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It's not pizza. Stop calling it that.

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You're right, it's not pizza.

It's so much more than that.

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It's pie

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hey look, another tripshit with no taste

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look, NYfags. get with a real city, you skinny metro mopes

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No topcrust.

It is pizza. 'Pizza' is a pretty broad term.

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No, it's literally more.

A pizza, in the traditional sense is just flat, tasteless bread with no yeast splattered with tomato chunks.

Fuck pizza.

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You rang?

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fucking disgusting

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>not liking heaven with sausage and pepperoni
>preferring greasy cardboard covered in ketchup

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Thats not real deep dish, it has too much dough.

THIS is real deep dish

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But it is.

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Fine, it's quiche then.

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>cherry-picking bad examples

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This isn't pizza, this is quiche.

Get some cultural diversity, americlaps.

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Can the midwest do anything right?

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deep dish pizzas are actually pies

typical pizzas are still pizzas

also fuck now i want pizza

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Thin crust and deep dish are both fucking disgusting.

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This shit looks fucking disgusting. Fucking Americans.

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then again, you cant expect a weeaboo to know good American food

also cheese, beer, meat, fruit, sports

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Conventional-style pizza is for fags.

>pizza rolls wuz here

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speaks the truth.

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>All that fatty, greasy cheese
>not enough veggies

Fucking disgusting.

This is why I bake my own pizza.

>Chewy, flavorful whole wheat crust
>Light on the cheese, just for flavor
>Green bell pepper
>Serrano chiles
>Caramelized onions
>Canadian bacon
>Touching it doesn't give you acne

This is why you're all fat.

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>tfw no pizza rolls

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Chicago style deep dish is not pizza, it's a children's swimming pool filled with lasagna.

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I'd eat this stuff but my grandmother would laugh at me if I told her that this is supposed to be pizza.

I'm from italy.

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Pizzas are pies.

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It's basically breaded lasagna.

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>garlic and jalapenos
>whole wheat crust

You must be a west coast american.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to not get our shit wrecked by hurricanes every couple of years.

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Yep. I prefer my pizza to be just right in thickness.

Besides, New York and Chicago can't do anything right.

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>mfw I am

Also, thin crust is pretty good. I bet you don't eat the heels on your bread loaves either.

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Are all Europeans this rude?

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Not him, but I'm fucking Texan and that sounds delicious as fuck.

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>no pasta
even hipsters are better than you

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>implying garlic doesn't go well with pizza

fuck that jalapeno noise tho

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>eating the heels
>Year 2012 of our lord jesus christ

They only include the heels in case your dog wants bread.

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they're only this rude until their semen shippments run low, then they come begging for more from America

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East coast here, would eat.

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Rude as fuck calling me American...

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>The year of our lord jalapeno crust
>not eating the crust

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go away plinkett

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>Fat German emigrants making fat doughy shit for their fat doughy faces as expected

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Thin crust sauer kraut and onion pizza master race

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>Thin crust
>Have to hold it in awkward positions just to eat it
>Leaves you hungry

>Deep dish
>Extremely messy, have to eat with a fork (WTF)
>Fills you up, but general pizza size is smaller

I prefer medium crust. Not messy, don't have to hold it all weird, pizza is just the right size, and it fills you up.

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>Jalapeno crust
>Baking peppers into bread

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Tell your grandmother to shave her mustache

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>implying the crust isn't the best part

what's it like being 12?

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>disgusting plebeian ameripoor food
>eaten anywhere near germany

Try not to impose your jewiness on aryans, puhlease.

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We will, and you won't be able to do shit because eating all those fat filled sausages has made you too fat to move.

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Believe it or not, most popular American cuisine is German based.


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>Implying Chicago isn't a fucking shithole that fails at everything.
>Implying New York pizza isn't closer to true Italian pizza.

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>mfw all those years in my childhood where I wondered why they didn't have Ham in Hamburgers.

>> No.28751836

>Be in Midwest
>Chicago style is best style
>Actually look forward to crust
>Feel bad for coastals and europoors alike

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>Implying both styles aren't complete shit compared to medium crust master race

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You're imposing like crazy right now

You mean, those that aren't made of 99.95% lard? I haven't really ever seen any of those here, to be honest

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popular american cuisine tastes like shit, to be fair.

german food only tastes good if you're starving and cold.

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shut up with this "medium crust" samefag. no one cares about your freezer pizzas

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>Freezer pizzas

Someone hasn't had a good medium crust it seems.

Oh well, too bad. You're missing out on pizza heaven.

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I like traditional american food more than this import shit.

Like ground buffalo in gravy with a side of potatoes and carrots. Fucking delicious if done right.

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the word you were looking for was "projecting", but nice try
>99.95% lard
try all-beef, and lean at that. another thing chicago does right

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Come back to me when you've actually tried a good medium crust pizza that's not Pizza Hut.

Fucking gutter trash.

