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Why should I use Debian the moment Ubuntu gives me everything I need to get working?

Pic unrelated.

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Why not use LMDE and have deian with everything you need to get working?

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never having to say that word out load to someone

not that plebian is any better...

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Holy shit, this sounds cool. Do you know if they provide ATI's proprietary drivers? The open source ones make my GPU fans spin like whores.

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because of non-retardedness

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So, social stigma?

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Admitting to using Ubuntu will make the silly kids on /g/ make fun of you.

Meanwhile I'm making lotsa cash doing sysadmin and running Ubuntu on all my machines. Easy, fun job. Enjoy unemployment, Gentoo/Arch fags.

Debian is fine, esp. for servers, but Ubuntu is honestly miles ahead for desktops.

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You hit my weak spot.

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>linux mint

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This is now a pizza thread. Please stick to thin crust NY-style pizzas please. Despite being in Chicago I prefer the delicious thin crust.

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Go back to fucking bed Clem we don't need you viraling your awful shit here

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>tfw running fedora with ubuntu desktop on top
Feels masterrace man

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dealing with a dumb system

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I am sorry, what?

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aww sheeeiitt nigga is dat sum fuckin deep dish?

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Please do define dumb when you refer to a system.

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angry archtard detected

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I got you your pizza.

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Bleh. Abandon thread

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They do. You can just apt install them.

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Ubuntu+Xfce masterrace, thank you very much.

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Come back!

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Problem is, my GPU became "unsupported" with the latest kernel versions (fuck you ATI).

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Can't stand that amount of cheese. Shit's obscene.

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>ATI card

pick one.

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First good looking pizza in the thread except for OP's.

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The idea of a casserole pizza is always appealing until you try it.

Sorry Falcon.

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Cheese is the best part of pizza.

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Yes, but that doesn't mean it should be piled on like that.

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>having to handpick your hardware


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Fucking, This.

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Casserole pizza? Never heard of such a thing.

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fat fuck

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That much cheese is generally not a good thing.
That picture makes me queasy.

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that's what a chicago deep dish pizza is
it's basically a casserole

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I find it appealing.

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I...is that Cinnamon, anon?

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And I find it obscene.

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pizza is not technology

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Says you.

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It was, but i switched back to MATE.

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Then you must use the free ones and hope they fix them in the future. Heard the next version of the Radeon driver can compete with and even surpass in some cases the Catalyst driver.

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Do you actually have a whole pizza folder or are you making this up as you go along?

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Do you think it's better (as in lighter, more responsive)? I would go XFCE but I don't like its... simplicity.

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You mean there are people without pizza folders?

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*on older GPUs, forgot to add.

On newer boards is about 40 to 70%, depending on what are you doing with it. Still can't support HD 7000.

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Missed one.

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>Do you think it's better (as in lighter, more responsive)?

It is the complete opposite of both, sadly.
I wouldn't recommend it.

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Almost unnoticeable from Cinnamon if you have a good processor+GPU. Even on older machines, there's little to no difference between it and Mate in terms of performance.

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>TheFalcon's face when

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Not enough cheese.

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See, then again it may have just been my shitty driver support for my ATI chipset that made cinnamon sluggish.

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Thin pizzas, with less topping, and seemingly devoid of the quantities of cheese that a REAL man would call adequate.

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That amount of cheese makes it practically a quiche.
Real men don't eat quiche.

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So, the end result is that, the only reason to switch from Ubuntu to Debian is to avoid /g/'s social stigma?

This is literally a joke.

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Yep. /g/ is actually, literally this fucking stupid.

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Too little meat in there. REAL men eat REAL meat so your shitty cherry pie is for faggots and women only.

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>On newer boards is about 40 to 70%
40% to 70% faster?

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>I'll have what he's having

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Can I have your computer's specs?
Processor, GPU model etc.etc.
Assuming Catalyst is 100%, Radeon is 40 to 70% on newer cards.

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These guys know what they are talking about, /g/ is actually just one person with a single personality

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Shit that looks motherfucking delicious

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AMD Athlon II M320 / 2.1 GHz ( Dual-Core )
ATI Radeon 4200
4GB Memory

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It looks absolutely disgusting you fucking inbred chipmunk.

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>implying there isn't one popular opinion in every community

2/10, made me reply.

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Sorry amerifats, but both chicago and NY style pizzas are fucking terrible.
NY pizzas are devoid of anything but wet cardboard, grease and salt, and chicago pizzas are casseroles where the flavour is replaced with cheese.

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Meatballs? Are you fucking serious?
Did someone take a bloody shit on that?

Pic is a real pizza

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>replaced with cheese
You mean improved by cheese

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Were you raped by a pizza as a child?

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Meh, should be good enough. Try out LMDE and let us know if it works with default drivers.

