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Go on...

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Posting in a cheese pizza thread.

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>americans coating their pies in too much cheese/greasy meat and making themselves fat
>americans making their pies six inches deep so 1/8th of a slice has as many calories as an entire well balanced meal
>americans somehow make pizza so greasy that if you put it on a napkin the napkin turns clear

do you brush the crust with pure fucking fat?

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Stay your wrath, for it is misdirected.

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>hairy arms
I don't know what I'm looking at

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>americans coating their pies
That's not a fucking pie you yuropoor

>six inches deep
Just like our dick in your mouth.

> greasy that if you put it on a napkin the napkin turns clear
What is vegetable oil?

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Calling that Pizza is like calling oversalted trash with soy sauce "Chinese food"

It's a pizza pie, and your crust does not need to be that oily.

Learn to make pizza, americans. Also, protip: 2-3 slices per person, not half a pizza per person unless you're eating a ridiculous american thin crust with more vegetables and sauce than anything piled onto it

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>American white people only have 6 inch dicks

Haha, oh wow. No wonder you're so mad at niggers in your shitty country.

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>american responding to a european
>automatically talks about sucking dicks

i meant "murrikan"
no offense intelligent american minority

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I thought this was a picture of a nebula from the thumbnail.

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Reporting this thread. Incoming Eurofaggots about to shit up this thread. You're all faggots, and there's a reason America is number one. Enjoy your poverty stricken shithole.

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u dum dum?

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Nearly every country on Earth has an average penis size of 6.5 to 5.5 inches. For some reason though people seem to think interracial porn is an accurate representation of anything,

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>Also, protip: 2-3 slices per person, not half a pizza per person

You are aware that on any pizza that is not a large that is the same thing right?

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What is this, fucking /b/?

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Fuck you you anti-white race traitor. Europeans are my brothers, only if they reject the treachery that is liberalism and multiculturalism. We must unite as whites if we are to survive.

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I'm on a diet. stahp.

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>making pizzas that aren't enormous

Still doing it wrong. Small batches of dough suffer from the increased dough-air contact compared to larger batches. Surface area increases as a square, volume as a cube, and so on.

Also pizza is better if you can eat from the same pie for breakfast every day of the week.

>discriminating against entire races instead of stupid individuals

We just want an IQ test to be a prerequisite for immigrating here. The niggers aren't the problem, it's the really fucking stupid ones that rival the damn chavs and tracksuit wearing russians in idiocy.

Requiring an IQ of >100 would filter out most of the muslims too.

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It doesn't necessarily matter how fat we are, or how we can let children die at school or at the movies from bullets.
What matters is what we as a society learn from all of this.
We have learned that there is no place for ANY guns to be owned by civilians, although we could be willing to allow certain bolt action rifles and some shotguns for hunting, target shooting and antique purposes.
Nobody needs to have any semi-automatic gun if they are a civilian, you don't need to spray a deer with bullets to slaughter it.
People have gone on and on about some obscure and irrelevant section of the second amendment but its time to let go of it and move forward.
>pic related

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>It's not a pizza pie.
>Implying that Euros aren't constantly dropping like flies from choking on unoiled crusts.
>Learn to make a real pizza, you elitist faggot.
>2-3 slices person... Right... Are we talking about a medium pizza, a large pizza, vegetable lovers, meat lovers, hand tossed, thin crust, etc? Protip: There are different ways to make pizza, and they're not created equally.

You sound underage.

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Yes a few idiots means normal law abiding people should be banned from having guns for sport and self defence. It is a fact that letting people have guns for self defence reduces crime, why do you want crime to increase and for more people to die?

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Take 2-3 inches off for most Asian countries.

Tip to any "average by global standards" guy visiting a SEA country: Bring your own condoms. The ones sold locally are reduced in size to fit the local population, so you will suffer greatly.

