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>pledged of $50,000 goal

I know you guys have donated, how's the keyboard and mouse quality?

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fuck that never in a million years

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>Zero tactile feedback

It's going to be terrible.

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kickstarter.com projects/1116966310/multi-touch-keyboard-and-mouse

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The iFag generation are going to love it because somehow it's faster to type on a small touch screen than on a keyboard.

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Useless shit, we meet again.

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The best/worst part is that people buy those and think they're good.

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this so much....

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>touch technology
I thought we disproved that over and over with goddamn smartphone/tablets.


Jesus, we're fucked up as a society.

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whats so bad about those speakers?

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>mfw I had this fucking idea 3 years ago in university

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>I know you guys have donated
Why would you think anybody on /g/ would waste money on that? Almost everyone here would sell their mothers for a Model M though.

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It's not even the iFag generation, it's literally every young kiddie/teen/adult. They rarely use keyboards, eveyone's using touch screen.

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Voice to text is fast than typing but people still type.

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because the technology isn't perfect, and won't be for a while

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a: it hasn't shipped
b: commas don't work like that
c: i imagine this kb is terrible

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only those heartless enough to fuck people over are rich

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A guy I work with is a graphic designer.
He uses fucking touchpad to make shit in photoshop and never uses the mouse.

>Every fucking website graphic I get him to make is NEVER the right fucking size

>need a 128x128 graphic
>its 126x129

>Need a 128x35 graphic
>its 123x47

fucking cunts

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Touch keyboards are not the future. Guaranteed to fail. Leap Motion is where it is at.

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i posted this idea on 4chan right after tron legacy came out. i will be taking the credit here.

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> no feedback while typing
> not only wireless lag, but also real input lag (time it takes for the sensor to catch the IR)

any $5 keyboard is better

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He needs to learn to use photoshop

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I thought those were (vibrating) dildos.

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as if gee has money and doesn't foam insanely at macfags and anybody who can afford something than midrange headphones


citation needed

it's a fucking simple and proven system, dumbass

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How is that idea anything new? Probably another 4 billion people had the same idea but noone gave enough fucks to pitch a kickstarter.

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That sub-woofer looks like a Klein Bottle

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There's a reason we haven't gotten these from big companies yet (except Apple, they're going to jump at the chance to make their keyboards even more shitty), it's because using touch for typing is terrible if you're not doing tiny little texts or messages, it's the lack of any tactile feedback at all that ruins it, and add onto that the probable delay.

Anyone know of a price for this? I'm willing to bet that they're going to price it at the same or higher than the amount you have to pay for a decent mechanical.

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audible feedback
what lag?
yeah you're butthurt to fuck

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I don't understand. What's the point of this? Is it just a touchscreen keyboard and a mouse? Why would you want something like that?

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no. not really

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It would look sleek in a hotel lobby or somewhere in an upscale public place and it looks like it would be easy to clean too.

For home use it's fucking retarded. Typing would be annoying as fuck if you have to use it for more than an hour at a time like most normal people.

Definitely no gaymez. Only way I see this being useful is for graphic designers if it can be switched to a drawing tablet.

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VTT is shit, just like touch "technology".

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Never heard of it before, thanks Anon. Looks amazing. Any idea when this will be sold?

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okay, try siri (which actually sends your voice to be processed servers) or google voice, or even comodo
the technology isn't perfect especially for things that aren't just narrating to it

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whoops, meant to reply to >>33659272

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It's open source though. I donated 25$.

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>Voice to text is fast than typing but people still type.
Voice to air - maybe. But VTT struggles even today.

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>actually wanting a trackpad mouse

if it wasn't terrible enough to deal with them on laptops

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But it doesn't respect your freedoms

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To be fair, most laptops have really shitty trackpads. I've used the Apple stand-alone trackpad with an iMac before at work, and it's shockingly good.

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touchscreen keyboards and mice are the worst idea ever.

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no thanks

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God damn that is retarded. Why didn't you just connect a mouse?

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What we need is a "touch screen" with enough haptic feedback to feel like a keyboard. (So the keys physically push out and so on.) There's things which can almost replicate this, but the holy grail of the best of both worlds is still far away.

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>What we need is a "touch screen"
We don't.

