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>mfw /g/ can't build a pc that has equal gaymen performance of a $400 ps4

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mfw i have a 2k rig and i dont give a shit about the ps4

too bad youre a poorfag relying on your parents money or your autismbucks in order to play games

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No, we can't, because PS4 is subsidized hardware.

However, if you add an extra $200 we can beat the shit out of the PS4 and that $200 only represents about 8 games - the average attach rate for home consoles.

That doesn't include the extra overpriced hardware you are required to buy to operate a console and as well as the extra cost of a paid online service.

So in summary, for the same price over time as a PS4 you can build a far better gaming machine along with the added benefits of owning a decent PC.

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$400 facebook machine with no games

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wrong pic nigga

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unfunny /b/ fag


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so what you're saying is you can't build a gaymen pc with performance of a PS4 for $400

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you don't need a gaymen pc to play flash games and browse facebook

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>$400 console
>$1000 TV, cables, etc
>Total Costs $1400

>$600 parts with equal or greater specs
>$200 display
>total costs $800


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>implying poorfags
Why is it so hard to understand, people? The PS2 is essential, the PC is essential, current gen and next-gen hardware is pick your preference based on exclusives and services.
No shit you can't build a $400 gaming PC that runs games like the PS4. However, you can build a closely priced system that can come close.

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or play games like GTA 5 right?

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You prolly have enough CPU. You could drop a $200 GPU (7950) in any shit and it would be faster.

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Not trying to go full retard here but where do you live that a reasonably sized TV is a grand? Shit, they've got 42" 1080p models at Wal-mart by me for 350 for the back to school set.

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>$1000 TV

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You'll highly regret buying a 350 bucks tv

TVs don't start getting good until you get near a grand

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New AMD gpus are coming so Nvidia will probably lower their price too.

So PCs will be getting more cost effective again while the ps4 isn't even out yet

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I call bullshit. My 37" was sub-$400 and has excellent color and contrast. You don't need to spend a bundle to get good image quality. Fuck, I use a sub-$500 projector and the image on that is fucking nice too.

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>I use a sub-$500 projector and the image on that is fucking nice too.

And I call bullshit on that. You obviously don't have much say in this. Even my $1000 DLP that's rated very highly I consider very sub-par visually. Projectors don't get good until around $2000. Yeah, you're happy with your purchases but I was happy with my shitty 40" no name LCD at one point too until I saw the light.

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I bet you a grand you haven't even seen a decent image from a monitor/tv in a long time if you think your PROJECTOR that's sub 500 has a nice image

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>Complaining about people posting in a troll thread
>Bumps it

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Who the fuck doesn't already own a TV?

You people need to get their heads out of each other's asses and admit that consoles have some advantages over PCs.

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sage goes in all fields

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>$600 parts with equal or greater specs
>equal or greater specs

$600 shits on the PS4

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Like portability
I know computers have WAY more advantages over consoles, but consoles do have some over pc. I'll be the first to admit it

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There's plenty of people on /g/ that don't own a TV

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Where I am PC games are $60, while console games are $120, and a shitty controller is $100, while a good keyboard is $90.
>Fuck yeah Straya

Consoles are not economically sound for me.

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>saging with literally no content
saging does jack shit to the thread. All it does is NOT bump it. It's there when you want to post but don't want to bump

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>FX8320 185
>AsRock980-DE3-U3S3 69
>8GBG.SkillRipjaws-ZDDR3-2400 99
>2GBGigabyte7790-OC 169
>WDBlue1TB 68
>Antec4482B 99
>GigabyteDesktopKB/MouseKM-5300 9


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>FX8320 185
>AsRock980-DE3-U3S3 69
>8GBG.SkillRipjaws-ZDDR3-2400 99
>2GBGigabyte7790-OC 169
>WDBlue1TB 68
>Antec4482B 99
>GigabyteDesktopKB/MouseKM-5300 9


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