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So what's the best torrent client? I'm tired of NSA Torrent client (aka utorrent).

Must be FOSS

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uTorrent 2.2.1

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Deluge, transmission, or rtorrent.

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bit torrent sync

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utorrent has nothing to do with the NSA, and fuck you for saying so. The accusations of every program being a botnet are annoying enough without people using NSA and PRISM as shorthand for programs they don't like. The NSA doesn't give a shit about what you're torrenting with the possible, but still very rare exception of explosives making guides.

That said. I use qBittorrent one my independent machines and Transmission on my server. Nothing wrong with >>36769359 though.

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Deluge and Baretorrent are the best available for Windows. That being said, I have used uTorrent 2.2.1 for several years and have never had any problems with it.

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transmission. deluge is OK, but the gui is so slow if you have hundreds of torrents. rtorrent is OK and I used it for years, but it feels pretty outdated at this point.

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calm down old man, the botnet stuff is just the new install gentoo

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Deluge is actually pretty good now.

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Yeah I know. It's just that there are a lot of newfags and dumbasses here who see people saying that uTorrent is some kind of MPAA spying program and take it as gospel without doing any research on their own. Perpetuating ignorance pisses me off, and the NSA and PRISM are scary enough without accusing random programs of being a part of it.

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I recently got charged with copyright infringment for using utorrent, those fuckers want over 1k in compensation for teh movie but if i'm lucky a good lawyer will be able to press it down a good notch

I'm like so fucking done with p2p now

Never again




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uTorrent 2.2.1 is the best client for Windows, hands fucking down. Its the last version that was bloat free and also doesnt look like complete shit like all of those shitty foss clients and ported qt ones.

If you're on Mac or Linux, Transmission is the way to go.

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can you hire a lawyer for that much?

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have they fixed the bug that makes it impossible to automatically download torrents or automatically stop seeding after a certain limit?

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qBittorrent, Transmission, and rTorrent are the best torrent clients available.

Deluge is complete shit.

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there are literally threads like these multiple times a day and everybody still responds.

how the fuck do you all live with yourselves?

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>Deluge is complete shit.

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this is why you dont download movies off tPB from anonymous posters or with no comments you idiot. uTorrent had nothing to do with it.

I doubt it, thats not even a realistic number they would charge you, its about $50,000 short.

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What do you guys do to get caught? I even saw people reporting about getting copyright messages for downloading specific files, but I've never received one...so far.

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Using 1GB+ of RAM to do something as simple as transferring data without user input is complete shit, yes.

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Here's why I think deluge is complete shit:
Opening a .torrent file with deluge results in the add torrent dialog instead of automatically downloading the torrent.
"stop seeeding when ratio reaches x" doesn't work, nor does the torrent get removed when it reaches this limit.

they download RIAA and MPAA protected content, or stuff from HBO from p2p software.

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There are lawyers specialized for this kind of shit, i think they'll take 150-200 max but i'll just wait and see

> from anonymous posters or with no comments

It was a torrent from that YIFFY guy (he has a green skull account i think), had plenty of comments and a good amount of people seeding and leeching it. But obviously it was being surveilled.


Nope, germanfag here. These fucking companies charge hundreds of thousands of p2p users each year. They exist solely for that purpose, it's fucking sick.

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