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Freetard games thread

Post good freetard games, pic related spent last night playing wesnoth for a couple hours. Its pretty fun, especially multiplayer with friends.

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Frogatto, pretty well made game

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not free as in freedom

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cube 2
very good

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Ethernet: Revenge of the Cats
World of Padman

Best FLOSS shooters out there. I don't care what anyone says.

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You could have searched for cube 2 in Google. It's the first link.

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Warzone 2100

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But I am lazy anon

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what are you testing

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I wish more people played OpenArena.

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Oh look it's this thread again.

Actually OpenTTD is probably one of my favorite games ever, but like all Freetard games it's just a remake of an older game.

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I used to all the time. Maybe I should again.

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I-I-I-I'll play with you

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mah nigga

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this, and simutrans, are my favorite freetard games.

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I wanted to try Lips of Suna
but my computer is too old ;_;

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I'm scared, what is it?

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90% of games in general are a remake of an older game with new engines/features

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this shitty thread keeps getting reposted
stop it

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but it actually is
if you install freedoom .wad

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It's too easy.
Except the nitro collecting challenges, they are too hard.
RPG, but I couldn't get past the character creation becouse it would lag like hell.
But you can make cute characters :3

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Go back to veeeeeeee

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>stop playing games i don't play!

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Any /g/ mades?

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I'm not very good at it. I wish /g/ had a server.

It'd be cool because it's free software, and pretty much any computer can run it.

I'm sure it's not too demanding to run an OA server.

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I played a game of 0A.D. yesterday.

You can see it isn't finished yet (for instance, giving a move command to a unit doesn't result in visual feedback) but it felt like a professional, albeit old, game.

It didn't scale well with a lot of units though. I'm the guy that turtles until his army is too big to be contained in his land and I got some frame drops when I had my army done (and spawned 50 sheep at once).

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excuse me for not wanting regurgitated threads

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I'm working on a shitty python game, but its shit and not even in alpha

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>World of Padman
That website. God damn.

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Go bitch in the daily desktop/phone threads

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Wait, >>29547179 here. How did you get it to look like that? Were my settings that low, it looked like shit for me.

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oh god I just went on it

The horror. Dat duck girl.

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Blux just made Doom server, maybe he can make OA server if you ask him.

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>if you don't like it pretend it's not there
are you serious?

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Are you playing the latest alpha? Also some of these might be things that have not been pushed into the game officially yet. I got them from here http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad

people will not stop making threads just because you dont like them
go bitch in the hourly what phone should I get thread instead or go and report the OP. Go on.

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idea of that config is pretty cool.

Is your point to let people create characters?

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From page source:
<!-- 0 BBCODEZ EATEN IN 0.015251 SECONDZ!!1 ORLY!? -->
<!-- FOUND 1569232 COOKIEZ!!1! (RLY 1835008 OMG!!11!) -->
<!-- BTW YER ID IZ qsblcnpe5jo0c4ttdhuqqsrbl6 -->
<!-- KTHXBYE! -->

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I am serious. If you pretend it's not there it will stop bothering you

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Yeah, just the alpha from the website. But I was playing it on Windows so I think that might be a bit behind.

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Go for it. Good luck.

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I actually really like OpenTTD but it really gets boring after a couple hours as trains earn the most and you really don't need roads or sea transportation at all

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Oh man wesnoth is amazing

Anyone got a preferred race?
i am pretty new and only really know how to play with the rebels.

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really? I've played for 16 hour sessions. It's hard to put down. I always want to build just one more line, service one more town or industry, add one more train to a line... on a larger map it's endless

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>just zone it out
Take this lesson from amigafags. They honestly and truly, no shit, block out everything made after 1994. Not even kidding.

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Just checked it again and it looks better than I remembered. Still not as good as yours though.
I think my version (Kronos, 11) is just a bit behind. I'd take a screenshot but the game doesn't create a foreground window so I can't seem to capture it.

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Xonotic has gotten pretty good gameplay and graphics-wise if you like the Quake style of FPS.

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What I'm complaining about is the types are very imbalanced, trains make mad dosh compared to other types

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I agree, Trains earn too much, Busses + planes need boosting and balancing.

