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Didn't see a thread for it. Looks like it'll be the perfect tablet. I expect them to have the same shortage they had with the N4.

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Full HD 1080p, 323ppi, 5GB rear facing camera, 2gb ram, 4G LTE.

>iPad Mini

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Weak battery.
No sd card slot.

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Is it worth attempting to turn in my original Nexus 7 to get the new model?

Bought at Microcenter a little over a month ago, they may still take it back.

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It's a decent upgrade, but I think I'll stick with my 1st gen N7, and get the 3rd gen next summer. Or maybe get the new one around Christmas. Just don't really feel like I need a new one yet.

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>looking at a horse in the mouth

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Yes. The new N7 is better than the previous incarnation, in every conceivable respect.

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>it's got better specs than the iPad mini so it must be a better tablet

enjoy your OS crashing, shit tier display and your non optimized apps fandroids.

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What's it like being wrong all the time?
Do you get corrected a lot in daily life?

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>Nexus 7
>"shit tier display"
>323 ppi
>iPad mini
>163 ppi

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translation: I regret buying my ipad. Making fun of android users makes me feel better about it.

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keep believing this and buying apple stuff, someday you might run out of money to get a computer to come use the internet

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If you ever actually saw a nexus 7 you would know how horrible the display looked. It had the resolution but it was just so disgusting.

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Are we talking about the same Nexus? You DO know there's a new one right?

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It has a smaller battery than the first nexus 7 with a more power hungry screen.... I will wait and see the battery tests before I get this.

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>no SD
>phone OS
I hope they fixed this at least.

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it's supposed to last 1 extra hour than the earlier version

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> perfect tablet
> Android
> not linux, Firefox OS or other


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I'm selling my Ipad Mini to buy one of these.

I shouldn't have bought an Ipad in the first place, but damn it's so kawaii.

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>Not Linux

Did you eat too much of your own shit when you were little?

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take your le funny "may-may" back to leleddit, summerfag.

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Fuck their words, I want to see tests.
Smaller battery, more power hungry screen, how do they get an extra hour?

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Not worth an upgrade, but definitely worth if you want a tablet at that price range.

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Android is Linux, but only in that "Linux is a kernel" way.

We want Linux as in Linux is Awesome.

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>Linux tablet
>not just Android

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...Do you really think there won't be a port?

Hell, took no-time for Ubuntu to get ported to the first N7.

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i have no idea, and thats why i'm not hyped about it, i plan to either get Nexus7 or any other tablet but 10h is the minimum battery i want

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How's the tablet app ecosystem looking on Android? I haven't touched my N7 for a few months.

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You have to be a complete and utter fool to use Android in 2013. Honestly, what in the fuck is wrong with you guys?

Beyond the immediate retardation, keeping an android device is like keeping an ice cube in the tropics. It's almost guaranteed to go to shit in like six months.

Enjoy your privacy violations, your malware ridden Play Store, and your daily new vulns on a wide spectrum of kernels/ROMS/hardware/implementations.

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Can you get a real Office Suite on your iPad mini?
I'm running Libreoffice on my 1gen N7 right now.

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>shit tier display

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I'm wondering how the Nexus 10 will up the game now.

Would be nice if google embrace the "transformer" formfactor for a Nexus class device.

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Google is intent on keeping ChromeOS for laptop form factor

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I'm more interested about the Haswell Chromebook Pixel.

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After the Pixel has been out for a while and more developers write packaged apps for Chrome, I wouldn't be surprised to see an Ativ Book 9 Plus or something of the sort come out with ChromeOS. Google seems to want to keep its relationships with its partners strong.

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That's shitty. Even Windows 8 tablets get better battery life than the Nexus 7.

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Please stop shilling for unreleased things and leave /g/.

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I'm not shilling and they have been available for months.

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Is there any point in getting a 7" tablet when i already have an ereader in the same form factor?

Somehow it makes me inclined to go for something larger.

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Besides that, if you would prefer a toy tablet instead of a fully capable computer, the modern version of a UMPC, I think that you are the one that should leave.

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What would you suggest?

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>expecting a $500 11" atom windows 8 tablet to compete in the same bracket as a $230 7" device

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$350 8.1"/10" devices exist you know.

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Should i wait and get this.or tab2 for 140?

>> No.35507095

>even considering the acer 8.1" hunk of garbage

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That's why I also said 10". It still gets better battery life than the Nexus 7 though.

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>Full HD 1080p
what? source? i have never bought one of these gimicky toys but if the new n7 has a 1080 screen id fork sheckles over

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please show me a windows tablet that costs $230 or even a non RT tablet for under $400

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I consider "toy" tablets as functional as your x86 tablets, since Debian's repos are full of ARM packages, and compiling from source is easy enough.