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>If you hunt small game, you need a semi automatic gun, so fuck your bolt actions
>Nobody needs a magazine that holds more than 5 bullets if they're a civilian
>Nobody needs handguns, they were designed to be better for combat and worse for hitting things that are more than 20 feet away
>Nobody needs to get their guns RIGHT NOW ASAP HURRY HURRY from wal-mart and can live with lengthy background checks
>Requiring a gun owners license and safety training would not be a bad thing

gun control done right

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Letting idiots and nutjobs have guns increases crime

Intelligence tests and psych evaluations for gun owners

[X] Problem solved

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>Gun control
>Just before the Second American Civil War of 2013

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>American civil war
>Just over 100 hillbillies rebel against LIBERULS DESTROYIN DA WHITE MAN
>Military kills all of them
>The end

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What about an undiagnosed autist who is smart enough to get through the testing process then?
The only way to safely take care of all the contingencies is a proper AWB.
This needs to include all semi-automatics of any kind and handguns of any kind.
People should also be limited to how much ammunition they can buy, picture it like a prescription for a drug, you will only be allowed x amount as the doctor orders.

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>semi automatics

these aren't a problem if you ban and destroy high capacity magazines

you're probably the kind of person that thinks pistol grips are a dangerous feature

>autists managing to fake a psych evaluation

one in thousands slipping through is acceptable. if you start accounting for shit like that, you end up with a tightly controlled police state.

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Its a good thing that they aren't going to grandfather AR's though, they will be handed in by most people as part of the buyback.
The rest will be collected and anybody who does not comply will be imprisoned or worse.
Assault Rifles are one of the exact things they are trying to get rid of as there is really no reasonable excuse for a civilian to have one.

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Nobody in the US has a fucking assault rifle, select or automatic fire weapons are under extremely heavy restriction. Banned by the same idiots who think banning semi-auto rifles will significantly reduce crime in any way.

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i should add that even if you get rid of semi automatics a dedicated killer will still be able to achieve a decent rate of fire after a few days of practice dry firing his bolt/lever/pump action and may actually manager to be more accurate

>"assault rifles"

pistol grips do not make a gun more dangerous
semi automatic fire makes a gun slightly more dangerous, but not much more
tacticool decorations and general military styling do not make guns more dangerous

a rifle with a traditional stock and a long barrel fitted with a 100 round magazine is more of an assault rifle than a civilian owned AR15 with a 5 round magazine and a black pistol grip

an actual automatic weapon or a semi automatic fitted with a gattling trigger hack is an assault weapon, and one of those needs to be made strictly illegal

as it stands it looks like the focus is going to be on the magazine capacity this time around anyways so this bitching is pointless

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slave please die

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It really is sad that we have people who think law abiding citizens should be banned from defending themselves or taking part in harmless sport activities. Criminals, terrorists and determined would be mass killers will still get guns and be even more likely to get away with killing others.

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>gattling triggers


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>this+large magazine+a cheap semi auto mounted so it's easier to control
>weapon ready for mass murder
>this small device is legal and completely uncontrolled, just like enormous magazines that have zero application outside of war and /k/ e-peen

DIY assault weapon kits. i'm glad most serial killers are too uneducated to know about them.

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The AWB quite clearly defines what assault weapons are. A rifle with assault features is an assault rifle.
There is no point hiding behind some clunky description of "select fire" rifles.
>rifle+ any assault feature= assault rifle

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Wrong, assault rifle is a military term with a clear definition, a rifle that is not select fire can never be an assault rifle. 'Assault weapon' is a term made up by politicians to try and scare idiots into supporting a pointless ban.

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at least give him bayonets and grenade launchers for his "assault feature" list but hell if pistol grips get taken again

they're ergonomic as fuck

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Bayonets make no sense on a ban list since how many criminals stab people with their gun? And the grenades on the last ban have been obsolete for decades and are almost impossible to acquire.

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A rifle that is an "assault weapon" is an "assault rifle."
We are not talking about banning the military from having guns, far from it.
In fact, if civilians want to play soldiers and dress up and run around with assault rifles then they should join the military.
Civilians are being banned from having assault rifles as defined by the AWB.

