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Hello my fellow /g/eeks

I have a MacBook aluminum from 2008 with an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2ghz, 4GB ram and a Nvidia 9400m 256mb graphics card.

However, after every new OS X update, it becomes even more slower. I mainly use it for Chrome and movie watching.

I need something lightweight guys

>inb4 install gentoo

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Mac just werks right?

That is what you/Apple(c) called, planned obsolescence.

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> mac
Trash it.

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You can install whatever your heart desires.

I like Xubuntu, or Windows 7.

There is a thread right now about an awesome x86 version of XP, and there was a thread earlier about a debloated Windows 7.

There are far too many different linux derivatives, one should float your boat.

And you could stop updating your mac, or rollback to a previous update.

Or you could go full retard and install gentoo

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Alright, thanks.

Because as of now, I can't even listen to youtube without this damned piece of crap freezing every few seconds (no hardware issues)

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Throw various distros on it until pleased.

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That's amusing. I've run various distros on a T61 with the same spec. Try Mint. It's easy.

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The laptop is 6 years old. That's ancient in technology years

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Recycle it and buy an iPad.

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How about FreeBSD?

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youre just retarded, C2D is enough for everything!
g loves chinkpads and they are all even more outdated so your just doing it rong
why don't you have gentoo op?

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Just sell it man and buy a normal note/ultrabook. Sometimes applefags are so stupid the'll agree to buy your pickrealted for 500-900 dollars.

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Weird. I'm dealing with the same thing and i haven't noticed that.

Upgrade the RAM to 8GB. The official specs say it's limited to 4GB, but if you've got the latest firmware (and you should have if you keep up with updates) 8GB should work just fine.

However, 4GB should be more than enough for MacOS to do what you're doing.

One possibility is your hard drive is dying. They get slower as they get closer to death. Might look into that. Look into how to examine S.M.A.R.T. status in mac os.

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GnostBSD + MATE or PC-BSD but PC-BSD maybe little "heavy" try Live CD.

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Either xubuntu or Linux mint xfce.

Try both, ive tried every popular distro and these are the best to suit ur needs

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>not fag/g/ots

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planned obsolecense

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SFW board

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So why did you attach an actual woman with that post?

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>It just works

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>install snow leopard
>install latest snow leopard update
>dont update anymore

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Install elementary OS
It looks like OSX and will actually work.

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>but muh pixelmator

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Are you stupid or something? I have a 5 year old Mac updated to mavericks, and it still run smoothly, better than 3/4 of the pcs I see around.

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Yeah I have no idea what OP did to his MacBook. Iv got a 2007 iMac currently kicks mavericks ass.

OP, take a look at activity monitor and see if anything is eating memory.

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another '08 aluminum macbook here

this man speaks the truth

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I have a laptop of the same vintage and nearly the same specs as my main machine, I know how you feel.

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>i paid $2000 for facebook machine

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are you poor lol

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More like, he paid $2000 for a laptop that is still serving his needs five years later.

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Assuming you have enough RAM and hard drive space, every major Linux distribution will run on 20 year old hardware.

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A 100 dollar thinkpad on craigslist would accomplish the same thing.

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Get a SSD. Shit will be like much faster.

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2000 dollars and five years later I'd expect my computer not be slow. Or you can be an idiot and believe that it's normal.

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No it wouldn't.
Please, don't criticize people who can afford things that make them able to enjoy more what they do, especially if you can't afford these things not knowing how good are them.

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whats the difference between the 2? the thinkpad would most likely be smaller and have similar specifications.

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how does it feel to have IQ of cca 100?

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If you don't want to upgrade, just put more RAM and an SSD in.

Else get a new MBA or MBPr.

Newer versions of the OS run slower on older hardware. Thin line between "planned obsolescence" and "taking advantage of new capabilities."

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How does it feel to be poor lol

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You couldn't get a Thinkpad on Craigslist for $100 in 2008 that would still be serving that use in 2014...what the hell are you trying to say? The fact that you can theoretically get a Thinkpad today for $100 that has a Core 2 Duo and 4 GB of RAM in 2014 does not help the him of 2008 that needed a computer right then.

