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Just install OpenSuse. Holy shit, this is like Windows on steroids. Why doesn't /g/ talk about this distro more?

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Because YaST

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>Why doesn't /g/ talk about this distro more?
it is not a mainstream distro but it is a top quality one

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What's to talk about? Suse has been one of the main workstation distributions for a while.

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Because the people who install it are logical and practical people who don't need to hype up their distro and shove it down everyone's throats.

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Forces non-free software. Truly a enemy of freedom.

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Waiting for fedora's and opensuse's new versions and see what I prefere

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just wait 9 days.

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the only good thing about opensuse is that chameleon mascot that looks like a total bro and it's probably the best distro logo of all

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Why. You'll get a arch tier distro. That's used to test stuff for RHL

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OP don't forget to remove the bloat.

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Could I ask why?

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OpenSuse 13.1 is released.

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How is that a bad thing?

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Nobody said that it was a bad thing

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How's GNOME in OpenSUSE?

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Same as in every other distro.

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I've always been interested in Suse but it's scoffed at so much I never gave it a real try.

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All I ever see is praise for OpenSuse. Fedora is the one that I usually see people bitch and complain about.

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maybe people looked down on openSUSE because of Novell, and the Microsoft thing. But now Novell and openSUSE are separate

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I have always seen /g/ recommend this as a solid distro and I think it isn't discussed more because it gives one of the best user experiences without sacrificing features.

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I haven't seen anyone really complain about OpenSuse in my experience
don't see anyone talk about it either, though.

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I think /g/ doesn't talk about it much because:
* Despite having been around for a while, its userbase is pretty inelastic; not really increasing or decreasing
* Doesn't really do anything controversial, at least not since the Novell/MS thing years ago
* The openSUSE community just doesn't bother advertising the distro as much as other projects do

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why do people complain about fedora?

aren't both based on RHEL anyways? I assume opensuse and fedora are similar in a lot of ways

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It is recommended for Netbooks?

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Fedora is way more bleeding-edge than openSUSE. They use newer software, and have a shorter release cycle.

Many people complain that Fedora is unstable/buggy for those reasons.

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>aren't both based on RHEL anyways?

u wot m8

Just because they both use RPM, doesn't mean they share the same origin. Hell, they don't even use the same package manager.

Fedora is the community-based testbed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

openSUSE is the community version of SUSE Linux Enterprise.

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If you're on a netbook, I would go for Crunchbang. It's much more lightweight.

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People complain about OpenSuse because


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because i hate green colored gradients in kde

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why would I use OpenSuse over PCLinuxOS
>rolling release
>apt and synaptic
>better configuration tools
>so cool ice cubes are jealous

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SUSE used to be my shit back in the day. i can't remember the exact reason i drifted away but it was around the time Novell bought them out. i think it had more to do with a KDE problem i was having than anything political though.

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If not for yast I /might/ use it instead of manjaro

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I can't stand this name

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Why is it that FOSS projects chose the WORST names and mascots?

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debra + ian 4 eva + toy story

>literally how debian got it's name and release names

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what's wrong with yast?

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Distro's shouldn't make their own settings managers

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does it force you to use it? or does everything break if you don't?

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You don't have to use YaST. You don't even need to install it.

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YaST is honestly insanely good.

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seconding >>37941078
lightweight, rather configurable, works out of the box

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I can't get Xmonad working in openSUSE. I tried compiling it with cabal and that didn't work. Then I tried getting an unstable Xmonad package from a repo and that didn't work either.

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9 more days to go until 13.1

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Thing is, it kind of slow my Netbook down and overheats it. I don't know why.

Right now it's running Mint Xfce.

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It was kinda shit last I used it.
And RPM broke everything. Pacman is way better, but only on manjaro because Arch's repos make it worthless.

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Cleaned the guts? How does Mint run on it?

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feminazis pls go

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because kde

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I use it. The only real problem is the lack of documentation. It has almost as many packages as Debian and the software isn't outdated like Debian is.

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Yeah, it's clean.
Runs great, and it doesn't overheat. The battery is even better now too.

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Well, just stay with that then. If you're happy with it, I see no reason to change.

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this couldn't be more true

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>The only real problem is the lack of documentation

It's not exactly Arch level documentation, but it's definitely more than adequate.


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Well, i am just testing Distros to see which one do i like the most. I am new to Linux, you see.

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Tumbleweed master race?

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IF that's the case, why not run it in a VM? That way, you would be able to test it without any changes to your current system or hard drive.