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That is a picture of the people you hate and desperately desire to steal the liberty of. "These people can't be allowed to own such and such"

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> Implying it's just 100 hillbillies

I'm technically a hispanic, and i'm ready to move to the Constitutional Confederacy and fight against the tyrannical Old government along with my white conservative brothers should the day for civil war come.

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nearly everything that would make a rifle better at killing people than usual is banned except for the ammo capacity thing

assault rifles aren't easy to get in the US and never have been since the 1930s

>prices in the tens of thousands range
>$200 tax stamps
>tight regulations

the AWB bans one or two remotely dangerous features and adds unnecessary bullshit to make stupid people feel safe

>oh god muzzle brakes and pistol grips
>this is a killing machine folks
>wait, traditional walnut stock? looks like something mah grandpa would own, that's safe to use for sure

the only rational thing in it is the 10 round limit

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>self hating hispanic
They won't let you in.

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Right, that looks absolutely disgusting.

>> No.30329970

Also i forgot semi auto, i actualy agree with getting rid of that forever.

>> No.30330011

>banning thumbhole stocks
>banning a feature that makes semi autos harder to reload

gj democrats

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It would be beautiful. Dreaming a world without republicans and christian lunatics

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>own an old mosin
>can fire 2 rounds a second accurately after practice
>3-4ish rounds frantic shooting after practice
>can fire 2 rounds a second accurately
>4-5ish rounds frantic shooting

semi automatic = killing machine

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It's not going to be a race war you stupid fuck it'll be along ideological lines. If Indians and spics share conservative values, they'd be welcome. It just turns out that the majority of blacks are liberal statistics, and we'll be fighting plenty of tyranny-loving whites as well.

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just your jewish overlords and brown friends

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Yep, that's a pie

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Looks like i got these just in time.

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I live in Europe where we have some experience what to do to jews. We shall make soap out of them. Brown people are no problem. They make kebab like no other.

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>weapon with no legitimate civilian use besides killing and target shooting at things that are barely 50 yards away.jpg

i agree that these could stand to go away

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Just out of curiosity. I call that a pie and you call it a pizza. If that is a pizza then what do you call a pie?

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You could stand to go away, fucking liberal scum

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go back to your decrepit shack in the woods

a pump action shotgun that can hold no more than 3 rounds is more than good enough for home defense, hunting, and recreational shooting

handguns are flat out useless

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Not glorious flija

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please go to >>>/k/ and argue there

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Right so people should be forced to use revolvers to defend themselves is what you are saying? There is a reason the police upgraded to semi-auto pistols, banning all semi-automatic weapons will do NOTHING except lead to more assault, mugging, armed robbery, home invasion and murder while inconveniencing and reducing the rights of law abiding people.

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Or at least pite

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Its not the job of a civilian to go around shooting people "for self defense" that is what law enforcement are for.
Law enforcement are allowed to do this type of thing as they are trained and qualified to do so, any old civilian with a gun is not.

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Every human being in the USA should be given an assault rifle and tonnes of ammo. this will solve all problems.

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Yes people never ever miss or get attacked by more than 3 people. Everybody should have the right to own handguns for self defence.

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Looks freaking good btw. That could be the end of my hangover

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A pizza is a pie.

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local family places > *

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what if law encorcement was decent so that you didn't need to tote around a semi automatic pistol all the time

but law enforcement isn't going to save you in a home invasion

>3 people
>you're going to do just as fine as you would with a handgun
>because you barely have to aim

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So you want to put a police officer in every single house in every country to defend people if they get attacked? Why do you disagree with one of the most fundamental human rights?

>> No.30330234

Does Japan have a policeman in every house?

>> No.30330241

average police response time is more than 10 minutes
>there's a rapist with a knife, let's wait 10 minutes

>> No.30330246

It does not matter how 'decent' law enforcement is, nobody apart from wannabe fascists wants the omnipresent police presence needed to make personal self defence unnecessary.

>> No.30330249

Killing other civilians is not one of the most fundamental human rights, there are usually laws against that kind of thing.

>> No.30330262

an increased number of police in public places isn't fascism, numbnuts.

