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Checked Catalog.
No Cold Food Storage Stations.
Post those refrigerators.

>Refrigerator magnets = Ricing
>Open refrigerators = Guts

Also General Refrigeration Thread.

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This can't be too healthy.

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why dont people do this more often ?

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What are your temps?

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Why don't you have any food in your fridge?
It might as well contain DVDs and ketchup

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>he doesn't have dvds and ketchup in his fridge

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There's some bagels there and some milk on the door. Also frozen shit in the freezer and I end up eating on campus most of the time.

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Alrighty. I'll bite.

Shitty phone camera edition.

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What RM is that? Is it stable?

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Clean up the air intakes.
Shit be all dirty.

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Don't know what those mean exactly

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Guts time.

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>Having a family
>Not living the GNU life

Are beer cupboard acceptable in this thread?

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>Dat handle

I came.

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Cospolich Walk In.

Within the Walk In, is a Walk In Freezer,but I'm not going back to the main house and into the kitchen again.

I hate living in this mansion

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I've cleaned that shit up plenty of times. It's gotten to the point where I don't even care.

>implying they're my kids


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Do refrigerators respect my freedom?

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No, parts are proprietary.

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>I hate living in this mansion

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the mods are slee-

.. oh.. uh... Im sorry... wrong thread...

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i never got that joke
>post sinks

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Haha, good one. Yes, "joke".

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Sink threads used to be used to share CP archives inside images.

Fridge portion.

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glass door master race reporting in.

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> based coors regular

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sick as in awesome

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Why do you refrigerate cooking oil? Also organic anything, ever...

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>bread in the fridge

Are you an idiot? Take it out.

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>showing off what you eat
You're just as bad as Prius drivers.

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>He thinks staleness sets in before mould

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Why is that bad?

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"sink threads" date back to the time when CP was banned from 4chan. Pedophiles would compress their CP to .rar archives and hide the rar files in sink images. When the mods found out, posting a sink meant instant perm ban until they got a filter in place that prevented people from uploading masked .rar archives.

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What's in that bag in the drawer under the coke?

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At least put in a cooler with some ice.

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Coors regular is awesome

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Manage your food better, that shit is a mess!

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>Metal pans in the fridge

I know this is unlikely, but please, please tell me there isn't any food in those and that you didn't put them in hot?

>that food poisoning

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The beer?

i tend to refrigerate what I intend to drink on the day.

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> cheap bourbon whiskey
> fendingoffdrunkwimmenz/10

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Cut it's shelf life in half.

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It causes condensation in the bag.

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Why not? The fridge has handy storage space for food items.

Also, I just got that organic milk yesterday at the recommendation of a friend. Not only does it taste better, it also lasts a lot longer, which is great for me since I sometimes have to throw milk out.

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>Liquor in the freezer
>Only liking liquor when it's boozed

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your cupboard doesn't have storage space? Why do you drink milk, are you a baby?

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I don't know what condensation causes, but I always find my bread will mold faster than I go through it if I don't get it in the fridge after a week

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This is food for two for 2 weeks

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I put bread in the freezer.

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+ kids color within the lines
+ handy hooks & bag clips
- no icemaker
- leftovers not properly stored in tupperware

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It does, but I use my cupboard for other foods.

Also, I use milk for cereal and oatmeal.

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>Why do you drink milk, are you a baby?


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fucking minimalists

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Here's my friend's fridge. I'm staying here for the weekend.

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and the guts

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Stop posting pictures of my fridge.

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>dem condiments

Are you and your "friend" planing to make soap, by any chance?

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>Not only does it taste better,
tasty placebo is best placebo

>it also lasts a lot longer
no it doesn't but, even if it did, it wouldn't negate the extra cost.

enjoy your estrogen...

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Holy shit a good thread
Hurry up guys so I can arhive this
The sperglords should be here any minute

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>average american diet full of junk and thousands of dirty unused condiment bottles that have been sitting in there forever and a severe lack of real food

My fridge only looks like this because I'm with my family. What's you excuse?

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Soap, explosives, recruit young men for Project mayhem perhaps?

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I'm amazed you could type that with such brittle bones.

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seriously what are you talking about with soap?

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It's cool, I believe all marketing too...

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>tfw no black box fridge

I want the No-Fractals R4°F ;_;

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Really? That's weird, I believe basic science.

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This should be the new dubs checkem meme.

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Guts from a couple of days ago

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that height

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>that legless sailor


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My uncle's house has this nice 70s fridge.
>that wooden paneling
>those sharp corners
>that beige colour
>those unsmoothed edges

It's probably inefficient as fuck though.

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>obviously a pleb that doesn't realize organic milk is best milk
Don't be such a plebeian like this guy

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Do you not eat vegetables or something?

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Any fridge that has the freezer compartment at the top is automatically shit and for manlets.

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>being this forever alone

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I prefer to drink milk.

It's O.K if you need to blame your lard ass on something, and it's O.K if that something is "Hurr milk wit de fat and stuffs" but seriously, no one else needs to believe your delusions.

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> tfw average american

>> No.34774320

>thing has a high compartment
>therefore it is for short people

>> No.34774343

>lard ass
Projecting much? The point is simply that you can get all the calcium you need by having a good diet.

>> No.34774380

The freezer on top implies that it'd be hard for manlets to reach the fridge part if it were on top.

Also, >>34774099 here, I actually have a jar of lard on the bottommost shelf.

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>The freezer on top implies that it'd be hard for manlets to reach the fridge part if it were on top.
So, roughly have of it is still out of reach?
This isn't very good logic you are using?

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I live in a shop. Get on my level.


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>Projecting much?

Nope. I drink milk by the gallon and I'm spot on with my BMI and waist size.

>The point is simply that you can get all the calcium you need by having a good diet.

The point is I can drink milk instead of being a self-righteous boring prick.

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Avocado master race.

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The food in my fridge so everything is taken from the shop. So I guess you could call it guts.

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Whereabouts, UKbro?

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Any HVAC/refrigerant people in here?

our freezer has been leaking water (on the inside) for like +6 months now, all I can do it break it up after it freezes and dump it out like twice a day.

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