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So how about that Opera: Chrome Version?

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opera isn't dead yet?

>my sides

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No custom search engines yet.


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no custom anything yet

>go to gelbooru
>press tab
>it highlights the first link instead of the search box

God dammit, they better fix this

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Default Chromium behaviour I think.

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i'm gonna puke.

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My worry is that they won't change a lot of the little things when the little things are the reason I even use Opera in the first place. I'm worried this will just end up as "Slightly less shit Chromium fork"

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That's how business works these days...

>People are using Chrome
>Must switch from Presto to Blink (Chrome 15+ engine)
>Fuck all longtime Opera users

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That'll do.

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>"we're switching the rendering engine"
>entire UI is changed

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In Chromium you just type gel or something and it auto-completes to gelbooru.com and if you press TAB you can search before entering the site on the address bar.

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If they remove tab stacking I'm all for it.

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Yeah, but, to be honest, I think that the new Opera UI is SO MUCH BETTER than Chrome's.

Fuck rounded corners.

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import from opera 12.
i have all of mine

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press F8

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I think you misunderstood me

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Opera 15 finally got bookmarks
as an extension

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it's not feature complete yet, but when it is i'll switch back. using ff currently because of all the nsa stuff, but wow do i miss opera. everything about it is designed so well compared to the other major browsers. opera has a damn good track record and I think we'll get back what we once had, but it's a going to be a long road.

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>Actually entering the main page instead of searching directly from your address bar.

Keep using that shit.

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yeah, nah.

I wouldn't mind the speed dial bookmarks thing if they just added a few more features for convenience like sorting, tagging, and a quick pulldown menu that can be accessed from the address toolbar.

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>sending "loli rape anal" to google

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Classic bookmarks system are too much, I just need this Stash feature with a tag & search function.

That's why I'm using a custom html homepage with all my bookmarks...

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what exactly would that do?

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Add a way to find bookmarks much quicker.

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I just prefer them over folder hierarchies.

It's easier to just tag a bookmark as tag1, tag2, tag3 then put it into the folder folder1/folder2/folder3/.

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I still have no idea what you are talking about

so you have five bookmars in stash
five 4chan boards, what exactly are you tagging about them

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You could add "4chan" as a tag or "faggots". In the end tags and folder are pretty much the same, so why not offer both ?

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>so you have five bookmarks in stash
I'm talking about the speed dial. Stash isn't supposed to be for long-term stuff.

For example, I have a lot of bookmarks of blogs of artists/programmers. I'd tag them with stuff like "art", "game dev", "porn", etc. If I feel like checking out any subset of them, I type in the tags and mash middle-click.

It's the same reason you'd use tags for anything else. It makes it possible to query bookmarks based on user-defined attributes.

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ah right

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I hope they add back using the 1 and 2 keys for tab switching and letting ctrl+tab switch based on last-viewed order.

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Using 15 right now. I just noticed that closing and opening the preview doesn't restart the gif.

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>Installing Chrome extensions in Opera 15 is easy: First, install the Chrome Extension Installer for Opera Next 15. Then go to the Chrome Web Store and install whatever you want. The Web Store won't complain that you need a supported browser or anything—it'll just work. The extension you want will download and install, and it'll work normally.

So why aren't you using Opera yet?

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http://chrome-extension-downloader.com/ works fine too.

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