>> No.30330263

I want that inside me.

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People still get murdered in Japan, banning guns will only hurt law abiding people while making it easier for criminals, just look at what happened in Australia after they had a gun buyback. People being able to defend themselves reduces crime.

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No sensible country has laws against killing in self defence, if somebody is trying to murder you or is breaking into your house you should be allowed to use whatever means are necessary to defend yourself and others.

>> No.30330298

>Look at what happened in australia

Australia has next to no gun crime. Are you saying we should ban guns?

>> No.30330320

Gun crime, armed robbery and various other crimes increased in Australia after people had their guns taken away.

>> No.30330324

>People still get murdered in Japan
How is the per-capita rate, compared to the USA?

>> No.30330328

Australia had next to no gun crime to begin with because they have no NIGGA BROTHA GANGSTA culture

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Japan is a homogeneous society. They have immigration policies that are stricter than even what US Republicans want. They also have no compunction in practicing what is essentially racial profiling.That goes a long way in stemming crime before they even occur.

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>Eating proprietary pizza

>> No.30330372

Do people really think criminals will hand in their illegally acquired and unregistered guns if there is a ban on semi-automatic weapons? Further do you think they will then not take advantage of the fact the law abiding people are now less able to defend themselves?

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Australia doesnt have niggers, which means less gun violence

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This is what liberals actually believe.

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You mean the same Singapore where having a bit of weed can get you the death penalty, even if you're a foreigner? You're saying a police state has social order, but are you willing to impose those same rules to achieve that order?

>> No.30330453

Yes, tell me more about the effect of Singapore's gun control.

One of the safest places in the world.

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This gun used to be completely legal in the USA.
>How does this make you feel?

>> No.30330569

still is in many areas

>> No.30330606 [DELETED] 

>still is in many areas for a few days at least then we are handing them all in at the buyback for $200.

>> No.30330640

>still is in many areas for a few days at least then we are handing them all in at the buyback for $200.


>> No.30330658

Safest because the government's history of severe punishment for criminals has put fear into the populace. You see, when people are afraid of mugging people, afraid of getting involved in drugs, afraid of assaulting or raping women, because all of those crimes carry the death penalty, then those crimes will drop, and reciprocally the need to rely on self-defense is reduced. Are you willing to enact disproportionate punishment to create a society that is fearful of committing crime in order to reduce the citizens' need to protect him/herself with guns?

In short I'm saying gun control by itself is not enough, and this belief that it is the only thing that stands between us and civil society is a conceit. Japan and Singapore are safer because of MANY other factors than just gun control, and unless you are willing to turn US society into Japanese or Singaporean society, you will never achieve the same results as them.

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meant for >>30330453

>> No.30330695

>Safest because the government's history of severe punishment for criminals has put fear into the populace. You see, when people are afraid of mugging people, afraid of getting involved in drugs, afraid of assaulting or raping women, because all of those crimes carry the death penalty, then those crimes will drop
Is that not the goal? To stop muggings, drugs, assault, rape and so on?

So you agree that enacting laws and actually punishing law-breakers is effective? If so, ban guns and punish those who break the law.

Problem solved.

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<span class="quotelink deadlink">>>123456[/spoiler]

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That's not even a pizza.

That's lasagna inside of a children's swimming pool.

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>meat on pizza
>pork of all things

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>implying abos aren't worse than nigs

>> No.30330820

>implying abos can get firearm permits

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This. Veggie pizza is best pizza.

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I agree that doing some authoritarian things can reduce crime. So let me get this straight. You DO want death penalty for minor drug offenses and assault? Because that would take away more than half of gun deaths in the US, since 1/3 of that statistic is just from drug deals gone wrong, and another large chunk is from robberies and assaults being escalated). And you'd likely stop the accidental gun deaths if you take away all guns. But suicides (another 1/3 of the total) will just be displaced to other means of death (death by jumping, hanging, drowning, etc will go up)

This is what you want right?

>> No.30330875

i would honestly rather die than live in total fear 24/7

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