>> No.28751913

guys does it honestly make a difference
if someone handed me a pizza i would eat it regardless of crust size

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I have had pizza heaven. It's called a chicago-style with a nice bready, non-greasy thick crust.

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medium crust isn't even a thing

its a hand-tossed crust

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>Eat buffalo burger once
>A week later
>Eat a burger at my favorite place
>Tastes like shit in comparison


>> No.28751945

which is thin crust just not pulled out

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>Quiche has a pastry crust and a filling of eggs and milk or cream which, when baked, become a custard.

Damn, why are Europoors so fucking dense?

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>>Thin crust
>>Have to hold it in awkward positions just to eat it


That's why you FOLD IT THE LONG WAY.


>>Leaves you hungry


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>the word you were looking for was "projecting", but nice try
point taken

If it's all-beef, it's clearly not "common" ameripoor food, a la mclardburgers.

How's life in poland?

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>new york pizza
>even close to italian pizza
it is wet cardboard, it doesn't even stand up when you hold it

>> No.28751990

Meh. I call it medium crust because it's in the middle between thin and deep.

>Implying folding isn't awkward

I'm actually quite thin. Not my fault thin crusts have barely anything on them. It's pretty much just cheese and very thin dough.

>> No.28752001

>Chewy, flavorful whole wheat crust

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Keep that grey, gummy shit to yourself.

>> No.28752003

that's not common amerifat food, that's lazy and/or poor amerifat food

>> No.28752024

>good medium crust pizza

The fuck is this shit.

There is deep dish
There is thin crust NY style
And there is Sicilian, which I *think* you're calling "medium crust" but I'm not sure. Because you keep using this faggot term without defining it.

>gutter trash

You eat chain pizza junk.

>> No.28752030

Too much cheese and not enough baking.

The only way to get good pizza in america is to compile it from source.

>> No.28752033

confirmed for yuropoor

>tfw living in the south so all our food is delicious

i mean even McDonalds is better here, since we have the Hot n Spicy McChickens instead of the bland as fuck McChickens

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Also known as common american cuisine

>> No.28752059

>Go to the UK
>McDonalds, shit local chains everywhere

The "common" food of the entire world is complete shit that's made to last in a restaurant freezer or on a shelf.

If I went to germany I'd see people wolfing down shitty McBurgers and cheap sausage.

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>can't come up with any counter argument
>durr yuropoor

Oh americunts

>> No.28752068

>it is wet cardboard,

Next time ask for it "well done" and the crust will be crunchy.

>> No.28752080

Not really no.

Unlike what Yuropoor says, not everyone is constantly eating McDonalds every day. In fact, most American cuisine is either cooked at home, or eaten at a proper restaurant.

Fast food is for when you need food, well, fast.

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You're mistaking expats/ameripoor soldiers/migrant bydlo youth with germans

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OP give me one of those pies and an italian beef. extra peppers. all these shitposting goofballs acting retarded....da bears amirite ?

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America invented: Fried chicken, ruined pizza
Germany invented: Stuffing intestines with fat and scrap meat, ruined cabbage

Deal with it.

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>mfw da bears win da superb owl

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>UK Tea


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This. Everyone makes fun of American fast food, meanwhile we export it to every corner of the globe and they wolf it down like it was superior American semen. I've seen a McShits in almost every country I've visited.

>> No.28752148

>UK tea
>not the nectar of the Gods


>> No.28752151

>Ruined cabbage

If by "ruined" you mean "made cabbage tolerable", then I agree.

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>mfw brits were the first ones to quite literally stuff intestines with pig blood, lard and meat otherwise considered inedible (also known as black pudding)
>mfw hungarians invented sauerkraut
>mfw this is what americunts actually believe

American education

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McShits is eaten by poor, stupid people.

The vast majority of the human race is poor and stupid.

>> No.28752175

Nah, UK tea is pretty fucking disgusting. I really don't see how the Brits can put up with it.

Then again, most British cuisine is quite horrible, so Brits probably just have bad taste buds.

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>mfw da bears win da superb owl

>> No.28752183

>ruined cabbage

No, I'm pretty sure it's always been this bad.

>> No.28752184

i'm british native and resident


>> No.28752188

>Knows nothing of the US
>Continues to blow vile breath over crooked, unwashed teeth about how bad it is

Oh Euroscum, drain a pint of fresh, warm American semen. You'll feel better then.

>> No.28752212

That makes it worse, actually

shame on you

>> No.28752218

>Know nothing of Europe
>Continue to blow vile breath laden with flecks of cheese and "pizza" about how bad it is

The real difference between Europe and the USA is the nationality of the retarded autists that bash the other country.

>> No.28752232

All British cuisine is is fish and chips or anything battered.

The fucking brits fry more things than fucking Amerifats.

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>havent pooped in over a week
>just sat down with a large deep dish pizza I plan to eat in one sitting

Tonight's gonna be the night.

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