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That is the problem. People are not aware of the product. Been delayed until late July.

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>touchscreen keyboard

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I had a mouse too, the whole point was to play with the thing and see if it's any good. The multitouch gestures, the sheer size of the Magic Trackpad, and the way OS X handles mouse acceleration on trackpads vs. mice combine to actually make it a much better experience than the shitty three-button ball mice we had at the time.

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the only people who think we need touch screens are those too stupid to touch type, the possibilities are already there to fucking remap keys you don't use to do other shit or to use modifier keys, etc
flashy ricer shit

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>mfw that's unedited

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>tfw clit mouse

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The key feature of computers is that they can be set up to perform any task. But a keyboard is a fixed collection of buttons. If a keyboard could automatically reconfigure itself into different layouts WHILE STILL having the same comfort of a regular keyboard, that would be better.

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You could have different keys that are shaped differently, it's easy as fuck to wash, and you're never going to lose a keycap. It's also possible to automatically change key layout on the representation of the keyboard, and games can put action icons on buttons and provide dynamic bindings. Furthermore, it allows for much cleaner displays for e.g. compose-mode or when holding shift/alt/ctrl (instead of having 5 symbols on the same key where you're not certain which maps to which modifiers, and where that change depending on the OS or application).

That said, it really is horrible for typing, which kinda is what keyboards are for.

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Bloated midbass and no midrange. $250.

They also look like shit.

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touch screens won't ever
>could automatically reconfigure itself
a program on your PC does that
and it's possible today, but there are no cool screens to tell you what the new buttons are
you know what's better than this?
optimus maximus keyboard, but it sucks due to price and could definitely be better

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>glass keyboard

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With Optimus Maximus you're still stuck with a keyboard layout, so that's not what I mean. If software could switch a device from typing to doing gestures to being a Wacom tablet to playing 3DS-style games to playing the piano, that would be nice.

Instead of owning multiple peripherals, I want one thing which does everything perfectly. That's not possible yet, but someday it might be.

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thats the idea i had in uni.

All keys are glass, light goes through them, you can type and scroll around without ever lifting your fingers from the keyboard. It'd be multi touch compatible too so you could have 2 mouse pointers for each hand.

Of course you would need good software to stop it turning into a shitfest of clicks going everywhere while you type

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I think that's a great idea!
Touchscreen is the future.

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Then they desperately defend their product in anyway possible after actually doing a little research.

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Well they look cool and sound decent, so why not?

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>Multi-touch mouse

Prepare to be ass raped by Apple.

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there is only one legitimate use and that's in areas that have to be completely sanitized.

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I'd make it moan every time it responded.

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Wireless lag is fucking annoying when trying to play anything like stepmania.

Or having the keyboard freeze up every once in a while playing STALKER.

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>it's faster to type on a small touch screen than on a keyboard.
Its not

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no shit sherlock

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damn that looks sexy, its useless yes but I want one anyways

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b-but that's what they use on star trek, it must be the future!!!

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why am I not surprised...

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VaporWare Quality

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Oh, you were sarcastic!

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yes, i am sarcasm.

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I think this proves that kickstarters are funding shit ideas over and over.

Ouya is another great example.

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who the FUCK is gonna buy this keyboard and play stepmania or STALKER?

confirmed for but hurt, 15, and a dumbass

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>open source console
>shit idea


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Why don't they make a stenograph keyboard for PC?

>> No.33661947

Fund it. Stenograph layout. Complete rollover. Some of the function keys for operating systems.

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>Leap Motion is where it is at.
I can't believe there are retards like this on /g/.

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>Multi-Touch keyboard
That alone made me giggle. Can't every modern keyboard handle multiple key presses?

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Because you don't rely at all on the sense of touch when typing.

I hate how everyone seems to be thinking touchscreen is the way of the feature,
when actually oftentimes it is severly limiting the depth of interaction you have with your device.

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I am 19 and I only use the touchscreen on my phone. I don't like tablets, either.

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is that his real chin?

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It just occurred to me, it kicstarter was around back then this would have been taken off really well.

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>this thread
Oh look. /g/ hates technology. Big surprise.

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If a piece of tech is retarded you don't have to like it.

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The goddamn horror. It's everything I've feared.

The idea people are somehow more comfortable using a device that only has virtual inputs...it's crazy.

