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so i can work with it..

im getting my A+ certification

tits for service

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macbook pro /w retina display

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>Needs computer for A+ work
Fuck you guys are dumb.

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>wasting money on an A+ cert

but it will only get you minimum wage jobs, OP.

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>responds to trolls
>calls them dumb

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>A+ cert
>gets jobs
maybe at a computer store cash register

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Just get an iPad. We are living in a post-PC era.

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Not OP, but similar predicament. What certs are worth chasing up then?

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Cisco certs

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No colleges doing the CCNA where I am ;_;, only one about 20 miles away.

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>microsoft office certifications.
>red hat requires previous 1-3 years experience in industry.
>cisco looking at.


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as dumb as MS certs seem, they will look good on your resume

unless you're specifically after jobs involving non-windows environments, which sadly, is uncommon

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shit's useless too. I'm getting it anyway.

java cert is more impressive, because your boss is still stuck on the java hype train.

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Damn that girl i hawt

Who is she?

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>red hat requires previous 1-3 years experience in industry.

since when? which cert did you look at?

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she's 3DPD

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The RHEL core system administrations have a pre-requisite of 1 year experience in the field.

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If I remember correctly her name is Claire Sinclair.

Her picture is just flattering imo. Other pictures show her curves more. Not in a good way.

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