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>not using scissor technology to cut your pizza

Please tell me you don't do this /g/.

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>mfw I just ordered two large pizzas for 10 euros.

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>tfw I own a pair of pizza scissors

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I don't understand, are there special scissors for pizza?
I've been using regular scissors to cut pizza since I started to live alone and I was too poor to actually order the good kind and I had to make my own.
But yeah, it's the best way
cutting it against the dish is fucking stupid

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Why would I need to cut my own pizza? What kind of shitty place sends your pizza uncut?

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The standard rolling pizza cutter uses "scissor" technology but is more efficient. And cleanup is a breeze.

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The should start ordering from Goyims pizza.

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>not having emergency pizza in the freezer

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>not making your own pizza.

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What are you, a woman?

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>implying women can cook

Guess what gender the top-ranking chefs in the world are.

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I actually have this bookmarked: http://imgur.com/a/QTtv8

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>not being part of the male cooking master race

Enjoy your shittier meals, faggot.

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>tfw I know that feel

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Yes, everything is cooked by Doug ramsay and is gourmet food.

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>be starving ever since i got up
>that motherfucker posts a picture of extremely delicious looking pizza
thanks asshole

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where do you live?

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>tfw on diat
>tfw OP posts picture of delicious looking pizza
>tfw saliva is collecting in my mouth

I'm so close to calling a pizza service.

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I can help.

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>cutting pizza with scissors
I suggest you use those scissors and slit your god damn wrists you despicable neanderthal.

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I can help you too.

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nice casserole you got there, pal

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Mods are asleep?

I also have cake.

BTW: Aside from cake and pizza, what is the 3rd most sinful food?

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Every time I see a picture of Pizza on the frontpage, I immediately must thin of porn with children.

t-thanks 4chan...

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>start thread about pizza scissors
>no pictures of pizza scissors
wat da fug

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Probably lasagna.

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it just looks too inelegant.

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>using leverage effectively
>so you dont have to touch it or ruin toppings as much

-1 Rows Affected.

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How are you guys still embedding stuff in pictures?

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Ah! I will go collect pics of those.

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deep-fried twinkies

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Looks disgusting, bro.

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my god

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Pic also related. I find it attractive, though.

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that's just a tower of guilt and shame at that point

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True, true.

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these aren't pizzas
these are cakes
fucking murrifats

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yuropoor being jelly what else is new

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>mad housewife detected.

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at least I'm not fat

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Retard detected.

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no you're just pear-shaped

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but I do

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If you're not fat then why can't you indulge into greasy food every now and then? I smell a fatty.

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You can eat pizza and not be fat, sheesh.

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>cut or uncut debate

oh boy here we go

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Ladies prefer cut. Easier to handle, cleaner and less messy.

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This is not a pizza. It is an abortion of dough and sauce.

Gays prefer cut too.

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Holy shit this guy's website made me very hungry

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>not ordering uncut so you can cut it yourself when everything has settled a bit.

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But that is not a fucking pizza.

Pizza comes from Italy and you don't serve that shit there.

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now this is a falcon guide I can agree on

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falcon, you're a cunt. no worried though, im going to chicago this december.

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Looks good.

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Someone cummed all over your pizza brah

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>It is an abortion
Meanie. It is a work of art.

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Try some deep dish and describe it to us poor plebs who will never get to have any.

Define pizza.

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You see this, amerifats? This is how a pizza crust should look like. Not that pie-sized "pizza" shit that were posted above.

Mediterranean master race wins again.

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I'd like to try one of those style pizzas at some point, but nobody at all makes these where I live.

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I think the deep dish stuff looks a lot more sinful.

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>A lot more disgusting

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To each his own.

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German here. Deep dish kicks the shit out of thin italian pleb pizzas.

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You realize 'muricans have all styles of pizza, right? Deep dish isn't even common, it's just a variation heavily associated with Chicago. A very small portion of the entire country....

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Is that raw meat?

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>Define pizza.

What you posted but not as tall, you posted a meatcake.

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It is just a bigger pizza.

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Prosciutto (/prəˈʃuːtoʊ/,[1] Italian: [proʃˈʃutto],[2] Italian ham) or Parma ham is a dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; this style is called prosciutto crudo in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham, prosciutto cotto.

Commonly associated with Friuli and Emilia, the most renowned and expensive legs of prosciutto come from central and northern Italy, such as those of Parma, and San Daniele, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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Well, kinda. It's been cured for a long time before eating though.

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>served uncooked

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"One man's meat..."

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>Using shitty scissors that clog up
>Using a shitty roller that clogs up
>Not using a Rocking/Semi Circle pizza cutter.

It's actually like none of you ever worked at Pizza Hut after school to earn a crust.

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ITT people who never learned to cook

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that was extra cheesy- i doubt anyone will be topping your comment.

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>whole chicken: $0.37
That cheap?

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it's clearly a troll

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>Almost everything costs more than a whole chicken.
>A whole chicken costs ~$8/lb

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>tipping the pizza guy $10
Oh god what

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>tfw 2 12 inch pizzas and chips last night for £12

student deals man

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>Eating all these disgusting piles of fat and grase
>Not eating delicious Calabrese pizza.

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mfw British pizza is a box filled with a shitty pizza covered in fries and paki street food.

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>leaves in your food
that's what my food eats

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the pizza here in nottingham is delicious as fuck, stop being wrong on the internet cuntfuck

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It probably eats ground up corn or soybeans. Or do you hunt your own food?

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See now that looks alright, still a fuckload of cheese, but you're trying!

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>thin slab of tasteless bread covered in dry leaves

mm yeah delicious


>tfw live in Manchester
>tfw last time my mum ordered pizza (she's a vegetarian) the paki on the phone didn't know the word "vegetarian" despite them offering veggie-only pizzas, and sent some grease-abomination with unidentified brown meat on it

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It's possible to like more than one style of pizza, niggah.

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>People actually eat this shit

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>Tasteless bread

I weep for your tastebuds, they just don't work anymore.

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>brb checking pizza

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