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That's... A pretty good point, actually.

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I made this same thread last night but I fell asleep and didn't post in it.

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No problem, man. Glad I could help.

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Well, it looks like if Xubuntu 14.04 is a train wreck then I might be testing out OpenSuse on my netbook.

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Make sure you remember it won't be as slow and glitchy on real hardware, same with Live discs.

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Ah hell.

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I mean it's good enough to evaluate things but just keep in mind that performance issues could be related to the VM not the OS.

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openSUSE isn't Windows on steroids. It's KDE on steroids. openSUSE is one of the biggest contributors to KDE.

There's nothing that has the power of KDE. You can do so much with KDE.

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>There's nothing that has the power of KDE.

except Kubuntu

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he was comparing KDE to other DE's, not opensuse to other kde-defaulting distros

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If I wasn't using Fedora I would be using OpenSUSE. I used to have it installed on my last disk, but it isn't on this one (I haven't decided if I want to add CentOS or OpenSUSE to my system now).

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There's not much else to choose besides openSuse anyway. Fedora is shit and so is Ubuntu. openSuse looks quite palatable these days.

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>just because they both use RPM, doesn't mean they share the same origin. Hell, they don't even use the same package manager.

>Redhat Package Manager

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What's the relationship with openSUSE and SUSE Linux? It's it like Fedora and RHEL? openSUSE is a testing ground? Fedora is officially sponsored by RHEL. Is it the same for openSUSE?

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Look up the Wikipedia page, it's a little complex.

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Kinda. Novell develops the SUSE Enterprise and sponsors (or used to sponsor) openSUSE.

But unlike Red Hat, Novell is shady as fuck because of his relationship with Microsoft.

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>Windows on Steroids

I mean...it's just KDE. I could install KDE.

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>better configuration tools
say that again fucker

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>I could install KDE.

It makes a great DE, even if some of the apps leave a bit to be desired.

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RPM *originally* stood for that, yes. However, it is now merely a format for packages.

Fedora uses yum now and dnf soon, while openSUSE uses zypper for package management. Just because zypper uses .rpm for its packaging format, does not make openSUSE a derivative of Red Hat.

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Except it's nothing like that.
Novell doesn't even exist any-more.

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I dont use OpenSuSE because it can't into btrfs.

I like me some btrfs

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13.1 was going to default to Btrfs originally.

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>Not ZFS

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btrfs support comes out in the next version. It will be released in 9 days.

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the 13.1 install even asks you if you want to use btrfs.
it does that by default before the partitioning phase.
I don't use it myself, but I'd guess there is plenty of support in 13.1. Don't know about 12.3 though, and I see no reason why it wouldn't be supported there.

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Yes, I know. And it is horribly broken. Every other distro can into btrfs without a problem, but OpenSuSE will not boot when you allow it to use btrfs. So while they might be the ones who are pushing it really hard, they are also pushing in an incredibly shitty way, with a dramatically broken implementation of it.

I would literally rather watch my testicles get slowly roasted than use that piece of horseshit.

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btrfs is in an unstable release right now. It should work when 13.1 goes stable

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I don't like openSUSE because you need to have a billion different repositories enabled.

For example, xbindkeys is in the X11:Utilities repository which isn't enabled by default.

If you want nvidia drivers, you have to use nvidia's repository - guess what? they don't provide drivers for 13.1 beta yet!

You end up with dozens and dozens of repositories, I'm surprised updating to a new version works for anyone.

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>hyperbolic statement

who said anything about BSD? ZFS is available as a native kernel module, on Linux and was originally made for Solaris. FreeBSD just happens to support it (Open and NetBSD do not).

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> updating Linux
> not installing a fresh copy

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becasue ChrisLAS said Meh.

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If something is RC2, the main features should work with a few bugs here and there, not be completely non-functional.

Fedora 20 worked fine with btrfs, as did Ubuntu 13.10 when it was pre-release, and Debian testing.

I never managed to get it to install properly, and so I give it a solid 0/10 because of that.

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I used openSuse for a few weeks, I kept gettng dependency errors. the main thing I remember was having to manually install dependencies for both vlc and mplayer.

Debian is where my heart is now.

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Are you me?

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probably not

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That's not RMS and she's a porn star at a porn convention.

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>/g/ - Internet Detectives

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Because Fedora is the RPM distro of choice for /g/.

