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How the fuck do you neckbeards use this shit? 99% of the web uses javascript so now I have to whitelist almost every single site I visit just to view them and that sort of defeats the purpose

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You don't white list whole sites you tard. Only the scripts you need...

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No it doesn't. It gives you an idea of what scripts are running if nothing else.

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We don't actually use it. We just say we do.

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After a short while you'll whitelist every place you normally visit and then it will be much simpler.

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>Waahhh, I don't want to blacklist and whitelist sites as I travel to new sites.
Then why don't you be a misinformed pleb, enable all sites globally, and have all the "protection" without any of the "nag".

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it's annoying for the first few days, but once you whitelist your normal browsing it is pretty nice.

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then dont fucking use it

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Because some users such as myself like browsing without having to load and view unnecessary garbage or something potentially malicious, and will go through the 30 second effort to white list scripts when I visit a new website.

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I don't. I do use request policy, which although it can have its annoyances, is less annoying overall as you can set up universal whitelists.

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Just install ABP and use fanboys complete list.

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I use yesscript.

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DoNotTrackMe + AdBlockPlus

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It's not that bad, you get used to it.

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been using NoScript in its proper mode of block all + whitelist sites for over 3 years now, once you whitelist the CDN sites, and all the ones you frequently visit its a very good addon.

I just wish they had some sort of API hook so I can merge the functionality of NoScript with other addons like CookieMonster and refcontrol, whitelist in one = golden. now that'd be a treat.

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>tfw you leave it off by accident on those dodgy websites

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Allow all scripts globally and just blacklist anything you don't want. It's not the safest way to browse, but it's not as annoying.

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Ghostery and ABP

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30 seconds? wtf are you doing nigger?

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>I just wish they had some sort of API hook

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I mean internally, or at least so I can make the addons all work together based on the same list. if that isn't possible perhaps all the addon developers should have an option to auto-whitelist bookmarked websites, that'd make the most sense and make it a smidge easier instead of me having to whitelist the site with 3 different addons...

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NoScript is a great test of intelligence. If you can't handle clicking, "cdn.example.com" you may not be up to that whole computing thing. It is OK though guys like me can make decent money cleaning up an idiots infested Windows box. Keep spreading the good word OP. I could use some extra cash.

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>ever turning it off

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this. ghostery is superior to noscript, it makes whitelisting simple.

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Or just use a combination of ghostery, noscript and abp

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feels good man

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nice font render. What OS?

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What exactly is that you're using, I'm going to assume it's an addon or extension since clicking the lock icon doesn't show such info by default...?

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built into chromium

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Thanks for helping ruin the web.

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The more people use Chrome/Chromium, the more diluted web development gets. Ever notice how sites are starting to say "only supported on WebKit" and etc.? I think this is fucked up.

The more people use alternative browsers, the higher likelihood of getting universal standards in web development for the more advanced CSS and Javascript stuff.

Also, using Firefox supports probably the best company in tech right now.

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fuck netscap- i mean faggotfox

google chrome master race.

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this is the goal, you fag OP
you hwhite list sites you trust

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just whitelist what the site needs to be able to be usable. Half the time it's only half of the scripts.

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whitelist the sites you trust, block individual scripts with adblock lists like fanboy's tracking list

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>Ever notice how sites are starting to say "only supported on WebKit" and etc.?

I use "the web" countless hours per day surfing across hundreds if not thousands of various sites each week (and I mean some of the best and some of those places that would be better served if they were "deep web" sites that are barely accessible even with serious effort), and I've yet to encounter a single website, page, or any content that kicks back some alert that only a Webkit-based browser can display what I'm trying to view.


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>tfw I spend an hour or two reading through every script before allowing them

I think there's something wrong with me

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>go to website ive never been to before
>see that some parts require javascript
>site looks trustworthy enough so I middle click the noscript button
>it only took like 3 seconds


>click a link to a website ive never heard of before
>shit looks shady and scammy
>thank you noscript for preventing a potential malicious script attacking me

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By the way, what do I need to whitelist in order to post with 4chan X? I can't post unless I temporarily allow all of the scripts on the page, but I've already added an exception for everything stored on my computer. Unblocking quantserve and cloudfare appatently does not help.

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so you've never been to mega?

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Works just fine with Firefox on my end, I get the "warning" that I should be using Chrome but it does not stop me from using Mega, or any service it offers. They don't flat out refuse other browsers and rendering engines, they just say "you'd be better off using Chrome" at Mega, it's still open for other code.

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The best defense in web browsing is still common sense. Using extensions/scripts like noscript, they provide you with a somewhat false sense of security, which while on itself is not too bad since you are protected, however it does lead to poor browsing habits.

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Downloaded something bigger than 100MB?
A friend told me that for files bigger than that you have to restart the browser or something, in my experience, it wouldn't work.

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>Browse your favorit site
>Everything is normal --> allow

>Browse your favorit site, heavily defaced
>Get no viruses or similar

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Noscript and Adblock plus are one of the few reasons I still use Firefox. I swear, if you're not a dumbass installing loads of pirated software from sketchy sources or looking at amateur bestiality sites, you can get by with just Noscript and no real antivirus software, even on Windows.

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Noscript and Adblock plus are some of the few reasons I still use Firefox. I swear, if you're not a dumbass installing loads of pirated software from sketchy sources or looking at amateur bestiality sites, you can get by with just Noscript and no real antivirus software, even on Windows.

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>allow first party scripts
>allow *.shef.ac.uk/*
>allow captcha
>needing more rules than this
I only use it on uni computers since they have an ancient firefox version.
Firefox blacklists java/flash for me too they are so old.

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>using ie6

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>i'm so fucking lazy and retarded I can't configure a whitelist

Fuck off back to /v/

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