids*

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muh rockbox

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I can't afford any food after I bought my new Apple product but at least I have proof that I'm not poor.

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those groups aren't mutually exclusive.

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This isn't something a poorfag would say. This is something that someone who is not retarded would say. Congratulations on ruining an otherwise funny thread you useless shit stain.

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For starters, a gaming laptop is something nobody should ever buy. Alienware is no exception.

>Best option, for that size.
Who cares about form-factor when it comes to desktops? I'm sure all desks can fit a reasonably sized mid tower next to or under it.

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>otherwise funny thread

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You are a retard.

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How many desktops can you slide into your backpack? Please do tell, don't even bring up the ITX case hurrdurr it

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In what situation would you need to carry a desktop into a backpack?
Do you have a monitor and keyboard to go with that?

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When you leave your main desktop at home, and travel somewhere?

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He also apparently doesn't have internet access. Who goes to lan parties anymore? Last one I even knew of was in the early 2000's.

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>y-you use reddit

You tried faggot

Doesn't change the fact loonixfags are apparently stupid, according to your words

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If all the carrying space you have is a backpack, I'm sure a laptop will suffice.

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No, they were made by microsoft to promote their new lineup of whateverthefuck.

Of course it's made as a fucking joke, you anime aspie.

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I have a 2500$ pc

Still consoles > pc

Consoles are for gaming, pc is for working.

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You're now aware that moot and his kin are macfags.

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I'm not a supporter of gaming laptops but your argument doesn't add up.
A laptop will suffice if it supplies all the processing power he needs and is independent of the carrying space he has.

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i am?

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ITP I post thing a richfag would say

Ur a poorfag because you criticized my purchase.

*insert sound of laughter here*

>mfw I killed 2 birds with one stone

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Macbooks aren't even that good. You can get a BETTER laptop for $700!

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Just build a desktop!

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I am me.

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ITP I post things a richfag would say
ITP I post things a poorfag would say
ITP I post things a richfag would say
Ur a poorfag because you criticized my purchase
*insert sound of laughter here*
>mfw I killed 4 birds with one stone

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