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Internet Hall of Fame Induction 2013: Richard Stallman


Richard Stallman, GNU innovator and founder of the Free Software Movement, gives an acceptance speech at the Internet Society's Internet Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony August 3, 2013 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Recorded by the Imagining the Internet Center, an initiative of Elon University, North Carolina, USA, http://www.imaginingtheinternet.org

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There's an Internet Society?

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>we need new LOAWS

his jew accent is getting stronger and stronger

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That was nice.

I love him.

Thanks OP.

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bump for freedom

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>pronounces it genue

I always thought it was Geenew Linux

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You must be GNU here.

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bump for Stallman I guess

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Actually that's wrong, I always spell it out GeeNyou in my head

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its guh-new

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gu nuh

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Why are they laughing?

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If this ugly fuck cut his hair, shaved his beard and lost some weight people would take him a lot more seriously.

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My sides

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>not supporting eben moglen


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> innovator
lmao 10/10

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fuck it, 11/10. First time I've ever given such score.

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>If this ugly fuck cut his hair, shaved his beard and lost some weight people would take him a lot more seriously.
Wow, you're one superficial person.

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gahnoo silly

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is he just a meme on /g/?

>giving this autistic fuck anything

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He's a legend in the free software community and /g/'s idol just as much as Gabe is to /v/ and Zyzz is to /fit/.

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In 1990, Stallman earned the exceptional merit award MacArthur Fellowship ("genius grant")

Stay poor and bad, faggot.

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>and Zyzz is to /fit/

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We need to fight hard!
>brb installing Gentoo on all my devices

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He is the hero we deserve but not the one we need right now

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inb4 he throws a temper tantrum and starts smashing water bottles

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>as Gabe is to /v/

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>it's called GNU
GNU uses HURD, not Linux.

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Sometimes his statements seem a bit extreme/autistic/even funny, but I wouldn't consider him a joke. He is trying to stop, or at least slow down, a catastrophic trend.
Freedom of software IS tightly connected with transparency and anonymity, which is the foundation pillar for freedom of speech, which is the foundation of democracy.
Well, most people won't give a fuck about losing their fundamental rights as long as they have good entertainment, but there's another point.
Technology is getting more and more integrated in our daily lifes. Try to get some normal guys to switch off their phones for a month. They probably can't. Most people are either obligated or addicted to it.
Soon we might have augmented reality, advanced biometric recognition, tools for medical/genetical analysis, working robots, even brain computer interfaces.
Would you REALLY want to connect some chunk of propietary software to your brain?
Well, what's the worst that could happen? Why not trust the companies and gubmint as all the other sheeps do?
Information is the weapon of our era. What the fuck do people think why "Intelligence Agencies" exist?
Why do Facebook and Google Plus exist? Why do companies put shitloads of money in customer relationship systems, business intelligence and data warehouses?

The point is: Information is a powerful weapon. While we are getting disarmed, no, we give them our weapons volunarily,
while corporations and governments are getting more powerful than ever, hiding in secrets and bureaucracy to protect themselves.
Free software gives us the choice of being independent, to understand and refine our own tools of information, at least on the software site.
Laughing at or criticizing the principles of free software is stupid, because it is trivializing a very real threat, already ignored by many who are unable comprehend the long-term consequences of their own actions, much less the actions of society.

However, that's just my opinion.

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Oy vey

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what did he spend it on?

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