Why don't you just not bother upgrading your computer for the next 10-15 years while you wait for $20 system-on-a-chip to outpace the current best-of-breed machines?

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considering all I really play is dota and i don't see any major improvements coming as we approach the die limit I should be fine for as long as my PC werks

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upgrade the RAM and put in an SSD. if you need storage, get a kit to convert the CD bay to a 2.5" HDD bay and put your storage drive in there and boot off the SSD. also install Mavericks for battery life.

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Honestly might be better to just sell it and put the proceeds towards buying a new MBP.
You can probably get $200-$300 for it on eBay or Craigslist.
The base MBP price is much lower than it was in 2008 as well.

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>i don't see any major improvements coming as we approach the die limit
They've got a way down to 10nm. That's another 3 nodes for Intel and 4 nodes for everyone else.

Plus FinFETs give extra power savings.

I agree. Plus Haswell is a great upgrade for mobiles.

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inb4 macfags say thats wrong when it's totally true

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You're too late and still a sour graping faggot.

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I'd like you to show us a Thinkpad with a second-gen Core 2 Duo and 4 GB of RAM that's at $100 or less on eBay, since I've looked and never found one, at least not the X200 or T61.

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you could easily find a t61 for about $100

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Oh, and I doubt it, but something nearly equivalent to the NVidia 9400m graphics too.
I think you can only find NVidia graphics on the T61p, and those never ever sell for $100 or close to it.

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No, you will look and see T61 with the lowest C2D available, 1GB of RAM, and a 160 GB hard drive.
That's not even close to equivalent to OP's machine.

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Upgrade the ram, put in an SSD, upgrade to mavericks.
It will be good as new.

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What do you need the nvidia graphics for its a facebook machine

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here's 124 that meet the requirement of 4gbs of ram and are under $150

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> no power cord
> 1 GB RAM
> 40 GB hard drive (lel)
> battery needs replacing soon
Oh yeah, this sure is better than OP's machine isn't it.

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it does the same

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I have the same laptop, install 8GB of RAM, also swap out for a SSD.

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8 GB DDR2 SODIMM upgrades are so expensive though.
Honestly I can't consider it worth it over just buying a new MBP.
Even with 8 GB it's not likely to last all that much longer.

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Wait wait, OP paid 2k for a shitty old laptop?

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Honestly installing Linux might breath some life back into it (especially if you are just browsing the Web and watching videos)

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Try reinstalling osx

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i have a $600 dell inspiron from 2008 and it still works perfectly fine.
mind you the silver paint is worn to expose the dark grey plastic and i replaced vista with 7.

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>Try not being a troll.

If OP really had a problem with his MacBook why, oh why, would he bring it here? He's not going to get any meaningful help. Even Winfags and Ubuntufags know better than this.

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Just needs some cleaning.

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Those are still good specs. My dell laptop from 2006 still runs chrome/hulu/netflix just fine. But, i use xp. Gona put 7 on it soon since xp is ending security support.

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Okay. I'll bite. I have the exact same laptop. It's got an hour of battery life because I've been using it constantly and letting it die completely because notime for almost 5 years. It still maxes Portal 2 like a G. Okay, slightly bumped down resolution, but I'd like to see a 2008 chincpad do that.

Point is, It's still fast enough to not be in my way for everyday tasks. I bought the cheapest one, and it still manages to be a better portable computer than anything my friends bring to class in one way or another, provided it isn't a more recent macbook. Hell, havign viewing angles that are proven to be not shot goes a long way when you just wanna watch something with some friends. I'm running Mavericks without a problem.

Ignore my hideous Nightly icon.

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>the 2008 macbooks, and 2009 MBPs all used DDR3 RAM
>8 Gigs can be bought for less than $40 and replaced yourself in under 10 minutes


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>However, after every new OS X update, it becomes even more slower.
Windows 7 doesn't have this problem.

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