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Not for $230 but less than $400:
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400
Acer Iconia W3-810 (shit display though)

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USB OTG and attach a 1tb hdd
Go suck my cock

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>Nexus 7 $230
>Windows tablet >300
What advantage do the Windows tablets provide me if I'll be running Debian on either one?

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That's nice enough. Can you boot to Debian directly and what battery life do you get that way?

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Yet again I'll ask you, why are you comparing products from different market segments?

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Non-ARM packages, better battery life, more distro choices for example.

Some Android tablets are more expensive than Windows 8 ones. Intel wants to release $150 x86 tablets.

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>Looks like it'll be the perfect tablet

But it runs Android...

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>Some Android tablets are more expensive than Windows 8 ones.
You are comparing 1080p+ android/ios tablets that start at $500 against windows atom tablets with 720p displays that start at $400-600. For textbook/ebook/pdf viewing their is no reason to go for anything more than the 4:3 aspect ratio ipad. For multimedia, you are better off with a higher resolution screen though the atom is actually to use 1080p video flawlessly without other programs running in the background. All they have to do is release atom tablets with 1080p screens to compete with android tablets in multimedia though they will never win the book replacement battle against apple.

>Intel wants to release $150 x86 tablets.

>> No.35507855

>windows atom tablets with 720p displays that start at $400-600
$350, maybe even lower. i3/i5 tablets with 1920x1080 IPS screens start at ~$700.
>For textbook/ebook/pdf viewing their is no reason to go for anything more than the 4:3 aspect ratio ipad.
Kobo Aura HD would be much better for that (not sure how it handles .pdf though).

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That's portable in the same way that a desktop is portable - or isn't, rather.

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>thinking Android today is the same as three years ago

that's just iOS pal

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I can boot Debian directly, but the battery life is kinda meh.
I don't leave the house though, so it doesn't bother me much.
But I only use free software, so compiling for ARM isn't a problem.

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I will be buying this the day it comes out, from watching the conference on YouTube it looks a thing of beauty

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>Intel wants to release $150 x86 tablets

PR guff at its finest. The processor is one of the most expensive - often THE most expensive - component in an x86 machine. Intel one of the fucking greediest companies about. If there's a $150 tablet released any time soon which isn't utter garbage, I'll eat a dead rat.

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Android still has no tablet apps.

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I have to say it looks quite nice and is tempting me to upgrade from my current N7, but I think I'll hold on to it until a nice and affordable x86 tablet pops up and then upgrade to a tablet with truly proper software and OS compatibility or maybe get a higher end laptop/tablet hybrid.

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Then I agree, the Nexus 7 fits your uses well. Most people would like to use non-free packages though.

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what's all this rubbish about getting desktop OSes on a tablet? that's what desktops are for and why Microsoft are so poor at present.

>> No.35508226

Then they can keep Android.
Mr. Average finds it easier to use than Windows.

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Good luck getting enough power to power that hard drive.

>> No.35508284

>why Microsoft are so poor at present
That's more Windows RT and Xbox One related.
>what's all this rubbish about getting desktop OSes on a tablet?
Why not? You could install any x86 OS you wanted if you wanted, unlike on ARM where you don't get much choice.

Yeah, but they are fucked if they'd like to do any comfortable document editing or quick batch photo editing for example.

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Jesus christ, it ain't a 1080p display, it's fucking, wait for it....


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Question is, can i get the older N7 for dirt cheap now?

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Size: 114 x 200 x 8,65 mm
Weight: 290 gram (4G-versjonen veier 299 gram)
Screen: 7,02 tommer, 1920 x 1200 pixels, Gorrilla Glass
Hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Quad core @ 1,5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Adreno 320 GPU
OS: Android 4.3
Wireless capabilities: LTE (800/850/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600 MHz [!]), HSPA+, Dual Band Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth Smart, GPS+A-GPS, NFC, Slim Port/HDMI
Camera: 5 megapixel rear camera, 1,2 megapixel front camera
Memory: 16, 32 GB (No expandable, as the last N7)
Battery: 3950 mAh, should do 9 hours HD playback, 10 hours web browsing. Wireless charging: Qi-standard

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still no microsd

google is retarded

just buy a nook hd or hd+ while they're still cheap

>> No.35508526

where do i buy this

also please no freetards, apple shills, or etc. shills respond

>> No.35508528

Most people buy tablets to play games and browse the internet.
Sure, Windows tablets must be best at something, but that something has a really small market compared to this.
Nexus 7 is best for
Those who want to play Angry Birds 2: The electric boogaloo
Those wanting to just read a book and browse the internet
Someone who prefers *Nix over NT

Those cover most people.

