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Sup /g/. So my phone upgrade is coming up soon. I have a huge mental block. Should I stay with apple (I currently have a 4S) and upgrade to the iPhone 5? Or should I do a platform switch, and go with the S4 (or some other phone)?

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Why. They all do the same shit. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to play angry birds with a higher framerate.

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HTC One. S4 is nice and has decent specs, but HTC One is better overall.

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>implying angry birds is the only reason people use a smart phone

If you really think that nigger then youre doing it wrong

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get the iphone 5. android phones are gigantic and the os and apps are subpar. you've been on /g/ too long if you think they''re in the same ballpark

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That's what most people do on their phones, and for some reason, they think they need a $500 phone for that.

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How is it better?

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Maybe for your loser friends but here in asialand nobody bothers with mobile gaming. Social networking, keeping touch with people, and actually USING IT AS A FUCKING CELLPHONE is what matters and if you have a phone that can also take great pictures, be a multimedia machine (men have "scandals" they put in their phones to show off to people), and can call and text then its worth it.

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But it isnt
It's slower, has worse battery life, and even its screen is inferior. Fuck, even the camera is better on the S4 (One makes better night shots, in any other situation the S4 is better)

The only thing it has over the S4 is the build quality

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the 4s to the 5 isn't a huge difference OP.
You would be better off waiting for the 5s or the 6 or what ever apple does.
An android phone, if you have to use your upgrade now, can be a significant improvement, or a significant loss, depending on your personal use cases.
Look at how you use your phone. If you can live without an apple only feature, then the change may be worth it.

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Don't let this thread degenerate into an apple vs android thread. I just need to pick my phone. I just saw a video about the S4 vs. the iPhone 5. The display on the iPhone 5 is much better compared next to the S4, because on the S4, I can see the pixels scanning. It may be a higher resolution, but it scans.

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>implying you'll get a higher framerate
that would waste power, dummy

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Typical Samsung fag. I admit I used to be. Why don't you at least read a review on the HTC One. Specs aren't that different honestly http://www.phonedog.com/videos/samsung-galaxy-s-4-vs-htc-one-dogfight-part-2/

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It can be better depending on your preferences.

The camera performs better in low light conditions, but worse if there's plenty of light.

LCD vs AMOLED. Ultimately a question of preference. While browsing, AMOLED tends to consume more power because most sites tends to have white backgrounds. This can be fixed with custom css, for example, at the cost of making some sites look shitty. Some apps may not have dark themes either. On the other hand, AMOLED means better blacks and generally less reflectivity (but since the white brightness levels are lower, they don't perform better outdoors even with less reflectivity).

4.7" screen vs 5" screen. One does have bigger bezels, and ends up being roughly the same size, but despite the bigger bezels, it's easier to use one handed at the cost of smaller screen size.

CPU / GPU are pretty much the same. S4's CPU is clocked higher, but results in thermal throttling in some tasks according to Anandtech's review. The GPU is also clocked a bit higher.

Most people think One looks better. However, if you're going to use a case, this is mostly irrelevant.

One is not really repairable. At all. It also lacks a removable battery and a micro SD slot, if you need those.

One has stereo speakers, which sound quite a bit better than S4's speakers.

One may have better custom support, because many devs have moved away from Samsung devices due to Exynos.

The point of the first post is that the most tasking thing most people do on their phones is Angry Birds. Social networking, calling, texting, etc. can be all done fine on worse phones. You don't need a $500 phone for those.

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