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I've been using fedora for a while (and it is shit).
Guess I'll go OpenSuse next
radfem is our last chance against M$
Force IE to check its privilege and foil their master plan to turn /g/ away from all that is good

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How is Fedora shit? What's wrong with it?

>> No.37944560

* tips fedora *

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honestly the issue is my not being able to maintain it as much as I want to, and havong a shitty acer laptop, but the problems I've experienced include:
-Sound failure - no sound would work for an entire release once
- Lack of adequate support for many things that other distros seem to have
- Nothing but trouble when compiling from source
- I can't actually boot into the latest version, it gives me a kernel panic whenever I do
- yum breaks frequently with laggy updating and duplicates

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The only one of those things I've seen after a year or so of using it is trouble compiling from source, which is due to them setting up the linker in a way that breaks shit.

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>asks why /g/ doesn't talk about OpenSUSE more
>9 days until discussion will most likely be had
>still doesn't understand

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>Sound failure - no sound would work for an entire release once
did you update?
> Lack of adequate support for many things that other distros seem to have
rpmfusion nigga
>yum breaks frequently with laggy updating and duplicates
if the updating is slow, maybe you should change mirrors
>- Nothing but trouble when compiling from source
- Nothing but trouble when compiling from source
that may be because the documentation(/depends) may be written for ubuntu
- I can't actually boot into the latest version, it gives me a kernel panic whenever I d- I can't actually boot into the latest version, it gives me a kernel panic whenever I do
file a bug or ask for help on irc

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Because it's an enterprise distro. As a desktop OS it's nothing special. I'd be more likely to recommend Mint Cinnamon or Mint KDE to most people.

>> No.37945131

I suggest also trying out SolydX. It's the successor to now deprecated Mint Debian XFCE.

>> No.37945134

I've been using OpenSUSE + XFCE.
I like it well enough.
zypper, while not the best, works fine for what I need and there are more than enough packages and repos.

I've never had to do a full version upgrade with SUSE before, so I'm hoping the 13.1 shift will be pretty painless. I'm use to rolling distros.

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>arch tier
Call me when they get anything close to as awesome as AUR

>> No.37945215

What's her name?

>> No.37945247

why do you need unstable as fuck, untested package scripts when you have all the software in the repos? also if you have a hard on for aur, you may as well as use gentoo

>> No.37945274

gentoo has less packages than the aur

>> No.37945344

So far Arch is the only distro I've ever used in which I have not had to do any manual package management. The reason for that is the AUR.

>> No.37945366

0/10 shit DE

>> No.37945376

so which package do you need which isn't in portage?

>> No.37945405

>you may as well as use gentoo
I don't enjoy compiling everything. Most of the time I would rather install binaries

>> No.37945421

>thousands of small repos

>one repo

Aur any day, but there were only two or three small packages in aur but not portage that I use

>> No.37945467

Honestly I would prefer if AUR was split into source and binary repos. And the binary repo should be split into x86 and x86_64

>> No.37945481

looks okay on opensuse

everywhere else it's shit, sadly

>> No.37945495

you can choose other des

>> No.37945577

hahahahahaha no

Fedora is unstable garbage. OpenSUSE is much better for most users.

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Reinvented Classic Mode

Fallback mode has been dropped in favor of using LLVM on machines without graphics acceleration. But the fans of GNOME 2 have not been abandoned. A new classic mode consisting of several extensions has been added to GNOME. The difference between the new Classic and old Fallback modes is, the former uses GNOME 3 as a basis with all it’s graphics abilities by modifying the user interface via several extensions, giving GNOME 3 the look and feel of GNOME 2. Classic Mode, although not installed by default, is available to be grabbed from the official repositories.

I dont use Fedora anymore. The installer is unreliable from my experience and the updates are too bleeding edge and can fuck you over if a bug sneaks in. I had my ext4 filesystem corrupted because of this one time.

>> No.37945659

it sure as hell isn't as stable as RHEL

>> No.37945690

A binary aur would make me never look at another distro again.

>> No.37945695

I don't know how long ago you used it, but the installer is damn good now, works better than any of the alternatives that I've tried.

No, but it's stable enough for a desktop system.

>> No.37945731

hey guys, stable or bleeding edge?

>> No.37945736

The main reason this will probably never happen is because who is going to host all those binary files? Sometimes the application devs will provide official binaries on their site, but when they only have a github or something similar there's not any way to pull binaries without a third party hosting them.