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road vehicles are still useful since bus service can increase the number of passengers at a station. Hovercrafts can be quite profitable, and so can passenger air service. and the game really isn't about making the most money, it's about building the best transportation network

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also more service = more town growth so other vehicles still serve a purpose. Road vehicles are good for water and food delivery in desert maps

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I have 11 too

It might depend on who you play as since I guess they are still using some of the old models

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Yeah, there is no reason not to go only for trains. Especially in multi player.

I sometimes start a scenario without lending any money.
I make enough money with buses to start trains etc. Can be fun.

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Could be, I was the Gauls

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I really think that there could be some boost

and fuck trying to replace airports for grown cities, it's an absolute nightmare when the town rejects your new airport placement attempt cause you terraformed or some shit

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yeah I hate that too. the best way to raise your town ranking is planting lots and lots of trees around the town. Almost always works

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The thing is that even when I'm maxed out ranking with a fucking town lolno fuck you, you removed a moffekn house ror

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Gauls are new in 11 IIRC

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TripleA is pretty fun.

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Then I am probably seeing things.
Disregard me.

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Are there any trade games?

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Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw: Isometric graphical interfaces for Nethack.

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But engines aren't games.

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Roguelikes are intended to be played in the console.

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>caring about "original intent" in any context.

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A minecraft replacement that not only respects your freedom, but is written in C++ meaning it doesn't run like dog shit

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oh fuck yes brb dling

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Have the notch fanboys raped the author yet?

>> No.29548110

Looks like dogshit and feels like dogshit, not Minecraft

>> No.29548114

What if it was originally designed to be played with a GUI?

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/v/ pls

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Why do you hate freedom?

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It was actually slower on my system than the javabloat.

>> No.29548168

Then the definition would've been so, however the current convention considers ASCII display to be a high point

>> No.29548172


>Looks like dogshit and feels like dogshit
>not Minecraft

What? That's the general Minecraft experience.

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All I see are blatant ripoffs.

Give me something fresh and original

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/v/ pls go


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There is only one video game worth playing at it was released as GPL in the late 90's. Pic related.


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He's the same guy from yesterday. Stop letting him push your buttons.

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Your system is weird then. Javabloat Jewcraft is slow as fuck on every system I've ever seen, minetest runs at 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fps on a 486.

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Are you 12?

>> No.29548308

For some people, yes, but not for most.
Use the one you like, don't harass or belittle people for liking different things.

Use what you like. It's not like the original interface is suddenly unavailable.

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so build a bus/train transfer service to and airport way from the town.

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> Has a legitimate request
> Assumes troll

So yeah, where are the freetard games that aren't copying something else?

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Any games that are fun if one wants to screw around on school computers? Basically in browser games that don't suck.

>> No.29548511

/r/ing some good rpgs; something diablo-like

>> No.29548534

>automatically switches to that weapon after picking it up

>> No.29548554

Sorry, but legitimate requests rarely include words like "blatant ripoff".

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/g/ must be in butthurt defense mode today.

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>has never played quake before

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C/SDL port of Tyrian, Free as in Freedom. Compiles and runs pretty much everywhere, including Haiku gcc4.

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Doesn't happen in Quake Live.

>> No.29548932

Wanna play? :3

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>quake live


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anyone wanna play wesnoth? There are a bunch of maps and factions.

>> No.29549008

I'm going to try Revenge of the Cats. Anyone want to join?

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Are we talking "free as in freedom" or "free as in free beer"?

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Summoning Wars, it's like Diablo, still in beta.

Also, Odamex server is public at gopher.su, OpenArena has troubles on PPC, so no go.

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It's always about freedom.

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>freetard games

what do you think?



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Virtually all interactive fiction can be run on free interpreters, if not free software itself, i.e. Victor Gijsbers putting his games under the GPL. http://ifdb.tads.org.

Other than that, NetHack and Crawl are enough for several years of entertainment.

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WAD? Map? Rules?

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>installing non-free software to play a free game

Okay pleb

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Anyone know any good games like Runescape?
Where you can train skills and level up?
Since Runescape is dead and everyone hates it I need some alternatives

>> No.29549238

32in24-11.wad for Doom II, map 01, weapons stay, classic Doom.

