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>started new job recently
>didnt found out till after I started that the office is still using fax machines and refuses to start using email and scanners/printers

Its like Ive been transported to 1993.

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>the office is still using fax machines
Not nearly as uncommon as you'd think.

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Black fax? Black fax.

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This. My job still uses fax machines too.

Get with the fucking times you guys

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The ENTIRE medical industry still uses faxes, and it's not considered backward or outdated at all.

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>the office is still using fax machines and refuses to start using email and scanners/printers
fax is faster

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I work for a top 10 global bank and this is the first year that we haved moved from fax to scanning

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but fax machines are awesome

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>call friends house
>he has the fax machine plugged in
>get eyedrum shattering dial up noises over the phone and cant get ahold of him

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It's fun when you're a customer in these situations. You can speak the truth. I remember going, "Can I send you an e-mail with the information?" ... I forget where this was at. But they said, "Sorry, you need to print or fax it." I said, "But... It's 2013." The person looked down and said, "I know..."

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>Caring about this

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>not having a fax machine or using one in a library

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Any reputable or important business would have no trouble faxing you a document in 2013. It is still a relevant and important technology. If a business couldn't fax me something I'd be suspicious of their competency.

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I vaguely remember a free service that gave me an incoming fax number with extension and would email shit to me.

I never had to use that, cause faxes lol

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wtf do you live in poland or zimbabwe or some shit?

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Fax is easier and faster

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>trying to get warranty info on parts for things Im trying to fix
>lady on the phone tells me its company policy to only fax things out
>they wont email anything

>MFW I remind her its the year two thousand fucking thirteen and I dont have a fax machine at my house because its two thousand fucking thirteen

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>Any reputable or important business
>no true scotsman fallacy

Traditionalists like you are WHY shit like this sticks around long past its obsolescence.

Also, I was speaking as a CUSTOMER, and not everyone has a fucking fax machine in their home - EVERYONE has a fucking e-mail address.

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Fax is still standard for legitimate business to business communications.

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>I dont have a fax machine at my house because its two thousand fucking thirteen
You mean
>I don't have a fax machine at my house because I'm a pleb

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Nobody has a fax machine anymore.

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I have.... a machine with a modem. That could probably function as a fax. NOW..... where do I find a landline?

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That generation is dying. And that's all it is: a generation thing. Everyone with a clue is using e-mail now.

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And everyone without.

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but email would be slower

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>Connect laptop to phone line
>dial up to remote server
>direct PPP to email server
>email file
Slower? Maybe if you're a pleb.

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>scan and email everything
>takes a little longer to scan but then you have the file forever on you PC
>can easily be sent to multiple people
>has higher resolution than shitty faxes
>can be sent through router on the network and be accesed form any PC in the building
>dealing with customers
>get their email address and send them shit whenever

Must suck balls working for baby boomers Opie.

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>scan thing into computer
>attach to email
>send email

>feed into fax

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>feed into fax
You'd have to print first.

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but op said a scanner, so whatever it is, is already hard copy

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Not if the document was generated on the computer (no scanning), which, again, all operations with a clue are doing (tossing around doc, rtf, and most dominantly pdf). You attach the fucking file and hit send.

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>company that our company orders things from
>always emails us about orders, and then asks for a fax of whats in the order
>email them back one time asking if I can just email them the list of shit to order
>emails back
>"no, we need a fax."

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