>> No.37945800

Why its awesome:
1) openSUSE is awesome, but none of its users are obnoxious enough to brag/harass other people to use it.
2) Its users are doing real work as opposed to browsing /g/.

Why it sucks:
1) YaST is amazing. It feels a little hacky, but installing my ATI drivers with one click is amazing.
2) KDE looks like ass, it feels wrong installing another DE on openSUSE considering it has such tight integration with KDE out of the box.

>> No.37946079

What about (wait for it) the same goddamn mirrors that host all of arch's other packages.

>> No.37946114

Sinn Sage. Enjoy fapping anon. She's pretty good in tribbing videos. Mmm

>> No.37946159

> brag/harass other people to use it

> Its users are doing real work as opposed to browsing /g/.


>> No.37947071

I doubt they would want to host AUR packages due to the nature of how it works. Anyone can upload to the AUR

>> No.37947104

Can I do full-disk encryption during install yet with one click?

If I need to manually set it up, there's no need to switch from what I am using anyway.

>> No.37947142

I just dont like the programm for installing software. I find it not very comfortable.

>> No.37948798

I don't know about OpenSuse, but with Ubuntu alternate install disc you can do that.

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i use both zfs and btrfs, for different reasons

zfs master race for massive storage though

i should probably do another scrub soon

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It's doubly as fun since they divorced.

>> No.37949217

Guys!. Im looking for a distro with almost no bloat (I only want the things needed for a newbie, like a proper installer and that kind of things).

>> No.37949284

SuSE is derived from Slackware and they adopted .rpm because the expected the toolset around it to be richer, instead apt pulled ahead.

>> No.37949358

Manjaro is pretty good.

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MorphOS is the only answer friend

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>> No.37949403

What do you mean by no bloat? As a new user you probably want bloat. You said you want something with a proper installer. I assume you mean bloated installer. KDE is the most bloated desktop environment. I prefer KDE to any other desktop environment.

>> No.37949411

Why don't you use Zorin?

>> No.37949457

I've been an OpenSUSE 12.3 user for almost a year now. Been loving every bit of it. YaST is nice, though their firewall settings and setting up xrdp is a pain in the fucking dick.

>> No.37949466

I have Mint right now. And there is a lot of programs that i will never use. Im looking for something without all of these but whit enough tools to not make it difficult on purpose for someone who wants to dump Windows but that has enough will to learn more things that the basic user. Sorry for my bad English.

>> No.37949468

I just tried it and it doesn't seem that amazing, what's so good about it exactly?

>> No.37949480

Forgetting Linus hates this shitty distro

>> No.37949517

A lot of distros come with a net install. With a net install you can pick the software you want to go over the base install. openSUSE has a net install. Try out the openSUSE or Fedora net installs. All major distros off a net installer by the way.

>> No.37949520

>not using exherbo linux in the year of our Lord, dos mil trece
I bet you couldn't even install it, faggots.

>> No.37949526

As someone that has only tried distros in VMs I have to say openSUSE left the most professional impression right from the installer.

>> No.37949573

How do I install this Classic (not fallback) on Debian sid?

>> No.37949604

Thanks for your help.

>> No.37949633


I think everyone knows RMS is not so fat

>> No.37949726

share that PS1 pls

>> No.37949733


>> No.37949752

Agreed, the installer is pretty hardcore compared to anything I've ever tried before.

>> No.37949803

╭─%{$terminfo[bold]$fg[green]%}%[email protected]%m%{$reset_color%} %{$terminfo[bold]$fg[blue]%} %~%{$reset_color%} $(git_prompt_info)%{$reset_color%}

>> No.37949805

thank you anon

>> No.37949888

>mpv not in repository

That's a pity.

>> No.37949923

It's in there. In the packman repo

>> No.37949948

it's on the packman repo, but it's better to compile mpv to get all the new features since it's pretty easy to do

>> No.37949961

I'm waiting for KlyDE to be finished before trying OpenSUSE with it

>> No.37949973
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This better be worth it OP!

>> No.37949982

The packman repo has version 0.2.3 which the latest release of mpv

>> No.37950005

it isn't.

>> No.37950015

oh ok, until some days ago it was an older version
it is

>> No.37950032


better than gnome3

>> No.37950034

Nothing wrong with Yast. I wish other distros were providing a unified settings manager.

>> No.37950047

You're installing KDE? You might not like KDE. KDE is like an acquired taste. It might bother you how it looks but it doesn't look all that bad on openSUSE. It still doesn't look as good as GNOME. But GNOME lacks a lot of features that KDE has.