>> No.29549241


The Desura client is FOSS.

>> No.29549255

I play Realm of the Mad God and Tibia, but neither of them are free. In fact, you have to pay for more content.

>> No.29549273

>Since Runescape is dead and everyone hates it I need some alternatives
When did this happen? Are you certain /v/ didn't tell you this?

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>> No.29549315

mah niggas
compiling the svn version on my gentoo now, i wonder if it will work?

>> No.29549317


>The client itself would be released under the GNU General Public License, while the server-side portion of the distribution platform would remain proprietary. The media assets and trademarks would also remain property of DesuraNET

Yeah no. It may be open source but it isn’t free

>> No.29549323

New update called Evolution of Combat. Basically changed they way you fight and destroyed the game

>> No.29549329

I don't normally say this; You're new please get out.

>> No.29549351

>Implying it didn't die September 2007

So much new in this thread it hurts

>> No.29549380


GPL is free software, not "open source". More to the point, the client is the only thing distributed to users, is it not? Server-side it can remain proprietary.

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>So much new in this thread it hurts

you're a faggot.

>> No.29549466

>This software is of a very low quality.

>> No.29549477


An open source program that lets you download proprietary software has no relevance to free software. Furthermore, people cannot derive or modify the service because the server side code and assets are proprietary

>> No.29549506

All I'm seeing are two butthurt Stallman disciples who prefer inferior software because their messiah isn't shitting all over it.

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If you're willing to substitute convenience or aesthetics for freedom, then yes, you do hate freedom.

>> No.29549525

Too bad stallman is okay with that.

>> No.29549552


Stallman would never endorse software like Desura.

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>> No.29549620

He wouldnt endorse the Desura because it lets you distribute non-free games, but he does not care about server side code.

>> No.29549663

...how about a more efficient and better-written program?

I swear, you guys are worse than Apple's fandom. Such a black and white view of modern technology.

>> No.29549667


But the GPL (which, again, is a free license, not an "open source" one) doesn't come into play until software is distributed. Server-side could be GPL, but it being proprietary makes no effective difference since it isn't distributed to users.

>An open source program that lets you download proprietary software has no relevance to free software.

Does that include GNU/Linux package managers, or my browser? Don't be ludicrous.

>> No.29549694


That's because freedom is binary.

You either have it or you don't.

>> No.29549697

>you guys
>implying its not you/some autists trying to make people in this thread look bad

After the thread yesterday I am certain shitposters in these threads are retards.

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File: 90 KB, 480x326, pot-kettle-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Calls someone else an autist

>> No.29549807

>Does that include GNU/Linux package managers, or my browser? Don't be ludicrous.

Yes to the former, no to the latter.

A package manager has a repository of software that is either free or non-free, but has the power to exclude either one. A web browser can indeed let you install non-free software, but its repository, the internet, cannot be regulated or modified to exclude proprietary software

>> No.29549826

I'm for progress over blindly following some fat homeless man.

>> No.29549843

>implying I am not calling you and the stallmanite retards

>> No.29549848

But...these games are blatant ripoffs, and he's asking for free games that aren't...

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So many rustled jimmies in this thread.


>> No.29549915

Yes, my jimmies are rustled. But soon, I'll be calm, and you'll still be stupid.

>> No.29549934

OpenRA, great remake of red alert 1, better balance and a active community with almost always some people to play with... keep in mind that the current release is abit unstable for the moment...

>> No.29549950

>Spams same image
>rustled jimmies XD
>I can't argue for lord of the GNU neckbeards so le trolled

>> No.29549984

>defending jewcraft
Are you?

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>you are this mad

>> No.29550057

We need an underage ban here on /g/.

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How about a ban on all the bullshit consumer electronics threads? Or the tech support threads? Or all the 'deprecated' threads?


yeah nah you're a cunt

>> No.29550395

How about a ban on the retarded GNU bitching and Stallman dicksucking?

>> No.29550832

how about banning all the /v/tards?

>> No.29550862

surprisingly, that game is CRAZY AWESOME!

>> No.29550884

How about banning everyone on /g/?