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Can it make phone calls?

>> No.35508600

RMS here. You can buy it between my legs.

>> No.35508618

If you buy the proper cellular model and get the proper app, Yes. It can.

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>perfect tablet
>stupid resolution
>can't use it as a phone without looking like a prick
>can't use it as a full tablet without zooming like a cunt

This tablet is as useless as the last nexus 7

>> No.35508631

what's wrong with the resolution?

>> No.35508632

Freetards can be shills too. Just because I'm not getting paid doesn't mean I'm not a shill.
I'm greatly offended.

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i'm your average joe, though I am tech savy and an civ engineer, for a tablet i just want something that..

lets me check my email
read some books
browse the 'net
make calender adjustments
see the time
watch movies on netflix

that's about it. my family, friends, and co-workers all essentially fit into the same boat.

the nexus 7 is cheap and powerful enough to do that with great support so that's why i'm ready to get my hands on it.

i don't know what crowd microsoft is aiming at but it's definitely not at us "normal" users.

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Go buy a Nexus 10 then fuckwad.
I happen to like the "7 range tablets.

>> No.35508681

There are models with no SIM card support?
I thought there was only a 16GB and a 32GB model.

>> No.35508682

You know you can get a decent tablet that does all of that for way less. Nooks are nearly perfect for all that shit.

>> No.35508697

Yes, Those are the two Wi-fi models. There's only one celluar model and it has 32GB. It was the same as the previous Nexus 7.

>> No.35508700

>can't use it as a phone without looking like a prick
This makes no sense
>can't use it as a full tablet without zooming like a cunt
Neither does this

>> No.35508704

1080 on a 7" device
fukken really?


>> No.35508723

>1080 on a 7" device
>fukken really?

it's not 1080p

>> No.35508731

Why the fuck not?
Fucking useless

>> No.35508734

i make a good amount of money. so i can afford it. of course i'm buying this for others too, so that limits my choices from getting the Nexus 10 v2 whenever that comes out.

now as to getting a cheaper tablet like the Nook or what-not, I don't like their customer service and I enjoy the fast updates and sleek design of the Nexus 7-2. if Google updates that for the next 2 years i'll be happy as a bear.

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because it's 16:10 instead of 16:9

do you have any idea what's going on

>> No.35508755

>i make a good amount of money. so i like to waste it.

>> No.35508759

Students and Office workers.
Muh-Microsoft Office 369

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>Sure, Windows tablets must be best at something, but that something has a really small market compared to this.
That's mostly because there aren't that many ones out currently and they didn't get much marketing. Not to mention most of people would expect them to be RT at that size and price.
A lot of people want to use Flash.
I think a large amount of people would like Windows on a small tablet if they knew about them and better ones came out.

>Someone who prefers *Nix over NT
They aren't locked at all.

That's good you know. Still not high enough though. It's 1920x1200 by the way.

>> No.35508802

But >>35508462 says HSPA+ and and LTE
How much does the cellular model cost?

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look kid, i have a good stable full-time job and i like to reward myself from time-to-time. i'd also like to double these as gifts for family and friends (they'll just be getting 1 gift for the year)

i'm not going to buy your Barns and Noble device, so go try and shill some poor soul

>> No.35508819

>323 DPI
How much higher does it need to be?

>> No.35508829

Not really, I'm on my nexus 7 and this thing is useless for everything, especially knowing what's going on. The new one looks just as shit.

>> No.35508835

About 350 USD perhaps, for the 32GB? Not really sure, could possibly find it somewhere though

>> No.35508837

you must be an ifag.

>> No.35508848

I know they aren't locked down, but x86 has no advantage over ARM on a free system. So there's no need for the extra power usage and price.

>A lot of people want to use Flash.
I thought Android had flash... If not, why isn't Gnash ported to it?

>> No.35508866

You must be a regular run of the mill fag.

>> No.35508886

>I use Apple products because they make me feel special :D

>> No.35508892

Why not? That's my phone right there, and that would be fucking gorgeous on the N7

>> No.35508907


I think the official support stopped at Gingerbread.

>> No.35508921

sent ;)

>> No.35508938

Yeah, there's a point of diminishing returns once you start going higher. I'd rather Google spend some dough on calibrating the panels in the factory.

>> No.35508945

less power hungry components? better software optimization?