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You have no reason to, because you are unemployed

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>No veggies but tomato sauce and sugar onions


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>your employment status somehow defines what you currently own

OP here, I even own a Macbook Pro. Does that make me more unemployed or less?

Fucking idiots.

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>eating bloated Pizza

Margherita Pizza master race.

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I said what I meant and I meant what I said.
Chicago pizzas are closer to actual pizza than NY greasy cardboard though.
Pizza should have things on it other than tomato and cheese.

No, I ate pizza that was good when I was younger. Then america suddenly thought that there were only two types of pizzas: NY and chicago. And now you can't get any other kind of pizza because they replaced it all with garbage.

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Only women and people who lead a life devoid of pleasure like veggies on pizza. So fuck you and your gay opinion.

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No, it makes you a faggot

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Holy shit, 'American style' Pizzas look horrible, I'd lose my appetite just seeing one.

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>Be italian on /g/
>people calling strange edible things "pizza"

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What you fail to realize is that veggies are delicious, you fucking tasteless populist pleb.

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>not clogging your arteries with wonder

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Its chicago style not american style you philistine

>> No.29197928

Did someone vomit blood on some dough and then call it food?

>> No.29197941

Not on pizza, no. Anywhere else is another story.

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My first time seeing Pizza around 2-3 times thicker than the types I eat, like once a month.

Americans.... Is this your food?

>> No.29197961


No one wants your obscure greens salad on a rectangular crust.

>> No.29197967

what's the name of that 'za style where there's an incredibly thick crust, spicy tomato sauce and cheese long and stringy enough to probably choke you

y'know, that kind you almost have to eat with a spoon

i like that 'za

>> No.29197988

Does /g/ ever make their own pizza from scratch? All the way to the dough?

>> No.29197990

It's called an abomination.

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you're just jelly

my favourite

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I use pre-made dough mix fairly often. Add water, knead, and shape.

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I just eat normal pizza with cheese, ham, both of which are grated and put between the top and bottom layer, and some slight oregano on top.
No fancy shit, cheap, fast, delicious.

I can't believe people actually eat these monstrosities, some fucking look like damn pies.
I don't know what it tastes like, but the look of your pizza is also important in getting your appetite going.

>> No.29198074

>not compiling the dough from source
I bet you use a pine nut kernel as well

>> No.29198075

>Implying it doesn't look fucking delicious

>> No.29198103

You think your minimalist shit makes you look like a hacker?? Hard dishes are ridiculously cheap these days, you can afford the 'bloat' of a truly powerful pizza

>> No.29198104

Culture thing I guess?
These things look way too fat and give me the feeling like it's lasagna.

>> No.29198116


I would bother to eat that one in its entirety.

>> No.29198133

I've tried before, but evidently my BAKEFLAGS were all wrong because my oven kept exiting with error status 2 :(

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Kebab and salad masterrace

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>the huge ass on the chair

>> No.29198156

>no, it makes you "insert social stigma here"

Enjoy having a life led by the rules other people make. I'll be here laughing.

>> No.29198160

>mayonaise pizza
Too far in the right direction

>> No.29198179

>mayonaise anything

>> No.29198182

sir, i will fight you

>> No.29198197

could be, I wouldn't turn down a thin pizza, but that one is looking at me with those eyes...

>> No.29198216

>Not realizing your life *is* led by the rules other people make and social stigma, you are just thinking one level up
Have fun being meta-co-dependant

>> No.29198219

Wut. That's some sort of ranch dressing

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i made my own pizza once, the dough, the sauce, everything. it's hard to tell if the sense of self-satisfaction improves the flavour, but it was the most god damn delicious pizza i've ever eaten.

inb4 it's not hard. i know, but it felt like a great achievment, just let me have this.

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Damn, I'd be making that face too if it was in front of me.

>> No.29198268

What the fuck is that thing?
Why would anyone eat this

>> No.29198288

No, it is pretty hard.

>> No.29198295

Nigga it looks delicious

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aww ye

>stool softener included with every slice

>> No.29198301

Well done!

>> No.29198307

>moldy pizza
Why is that even a thing?

>> No.29198313

You've really never seen fucking pesto before?

>> No.29198323

It looks someone decided to include his semen and some cocaine in there.

>> No.29198364

Tih 8 feta pršuta košta više nego cijela pizza.

>> No.29198391


are there really 8 different cheeses in it? or have i misunderstood this moonspeak?

>> No.29198415

Maybe you're mistaking your life with mine. :)

>> No.29198446

The smiley face to try to give the impression you are happy and secure tells me quite the opposite of its intentions.

>> No.29198451

Oh my god yes

>> No.29198464

>tells me

That's your problem. Smiley faces don't speak. Your mind does.

>> No.29198611

Sounds like it is your problem, you are the one complaining about it

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