>> No.29550915

Skulltag/Zandronum a shit

>> No.29550931

sadly it doesn't support the extra content from Tyrian 2000

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File: 79 KB, 641x379, Beneath-a-Steel-Sky.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29551046

Does this thing not allow respawning. I died and then I had to start over

>> No.29551276

>actually playing it

whats it like

>> No.29551637

Beneath A Steel Sky is fucking awesome!

>> No.29551691

flare is pretty fun

>> No.29551746

>ur jus cult homles habo freetard fat
>not stupid
>principally standing for freedom without compromise
>"detriment to progress"
Enjoy your DRMed-everything and Turing -1 devices, all for the sake of "progress" (read: "smoother GUI transitions" and "faster media consumption").
By the way, learn to use commas properly.

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File: 312 KB, 933x637, Ihatefreedom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A little of this, a little of that.

>> No.29551910


Stallman doesn't care about non-free gamedata/art. What really matters is the engine that the game runs in.

>> No.29551935

what's that?

>> No.29551966


Gnome Shell overlay.

Why would I launch Steam from Desura?

>> No.29552021

>162 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Ctrl F Spring RTS
>No results

Filthy plebians. Kill yourselves.

>> No.29552047

I think my computer sucks too. Hard to navigate, bad camera positioning and I am having a hell of a time just getting back to town. I also killed the first person I met when I ran away from something and then the something killed her

>> No.29552061

I'll add. I took off her dress and saw her tities.

>> No.29552077

oh baby

>> No.29552099


B-but I-I like S-Spring t-too.

Too bad most mods for it are still in an alpha state. The engine itself seems like it has amazing potential, given the way it can render thousands of units. Been thinking about modding it myself into some sort of napoleonic strategy game, and use terrain art assets for 0AD to make everything look fancier.

>> No.29552105

I figured, she dead, might as well see what she has. She didn't have much

>> No.29552109

why don't you guys make a wiki or something with reviews, screnshots, etc of good FREE™ games instead of making the same thread everyday?

>> No.29552147

then we would have to make a thread everyday and say here is the wiki. And then bump it pointlessly with SFW tits.

>> No.29552161

Why don't you hide the thread and quit being a whiny little bitch? I don't even participate in these threads, but I still appreciate them.

>> No.29552165

Because its fun pissing you off

also this >>29552147

>> No.29552214


Because that already exists, and yet we still enjoy to discuss free software games. Got a problem?

>> No.29552286

Can I have a link? I've been needing some good games lately.

>> No.29552323



>> No.29552354


google freegamer and libregamewiki

>> No.29552392
File: 264 KB, 457x430, out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Those arent free software.

>> No.29552395

Hedgewars, it is like worms armageddon but with different weapons

Warsow, it is like quake 3 but faster, kinda dead though

>> No.29552428


Some are now.

>> No.29552497


Lugaru and Aquaria? Ha!

>> No.29552534

I felt dissapointed about Lugaru.

>> No.29552552

I felt murr about Lugaru.

>> No.29552562

>Not owning half of steam...

>> No.29552587


>> No.29552595
File: 370 KB, 1920x1080, steam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29552598

I'm in the Steam Linux beta and I've been playing Killing Floor again lately. I recommend it.

>> No.29552599
File: 32 KB, 700x525, x-moto-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


captcha: andCNN owns

>> No.29552621

not free

>> No.29552652


Runs on Linux natively so I don't give a shit.

>> No.29552661

>Too bad most mods for it are still in an alpha state.

BA, if you don't mind it using original TA material. If you do, Zero-K seems beta-ready at least.

>> No.29552672

Why to freetards accept shit out of principle?

>> No.29552674

By the way, did you guys know you can now play Cave Story in a free as in freedom way?


>> No.29552732


>Why do proprietaryfags willingly spread cheek to receive cock?

>> No.29552762


ahh fucking 4chanx and your cached names

>> No.29552799


Yeah because Stallman's opinion on what makes software free is infallible.

>> No.29552882


If by 'Stallman' you mean 'the dictionary' and by 'opinion' you mean definition, then yes, libre software only has one definition and is thusly "infallible"

>> No.29552937


I'm all for free/libre software, but I don't like Stallman's 4 freedom shit simply because it doesn't take into account the freedom of the developer. What if the developer doesn't want to share his code? That's where it fails.