>> No.37950049

>using a gui
fucking casual

>> No.37950050

Because zypper

>> No.37950076

I've used GNOME before and don't like it all that much, plus it always seems to bug out in VirtualBox. I'm pretty impartial when it comes to DEs anyway, whatever works is good for me.

>> No.37950089

It's harder for me to use YaST than a terminal but I like having YaST just because and there's no other settings manager that even rivals it.

>> No.37950090

Novell brought a lot of good stuff to Linux. Many data centers have gone to Linux because of this (vs Windows Servers). I think that's a good thing.

>> No.37950104

KDE is perfectly fine once you go through the various settings and disable every animation you come across.

Why people think animations that actually slow things down as you wait for them to finish are a good idea I'll never know.

>> No.37950118

it was a joke since most people on /g/ dislike easy things, I like yast because like you just said "there's no other settings manager that even rivals it"

>> No.37950119

the animations need CPU/GPU cycles to run
applications also need CPU/GPU cycles to run

>> No.37950129

How do you get those previews in ranger? Other than that that is a pretty good SuSE setup you got there.

>> No.37950142

he should also disable the orrible windows glow that is enabled by default. And yes, KDE is a good de despite what peoples on /g/ love to say

>> No.37950148

A w3m hack

>> No.37950151

I still dont understand the package management in suse.

>Yast package manager is like synaptic
>Zypper is like apt-get
>Apper is KDE useless bloat and can be safely removed
am I assuming things right?

>> No.37950172

yes, I always remove it since I never got the point of apper, it's really shitty and most of the times gets in the way of zypper and yast

>> No.37950201

thanks anon, those KDE dev should not waste their energy on such package manager. They should polish that Rekonq and integrate QtCurve...

>> No.37950272

Yeah imo it's a waste of time. I really like rekonq but I can't part from firefox, too many useful extensions. Luckily opensuse has a patched firefox that is better integrated with kde and can use the kde file dialog, the gtk one is utter shit and has been that way for years

>> No.37950326

It used to be a mainstream one though.

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I just wanna use distro that use pure Qt framework and KDE software collection that not based on Arch (like Chakra Linux).

But fuck, GTK reign is too strong. Even Chakra dev having some difficulties...

>> No.37950464

I use a pure GTK2 Arch setup. Neither Qt nor GTK3 even exist on this system. And I'm not missing out on anything at all.

>> No.37950490

that would be so awesome

>> No.37950492

> why doesn't /g/ talk about this distro more
> it's like Windows on steroids
You answered your own question; people on /g/ don't want "Windows on steroids", they want Linux.

>> No.37950493

lol, looks like we are in different boat...
Gtk vs Qt

>> No.37950638

You seem fairly knowledgeable with filesystems, why do you use btrfs?

I'm on btrfs atm for a 16tb array, but looking to move to zfs and do raidz1, I'm not finding any advantages to btrfs vs my old lvm/ext4 setup.

>> No.37950802

basically, i use btrfs for boot/root/home because it's lighter and more responsive, making it suitable for those mounts

zfs is more secure, stable, and simpler to manage, making it more suitable for massive storage

i couldn't trust btrfs with 16T storage, not yet

my zfs disks are a set of green/5900 rpm drives, so their IOPS are pretty low, while the two btrfs disks are regular 7200rpm drives, in a mirror, so the higher [read] IOPS makes them more suitable for random access. the zfs iops can be helped a lot by using an SSD L2ARC/ZIL device, but i don't have the money for one atm

>> No.37950813
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Ok, finished installing.

What do, /g/? I like the DE, had to enable networking manually which was weird (never had to do this before especially for a wired connection). The chime on startup is fucking annoying, it sounds like the introduction to an Microsoft infomercial or some shit.

>> No.37950841

read more about installing Infinality.
Install that bulit KVM in Virtualization menu.

>> No.37950891

sudo zypper dup if you haven't updated already. I had the same network problem, probably because the iso has some ancient package, all was good after the update. If you like a more up-to-date and kinda rolling relase you could look into tumbleweed. If you do, remember to set priority of the tumbleweed (and packman tumbleweed, if you use it) repo to 98, or you will get some werid errors with zypper from time to time, nothing big and they go away on their own but it's a bit annoying

>> No.37950992


>> No.37951992

Updated my system already.

What else should I install?

>> No.37952027

I don't know, whatever you need I guess. I wuold suggest installing clementine instead of amarok as a music player

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