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efficiency is SOOO 1995

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No, you get it to ignite a small quantity of gunpowder with each keypress.

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>If a piece of tech is retarded in the eyes of linuxtards that don't represent the marketplace you don't have to like it.
That's what you meant.

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I agree with the lack of tactile feedback being an issue with a product like this.

Would it be possible to do something where every keystroke would be followed by a light over the key and a vibration of that area to indicate successful input as a new form of tactile response? I saw a pseudo-form of this on an android phone once (though it basically caused the whole phone to vibrate whereas I'm suggesting individual keys)

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I mean having such a thing might be a cool novelty and something neat to have on my desk but I'd never turn to it to do anything serious. My typing speed as it is remains too high to be tied down to something with vague-at-best inputs.

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Okay, please explain me how it is of any use to the normal desktop user/worker, and how those features compensate for the loss of tactile feedback when you do what you do most on a keyboard: typing?

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>tfw just ordered a KBT Oni

uuuuaaaa~ i'm so excited!! finally going to replace my brokeass G15 :3c

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The stupid thing about the website is it hypes up all the advantages of a keyless keyboard except for...I don't know, the one fucking reason you own a keyboard (to type).

They're not willing to admit that their product inevitably fails in its most important application as a device.

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How can anyone think that's a good idea?

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Couldn't you just set those values using fields rather than sizing handles?

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you really think it's a good idea? it may look stylish (for some people), but have you ever used a tablet keyboard? you don't want that on a desktop, trust me, hell you can't even rest your fingers on the keys without accidentally typing.

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I'd buy it if I was shooting a science fiction movie. It is absolutely horrible to use in real life.

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It has the same problem that I could foresee with something like this.

Great novelty item but no practical value as it hurts its primary functionality by lacking tactile feedback.

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How anyone think paying $100 for a keyboard that 'feels' better is a good idea?

How can anyone think taking pictures of the inside of their computer taking pride in putting together legos and how much $ they have is a good idea?

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I have one of those, they are the best thing since vaginas

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This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen.

I assume it's for people who don't touch-type.

It's like people who don't swim arguing pools should only be 3-feet deep.

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hey, now you'll be paying $100 for a keyboard that's shit just for the looks

and btw no one is saying either of the things u listened is smart

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this is a shitty idea. hence, it will be successful. why? well, we've already established that the vast majority of ppl are stupid, right? this is obviously not marketed toward the minority, smart ppl or at least ppl not dumb enough to buy this. since stupid ppl are the majority, this will see some success.

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/g/ is all about e-peen right? So why isn't everyone on /g/ learning how to type with a stenograph layout and type over 200WPM at the speed of thought?

It's funny because a lot of you seem to have these really high end keyboards but you can't type worth shit.

>> No.33662717

>implying vim isn't the closted you can get to a stenograph on a computer

>implying you could code on a stenograph

>> No.33662719

I type pretty damn well, thank you very much.


Okay, I'm not typing very well right now but that's because I'm handicapping myself.

>> No.33662745

and btw
>implying I said I would be buying one

>> No.33662764

But you can use Plover to turn your keyboard into a stenograph as long as it has full key roll-over. Also you CAN code with a stenograph.

>> No.33662825

what if they just add bumps where the characters used to be on a normal keyboard
that way you still use your tipping reflexes, you don't lose any muscle memory?

>> No.33662854

I'm not a leet hacker but I already code much faster than 'the speed of thought'. Maybe I'm stupid, but the time i spend to write the code dwarves compared to the time I think about my code.

>> No.33663114

>wanting to type by tapping on a hard plastic/glass/whatever pane.
Enjoy your joints and fingertips.

>> No.33663185

The film on top of the panel can be switched out for different key layouts so you can't have it be fixed.

>> No.33663260

It looks like a science flask stuffed in a fish bowl surrounded by see-through dildos.

>> No.33663349

It's never gonna come out.

Enjoy wasting your money

>> No.33663677

The mouse looks sort of cool, if its a decent trackpad I would so own it.

>> No.33664056

its going to hurt your fingers like fuck with any short amount of use. writing a paper or playing games is out of the question. clear softer on the top silicon would provide tactile response. maybe craters where keyes normally are

but not this shit wtf

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