Kind of reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen.

>> No.29552978

...then he doesnt use GPL...

I bet you think openGL is free as in freedom

>> No.29552983


>What if the developer doesn't want to share his code? That's where it fails.

The freedom to deny other people's freedom is not freedom. WE've discussed this a thousand times, already.

>> No.29552993

>Kind of reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen.
New to me. Can I have a bed time story?

>> No.29553014

200 comments and no DCSS?

get some stone soup!

>> No.29553034




Forcing someone to share their code is denying their freedom. We're not fucking communists chuckle fuck.

>> No.29553045


To not share source code with your neighbor is not a freedom, it is an exercise of power.

Like this guy said

>> No.29553046


>What if the developer doesn't want to share his code?

Then he doesn't release his project under a FOSS license and he doesn't contribute to, or create derivatives of, FOSS projects.

>That's where it fails.

No, it doesn't. You must realise that the developer wanting to share his code or not is secondary to software freedom (otherwise the developer is unjustly subjugating the user), and accessible code is a central prerequisite for the four freedoms.

>> No.29553058

>I'm all for free/libre software,
>What if the developer doesn't want to share his code? That's where it fails.
>I'm all for free/libre software,
You aren't.

>> No.29553069


>Forcing someone to share their code is denying their freedom.

In the same way outlawing theft (as in physical theft) is denying freedom. There is a net gain in freedom by denying certain freedoms (the freedom to murder, etc.).

>> No.29553082

>doesn't take into account the freedom of the developer.
Yes. The GPL was made to protect the freedom of the user, which implies restricting the freedom of the developer.
He talks about it a bit in Revolution OS: He states explicitly that he wanted to shift power from the developer to the user.

>> No.29553115

Don't foist your shitty programs on people if you're terminally afraid of them "learning whatever secrets you've wrought from the Universe" because you're just such a special snowflake.

>> No.29553124


Not giving away something is not the same as stealing or murder you fucking moron.

Do you tell a chef they're impeding on your freedom if they don't give out a secret recipe?

>> No.29553147

Except that all developers are principally users.

>> No.29553181

>Do you tell a chef they're impeding on your freedom if they don't give out a secret recipe?
Except that in this analogy, the Chef is the user of the "program"
Them keeping a secret would be like not telling you which program was used to make a certain picture.

>> No.29553187


>I'm all for freedom/democracy, but I don't like the constitution simply because it doesn't take into account the freedom of the government. What if the government doesn't want to share their freedoms? That's where it fails.

>> No.29553208

Sorta off topic here, but are there any open-source and isometric game engines I can use? I'd like to develop a game for the Linux community but haven't found anything that is particularly open-source or "free" yet.

I would use the Flare engine, but don't know how to get to the dev kit.

>> No.29553217

If the chef gives me food I'm free to modify it in any way I want before eating, same with most physical goods, you can modify them any way you want. Try to modify a proprietary software and you might face legal problems

>> No.29553246

You are a developer if you publish software.
Making software for yourself is being a user only. And the GPL is really helpful in this case: You are just one person, you can't build a whole computing environment that suits you by yourself. So you modify bits of FOSS software to behave like you want. And you don't have to publish the source as long as you don't distribute the software. In this case you have full freedom and no restrictions.
If you distribute it, you become a developer, and lose freedom, as the developer part overrides the user part (if the "restriction" part wouldn't override the "grant" parts any license would be useless).

>> No.29553258


dungeon crawl stone soup is a great example of foss gaming, as it's super easy to modify and has a large community, and is addicting as fuck.

roguelike's aren't everybodies cup of tea though.

>> No.29553281
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>Do you tell a chef they're impeding on your freedom if they don't give out a secret recipe?

The problem with this analogy is that recipes can legally be copied, modified and shared. This is why we have such broad and diverse food all over the world.


Fragmentation is a good and necessary component of any free institution like cooking, medicine, science, music or law.

>> No.29553294

>and lose freedom
What freedom? You can still do everything the user can.