>> No.35509028

>everyone who disagrees with me uses apple products


>> No.35509063

Almost everyone with an Android tablet use Windows too.
If they'd actually "feel" the absence of flash, they'd know where to go.
They won't be looking for flash games because they have enough local games, youtube will work for them and websites have stopped using flash in their layouts since 2005. The only ones still needing flash are ones capable of getting it without official support.

>> No.35509069

>5GB rear facing camera

1920x1200 to be exact


>> No.35509075

Never actually said that.

>> No.35509132

>Almost everyone with an Android tablet use Windows too.
A lot of people would prefer a unified device and a familiar environment. They came out too late.

>> No.35509188

>websites have stopped using flash in their layouts since 2005
Not all of them.
>The only ones still needing flash are ones capable of getting it without official support.
Porn streaming sites, for example.

>> No.35509582

Only thing I can think of that a tablet is better for is that you can read color magazines and comics

>> No.35509642

>Implying 99% of users don't just go to pornhub and redtube
Those don't need flash.
Besides, websites tell you to install flash when they require it, and that's a really easy task

>> No.35509751


>> No.35509950

>Implying 99% of users don't just go to pornhub and redtube
>that's a really easy task
It's too hard for some people on Jelly Bean.

>> No.35510366

is it me or is the bezel getting bigger with every picture?

>> No.35510398

>tfw Sprint

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Going to buy this tablet ASAP

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> need flash
> google: flash android
> install apk
> open Fire Fox

>> No.35511306

dont count on that since it uses slimport. its a real pain to get otg devices that are compatible.

>> No.35511357

>The following steps require you to configure your Android device to allow installation of software from non-official sources (that is, allowing the use of third-party marketplaces) as well as use an alternative browser. A note of warning: Experience with a couple of different devices shows that this fix is not guaranteed to work. But if you’re missing being able to use Flash, it’s certainly worth spending a few minutes trying it out.
Too hard for some.

>> No.35511378

Is there anywhere that except used gen 1 for credit on gen 2?

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Is firefox the best free browser for android? I'm looking for an alternative because it's bloated as fuck.

>check how bloated it is
>88 mb
>88mb for a fucking mobile browser

>> No.35512151

>buy n4
>leave it out of case
>run over with chair - small crack on back
>6 months later falls onto concreat the one time I leave it unattended
>small crack on front
Everything has always worked (so long as my kernel had working wifi), been fast, have had 0 malware problems, battery life has been great at best, acceptable on adverage, and shit without kernel tweaks, and overclocking.

>I bought an outdated low-end Android phone once and it was shit.

>> No.35512404

God damn...
I'd totally buy one of these things, except I honestly have no use for a tablet. I don't know what I'd do with it.

>> No.35512936

Alright I have one question before i fucking sell my iPad3 and buy a nexus 7 mk2.



If there is not I am going to flip my shit. From what I saw on engadget there wasn't any and I didn't see any mention of expandable storage. I fucking want that thing to be my multimedia hub for literally everything. I don't give a shit about battery life either, as long as it's decent like 3-6 hours.

I've been trying to get rid of my hulking ipad3 for a few months now and this may be my chance to finally see what all the hype about android is.

>> No.35513111


no Office applications

limited real use

>> No.35513155

>websites have stopped using flash in their layouts since 2005

1 out of 5 websites use Flash

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So heres a question. I bought a nexus 7 at a staples for 199. Its the 8 gig model. I also purchased a replacement plan, in which I can return it if anything "goes wrong".

Should I return it soon, and pay the extra 40 bux to upgrade to this model? having 16 gigs of space is the more appealing part of it, but I have no idea how much faster this thing is without browser benchmarks. Firefox for example, is just sluggish and laggy on my N7. Also, there are a few stutters in general when it comes to smooth performance.

picture unrelated

>> No.35513659

Yes. This model is a serious fucking upgrade.

>> No.35513698

Nexus devices never have expandable storage.

>> No.35513720

>mobile device
>no expandable storage
Nexus strikes again.

>> No.35513833

Mkay, will take that into consideration. Now heres the second question that may be kinda goofy.

Can I still use my old leather case on the first N& on this new one?

>> No.35513924

The form factor is different, so it's possible it won't, but I can't say for sure.

>> No.35514609


isnt the main reason behind that is because google imposes all their streaming services rather than you provide the content

>> No.35514624

Anyone here buy it via best buy? Are they going to ship it so that it comes by the 30th?

>> No.35514782

If I have an iPad 1, and all I use it for is to fap and read (sometimes at the same time), is it worth getting a N7?

>> No.35514850

Not unless you want to start doing other things.

>> No.35514886

But what does one do with a tablet other than fap and read? Mobile games are pretty fucking boring.

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