>> No.29553309


>Not giving away something

Whether or not the source is available in itself isn't the issue. The issue is that otherwise, the developer exerts undue power over the user, and that is unethical--the same as theft. This isn't a freedom worth protecting as by denying you create more freedom.

>Do you tell a chef they're impeding on your freedom if they don't give out a secret recipe?


More importantly though, software is a digital tool. Making analogies that are never wholly comparable (recipes and code are to the extent they outline a task and sharing both is easy) only clouds the issue at hand.

>> No.29553344

A lose the freedom (not in the FSF, but societal definition) of secrecy and privacy, which you have as a user.

>> No.29553365

There could be a lot of gain off of muder... If we were to kill all the goons in the world that cannot into anything... And leave the remotely intellectual people that would be a hell of a start.

>> No.29553384


>> No.29553445


When you distribute (publish) any work, whether it be a book or a piece of software you can't expect to keep its contents secret or private. That's just unreasonable. You also subject yourself as an author to some kind of focus, whether it be under a pseudonym or your real identity.

>> No.29553448

Then don't distribute your changes in binary form.

>secrecy privacy
How is your privacy invaded?
What do you need to keep secret?

>> No.29553451
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>> No.29553552

>How is your privacy invaded?
>What do you need to keep secret?
Everyone gets to know what your software does.
Which would not happen if you kept it to yourself and not distribute it.
How would you feel if someone walked up to you and "Tell me what every piece of software you have does!" The freedom of not telling him that is normal for a user, but not for a developer.

>When you distribute (publish) any work
you become a developer and lose the freedom to
>keep its contents secret or private.
So a developer has less freedoms than a user. Which is exactly what I said
>If you distribute it, you become a developer, and lose freedom,

>> No.29553590

> And leave the remotely intellectual people that would be a hell of a start.
You notice how children from societies that emphasize "work>free time" more than western ones (i.e. Asian) stay taht way in the first generation, but subsequent generations are less and less diligent and more fat?
The lazy parts of society will just reform.
You'd have to cull every second generation to keep this up, otherwise it just happens again. And at this point you probably start to have negative population growth

>> No.29553673


>So a developer has less freedoms than a user.

That's not the fault of the GPL, but an unavoidable side-effect of publishing anything. I don't understand your point.

The only scenario I could think of where proprietary software developer would attempt to conceal something from his users is if he's doing something malicious. It's not a freedom worth protecting.

>> No.29553710

>Everyone gets to know what your software does.
Heaven forbid people be aware of what you're doing on their computer.
>How would you feel if someone walked up to you and "Tell me what every piece of software you have does!"
I'd tell them to fuck off. We're talking about software you want to distribute to other people, so the question would be "What does all YOUR software on MY computer do?" Which is not unreasonable to someone who cares about privacy or security.
>The freedom of not telling him that is normal for a user, but not for a developer.
Again, if you don't want your pernicious activities under scrutiny, stop trying to foist your malware on other people.

>> No.29553759

>That's not the fault of the GPL, but an unavoidable side-effect of publishing anything.
It is not.
If you publish only binaries, it is not obvious what the software does. Reverse engineering is not foulproof and can be illegal in some countries like the US.
So in this the others do actually not fully know what your software does.
>The only scenario I could think of where proprietary software developer would attempt to conceal something from his users is if he's doing something malicious.
There are other things you can conceal. How it works in general, so others can't make similar software. DRM. Conceal that it doesn't do anything at all (Google SoftRAM). Conceal how hardware interfaces work so people can't duplicate the hardware.
I would not agree with some of these arguments like concealing hardware interfaces, but they are common in the industry.

>Again, if you don't want your pernicious activities under scrutiny, stop trying to foist your malware on other people.
I hope you realize that I'm arguing in favor of the GPL.
What I said here
>You are just one person, you can't build a whole computing environment that suits you by yourself. So you modify bits of FOSS software to behave like you want.
applies to me personally. But for me to be able to do that the developer MUST lose the freedom of secrecy/privacy.

>> No.29554396



>> No.29555587

>Four Freedoms
>Which were codified by RMS
>RMS refers back to the 4 freedoms to prove his point
>Circular Logic

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